1001 Affirmations For Positivity (That Work FAST!)

The Ultimate List Of Affirmations For Positivity


affirmations for positivity

“Affirmation isn’t intended to make you delude yourself or simply throw a blanket over the negative aspects of your life. The intention is to magnify your focus on the positive reality and the possibility thereof.” – Jason Thomas

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Affirmations for positivity are a must in my humble opinion. We can integrate them into our lives with repetition in which I believe, will result in our whole life changing and transforming.

I am not just saying this as a cliche or something cute. I know without a shadow of a doubt that everything begins and ends in our minds. Rises and falls from our thoughts. No matter how we slice it, we are creators. We have the ability to create thoughts that are either empowering or self defeating. The beautiful part about this is that we have the gift of freewill.

We can choose whether these thoughts or negative or positive. But we need to start being aware of these thoughts. As Jim Rohn said, we need to stand guard at the door of our mind.

For what we allow into our minds is our responsibility. But if we stand guard at the door of our mind, we can open that door to only positive thoughts. Thoughts that bring us more happiness, abundance, love, success and complete abundance.

The power of repetition is key though. The greatest coaches ever have been the biggest advocates of repetition. They knew that if they had their athletes practice things over and over in practice, that it would become natural for them to perform those acts in a game.

That when the pressure was up, they wouldn’t be phased by it because they had done it so many times.

This is the same with positivity affirmations. We need to say them over and over so that they take root in our mind. That the more we affirm them, the deeper our roots go.

And what happens is that they go from affirmation to belief. And we act in perfect congruence with what we believe we are. We hate wavering from this. As one of the biggest needs in the human experience is to be congruent with who we believe we are.

So the more you affirm your favorite affirmations for positivity, the more they become part of you. The become you in a sense and you become them.

This is when radical transformation occurs.

And like the sports player who becomes so good at the simple things through repetition, the same can be said about you. You will become naturally positive in all life’s situations. You will consciously and subconsciously act in a way that is congruent with these affirmed statements.

It will become a way of life for you. Just like getting up and getting ready for the day. It becomes something that you just do. With little to no effort anymore.

This all starts with us affirming the positive mantras and statements with consistency. I suggest you do so in the morning when the mind is most suceptible to stimuli. As well as at night so that you sink positive beliefs into your mind so that your subconscious mind can mull over them and hold onto them that much tighter.

Ok, thanks for reading my rant!! Enough is enough. Lets jump into all this list of positive affirmations in which I hope can radically transform your life as you know it in one way or another. Below I have positive affirmations in the subjects that include the following, which you can access anyone of them that you are most interested in at anytime by referring to the table of contents above!

Positive Affirmations For:

  1. General Positive Affirmations
  2. Affirmations For Work
  3. Spiritual Affirmations
  4. Affirmations For Goal Setting
  5. Affirmations For Family
  6. Affirmations for Self Love
  7. Morning Affirmations
  8. Sleep Affirmations
  9. Friendship Affirmations
  10. Affirmations For Guys
  11. Abundance Affirmations
  12. Affirmations For Ladies
  13. Affirmations For Peace
  14. Christian Affirmations
  15. Business Affirmations
  16. Confidence Affirmations
  17. Affirmations For Students
  18. Affirmations For Social Anxiety
  19. Affirmations For Depression
  20. Affirmations For Job Interviews
  21. Affirmations for Recovery
  22. Affirmations For Strength
  23. Affirmations For Teachers
  24. Affirmations For Teens
  25. Affirmations For Self Esteem
  26. Affirmations For Hope
  27. Affirmations For Money
  28. Affirmations For Gratitude
  29. Affirmations For Anger
  30. Affirmations For Birth
  31. Affirmations For Black Women
  32. Affirmations For Children
  33. Affirmations Fore Entrepreneurs
  34. Affirmations For Fears

Affirmations For Positivity (General Positivity)

