800 Of The Best Positive Affirmations (The Ultimate List)

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Positive Affirmations

Here we have it folks, positive affirmations for kids, work, anxiety, love, teens, self esteem, for women and success and prosperity! Utilize list to create repetition in your thought patterns of positivity and optimism. Replacing the negative with the positive! Enjoy my friends!

Positive Love Affirmations For A Life Full of Love!

  1. I am loved beyond compreshension
  2. I am attracting the perfect mate that my heart desires
  3. I am grateful for the love that surrounds me
  4. I eminate love everywhere I go
  5. I know that to be loved I must love first
  6. I am so grateful and appreciative for my relationship
  7. My essence is true love and compassion
  8. I love my enemies and it makes me feel better
  9. I am not scared to love
  10. When I love I live an abundant life
  11. My heart is open to the possibilities of love
  12. I have the power to give love constantly
  13. I have the feeling of love that comes deep from within
  14. I radiate unconditional love
  15. I lose nothing and gain everything from giving more love
  16. I love myself and allow myself to be loved fully
  17. Love is attracted to me the more I give love
  18. I love myself
  19. I lead with love and courage
  20. My creator loves me
  21. I attract true love and romance
  22. I choose love over any other emotion
  23. I only attract healthy and loving relationships
  24. I am attracting my soulmate by becoming more loving
  25. My heart and being is always open to love
  26. I have an open mindset when it comes to attracting love into my life
  27. I am loving, loved and lovable.
  28. There is love all around me
  29. My relationships are all fulfilling and loving
  30. I am worthy of loving and being loved
  31. I have the inner power to offer love endlessly
  32. Love follows me wherever I go
  33. I am a love magnet
  34. I create love and romance in my life with ease
  35. I seek love and happiness from within so I can manifest it outwards
  36. I attract and am unconditional love
  37. I vibrate the vibration of love
  38. I receive love at all moments of my existence
  39. Love is powerful and I use it as my greatest tool
  40. I receive the love back that offer ten times over
  41. I love my partner and children unconditionally
  42. Love is my birthright
  43. I feel the warmth of love fill my heart and soul constantly
  44. I am completely ready for love to flow in my life
  45. My soulmate is looking as hard for me as I am looking for them
  46. I see love in all my visions and memories
  47. Everyday  I wake up I am becoming more loving
  48. I love myself and people for exactly who they are
  49. I love my life and love whatever life will bring me
  50. I naturally find love wherever I go in life
  51. My relationship last a lifetime and are full of love
  52. I see everything through the eyes of love
  53. I love like a mother loves their offspring
  54. I encounter love all day
  55. I am in a mutually loving relationship
  56. I don’t accept or allow anything unloving to come into my life
  57. I am so in love with life
  58. I am always around people who want to love me
  59. I am in a deeply loving and committed relationship
  60. I feel the infinite love of the universe in my daily life
  61. I accept that I am loved
  62. I don’t have to become anything to be loved or attract love, I am perfect as  I am
  63. Love in the most powerful force in the universe
  64. I receive love and joy in this moment
  65. Every new friend that I make will bring more love into both of our lives
  66. My marriage is full of everlasting and infinite love
  67. I love with every fiber of my being
  68. My love is like that of a child
  69. My spouse and family love me for me
  70. I feel safe and secure since I show love wherever I go
  71. I move through life with the confidence of knowing that I am loved
  72. I love romance and it loves and is searching for me
  73. Romance fills my life with joy and fulfillment
  74. I spend my energy loving instead of hating
  75. Unconditional love is where I always operate from
  76. I deserve to be loved unconditianlly
  77. When I don’t feel love outside myself I simply turn inward and love myself
  78. I feel loved and safe in my partners arms and compay
  79. I express love in all forms
  80. Everyone is seeking love and I can be that person to bring it to them
  81. I speak only loving thoughts to my parter
  82. I love like it is the first time I have ever loved
  83. I love before I speak
  84. I love my country
  85. I love that I have the ability to love and be loved
  86. I forgive those I condemned with love
  87. I am open to love on a higher level than I ever expected or wished for
  88. My soul mate and I will know right away when we meet
  89. My love life is a priority
  90. I attract the most loving people into my life
  91. I focus only on love and beauty
  92. The right mate is entering my life right now
  93. I am loving and understanding to my partner
  94. I will get married or am married to the perect mate
  95. My family loves me and supports me no matter what
  96. There is harmony and loving feelings in my workplace
  97. People know me as a lover
  98. I am a manifesstation of love
  99. I am overflowing with love and the feeling of love
  100. I practice self love on a daily basis

