201 Affirmations For Anxiety (The Most Powerful)

Affirmations For Anxiety

affirmations for anxiety

If you’re like me, you have a personal relationship with anxiety. It can absolutely be crippling at times. I know it has been for me! Is is like an unwanted intruder who just won’t leave no matter what we throw at it.

At times it truly has felt like it was a battle I simply couldn’t win. No matter how much work I did on myself. How much I did to relieve it. It simply felt like it was consuming my mind and body. Dragging me to a place so dark, I shudder just thinking about it.

Maybe you can relate to some or all of this?

Although, I have learned a lot from it and have been able to channel it. And want to help others channel it to. And ultimately rid ourselves from it for complete good.

That is one of the main reasons I created this ultimate list of affirmations for anxiety. To help us counteract our negative thoughts about stress and anxiety. To replace them with powerful and positive phrases that support our journey to finding true peace and healing.

So if you are like me and want to take complete control back in your life, check out the list below.

I truly hope and know it can help you!


201 Anxiety Affirmations

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  1. I am completely at ease in my body and mind.
  2. My mind is quiet and content, hence creating calmness throughout my body.
  3. I am perfectly entitled to pure calm and tranquility in my body and mind.
  4. I only entertain thoughts tat are conducive to creating calmness in my body.
  5. I am completely free of stress and anxiety.
  6. I break the shackles of my anxiety in the here and now and am free from them for a lifetime.
  7. I bless and thank my anxiety for all that it has taught me, allowing me to move on from it permanently.
  8. I only hang out with people who are supportive to creating a calm existence.
  9. I feel so great being free of anxiety.
  10. I feel so powerful and effective in my calm and tranquil body.
  11. I commit to a lifetime of peace and calmness.
  12. I easily release feelings of tension and anxiety fast and effectively.
  13. I am in a constant state of flow with the universe.
  14. I am blessed and highly favored to live a life that is peaceful and calm.
  15. I see myself being stress free in the here and now.
  16. I look forward to my future knowing that I am completely free from anxiety.
  17. I bless other people who are calm and tranquil for I know what I bless must come back to me.
  18. With every trial there is in it a seed of equal or greater opportunity
  19. Everything I do helps me find more peace and calmness.
  20. My body and mind work together powerfully to bring me complete ease and peace.
  21. The universe is conspiring right now on ways to bring me complete peace and calmness.
  22. I listen to my feelings of anxiety and do not suppress them, I know they are leading me to answers and breakthroughs.
  23. This too shall pass.
  24. I cherish and love my body and mind and love myself completely.
  25. I easily release emotional toxins that are getting in the way of me being stress free.
  26. I easily commit to making the right choices and decisions regarding foods and exercise which help my body feel calm and great.
  27. I am constantly meeting people who help me feel more at ease in my body.
  28. I let go of my old story right now about how I am full of stress, and replace it with my new story of how I am calm and empowered.
  29. I control how I feel completely and this brings me calmness and power knowing that I can change my physical and emotional state whenever I please.
  30. I attract new people in my life who give me the best tips on how to become and stay free from anxiety.
  31. I love this life for I know I feel calm and great every day.
  32. I have learned so much from anxiety and reflect on the life lessons it has brought me because I know I can now teach others to become free of anxiety like I am now.
  33. When I become tense I naturally, consciously and subconsciously remind myself to feel at complete ease.
  34. I process my anxiety in the most effective manner known to man.
  35. I feel so comfortable in my own skin.
  36. I am completely free of medications and therapy that I used to need for my anxiety.
  37. I show myself every single day that I have complete power over my emotions.
  38. People see me as being completely stress free and calm.
  39. I see myself in the mirror each morning as a peaceful and calm and anxiety free person.
  40. I enjoy being perfectly calm in my body.
  41. I channel my feelings of anxiety productively, showing myself that I have complete power of my feelings.
  42. I have the power to stop my anxiety. Now and for good.
  43. I challenge my thoughts of anxiety, instead of letting them completely take me over. It lets me take my power back,
  44. My feelings of anxiety are not me, that is why I know I can let them go.
  45. Anxiety is simple a chemical in my body that is trapped. I know this, and do not judge it since it is just energy. This helps me let go of it with ease.
  46. I let go of anxiety just like I would let go of something that is simply to heavey to hold anymore. I do so quickly.
  47. The experiences of anxiety that I have gone through in my life have led me straight to my life purpose and has helped me overcome the discomfort and help others do so as well.
  48. I am actually thankful for my anxiety for it is trying to teach me something.
  49. I have complete power of my feelings of anxiety.
  50. I am standing up inside myself when I feel like I am being beaten down.
  51. I am a warrior and am not afraid of any feelings of anxiety.
  52. I know in my heart of hearts that I am born to be calm, happy and tranquil.
  53. Everything has it’s origin, including my anxiety. Which I find with ease and easily let go of. Pulling the root out once and for all.
  54. Anxiety is the thing of the past now.
  55. Even when I sleep, my dreams show me how I can become free from anxiety.
  56. I naturally read and view things that help me find complete peace and everlasting calm.
  57. I am showered by the universe’s want for me to be free from anxiety.