  1. I create positive changes in my life with ease.
  2. I have the ability to create change in my life.
  3. I am transforming my life for the better in every area of my life.
  4. I naturally think positive, empowering and uplifting thoughts.
  5. I feel more and more positive each day.
  6. I attract people into my life that are positive and uplifting.
  7. I easily let go of people who are negative and not supportive.
  8. I am constantly finding new activities that help me feel positive and motivated.
  9. I love and approve of myself.
  10. I feel great in my own skin.
  11. I naturally seek growth and personal development for it makes me feel better and more positive.
  12. I am the most powerful person I know.
  13. I have the ability to manifest my goals and dreams whenever I choose.
  14. I love myself fully and completely.
  15. I naturally attract more success and happiness every day.
  16. I feel completely at ease with the world.
  17. I seek happiness from within.
  18. I love this life so much.
  19. I have no fear of asking loved ones to support and help me along my journey.
  20. I have the courage to keep moving forward.
  21. I have what it takes to make my dreams come true.
  22. I have so much value to add and give to the world.
  23. I am likeable and positive.
  24. I completely forgive and love myself in the here and now.
  25. I have more strength that I know.
  26. I am completely fearless.
  27. I am my own rock.
  28. I can move mountains.
  29. There is nothing that I can conceive that I cannot achieve.
  30. I am an inspiration to others.
  31. I love who I am becoming.
  32. I feel so positive about the direction my life is going.
  33. I know that I am guided in this life and have faith my life will turn out perfectly.
  34. I speak only positive things.
  35. What I speak comes into fruition into my life, therefore I only speak positively.
  36. I am thankful for the lessons life has taught me for they have made me stronger.
  37. The comeback is always greater than the set back.
  38. I am the creator of my existence.
  39. I am a warrior and a soldier.
  40. I don’t listen or pay attention to negative people and what they say.
  41. I know that no challenges is too big for me to take on and triumph over.
  42. I approve of myself.
  43. There is no mountain I can’t climb.
  44. I am a gift to the world.
  45. I do not indulge in self pity.
  46. I am decisive and always make excellent decisions.
  47. I have no fear of my future.
  48. I let go of the past for it no longer serves me.
  49. I choose friends that love and approve of me.
  50. I let go of all the worries I have for it drains me of vital energy.
  51. I follow through and persevere towards my dreams no matter what.
  52. Where I am is OK.
  53. I choose to be easy on myself.
  54. I choose to replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts with ease.


Positive Affirmations For Work

  1. I am moving forward at work at an excellent pace.
  2. I naturally attract promotions and pay raises with ease.
  3. I work very well with everyone at work.
  4. I am seen as an awesome asset to people that I work with.
  5. I am constantly rewarded for the work I do.
  6. I sincerely love the work I do.
  7. I know that if I don’t love my work, I have the power and courage to change it.
  8. My passions come through me while I work.
  9. I am a tireless worker.
  10. There is no glass ceiling for me.
  11. I am very valuable to the marketplace.
  12. I feel so great at work.
  13. I lose myself in my work for I love it so much.
  14. I can see how my work is making an impact in other people’s lives and this makes me feel great.
  15. I am constantly getting ideas on how to make myself a better asset at work.
  16. I am open to new training and techniques to make me a master of in my field.
  17. I am always attracting different ways to create more income.
  18. I feel empowered in my place of work.
  19. I am a fully competent worker in my field.
  20. I am highly confident and competent at work.
  21. I garner recognition from my peers often.
  22. I can make it to the top of this company I have the courage and willpower to do so.
  23. I am a role model for others at work.
  24. I am taking the exact steps I need to advance myself in my career.
  25. I am a success.
  26. I am the most important addition to my company.
  27. I am reaching for my dreams.
  28. I naturally let go of any fear I have about my work.
  29. I attract great mentors to help me advance faster in my career.
  30. I stay highly focused on my work and manage my time perfectly.
  31. I inspire great confidence in my boss who bestows more work and pay on me often.
  32. I am recognized nationally for how great I am at my profession.
  33. I set my sights high in my profession for I am a winner and a champion.


Positive Spiritual Affirmations

  1. I am guided by my God.
  2. I am blessed and highly favored by a higher power.
  3. I always look to my intuition to guide me to making the right decisions.
  4. I am on the side of the angels for they guide me in whatever I do.
  5. My creator looks down on me with pride for all I have done and persevered through.
  6. It is my destiny to succeed in this life.
  7. I feel safe opening up through prayer about what is going on in my life.
  8. My spirituality is growing stronger and stronger each day.
  9. I attract beautiful souls into my life who are congruent with my beliefs.
  10. I accept everyone regardless of their beliefs.
  11. I feel at one with the entire universe.
  12. I do not feel shame in leaning on a higher power.
  13. My faith is completely unshakable.
  14. I have no fear for God is with me.
  15. God is on my side.
  16. Love is my only religion.
  17. I love people for I know it is the most powerful force on this universe
  18. I am divinely guided in my life.
  19. I am never alone for God with with me.
  20. I am not my mistakes for I have been forgiven for them.
  21. I allow the universe to teach me and help me.
  22. I feel the warmth of God wherever I go.
  23. I let go and let go.
  24. God is pouring down blessings on me each day.
  25. God loves me.
  26. I am creating heaven on earth.
  27. My God wants the best for me.
  28. My prayers are being answered.
  29. My praying ability is powerful.
  30. I am part of the almighty.
  31. The power of God helps me forgive my enemies.
  32. I am so thankful for my relationship with God.
  33. I take full responsibility for my spiritual growth.
  34. I give my fears to the Lord.
  35. I love people as God loves them and as He loves me.
  36. I am a divine expression of my God.
  37. I am made in the image of the Creator, therefore I can create a beautiful life for myself.
  38. I am driven by the need to please my God.
  39. I have complete strength that God will provide me with the strength I need when I need it.
  40. God is and always will be my rock.
  41. I am a spiritual being in a human experience.
  42. I have no fear of death as I know I am infinite.
  43. God is aligning everything in my life for my growth, success and happiness.
  44. God is my best friend.
  45. I completely surrender in the here and now.
  46. I feel so thankful for my religion.
  47. My body and mind are in perfect harmony helping me communicate to God better and more efficient.
  48. I respect my body for it is my temple.
  49. Miracles are done in my life for my faith is so strong.
  50. I can heal any part of my mind, body and soul and any minute through the power of my faith.
  51. My praying ability for others is extremely powerful.
  52. I feel the spirit of God coursing through my body.


