185 Affirmations For Abundance (Prosperity Affirmations)

Affirmations For Abundance

affirmations for abundance

When most people think of the word abundance, they think more along the lines of financial abundance. Which is a great goal to have and I will provide you with some great affirmations you can use to attract wealth.

But I believe we were put on this earth to have abundance in EVERY area of our life. Financial, physical, mental, relationships, giving back. We are here to manifest the abundant energy that the powers the entire universe. The universe doesn’t know anything about lack.

It produces what the world needs to go on. Day in and day out. And if we can align ourselves with this energy, I believe we can have it ALL. No need to compromise one thing for another.

This list of positive affirmations for abundance is created for you to attract abundance in every area of your existence. To help you align yourself with the infinite source of abundance that the universe WANTS to give you.

These affirmations are so positive and work well because you are training your mind to attract good things on autopilot. You will sink these statements into your subconscious mind. This is where all of our programs live and breathe.

You will start to plant prosperous programs into your mind. Which will grow and grow the more you affirm them.

And will manifest themselves into your daily existence more and more.

Like Jim Rohn said:

“Each day you must stand guard at the door of your mind”

Because, like he talks about, your greatest enemy can come by and drop sugar in your coffee. And what do you have? Sweet coffee. But, just by accident, your best friend can accidently drop poison into your coffee. And what do you have? Well at best, a hefty hospital bill! So the lesson is to watch your coffee!

Even the people with the best intentions can influence us with negative and limiting thoughts. That is why we need to monitor our minds. And counteract the negative with positive thoughts and affirmations.

This is why I created this list of affirmations on abundance. To help us all go to battle with the negative. And replace the negative with the positive. So it can become a clear and perfect manifestation in our life.

Also, the great thing about abundance is that we can cultivate the feeling of it ANYTIME we want to. Because we all have things we can be grateful for.

And once we do so, and see that we have so much, often more than most people, we can feel a sense of abundance. We live in a world where billions of people live on less than a few dollars a day. Search continuously and you will find hundreds if not thousands of things that you have that you can feel abundant because of.

And this is where true abundance starts. Because no matter how much we get, it will never be enough. Until we count our blessings and see how blessed we really are. From there on, everything else you attract is icing on the cake.

Choose today to be happy and see your abundance. And I believe that you will get more of it in your life. Because like Zig Ziglar says:

“The more grateful you are of what you have, the more you will have to be grateful for.”

Including abundance!

Like I said though, incing on the cake! The list below is how to create that icing! Let’s jump into our list of how to create abundance with some great affirmations.

Enjoy the list!

(If you are looking for strictly wealth affirmations, check this list out that I created for you! 201 Affirmations For Wealth)