  58. I do not give much power to my feelings of anxiety, therefore they have little to no power over me.
  59. I know that if I seek answers, I shall find them. And I keep seeking answers for myself knowing they are coming to me.
  60. Whatever I seek is actually seeking me. So the more I seek calmness, peace and tranquility, the faster they will come to me.
  61. I meditate each day on creating a calm and anxiety free body.
  62. I immediately adjust my posture into a powerful pose when I feel anxiety, which helps me feel more calm and powerful.
  63. I am stronger than anything that can be thrown at me in this life, which gives me confidence that I can overcome any emotion.
  64. It is OK for me to be anxious and stressed because I am human. But I move on from them quickly.
  65. I laugh at feelings of anxiety which cause them to dissipate and go away for good.
  66. My mind is full of thoughts that support my body feeling great and peaceful.
  67. I love how the world wants me to be free from anxiety,
  68. I choose right now to drop my feelings of limitation and embrace my powerful and limitless nature which is free from anxiety.
  69. I affirm daily and powerful that I am completely free of anxiety and stress.
  70. I choose empowering beliefs that support my tranquility and happiness.
  71. I naturally rid myself of people who are supportive of me creating calm and relaxation in my life.
  72. I easily and readily transcend any stress I have.
  73. I do not hold grudges nor do I harbor any feelings of resentment because I know they are not conducive to me feeling at ease.
  74. I forgive people from my past and my present for wrong doings. Not for them, but for me in order to feeling emotionally healthy.
  75. Every single cell in my being vibrates with complete calmness and tranquility and peace.
  76. I heal myself right now of all the things that are causing me anxiety.
  77. I accept myself completely in the here and now, always and forever.
  78. I love my journey and know it leads to me being perfectly free of anxiety.
  79. I have the power to change my emotions whenever I choose to do so.
  80. I detach myself from feelings of anxiety and stress with ease and naturally.
  81. My pure essence radiates calmness and peace.
  82. Peace and calm course through my veins.
  83. I feel completely protected and this makes me feel at ease.
  84. I walk by complete faith and not by sight.
  85. I feel in complete control which eases my stress fully and completely.
  86. I know without a shadow of a doubt that I am working my way towards a stress free existence.
  87. I live life in the moment and know that there are no problems in the moment. Only in looking back at my life or being scared about the future.
  88. The stuck feelings are replaced by feelings of breakthrough and positive momentum.
  89. I am proud of myself and all that I have fought through.
  90. I look forward is a positive manner, knowing I will live a life full of peace and tranquility.
  91. I naturally take action and do things that result in my stress and anxiety dissipating and dissolving.
  92. My stress and anxiety are naturally replaced with feelings of love and gratitude.
  93. I deserve happiness and peace.
  94. I refuse to give up, for I am a fighter, a warrior and a champion.
  95. God gives his toughest battles to his toughest soldier.
  96. I am worthy of good things coming into my life that bring me calmness and happiness.
  97. I know this is all happening for a reason and that reason will be evident to me with clarity.
  98. I exert mastery over my emotions.
  99. I prioritize my happiness and peace over any other lower vibrating emotion.
  100. My feelings of panic and tension dissipate with ease.
  101. I appreciate my life and my journey.
  102. I inspire even myself for how well I deal with my anxiety and stress.
  103. I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul.
  104. I truly believe that I am healed from all my anxiety.
  105. I am open to new alternatives to channel and heal my anxiety.
  106. I allow myself to express my anxiety the way I feel I need to do so.
  107. My anxiety will never defeat me.
  108. I feel so much bigger than my anxiety.
  109. I have such a bright and great future head of me.
  110. I have plenty of reasons to live and am excited about my life.
  111. I know that if anyone in the world has beat what I have gone through then so can I.
  112. I free myself from any behaviors or thought patterns that don’t bring me calmness and happiness.
  113. I feel stillness in my mind in body whenever anxiety tries to come in.
  114. I know that what i resist, persists that is why I never resist feelings of anxiety. And the dissipate naturally because of this.
  115. I ooze relaxation and contentment.
  116. I am never frightened in states of anxiety, I feel empowered and breakthrough to the other side with quickness and effectiveness.
  117. I can move mountains of doubt.
  118. I listen to my heart which tells me everything is OK instead of my mind telling me it is not.
  119. My struggles don’t define me or where I am going in life.
  120. My anxiety never lets me get off track with my goals and dreams.
  121. My tension melts off my body whenever I instruct it to.
  122. I see all the good things in life that my anxiety has brought me.
  123. I am aware of what I need to do to rid myself of anxiety and do so effectively.
  124. I may be down, but I am never out.
  125. My curiosity for answers brings me solutions that my mental and physical health profit from fully.
  126. I act in spite of whatever I am feeling for I know action helps me feel better and more calm.
  127. I am surrounded by loving and peace.
  128. I am surrounded by people who support me and want to help me.
  129. I know that I am the only person who can truly defeat this monster and that brings me peace for I am at the helm of my life.
  130. I see things how they are, not worse than they are.
  131. I do not judge myself for how I am feeling, I simply know it is part of being human and I have the power to control my emotions.
  132. My mental and physical anxiety has completely vanished.