Anxiety affirmations That You Can Use To Master Your Stress

  1. I live in peace
  2. I love my anxiety
  3. I look towards the future with optimism and inquisition
  4. I learn from my anxiet
  5. Breath in calmness, breathe out anxiety and stress
  6. I love meeting new people and being social
  7. I am grateful for what my anxiety is teaching me
  8. I have a quiet mind
  9. What is this trying to teach me
  10. I am bigger than my stress
  11. I am safe here and now
  12. All is well in my world
  13. I am courageous
  14. I am the master of my emotions
  15. I control my emotions, my emotions do not control me
  16. I do not judge my anxiety and stress
  17. I have the ability to breakthrough any emotion
  18. This too shall pass
  19. Change is what life is and I embrace and accept it
  20. I am hopeful for the future
  21. I am a warrior
  22. I see my anxiety shrinking, becoming smaller and smaller until it is gone
  23. I ooze calmness
  24. I replace the habit of worry with the habit of love
  25. I use my anxiety for efficient energy
  26. Smile and breathe
  27. I am not my thoughts and feelings I am pure love and compassion
  28. I can stand this
  29. I envision a calm me
  30. I love myself unconditionally
  31. I am comfortable right here and now
  32. I am free on anxiety
  33. I bust through the shackles of stress
  34. I overcome fear with ease
  35. My challenge brings me opportunity that will make me stronger and even more capable
  36. I release stress because I know it is just energy passing through
  37. Worry won’t change my circumstances, I replace worth with hope
  38. I am fully capable of overcoming any emotion
  39. I literally see my stress leaving my body
  40. I do not resist anxiety, because I know what I resist persists
  41. I take things one step at a time
  42. I have beat this before and I will beat this again
  43. I see my stress and a indicator that I need to look deeper for the cause when it passes
  44. God listens to my call for help and will get me through
  45. I am ready to let go
  46. I envision a still lake when stress arises
  47. Letting go is not weak it is powerful
  48. I have the ability to overcome anxiety
  49. I will not let negative thoughts drain me
  50. I have everything I need for a happy and stress free life
  51. I focus on all good in life especially when I feel stressed
  52. I attract calm situations and people into my life
  53. I am not my genetics, I don’t have to identify with what may run in my family
  54. I don’t identify with this emotion because it’s not me
  55. I don’t give anxiety the credit or energy it deserves and it will eventually disolve
  56. I am safe here and now
  57. It feels great to be calm and positive
  58. I am like water, I move though negative situations with ease by passing through it effortlessly
  59. I cast all worries to God
  60. I vibrate at much higher emotion than this anxiety
  61. I am still
  62. I am going to be alright
  63. I am thankful for things in my life when stress arises
  64. I am relaxed wherever I go
  65. Each moment my anxiety is slowly disappearing
  66. I will focus on something else until this passes
  67. Every time this happens I become stronger and better
  68. I deflect negative thoughts with ease
  69. I continue to look forward until I pass through my stress
  70. I have more control over this than I have every imagined
  71. I will move away from negativity into the light of positive and optimism
  72. It is ok to feel this but continue to work on something productive
  73. I can beat this and see it as a thing of the past
  74. This is not part of my true identity
  75. Everyday I am becoming more calm, positive and loving
  76. I mediate to beat the stress
  77. I am taken care of by the universe
  78. I am strong, capable and independent
  79. I have the power to stop this
  80. I am not a victim, I am a victor
  81. I am stronger than I think I am and can show this to myself
  82. I acknowledge that this is hard but I will perservere
  83. I love myself and who I am
  84. I see stress as something not being right and solve this problem in my life with ease
  85. Stress is pointing me towards my destiny and away from what I do not need in my life
  86. I love my way through the stressful feelings
  87. I relax my shoulders and jaw and neck. I see and feel this relaxation flow down through the rest of my body
  88. I am ok with what is going on in my life right now
  89. Everything that happens to me will help me grow and help others
  90. This is not my destiny, I am destined for a peaceful existence
  91. This is an opportunity to learn and process my thoughts better and more efficient
  92. Stress wants to beat me but I am the boss of my emotions and they will not win
  93. I will breathe through this and begin again
  94. This is teaching me that I can master my own emotions
  95. Be present, always
  96. I envision beautiful colors immersed into my stress and anxiety
  97. I surrender the stress
  98. I can leave when I feel uncomfortable
  99. I use exercise as my outlet for stress
  100. I interpret my emotions, my emotions do not interpret how I react. I can interpret stress as any positive thing I so choose.