Positive Affirmations For Goal Setting

  1. My mind is powerful and I use it to achieve my goals.
  2. I naturally attract people who want to help me achieve my goals.
  3. I know that if I help enough people I can have all that I want in this life.
  4. I set big goals for myself for I believe in my abilities.
  5. I know that if I persevere long enough, I can accomplish any goal.
  6. I naturally attract people in my life who act as accountability partners for me for it accelerates my goal attainment.
  7. I choose to only see possibilities.
  8. Failure is only feedback for me. I learn from all my mistakes.
  9. I write my goals down often for this puts them deep into my subconscious mind.
  10. I work miracles that help me achieve my goals faster and more effectively.
  11. I laugh in the face of adversity.
  12. I focus on growing myself into the person of being worthy of accomplishing my goals.
  13. I am worth of the accomplishment of my goals.
  14. I learn quickly from others who have achieved the things I want to achieve.
  15. I believe in myself enough to reevaluate and go after goals I gave up on.
  16. I am a winner.
  17. I am a goal getter not just a goal setter.
  18. I already see, feel and envision my dreams true in the here and now.
  19. I am a powerful goal creator.
  20. All my goals are being fulfilled in the here and now.
  21. I easily learn abilities that help me attain my goals.

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Positive Affirmations For Family

  1. My family and I are getting closer and closer each day.
  2. I am so thankful for my family and the support they give me.
  3. My family is in full support of what I am doing in this life.
  4. I am a special addition to my family.
  5. I am a strong (mother, father, brother, sister)
  6. My family is strong and unshakable.
  7. My family are growing closer and more loving each day.
  8. I am the leader of my family and make the perfect decisions for their health, well being and success.
  9. My family outings leave us all feeling completely fulfilled and loved.
  10. I am growing more and more intimate with my spouse and kids by the day.
  11. I am so blessed for having a such a beautiful family.

Positive Affirmations For Self Love (Self Love Affirmations)

  1. I love myself completely and fully.
  2. I only see the good in myself.
  3. I am perfectly created.
  4. I love my flaws.
  5. I am beautiful/handsome.
  6. I am lovely.
  7. I am strong and capable.
  8. I define my own worth and it is high.
  9. I feel a deep sense of love and admiration for myself.
  10. I am my own biggest fan.
  11. I am all that I will ever need.
  12. I never apologize for being me.
  13. I am whole, perfect and complete.
  14. My scars only show me that I was stronger than what tried to hurt me.
  15. I love the person that I am and who I am becoming.
  16. My mistakes don’t define me.
  17. I accept and love myself unconditionally.
  18. I do not take things personally.
  19. I honor my inner voice.
  20. I am deeply grateful for all the things I have in my life.
  21. I have so much power that I use to reach my greatness.
  22. I have greatness within me.
  23. I attract only the most loving people into my life.
  24. I take care of my body in a way that shows it how much I love and respect it.
  25. I release toxic feelings that make me feel bad or that get in the way of loving myself.
  26. I deserve lasting happiness and peace.
  27. I am sexy.
  28. I am attracted and highly desired.
  29. I choose to see only the best in myself.
  30. I am perfectly deserving of all the good people and things in my life.
  31. I am open to receive more good things in my life.
  32. I have my own back.
  33. I will always be there for me.
  34. I create a healthy body for I know this is the highest form of self love and helps me achieve my goals and dreams.
  35. I feel great in my own body.
  36. I choose self love now and always.
  37. I never compare myself to others for I know that this is not beneficial to loving myself.
  38. I bless and love others for it makes me feel great inside.
  39. I know that the universe and God loves me deeply and completely.
  40. I break free of any limiting beliefs that are holding me back in life.
  41. I easily accept compliments and don’t deflect them.
  42. I see the greatness within me.
  43. I am the best.
  44. I say no to things and people that will get in the way of treating myself good and loving myself.
  45. I say yes to things that bring me more happiness and love.