185 Affirmations For Prosperity

  1. I am well deserving of all the great things life has to offer.
  2. I naturally attract all types of abundance into my life.
  3. I attract wealth with ease.
  4. I easily let go of all resistance to wealth and abundance and let it flow to me naturally.
  5. I naturally only entertain thoughts of abundance.
  6. I am always attracting people into my life that help add to my abundance.
  7. I full deserve the wonderful things in my life and the wonderful things to come.
  8. I expect good things to happen to me every single day.
  9. I am in perfect flow with universal abundance.
  10. Every challenge in my life quickly becomes an opportunity for me to create a more prosperous life.
  11. I cultivate more success in my life with ease.
  12. I see the universe as a great friend who wants the best for me and wants to bring me all that I want.
  13. The whole entire universe is conspiring to make me more rich and abundant.
  14. Every single thing in my life works out for my highest good.
  15. God and the universe guides me to all the great things in life.
  16. My entire soul and being vibrates on the level of abundance.
  17. It is my birthright to enjoy a life of abundance.
  18. I always recognize opportunity when it knocks.
  19. I literally see nothing lacking in the universe, including every area of my life.
  20. I am entitled to the abundance that life wants to give me.
  21. I ooze abundant energy.
  22. I continue to enjoy more abundance from expected and unexpected sources.
  23. Success comes natural to me.
  24. I am constantly doing work that I love and paid handsomely for it.
  25. I was born for success and designed for greatness.
  26. Something wonderful is about to happen to me.
  27. Every day and in every way I am becoming more and more prosperous.
  28. My life is full of love and happiness.
  29. I gracefully handle success with ease.
  30. The work that I do is well compensated.
  31. Everywhere I look I see more opportunity.
  32. I will enjoy a lifetime of prosperity.
  33. My mind defaults to the positive and hat brings me more abundance.
  34. I trust that life and the universe are bringing me the abundance I desire.
  35. My income is always increasing.
  36. My work brings me more and more success and fulfillment each day.
  37. I am attracting riches each day with ease.
  38. I think big and my actions are big because of it.
  39. I am extremely thankful for my ability to create abundance in all areas of my life.
  40. I draw abundance into my life because I am in tune with the universe.
  41. When I sleep, my dreams bring me ideas that can bring me more abundance.
  42. I have complete faith that abundance is working it’s way toward me.
  43. Every single day and in every single way I am attaining more abundance.
  44. I let go of lack thinking and move into only abundant thinking.
  45. Money and wealth comes to me easily.
  46. I am a perfect example to my friends and family about what prosperity is and how to create it.
  47. My actions create more and more prosperity.
  48. Prosperous people are naturally drawn to me.
  49. I acknowledge the fact that I can create high levels of abundance in my life.
  50. My friends and family support my abundance.
  51. I easily combine hard work with powerfully positive thoughts which helps me create the ultimate abundant life.
  52. I am a prosperity magnet.
  53. When I am in need of help, I always attract the best people to help me win.
  54. I am always finding new avenues for success.
  55. The more prosperous I become the more happy I am and aligned with the universe.
  56. I am a master at the works of the Law of Attraction and it brings me all of my hearts desires.
  57. I see me becoming prosperous as the best thing that can happen because then I can help other in many ways.
  58. My high ambitions are matched with high levels of prosperity.
  59. I create wealth effortlessly.
  60. I rapidly set and accomplish goals with ease.
  61. I am a master at investing and making my money work for me.
  62. Luxury and riches are in my DNA.
  63. I never give up on my dreams and the universe is and will continue to reward this effort with massive abundance.
  64. I allow myself to feel levels of prosperity that I have never felt before.
  65. I am engineered for greatness.
  66. I enjoy seeing my money grow for me each day.
  67. I am becoming a multi-millionaire more and more every day.
  68. Open my heart entirely to wealth and riches.
  69. I always find ways to create more abundance in my life doing things that I love.
  70. I experience copious amounts of love.
  71. I speak only about prosperity and abundance.
  72. I am in complete support of everyone in my life seeking and finding prosperity.
  73. My cup runs over with wealth and abundance.
  74. There are opportunities everywhere.
  75. I love the financial security that I am attracting.
  76. I rejoice about each dollar I make because it is a divine blessing.
  77. There is always abundance in me and surrounding me.
  78. I am becoming more prosperous in all areas of my life each day.
  79. I open myself to receiving wealth and abundance.
  80. God and the angels bless me more and more each day because I am perfectly receptive and deserving of their help.
  81. I expect positive things to happen and they always do.
  82. What I seek is seeking me. That is why I only seek abundance.
  83. I continue attract abundant amount of beautiful and empowering relationships in my life.
  84. I find myself being extremely happy for other peoples abundance.
  85. I am enough, always have been and always will be.
  86. I am a powerful creator and can create anything I want in my life. Literally anything.
  87. I courageously step outside my comfort zone which helps me create more wealth and abundance in my life.
  88. Abundance flows to me in avalanches.
  89. People feel how abundant I am just by being in my presence.
  90. I seek to have complete balance with having abundance in every single area of my life.
  91. All that I demand from life is always met promptly.
  92. I am perfectly content creating and holding onto riches and wealth.
  93. If one person has created abundance, that is proof that I can do the exact same.
  94. I can create anything I want in my life.
  95. I am open to only positive and abundant situations and opportunities to come into my life.
  96. I give thanks and gratitude for the abundance that comes into my life every day.
  97. My mindset is set to attracting great sums of money.
  98. I am well deserving of having everything I have ever wanted and more.
  99. I am worth of attracting mass quantities of money.
  100. I am safe to manifest my dreams and goals. Every last one of them.