Positive Affirmations For Teens Going Through Those Awkward Years!

  1. I am wise, I learn from all situations and scenarios
  2. This too shall pass
  3. I am perfectly complete and show compassion to myself daily
  4. I see failure as feedback, not something to hold me back
  5. My path is guided and I will trust the process
  6. I love the feeling of growth in my daily life
  7. Nobody is perfect and I embrace my flaws
  8. I am encouraging because it makes me feel stronger
  9. I am above all of the drama
  10. Everyday is the best day of my life
  11. I am passionate about life
  12. I am young and enjoy my youthfulness
  13. I embrace the awkward times by laughing them off
  14. I am hopefully
  15. I have great study habits
  16. I am always having a wonderful day
  17. I only get more successful from every setback
  18. I am a born winner
  19. I am a great athlete and develop my abilities daily through hard work and self belief
  20. I follow my dreams with relentless pursuit regardless of what people say
  21. I am a visionary of the perfect future I am creating
  22. I see great qualities in everyone
  23. My teachers see the value in me and know I am unique
  24. I seek to understand people before offering my opinion
  25. I enjoy being the top of my class
  26. I look my best daily because it creates great self confidence
  27. You are incredibly capable
  28. I am an awesome test taker
  29. I feel relaxed and at ease on test days
  30. I maintain full attention in class
  31. I am special
  32. I am not phased by other peoples opinions about me
  33. I create my circumstances and only manifest what I desire
  34. I seek to learn and grow into the person I want to become
  35. I can improve daily and do so with ease
  36. I overcome challenges with ease
  37. My friends see me as a leader and someone they can confide
  38. Everything happens for a reason
  39. I help others and enjoy doing so
  40. I am peaceful and positive
  41. My mind is unlimited and always concentrated on my task at hand
  42. I have an open mind to all the possibilities in my life
  43. I see beauty where others don’t
  44. I only compete with myself and will beat my old self daily
  45. My habits create self discipline that inspires confidence in me
  46. All is well, everything is happening exactly the way it should
  47. What people fret over, I laugh at
  48. I have an abundant amount of talents and gifts
  49. I deal with my fears calmly and effectively
  50. I find learning exciting and enjoyable
  51. I am a fast learner
  52. I enjoy partaking in my passions
  53. I am free to think how I choose
  54. I am well organized
  55. I see my creativity as the perfect outlet I can use you relax
  56. I am a problem solver
  57. My strong intuition guides me daily
  58. I love the passionate and creative people that surround me
  59. I deserve love, success and kindness to flow through my life
  60. I feel empowered daily because I know I am becoming better and better
  61. I see myself as a maverick and a person of value
  62. I create healthy and beneficial relationships with my teachers
  63. I enjoy working with my fellow students in persuit of knowledge and growth
  64. I do not have attachments on outcomes because everything is happening for a purpose
  65. My goals are reached easily
  66. I am on a journey and see life as fun and interesting
  67. I release the past and live in the present on a daily basis
  68. I honor and trust myself with every decision I make
  69. I am worthy of the love and respect I receive from others
  70. Although I may feel lost, it is in indicator that I use to find the best way in life
  71. I offer my care and affection with my whole heart
  72. I love the feeling of youth and will retain it for all my days
  73. I focus on solutions in my life
  74. My nature is courage and confidence
  75. I as well as others believe in me and my abilities
  76. I seek knowledge on my own terms because I know it is power
  77. I am wonderful
  78. I am brilliant, clever and funny
  79. I utilize my gifts to bring myself and others happiness
  80. I am sexy and good looking and I own it
  81. I feel included, needed and respected
  82. I accept about me what others dont
  83. I am prosperous and abundant
  84. I do not resist change and let go of what doesn’t serve me
  85. I live in a state of fulfillment
  86. I know that happiness is my true nature so I enjoy myself at all times
  87. I am free to take the path of my heart
  88. I listen to my heart
  89. I am here for a purpose
  90. My life is a series of events leading to my destiny
  91. I love feeling out of place sometimes because I know that is where growth takes place
  92. I keep my composure when I receive opposition
  93. I am a person of my word
  94. I have a plan for my life
  95. I expect great things to happen to me in unexpected ways
  96. I am a gift to my friends, family and self
  97. I make this world a better place
  98. I know my flaws are beautiful and make me special
  99. I only see the good in others and myself
  100. I adjust effortlessly to change