RESOURCE: How To Love Yourself (21 Powerful Tips)

Positive Affirmations In The Morning

  1. Today is going to be the best day of my life.
  2. I am going to learn and grow and become a better version of myself today.
  3. I am completely energized and ready to take on the day.
  4. I am completely capable of handling all that life gives me today.
  5. Today is going to be a fun day.
  6. I am going to make big leaps in getting closer to my goals today.
  7. There are so many possibilities ahead of me today.
  8. I am going to meet new people who will enrich my life today.
  9. I am the creator of my life.
  10. I choose to have a phenomenal day today.
  11. I choose to think only empowering thoughts all day.
  12. I will be guided perfectly throughout my day.
  13. I release all worries and anxiety for my day, right NOW.
  14. I am ready to take on the day.
  15. My life is unfolding perfectly.
  16. I am thankful for having the gift of another day.
  17. There is so much possibility in my world.
  18. I will feel motivated all day.
  19. I am going to move closer towards creating the prosperity I desire today.
  20. I cannot fail.
  21. I have all the power and courage it takes to make any change I desire in my life.
  22. My confidence inspires others around me.
  23. I will mix work with pleasure today as I will find fun, joy and fulfillment in my work.
  24. I have unlimited potential.
  25. I am the greatest.
  26. I trust my journey.
  27. I will find success and meaning today.
  28. Today will be a peaceful day.
  29. I am at peace with the world and the world is at peace with me.
  30. My mind is completely clear of self doubt, I have unshakable belief in myself.
  31. I am the creator of my own existence and today I choose to create miracles in my life.
  32. I am surrounded by people who want the best for me and are going to push me to reach my goals and dreams.
  33. I feel healthy and strong.
  34. My dreams are much bigger and greater than my fears.
  35. I greet today with excitement and confidence.
  36. I am limitless in my ability to have the things I want in this life.
  37. I greet today with gratitude.
  38. I am grateful for (Name 3 things)
  39. I will manage my time perfectly today.
  40. I am going to get so much done today.
  41. I am grateful for all that is and all that will be.
  42. My wisdom will grow today.
  43. I open myself up to all the wealth and happiness life has to offer.
  44. I will make the best choices today.
  45. What a great day it is to be alive!
  46. I will find adventure in the day today.
  47. Each of my body is awake and charged for a great day.
  48. New and deeper love will come into my life today.
  49. My body and mind will overflow with positive energy all day today.
  50. I will see old relationships get strengthened today and new relationships come into existence today.
  51. I welcome this day with open arms and thankfulness.
  52. I will attract success and love wherever I go today.
  53. My confidence is growing more and more each day.
  54. I will find laughter and humor today.
  55. I will set new and inspiring goals today.
  56. My attitude will be positive and empowering all day.
  57. My body will feel strong, capable and competent all day.
  58. The universe has my back.
  59. I will accept every single person and situation today as is.
  60. I believe in myself fully.

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37 Positive Affirmations For Sleep (Sleep Affirmations)

  1. Today was a beautiful day and tomorrow will be better.
  2. I will sleep perfectly and deeply tonight.
  3. I will dream peaceful and happy dreams.
  4. I command my mind to help me bring solutions on how to accomplish my goals.
  5. My body is getting more and more relaxed.
  6. I fill so fulfilled and proud about how I lived my life today.
  7. I let go of today so that I can sleep well and start fresh tomorrow.
  8. I let go of all my thoughts that will interfere with deep sleep.
  9. I instruct my mind and body to sink into deep relaxation.
  10. I am going to sleep great.
  11. My body will be healed through the deep resting state I will enjoy tonight.
  12. I will wake up completely rested and happy.
  13. My fears about today melt away and let me sink into deep and satisfying rest.
  14. I need less sleep to feel nourished and rested.
  15. My dreams help me see what I need more of in my life.
  16. My body is still and peaceful throughout my entire sleep cycle.
  17. I am thankful for the deep resting state I am about to go into.
  18. I am grateful for all the positive people and blessings in my life.
  19. I will wake up tomorrow with purpose and passion for the day.
  20. My mind is still and peaceful now.
  21. My body is free from anxiety and feels so relaxed.
  22. My legs are getting relaxed, my stomach and and chest are getting relaxed, my back and head are also very relaxed.
  23. I release any tension in my body right now.
  24. I fall asleep so easily and naturally.
  25. I stay asleep for the entire night.
  26. I calmly drift off into sleep.
  27. I let go of the urge to try to force myself to sleep.
  28. I let go of all stress at the end of the day.
  29. I have healthy sleeping patterns.
  30. Perfect and deep sleep is normal for me.
  31. I will wake up refreshed.
  32. I feel safe in the here and now.
  33. It feels great to be still.
  34. I give myself permission to sleep great.
  35. I am perfectly OK with where I am in life right now.
  36. I feel great about my life and the direction it is heading.
  37. I give all of my worries to God right now before I close my eyes.