  101. I am open minded about creating new sources of income.
  102. I see money as always being an endless resource of which everyone can have enough of it and more.
  103. I am wealthy here and now in every area of my life.
  104. Abundance is my natural state of being.
  105. I am perfectly programmed for success and prosperity.
  106. I have the power to shift the way I think about abundance and do so positively.
  107. Thank you in advance for the abundance that will flow into my life.
  108. I am a money magnet.
  109. I am experiencing more and more abundance in my romantic life each and every day.
  110. The universe wants me to have complete abundance.
  111. God is in full support of me living an abundant life.
  112. Wealth flows to me through various streams with ease.
  113. I naturally let go of relationships that don’t support abundance in my life.
  114. Romance flourishes in my life on a daily basis.
  115. My energy levels are always optimal.
  116. I always have so much more than I need.
  117. I deserve to be rich.
  118. Each act I take brings me towards a completely abundant future.
  119. I let go of any negative and limiting beliefs I have about money.
  120. I bless all abundance I see in my life. For what I bless must come into my existence.
  121. I am fully supportive of allowing abundance to come into my life.
  122. My financial life continues to improve more and more each day.
  123. My friends and family seek to add feelings of my abundance to my life each time we are together.
  124. I am deeply grateful for all the abundance in my life and the more to come.
  125. Everywhere I look, I see abundance.
  126. I replace bad habits with good habits that help me have more abundance in my life.
  127. I completely deserve prosperity and wealth.
  128. I can and am able to handle and hold onto riches with ease.
  129. I perfectly blend spirituality with financial abundance.
  130. I know I can’t help the poor if I am poor, that is why I am obligated to become rich.
  131. I leave the idea of poverty behind forever.
  132. I have an entrepreneurial mindset which lets me see new opportunities and problems to solve everywhere I go.
  133. I allow myself to come into a state of massive success.
  134. I am perfectly aligned with the abundant source of this universe.
  135. Money is very important to me.
  136. It is perfectly OK for me to have abundance.
  137. I choose to live an incredibly abundant life from this day forward.
  138. My goals are naturally achieved with ease and fast.
  139. I naturally align myself with my purpose for being on this earth. Which brings me abundance and spiritual fulfillment.
  140. All of my desires are being fulfilled.
  141. My mind is powerful and I use it with ease to create all that I want in this life.
  142. I am persistent and and driven and find all the energy I need to attain my goals and dreams.
  143. Boatloads of cash come into my life often.
  144. I have all I need to get to wherever I want to be or have in my life.
  145. I am surrounded by others who think abundantly about life.
  146. I use my power of visualization with ease to attract complete abundance.
  147. I have the power to create abundance in all areas of my life.
  148. I believe in myself and my ability to create abundance.
  149. An abundance of love and joy flows through my family life.
  150. I am so grateful for all the abundance in my life.
  151. I wake up to more and more abundance every single day.
  152. I attract a myriad of source of income into my life.
  153. Because of my abundance, I am able to give back so much.
  154. I have the abilities needed to create wealth and abundant health in my life.
  155. I have abundant amounts of health and vitality in my life.
  156. I feel so amazing every single day.
  157. I truly have no limits in every single area of my life.
  158. I am naturally supported by all the people in my life.
  159. The universe supports me and I feel this support in all my days.
  160. The love of money is the root of all evil, not money itself.
  161. Lack of money is the root of all evil.
  162. I am the most fortunate person on this earth.
  163. I am very lucky.
  164. My life is plentiful in every single area.
  165. My plate is full in every single sense of the term.
  166. Prosperity and abundance follow me all throughout the day.
  167. People want to give me more and more each day to help me feeling completely abundant.
  168. I am connected to a vast reservoir of abundance.
  169. I always have everything I need and much much more.
  170. I always have enough money and much more of it.
  171. I enjoy feeling the abundance that flows through my life.
  172. I deserve abundance in love.
  173. I am abundantly connected in my spiritual life.
  174. I attract all that I need to be and become more abundant every single day.
  175. I have much more money coming in than the amount that I spend.
  176. I have earned the right to have complete abundance.
  177. I am becoming more and more financially free by the day.
  178. I love giving back with the abundance and prosperity that I created.
  179. I love showing others how to create prosperity in my life and do so with ease because I am a master at it.
  180. I choose to only live in an abundant state, no matter what is going on in my life.
  181. Enormous power and wealth are available for my use.
  182. I am and always will be prosperous.
  183. I always attract the perfect people and circumstances at just the right moment.
  184. I love who I am and who I am becoming.
  185. I am naturally and successfully living up to my potential more and more each day.

Conclusion To Abundance Affirmations

So there we are my friend. 185 different prosperity affirmations that you can use to start to affirm a more prosperous life.

It is great to do your affirmations in the morning and at night. Which it is said that we are more easily to influence our entire day as well as our subconscious mind during these times.

The morning is a great time to rattle of some of your favorites over and over during your morning routines.

This will allow you to set the intention for your whole entire day.

At the end of the day, you can affirm your favorites ones while going through your nightly routines.

You can give your mind positive phrases to really allow your subconscious mind to work with and mull over throughout the night.

I hope you enjoyed this list of affirmations for abundance.

I would love to hear your feedback on it.

Share with me what your favorite affirmations were. As well as if you have any good ones to add that we can all benefit from and use to create more prosperity in your life!

Let’s chat in the comment section below.

Until next time!




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