About Us

To avoid sounding egotistical, this more of an About Me page, since I am the sole writer of this blog! Anyways, whats going on my friends, my name is Chris and I created this blog because I wanted to write on topics that I am passionate about and as a matter of fact, really love. Those two topics that I have the most knowledge about and love the most are both personal development and fitness/health so I decided to combine them both!

Through studying personal development and living a healthy lifestyle through fitness and eating right, I have been able to transform my life in many ways. They have helped me get through the darkest times of my life and create lasting benefits in my life like better self confidence, happiness and new friendships that I wouldn’t have created if I wasn’t involved in these realms of life.

My goal is to provide readers with the highest quality information on the subjects that they are searching for in the realm of health and fitness and self help and hopefully make a living doing so!

As far as what I do, I am a personal trainer, competitive natural bodybuilder and also am a real estate agent. I try to read one personal development book per week and enjoy trying all sorts of diets and workout routines in the pursuit of developing my body and mind!

I want to lift you up when you are down. I want to raise you higher when you are high. And I want to believe in you when no one does or everybody does. I have your back. I will be your beacon of hope.

Need motivation? I am not your guy. Have a need to fulfill your full potential in life? I am your guy. Follow me. I’ll get you there.

If you have any questions about me or what to chat, feel free to message me anytime!

Have a great day my friends!