Positive Affirmations For Self Esteem & Self Worth

  1. I love and accept in the here and now
  2. I believe in my abilities and skills
  3. My mistakes are seen as growing and learning opportunites
  4. I wholeheartedly believe in myself
  5. I am a beautiful creation
  6. I am positive and courageous. I act in spite of fear
  7. I accept and deeply love who I am
  8. I am passionate and am an inspirations to others
  9. I persevere though anything in my life
  10. I will never ever quit
  11. I treat myself and others with kindness and compassion
  12. I am successful here and now and will only get more successful
  13. I am constantly seeking growth to better myself
  14. I know that happiness comes within and that is where I seek happiness and love
  15. I see the best in myself and in people
  16. I exhale all thoughts and negative and destructive feelings and inhale positivity and courageousness
  17. I have the power to transform myself and shred my old skin
  18. I am a person of my word and people respect me for it
  19. I see all the good qualities in myself and the bad ones I only see them as how I can better myself though
  20. I have power over my emotions, they do not control me
  21. I am a fearless leader
  22. I embrace change and love who I am becoming through it
  23. I deserve all the good things live has to offer
  24. I am self disciplined and it shows up everywhere in my life
  25. I enjoy high self confidence and do not see it as arrogance
  26. I deserve to feel powerful and confident
  27. I respect my body and my mind and treat it accordingly
  28. I only choose to love myself more and more daily
  29. I am respected my peers
  30. I am unique and love that fact about me
  31. I attract loving relationships because I am being myself and people love that about me
  32. I am capable of anything. Capable of miracels
  33. I attract self confident friends in my life that only better me
  34. I am a great person
  35. I am a powerhouse of productivity
  36. I believe in myself so deeply
  37. My faith in myself is unshakable
  38. I achieve everything that my soul is aligned with
  39. I am so much to offer to this world and will do so
  40. I am constantly aligning myself with my life purpose
  41. I combat negative thoughts with empowering thoughts
  42. Confidence comes natural to me
  43. I learn and grow daily
  44. I am my own best friend, I am here for me. I have my own back.
  45. I know that to be more I must become more through growth
  46. I love reshaping my body because it makes me feel great about myself
  47. I eat healthy because I show power over my self and it gives me vitality and high energy
  48. I love the individual I am becoming
  49. My life means something and I see that meaning everywwhere I go
  50. I have great ideas and collaborate with like minded people to make those ideas a reality
  51. I am worthy
  52. I am uniuqe
  53. I am constantly improving myself and love what it does to my self confidence
  54. I let go of all limiting beliefs
  55. I see peoples opinions as just that, opinions that don’t have to become my reality
  56. I have access to anything I need to succeed and feel confident in myself
  57. I see life as a classroom where I am constantly learning and developing myself
  58. I have the power to change myself
  59. I deserve to be loved
  60. I have done my best and that is enough
  61. I form my own options and decisions
  62. I am deserving of all that is good and abundant
  63. I love myself because I know happiness comes from within
  64. I accept myself fully and unconditionally
  65. I feel so good about my life
  66. I am beatiful
  67. Every time I catch myself thinking low of myself I vow to replace that thought with a positive one
  68. I create happiness in my life daily
  69. I attract scenarios that allow me to feel empowered
  70. I ooze self confidence
  71. I attract people help me on my journey to untouchable self confidence
  72. I love feeling my high self esteem
  73. My self esteem is a reflection of my growth, I know this and will grow beyond measure
  74. I better myself daily because I love myself and want to create the best me
  75. I am always making positive changes in my life
  76. My potentially is limitless
  77. I free myself from the people that have hurt me
  78. I forgive myself and always show myself compassion
  79. I feel so vibrant and healthy living this life
  80. I feel grateful for being myself
  81. I embrace my good and bad qualities
  82. I integrate things into my day that reinforce habits that create excellent self esteem
  83. I’m still a good person even though I may have done bad things
  84. My life has purpose
  85. Compassion washes over me when I am angry
  86. I always stand up for myself. I would rather stand alone then in a crowd of sheep
  87. Positive habits are all that consume my day
  88. Happiness is a choice and I choose it every day
  89. My thoughts always defalut to the positive
  90. I can’t change anything or anyone outside myself
  91. I have divine destiny that is unfolding every day
  92. This too shall pass
  93. I feel peace at all times and feel at peace with the world at lare
  94. I take what people say about me with a grain of salt
  95. I am proud of the person I am becoming
  96. I give myself permission to be myself and act like myself with caring what others think
  97. I mediate on high self esteem when I feel lack of self worth
  98. The vision of me feeling high self esteem is my anchor I go to often to transform my self image
  99. I have the power to manifest anything I want in this life with the power of my mind
  100. I am so grounded in the belief in myself that nothing and no one can touch me!