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Positive Affirmations For Friendships

  1. My friendships and getting better and better each day.
  2. I attract new friendships into my life each day that are fulfilling and loving.
  3. I naturally do things with friends that make us create beautiful and happy memories together.
  4. I love my friends and am so grateful for them.
  5. I have more fear of telling my friends have grateful and thankful I am for them.
  6. It feels so great to be blessed with such great friends.
  7. I seek to only make and keep friends who inspire and support me.
  8. I let go of old friendships that no longer are good for me.
  9. I attract friends very easily.
  10. I allow myself to be myself around my friends.
  11. I am deserving of love in new and old friendships.
  12. My life is full of deep and meaningful relationships.
  13. My friends are a large source of happiness in my life.
  14. My friends are so thankful for me.
  15. I love getting to know new people.
  16. Everyone of whom I meet is warm and nice to me.
  17. My circle of friends is constantly expanding.
  18. The friends that I have and make have great and congruent core values with mine.
  19. I am constantly laughing and happy with my friends.
  20. I give myself permission to be selective with my friendships.
  21. I know I become who I hang around so I only hang out with the best quality people.
  22. I offer empathy and actively listen to my friends which helps us get closer.
  23. I am constantly engaging in relationships that stretch and empower me.
  24. I am a great and loyal friend and attract the same into my life.
  25. My loving aura helps my friends feel great about themselves.
  26. I am excited to see how deep I can build my current and future relationships.
  27. I give friendship an entirely different meaning with how much love and value I bring to them.
  28. My friends give my life so much meaning.
  29. I thank God for bringing such great friends into my life.
  30. I constantly create friendships with people who push me to be the best version of myself.

Guide: How To Build Healthy Relationships 

Positive Affirmations For Men

  1. I am a strong and competent man.
  2. I feel very confident in my own skin.
  3. I am a great leader of my life and family.
  4. I do things to strengthen my body and mind.
  5. I am the definition of what a man should be.
  6. I feel blessed to be a man.
  7. Every step I take is a step in the right direction.
  8. I fight for what I believe in.
  9. I follow my dreams as if my life depends on it, because it does.
  10. I am the creator of my entire life.
  11. I am manly and perfectly enough.
  12. I am highly resilient.
  13. I am proud of the person I am becoming
  14. I have all the qualities of a strong man.
  15. I seek to provide for my loved ones.
  16. I take much pride in being a man.
  17. I believe I can do anything in this life.
  18. All the things that are happening in my life are to benefit me.
  19. I define my own happiness and success.
  20. I am a great protector of the people in my life and of my family.
  21. My mental and physical strength are incredibly strong.
  22. I have complete faith that everything is going to turn out perfectly.
  23. No one negative is aloud to be in my life.
  24. I am a man of my word.
  25. I am a man of substance.
  26. I am the ideal male figure.
  27. I love and nurture the people in my life with strength and empathy.
  28. I am tough yet in touch with my emotions so that I can be emotionally fit and healthy.
  29. I am a great friend to my male companions.
  30. I seek union in fellowship with other men who share the same ideals and challenge me to grow.
  31. I am respected and highly appreciated by the people in my personal and professional life.

Positive Affirmations For Self Esteem

  1. I feel great in my own skin.
  2. I have all that it takes to reach my goals and feel great about myself.
  3. I choose my own emotional state and therefore I choose to feel excellent about myself.
  4. I dwell on all the good things I have done in this life and all my wins, raising my self esteem.
  5. My self esteem is sky high.
  6. I am always growing myself and that makes me feel better and more confident.
  7. I am a smart and competent person.
  8. I love myself completely.
  9. Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality.
  10. I am at peace with my past and future. I live in the now for that is where I feel best.
  11. I am unique and have so many positive qualities to bring to the world.
  12. I try my best and learn from my mistakes. Failure is only feedback to me.
  13. I find it easy to feel good about myself when I alone or with many people.
  14. I ooze high levels of self esteem.
  15. I choose to be happy regardless or what is happening in my life.
  16. I feel great about being me and am thankful I am me.
  17. I only hang out with people who bring out the best in me.
  18. I release all feelings of low self esteem, right NOW!
  19. I love who I am and who I am becoming.
  20. I am so thankful for this opportunity to live this life and feel great about myself for the entire time.