  133. I’ve survived this before and will do so again this time.
  134. I value myself completely and know how much value I put into my friends, family and society. This brings me a feeling of calm and peace.
  135. I seek and fin peace that passeth all understanding.
  136. I am fully in charge of my breathing and can pace it to always bring me back to being calm and centered.
  137. I am so strong and can persevere through this.
  138. I remember times in my life where I was completely calm, whenever I feel anxious, and these thoughts calm me immediately.
  139. I know this is not my destiny, just a time that will pass and end in me finding true inner peace.
  140. I have anxiety, it is not me. Simply something that I can let go since it isn’t WHO I am.
  141. I never define myself by my anxiety or stress.
  142. I consciously relax my body with ease when I start to feel anxious which helps me feel more centered.
  143. I use positive self talk to guide me though stressful times.
  144. I can, I will, I must get through this.
  145. I know I have what it takes to create an abundant and happy future therefore I do not have any anxiety about the future.
  146. I am dedicated to developing myself so that I am completely in charge of my future, easing my anxious thoughts about what is next.
  147. I feel at ease when I am around any number of people.
  148. I am perfectly relaxed in situations that used to cause me anxiety.
  149. I take deep and replenishing breathes whenever I feel tension or anxiety.
  150. I catch anxiety coming on early help it dissipate through positive self talk and good body posture.
  151. I truly feel fearless in all areas of my life.
  152. I embrace change and actually get excited for opportunities to get out of my comfort zone.
  153. I feel cool, calm and collected.
  154. These feelings of tension and tightness are only temporary.
  155. All my thoughts are pictures of me being fully relaxed and calm.
  156. I live life courageously and without fear.
  157. I feel safe in the here and now. And always.
  158. I naturally act the way I want to feel. Hence creating a relaxing aura in my body always and forever.
  159. I am not my body, I am not my mind. I am something that is infinite, all knowing and calm.
  160. I am doing the best I can in this life.
  161. I completely release the past and surrender my anticipation for the future.
  162. I am perfectly clear on what I have to do to end my stress and anxiety for good.
  163. I love the fact that my intuition tells me exactly what I need to do to relax.
  164. I am a strong and independent person.
  165. I am a leader of my life, hence feel relaxed knowing that I am in control.
  166. I take full responsibility for my life.
  167. I look at my anxiety as a little ant, seeing it as being so small and insignificant.
  168. I have no worries at all.
  169. My faith in myself allows me to ease my body and mind.
  170. I love myself and all I have been through.
  171. I control my thoughts, my thoughts do not control me.
  172. I know that no matter what, I will never give up.
  173. I reclaim my power by obliterating feelings of anxiety with ease.
  174. My body is healthy and strong.
  175. I am in alignment with the healing powers of the universe which cures every physical, mental and emotional wound I have. Right now.
  176. I don’t place anytime frame on when my anxiety will go away as I know I have the power to get rid of it instantly.
  177. I exert full self control over my entire body and mind.
  178. I feels a sense of empowerment knowing that I can let go of my anxiety here and now.
  179. I am not alone in my struggles.
  180. God is watching over me in all that I do.
  181. I am so loved by the people in my life.
  182. I treat anxiety as a visitor in which I let them go quickly.
  183. With each breath I breathe in, it heals my soul and calms my anxiety.
  184. I banish negative thoughts completely from my life.
  185. I feel alive and powerful and completely at peace in the here and now.
  186. Anxiety is a thing of the past for me.
  187. My body produces a perfect hormonal balance that creates perfect internal harmony.
  188. I am proud of my life and how I have fought through the tough times.
  189. I have a great feeling of calm day and night.
  190. I no longer need to take anything for my anxiety because I am free from it.
  191. I am thankful for the miracle in my life that brought me complete healing of my stress and anxiety.
  192. I am thankful for the people who support me through this journey and am grateful to not have to do all of this alone.
  193. I surround myself with pictures, quotes and content that helps me become and stay calm.
  194. I like how committed I am to my health and well being, I put it as my main priority and top core value.
  195. I never look at my anxiety as a weakness. I see it strengthening me and making me tough to take on this life with more ease and more confidence.
  196. I choose to be at peace at all times no matter what is going on in the world.
  197. I cease to watch anything on TV that makes me feel stressed. I only consume good TV that helps me feel great and grow from.
  198. The perfect doctors come into my life to heal my anxiety completely and quickly.
  199. I want the world to know how proud I am that I beat my anxiety and stress.
  200. My armor is strong because of all that I have been through.
  201. My life is perfect right now. I do not have a worry in the world.

Conclusion to Affirmations For Stress

So there we are my friend. A list of positive affirmations for anxiety and stress. I truly hoped you found at least one affirmation that deeply resonated with you.

At least one that you know you can use next time you feel tension and anxiety.

Just know that you are bigger then all this shit. That you are very powerful. And can transcend any unpleasant feeling you want.

Remember to use your body and mind in a positive manner. Because on influences the other. And vice versa. Catch it early and affirm the anxiety away with some or all the affirmations on anxiety above.

Until we meet again!




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