Positive affirmations for Success and Prosperity In All Areas Of Your Life!

  1. My mind is wide open to all the possibilities around me
  2. I am abundant in all areas of my life
  3. What I think about I bring about, therefore I only think about what I desire
  4. Success comes easily to me
  5. I have rock solid belief in myself and my ability to succeed
  6. My mind has no resistance to abundance and new opportunity
  7. Everyone around me believes in me and my success
  8. My nature is success and abundance
  9. I see prosperity wherever I kook
  10. Whatever I can envision, It will become so
  11. I manage my time like a successful person
  12. I believe in myself and know I have what it takes to succeed
  13. I grow everyday to ensure my success
  14. I am the essence of success
  15. I will be the most successful in my chosen field
  16. I have what it takes to succeed
  17. Success is seeking me
  18. I only think in abundant ways
  19. I notice new income opportunities all around me
  20. I only allow abundant beliefs to operate in me
  21. I attract prosperity in my life with ease
  22. I am always open to new financial endeavors and streams of income
  23. I receive money with ease
  24. I create active and passive forms of income with ease
  25. Money comes to me from unexpected sources
  26. The entire universe is aspiring to make me successful
  27. I live in a mindset of prosperity
  28. I am a success magnet
  29. My vision of success carries me through any hard time
  30. I am appreciated for the value I bring
  31. I have all the money I need
  32. I am excited about being a success in all areas of my life
  33. Success feels great
  34. I create solutions to my problems with ease
  35. I have encouraging and successful friends
  36. I gain confidence daily
  37. I live out my full potential daily
  38. I always find myself in the best of the best cirumstances
  39. My success allows me to contribute massively to the betterment of mankind
  40. My high standards are always matched with my fantastic work ethic
  41. My dreams and ambitions have no limits
  42. I always feel grateful for my success
  43. Every time a negative habits comes into my mind, I let it go automatically
  44. I always have more than enough
  45. I face my fears, allowing me to become more powerful and creating even more self belief
  46. My power is unlimited
  47. My intuition guides me to success
  48. My motivation is always very high
  49. I work under pressure with ease
  50. Calmness and confidence emanate through my being
  51. My self confidence builds upon itself daily
  52. I am free to express my passions and get highly paid for them
  53. I am the creator of my own universe
  54. People notice how I am naturally successful
  55. I have the midas touch
  56. I always have great ideas that can become profitable for me
  57. My success is acknowledged by my family and the public
  58. My potential and belief in myself is limitless
  59. I am successful in every area of my life
  60. I’m excited because I see my dreams manifesting daily
  61. Because I am committed there is always a way
  62. I am so grateful for the gifts I have that allow me to manifest success
  63. I know my mind is a powerful thing so I use it only to create a successful life for myself
  64. I find an ease to success in everything I do
  65. Money and power are seeking me
  66. I wake up refreshed and ready to crush my goals
  67. I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready
  68. I am 100 percent in control of my life
  69. The power of optimism flows freely through me
  70. Wealth is all that surrounds me
  71. I don’t stop until I am successful
  72. It is easy to achieve whatever I set out to d
  73. Persistence and dedication come naturally to me
  74. I deserve to be wealthy
  75. No matter what my family has done before me, I am here to change and become a success
  76. Success is and feels normal to me
  77. I have abundance in all areas of my life including money, romance and love
  78. I learn from my past mistakes helping me to creating a more abundant life
  79. I attract only the best of everything
  80. I am abundance
  81. I have faith in myself and the good that is coming to me
  82. I conquer challenges with ease
  83. I believe and can do everything my heart desires
  84. Positive affirmations in the morning
  85. I swap limiting beliefs with self empowering thoughts
  86. I create my destiny
  87. I am the master of my own fate, the captain of my own soul
  88. I appreciate success therefore I attract more and more of it
  89. Everything that happens in my life is by devine destiny
  90. I have infinite potential for success
  91. I am smart and know how to create success
  92. I am creating a life of abundant success
  93. I am proud of myself
  94. I attract friendships that help me create more success and love
  95. I persevere through anytime
  96. I am free from self doubt
  97. I was born to be successful
  98. I am ready for success
  99. I know I am becoming successful every day
  100. Success is how I define it

Positive Affirmations For Women To Empower the Strong Females!