Positive Affirmations For Abundance

  1. I am completely worth of all the good things that life has to offer.
  2. I don’t play small, I refuse to.
  3. Money and success come into my life so easily and naturally.
  4. I set big goals and make a plan for how I am going to accomplish them.
  5. I attract people into my life that help me do big things.
  6. There is nothing in this life I cannot have.
  7. I have the traits, qualities and mindset to achieve great things in this life.
  8. I am always climbing higher and higher in every area of my life.
  9. My life has massive meaning and I am working on leaving a huge legacy.
  10. I am powerful.
  11. Each one of my pores radiates with abundance.
  12. The universe is conspiring on how to bring massive wealth and abundance into my life.
  13. I have the power to choose my emotional state and I choose a beautiful, happy and successful state ALWAYS.
  14. I am attracting more and more wealth and success into my life each day.
  15. I feel abundant in the here and now.
  16. I find myself in situations and with people who are going to add more to my net worth.
  17. I attract an abundance of love and happiness in my current and new relationships.
  18. I have all that I need right now and keep getting more.
  19. I have the Midas touch, everything I touch turns to gold.
  20. I am completely ready for my life to overflow with abundance.

Positive Affirmations For Women

  1. It feels so great to be a women.
  2. I am so blessed to be living this life as a women.
  3. I see both women and men as equal.
  4. I empower other women and uplift them with how I act.
  5. I feel so powerful in this female body.
  6. I am the definition of the perfect women.
  7. I am blessed to live this life as a woman.
  8. I am greatly nurturing and loving.
  9. I love supporting and loving the men in my life.
  10. I am a strong women.
  11. I am a capable person.
  12. I have the strength of many women.
  13. I seek to treat all women equal.
  14. I know my value and all that I have to offer to the world.
  15. I like and love myself!
  16. I accomplish all my dreams.
  17. I am fierce!
  18. I do not let obstacles stop me or overtake me, I use them to grow and get better.
  19. I see myself as being superior to my old self, I only compete with myself.
  20. I am so proud of the women I have become.
  21. I have no fear of the unknown.
  22. I am the perfect age.
  23. I celebrate my beauty daily.
  24. I discover more and more of my natural gifts each day
  25. I am going to make history!
  26. It is OK to stand out.
  27. I take stand for everything I believe in.
  28. I am gentle with myself.
  29. My nurturing womanly qualities that I have are magnified.
  30. I am the perfect female figure.
  31. I never wish to be anything else other than who I am and what I am becoming.
  32. I honor who I am and it helps boosts my self esteem.
  33. I deeply honor and appreciate every element and moment of my life.
  34. I can do anything I put my mind to.
  35. I have a big vision for my life and am going to attain it.
  36. I naturally reach for goals and dreams that keep me inspired and passionate.
  37. I am in love with the human experience.

Positive Christian Affirmations

  1. I love my faith and am grateful for my God.
  2. My relationship with God is becoming more strong each day.
  3. I love people as God and Jesus would love people.
  4. I am an inspiration for people to want to live a life of faith.
  5. I inspire people to pray and have more faith.
  6. My God is so proud of me.
  7. I am proud to be a Christian.
  8. I do not judge or condemn anyone for I know that those are not Godly acts.
  9. I fully trust that I am being guided to my purpose and ultimate happiness.
  10. I am heaven bound and that feels so good.
  11. God is healing everything in my life right now.
  12. I wake up inspired each day to do the Lords work.
  13. God speaks clear to me.
  14. I listen and hear the voice of God naturally.
  15. I am open to all the possibilities that God has for me.
  16. God brings the best people into my life.
  17. I am at awe and amazed with how much God has given me.
  18. I am always counting my blessings.
  19. I take joy in growing my faith.
  20. I follow my religion diligently.
  21. I know that I am not perfect but I take no guilt in that for I am forgiven and learn from my mistakes.
  22. I am divinely protected by God.
  23. I will rejoice in this day and every other day because the Lord has made this day for me.
  24. I truly trust in the Lord with all my heart.
  25.  I always seek first the kingdom of God and all will be given to me because of it.
  26. I seek stillness for I know that is where I will find God.
  27. I commit to treating my body like a temple for I know that God gave me this vessel and I respect this vessel.
  28. My communicate with my God is extremely strong.
  29. The Lord completely renews my strength each day.
  30. I lay all my worries at the feet of the Lord.
  31. I walk through the shadow of death but I fear nothing as I know my God is with me.
  32. My god wants abundance for me so that I can live a great life and help others.
  33. I can do all things through my God for he is infinite.
  34. I confide in my God with true ease.