  1. I love my body and always will
  2. I am the perfect age
  3. I am so incredibly beautiful
  4. I do not let society define me and what I should look like
  5. I am an inspiration to others
  6. I workout because I love my body not  because of insecurities
  7. I am a powerful woman
  8. I love taking care of my body with rest and nourishment when I need it
  9. I age gracefully and grow wiser each year
  10. My beauty lies in my heart
  11. My smile radiates warm motherly love
  12. I feel so good in my own skin
  13. I am always eating healthy because I love treating my body with the best
  14. I move at a perfect pace for myself
  15. I am truly equal with everyone
  16. I love inspiring other woman
  17. I love that my mate and I feel so equal in each others arms
  18. I enjoy having high self worth and high ideals
  19. I can do anything I set me mind and heart on
  20. I love celebrating growing older
  21. I love the fact that I am a woman
  22. I am the definition of love for my loved ones
  23. I care deeply and affectionately and the world appreciates me for it
  24. I bring to the world what no other person can
  25. My inner and outer beauty and love for myself grows daily
  26. I am doing my best and know this, that is why it is enough
  27. I treat myself with kindness always
  28. I know my gentle ways are respected and desired by all my loved ones
  29. I create and find power and joy from within
  30. I do not let my relationship status to define me
  31. My amazing qualities uplift everyone around me
  32. I am respected by my children and spouse
  33. My family and friends see me value and love me for me
  34. I love myself for who I am not who I have tried to be
  35. I am fearless
  36. I choice what I think about me, I don’t define myself through other peoples opinions
  37. I am decisive and driven in every area of my life
  38. I don’t have to be any body type, I love the way I look and embrace it daily
  39. I am an inspiration to other woman who aren’t quite able to embrace their flaws
  40. I enjoy losing weight because I love myself and will feel great doing so
  41. I am a manifestation of all that is good in the world
  42. I live life in the now
  43. I reveal the good in people and search for the good in people
  44. I am desired because I am myself
  45. I am wonderful and courageous
  46. I am self deserving
  47. I am determined and diligent in the pursuit of my goals
  48. I know God has a perfect plan for me and I am walking in the path he has created for me
  49. I trust myself fully
  50. I purse and find peace in all relationships
  51. I attract positive and loving relationships into my life with ease
  52. I mediate on love and happiness daily
  53. I have so much passion and enthusiasm for life
  54. My life is in a constant state of progress
  55. I monitor my thoughts daily, replacing negative and self defeating thoughts with positive and empowering ones
  56. I listen to my body and what it wants
  57. I love the size of my breasts
  58. I love being present in my female cycles
  59. I enjoy expressing myself as a woman
  60. I love attracting men into my life that treat me as equal and I do the same
  61. I am perfect here and now
  62. I am open to growing in every area of my life
  63. Just because I don’t have kids now doesn’t mean I still wont find the perfect mate and be a great mother one day
  64. I honor my femininity
  65. I attract success in my career and love life
  66. I am a resilient woman who can adapt to anything
  67. I channel my female energies for the betterment of mankind
  68. I see myself as equal to, not better than anyone else
  69. I know my thoughts create my life so I only think of things that are in my hearts desires
  70. My soul is so beautiful
  71. The scares I bare are proof that you are a peaceful warrior
  72. Peace and happiness flow through my life like an endless river
  73. I am a goddess experiencing a wonderful life
  74. I treat all women with encouragement and support
  75. I only compete with myself
  76. I am a pure source of unconditional love
  77. I love the way I look, I was created to be this way
  78. I embrace my curves
  79. I am so confident in my sexuality
  80. Gender doesn’t have to define me
  81. I am indestructable
  82. I find success with ease in everything I do in my life
  83. I enjoy being so prioritized and efficient in my life
  84. I feel a sense of high vitality and passion daily
  85. It is safe to be me
  86. My femininity is so strong
  87. I am assertive and respect others opinions at the same time
  88. I speak my mind knowing that it is OK to do so
  89. I am the maker of my home and that feels so powerful
  90. I work hard to further my career
  91. I am a nurturing sister and mother
  92. I take myself seriously but am not afraid to laugh when things don’t go as planned
  93. Life is a series of steps and learning experiences and I grow in them daily
  94. I am a model mother for what my daughters will want to become and sons will seek as a mate
  95. I adore motherhood and feel like the ideal mother
  96. I love being with my soul mate and growing closer in love each day
  97. I heal wounds with my love and compassion
  98. I am a woman of substance
  99. I learn from my mistakes to grow daily as a strong woman
  100. Nothing truly defines me but my love and compassion

Positive Affirmations For Work To Dominate Your Career!