24 Positive Affirmations For Mental Health

  1. I let go of all the thoughts that cloud my perfect mental health.
  2. I only surround myself with people who making me feel great about my self.
  3. My mind is perfectly clear.
  4. All of my neurotransmitters are firing perfectly.
  5. My mind and body work in perfect sync making me feel so great.
  6. I am free of depression and anxiety.
  7. I release any negative feeling that is clouding my mind.
  8. I feel so great and I love it.
  9. I read and consume positive material which strengthens my mind and mental health.
  10. My mental health is perfect and I am completely healed right now.
  11. I am amazed with how my mind is healed.
  12. I do not believe in anyone or anything that tells me something is wrong with me.
  13. I love myself for exactly who I am.
  14. I have the power to change my mental health and I choose to change it for the positive more and more each day.
  15. I naturally choose to do things that are good for me like working out and eating health which helps give me better mental health.
  16. I only entertain healthy relationships that help me have a positive mind and self image.
  17. I read positive books that help me creative a beautiful mental space.
  18. I let go of all my anger.
  19. I choose to forgive anyone and everyone that has every done me wrong.
  20. I am perfectly safe and secure right now.
  21. I know this won’t last forever and I will come through this such a stronger and more capable version of myself.
  22. My comeback is inspiring to those around me.
  23. I deserve to be happy and have perfect mental health.
  24. I take all the time I need to nourish my mind and body.

Positive Affirmations For Attracting Love

  1. I am attracting the perfect lover into my life.
  2. I am becoming the type of person that is capable of attracting deep love into my life.
  3. I envision myself with the perfect mate vividly each day.
  4. Love comes to me from all directions.
  5. I only see possibilities when it comes to new love.
  6. I am attractive the potential mates.
  7. I really feel good about my love life.
  8. The universe is bring the perfect lover into my life.
  9. My soul mate is searching for me too.
  10. I deserve to find love and fall deeply in love with my soul mate.
  11. I simply love love.
  12. My soul mate and I were designed to be together and are getting closer to finding each other every day.
  13. I am open to any and every positive possibility for love and a mate.
  14. People see me as highly attractive and desirable.
  15. I feel so sexy and attractive in my own skin.
  16. I am attracting a mate that has similar core values and wants and needs that I do.
  17. I know with certainty that I will fall deeply in love this year.
  18. I am attracting someone who I will be in love with for my whole life.
  19. I believe in true love and know it is possible for me.
  20. The universe wants me to be with my true love and is bringing us together.
  21. I bless other people who are deeply in love for what I bless comes back to me.

35 Positive Affirmations For Business

  1. My business is flourishing.
  2. I am a highly competent business owner.
  3. I naturally meet people who help my grow by business.
  4. I attract the perfect clients who resonate with my style and are aligned with my vision.
  5. My vision and purpose for my business grows each day.
  6. People can feel that passion for my business which makes them trust and want to work with me.
  7. My business is taking off.
  8. My clients love to refer me to other people who are eager to use my services.
  9. There is no stopping the momentum of my business
  10. Each goal I set for my business comes into fruition with speed and with ease.
  11. There are no limits to how big I can grow my business.
  12. I absolutely love helping people with my product or service.
  13. My product/service is making such a big impact on the community and I love that.
  14. I see and feel myself being a successful business owner wherever I am.
  15. My dreams bring me new ideas to help me grow and expand my business.
  16. I naturally do whatever it takes and learn whatever it takes to create a massively successful business.
  17. I love being a business owner, it makes me feel powerful and secure.
  18. I have no fear of being in business for myself for I know that I am living life on my own terms.
  19. I am truly a leader of my life and of my business.
  20. I inspire people to want to work with me for they see my dedication and leadership.
  21. I have a high level of integrity and it shows up in my business.
  22. I have the business of my dreams.
  23. It feels great to be impacting so many lives with my work.
  24. I am able to mix business with pleasure because I find so much love and enjoyment in what I do.
  25. My dreams and visions are getting more fulfilled by the day.
  26. I admire myself for being courageous enough to get into business for myself.
  27. I learn and grow from each experience in business which helps me grow a bigger business for myself.
  28. My business will last forever. Even beyond me.
  29. It feels great to be building a massive legacy with my business.
  30. I share so much joy with all my clients.
  31. I lead my clients to a deep sense of happiness because of how much I help them change their lives.
  32. My business skills are naturally becoming more honed and sharp.
  33. People see me as the best and most honest business owner they know.
  34. I have no fear of challenging myself to be, do and become more in my business and in my personal life.
  35. I made the best choice of my life starting and nourishing my business.