  1. My boss and colleagues feel my presence of productivity and contribution
  2. I have my dream job
  3. Every situations and scenario is leading me to the perfect position that I desire
  4. I am recognized as an expert in my field
  5. A raise and promotion is in my near future
  6. I attract the best clients everyday
  7. I have so much that is special that I offer to this world
  8. There is nothing more special than being a mother, a sister and and aunt
  9. I see cold calls as warm calls
  10. My commissions are increasing daily
  11. I envision myself as a success in the workplace daily
  12. I have all it takes and more to excel in my field
  13. I separate work from my family life
  14. I find balance in work and rest
  15. I am prepared to do what it takes to be the best in my field
  16. I have the courage to switch careers if my current one isn’t resonating with my heart
  17. I am a valued employee
  18. I enjoy growth in myself and my income through my career
  19. My job is a manifestation for my career vision
  20. I feel completely satisfied with my job and am open to growth
  21. I only indulge in positive habits at work that
  22. I am incredibly efficient at work
  23. I am not distracted by other employees
  24. I have amazing work friends
  25. The work I do brings benefit to society at large
  26. I feel a strong sense of enthusiasm at work the rubs off on my teammates
  27. I am sought out by colleagues for my expertise
  28. My positive and optimistic attitude attracts the best people to help me
  29. I am a masterful and professional salesperson that attracts clients in abundance
  30. My referral base constantly climbs as my clients feel value thorough the entire transaction and beyond
  31. I am a true entrepreneur as I know how to create solutions out of peoples problems
  32. I take total ownership of everything I do at work, good and bad
  33. I utilize self discipline daily to reach my goals faster and faster
  34. I seek self-mastery within the workplace
  35. I get every promotion that I am ever up for
  36. Raises come to me out of nowhere
  37. I am content with my career but know I have infinite potential so stay open to other options
  38. I find happiness in my career but I do not seek it there
  39. I aim to please my customers, I turn their frown upside down
  40. I am a light to the work place
  41. I allow my passion for work drive me an enjoy financial awards because of it
  42. I may not be where I want to be but am working hard towards it at work and on myself
  43. I find and enjoy inner transformation through my work
  44. I create value because I am living out my passion and dreams
  45. I am open to other forms of wealth outside of my main job
  46. I do not have a ceiling on my income
  47. I bring uniqueness to the workplace that only I can provide
  48. I am the hardest worker in the room
  49. I feel happily content with my work when I lay down at night
  50. I will never limit myself in the work place
  51. My mind is sharp and focused each day at work
  52. Bad days do not effect my good days
  53. I am open to coaching and guidance in the work place
  54. I may not be where I want to work, but I am further along than yesterday
  55. Even when I don’t feel great, I push myself because that is what winners do
  56. I feel like a winner in the workplace
  57. People know my value and show it in many ways in the workplace
  58. My family respects me for the work I do at my job
  59. I can be the boss if I want with hard enough work
  60. It is OK to move on from this job, it will be scary but it will be OK
  61. I am incredibly self sufficient at work
  62. I am always becoming a better asset to my workplace through personal development
  63. I pride myself on being great at my job
  64. I will only stop seeking new jobs when I find a career that suits me best
  65. I find my work to be fun and entertaining
  66. Getting along with colleagues and customers comes naturally to me
  67. I accomplish more and more in less time
  68. Constructive criticism is something I see as helping me grow to my full potential
  69. Every appointment I go on goes perfectly and I enjoy my time with the client
  70. I have a 100 percent signing rate
  71. I am always tentatively on time to work and my appointments.
  72. I envision my meetings going smoothly and that is why they do
  73. I am fully mentally and physically prepared for work everyday
  74. I do more than expected at work and am rewarded for it
  75. I am honest and dependable in the work place
  76. I am incredibly punctual in my work
  77. My customers see me as the expert I am
  78. I climb the corporate latter with ease
  79. I am and feel incredibly competent at my craft
  80. I take pride in my daily actions at work
  81. I am always the top producer in the work place
  82. I am extremely knowledgeable about the products and services I offer
  83. I find joy in the small and mundane tasks along with the big tasks
  84. I am productive and great at multitasking
  85. I am so happy I chose this profession
  86. I reap so many rewards at work, physically and intrinsically
  87. I ask questions often to help me be the best worker  Ican
  88. I am always relaxed and confident at work
  89. I wholeheartedly believe in whatever I sell
  90. I voice my opinion at work
  91. I build long lasting relationships and friendships with my colleagues
  92. I meet all deadlines with ease
  93. I feel truly alive at work
  94. I am never distracted at work
  95. I close the highest number of sales each month
  96. I always beat my lasts months numbers
  97. I am inspired in my work environment
  98. My work self image gets better and better through all my self development
  99. I wake up without an alarm because I am excited to go to work
  100. If I don’t believe in something I am selling, I stop immediately and find something I do
  101. I feel respected at work
  102. My excitement grows each day at work

Positive Affirmations For Kids – The Little Ones 🙂 

  1. Be Positive
  2. Speak Up
  3. Ask For Help
  4. I am strong
  5. Listen as much as you speak
  6. Explain how you feel
  7. I am a great student
  8. Positive Affirmations For Adults
  9. Be Polite
  10. I am truthful
  11. It is safe and OK to express my feelings and goals
  12. I am creativehar
  13. I can do whatever I put my mind to
  14. I can learn new things
  15. I enjoy learning about new topics
  16. I am kind
  17. I am a hard worker
  18. I am peaceful
  19. I seek to understand others
  20. I am unique
  21. I am a joyful child of the Lord
  22. I love making new friends
  23. I am a leader
  24. I show others that I care about them
  25. I am a great listener
  26. I am forgiving
  27. I understand my school work and enjoy completing it
  28. I believe in myself
  29. I am passionate about life
  30. I have many abilities
  31. I am relaxed and calm
  32. I love life
  33. I enjoy my own company
  34. I am perfect as I am
  35. I am protected
  36. I am an example student
  37. I am present in class and in life
  38. I am the master of my life
  39. I am loving and compassionate towards friends
  40. I am a fast and efficient learner
  41. I see failures as learning and growth experiences
  42. I am cooperative
  43. I have a healthy body and mind
  44. I am a great manager of my time
  45. I am complete and whole as I am
  46. I go after my dreams
  47. Anything is possible
  48. I have an amazing memory
  49. I have excellent writing skills
  50. I am artistic
  51. I am athletic
  52. I am always bettering my self
  53. I love trying new ideas and activities
  54. I am safe
  55. I can do it
  56. My mind is powerful and the key to my dreams
  57. I have faith in myself
  58. I love change
  59. I have a powerful and creative mind
  60. I reach for the stars
  61. I help and encourage my family
  62. I am loved for who I am
  63. I am an example of love
  64. I am a great friend to myself
  65. I am a great friend
  66. I am persistent
  67. I have great role models and learn from them
  68. I expect miracles in my life
  69. I trust me intuition
  70. I am handsome/beautiful
  71. I see the beauty in people
  72. I see the positive always
  73. I learn from every experience
  74. I look forward to each day
  75. I love challenging myself
  76. I am limitless
  77. I am the light of the world
  78. I have high energy
  79. I respect my parents and teachers
  80. I respect myself
  81. I don’t listen to negative people
  82. I have positive and loving friends
  83. I create my own destiny
  84. I have an easy time learning new things
  85. I am optimistic
  86. I have wisdom
  87. I am aloud to be me and express myself
  88. Everything happens for a reason
  89. I am adaptive
  90. I listen to my heart
  91. I put others before myself
  92. I see everything in life as exciting and fun
  93. I enjoy eating healthy
  94. I am an inspiration to my friends and family
  95. I am accepting and accept myself every day
  96. I am limitless talents and gifts that benefit everyone
  97. I am easy to get along with
  98. I keep my word no matter what
  99. I am productive
  100. I am enough but always striving to be, do and learn more


There you are my friends, just a small amount of affirmations for you!! Just kidding, but honestly I had a great time creating this list and had high hopes that it would help you better yourself with them. Let me know if you want me to add another 100 in ANY topic and I will get it done! Let me know what your favorites are and if you have any to contribute! Have a great day my personal development family!


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