Positive Affirmations For Confidence

  1. I see all of the good things I have done in this life and it makes me feel great about myself.
  2. I have all that it takes.
  3. My courage overpowers any feeling of lack of self confidence.
  4. I let go of all my feelings of low self-esteem, right now.
  5. I am enough.
  6. I am gifted and blessed and share it with the world.
  7. My mind always chooses positive and uplifting thoughts that help me feel great about myself.
  8. I grow more confident from the challenges that life brings me.
  9. I feed my mind with positive content which transforms my mind and life for the better.
  10. I am damn proud of myself.
  11. There is nothing that I can’t set my mind to and not achieve.
  12. People believe in me and think I am great.
  13. I naturally let go of relationships that are not supportive of me creating and keep high levels of self confidence.
  14. I have so much worth.
  15. I choose to let my life overflow with joy and self confidence.
  16. I feel so great in my own skin.
  17. I bless confident people because what I bless comes back to me.
  18. I am a genius and smarter than a I know.
  19. I embrace my imperfections and grow from them.
  20. I strive for purpose and progress, not perfection.
  21. I use my powerful ability to love for myself and give it to others as well.
  22. I am worthy of living my best life.
  23. I am never a victim of my circumstances.
  24. I choose my emotional state and therefore I always choose a state that makes me feel great about myself.
  25. I use my body to create a feel of confidence by standing tall and proud and opening myself up.
  26. I attract other confident people into my life who I model and learn from which grows my level of confidence .
  27. I believe and trust myself.
  28. I am unique, truly one of a kind.
  29. The universe supports and wants to help me feel the most confident.
  30. I have the ability to choose any feeling I am feeling, therefore I always choose confidence.
  31. I naturally see myself doing things in life with grace and perfection, hence I go into these situations feeling very confident.
  32. I feel good about who I am and who I am becoming.
  33. Everything I do makes me feel even more proud of myself.
  34. I love myself.

Positive Affirmations For Students

  1. I ace my tests with ease.
  2. I am a natural at all the subjects and classes I take.
  3. I am a quick learner.
  4. I make easy connections with the subjects I am studying help me memorize and learn better.
  5. I am so thankful for the ability to learn and grow from my teachers.
  6. My teachers see the greatness in my that I may not even yet see.
  7. I give myself permission to only study things that bring me happiness and fulfillment.
  8. I already see myself graduating with honors and walking across the stage victorious.
  9. I am completely consumed and dedicated to my studies.
  10. I find it easy to sink into very good study sessions.
  11. I retain everything I study with ease.
  12. I am a highly competent student.
  13. I come to class with a wide open growth mindset.
  14. I see life as a classroom which helps me crush my school goals.
  15. All my school goals are being accomplished with ease.

Positive Affirmations For Social Anxiety

  1. I feel so at ease in social situations.
  2. I find it easy to be myself around new and old friends.
  3. I am safe in the here and now.
  4. It is safe for me to open up in front of people.
  5. I feel like a natural talking to people in social situations.
  6. I always find myself not even thinking about my social anxiety.
  7. I let go of any anxiety and fear I have right now.
  8. My best self always comes out in social situations.
  9. I love being in social situations.
  10. It feels great to be at ease whenever I am at a social gathering.
  11. I love meeting new people.
  12. Spending time with people feels fun and invigorating.
  13. I feel like I am in a judge free zone when I am in social situations.
  14. I am a great and valuable person with a lot to offer.
  15. I feel total relaxed when I go to parties.
  16. I am in my element in social situations.
  17. Confidence oozes out of me in social situations.
  18. My breath is perfectly controlled when I am social situations.
  19. I have no fear of speaking in public.
  20. People always tend to really like me.
  21. I am highly intelligent and bring a lot of value to my interactions.
  22. I feel great and at ease eating in front of others.
  23. I find conversation to be fun.

Positive Affirmations For Depression

  1. I feel heavy feelings lifting.
  2. I naturally let go of all negative thoughts that are contributing to my depression.
  3. I do not define myself by my diagnosis, it is just an opinion.
  4. I am standing up inside myself.
  5. I choose to completely transcend these feelings of depression.
  6. I naturally let go of people aren’t contributing to the creation of positive mental health for me.
  7. This is not the life that is designed more me.
  8. God is lifting my depression.
  9. I decide that I can heal myself completely.
  10. Answers about how to feel better come to me with ease.
  11. I believe in myself and love myself.
  12. There is nothing I cannot overcome.
  13. My mind and body feel clear and positive.
  14. I know that I will become a stronger version of myself for what I am going through.
  15. This too shall pass.
  16. I laugh at my feelings of depression which makes them dissipate.
  17. I naturally use my body to counteract feelings of depression. I maintain strong stances that help me feel happy and confident.
  18. I love who I am, completely.
  19. There is a a plan for my life and this is just something I need to overcome.
  20. I can, I will, I must overcome this.
  21. People support me on my journey and lift up my spirits because they love me.
  22. This is not a weakness, it is a strength that simply hasn’t been revealed to me yet.

Positive Affirmations For Job Interviews

  1. My best qualities will easily shine through during the interview.
  2. I believe in myself and know I am the one for the job.
  3. I am easily the best candidate for the job I am applying for.
  4. I am going to make an excellent asset to this company.
  5. I easily answer all the interview questions with grace and confidence.
  6. My interviewer is highly impressed by me and our interactions.
  7. I look and feel great during my interview.
  8. My voice and body speak powerfully making me feel great.
  9. I am completely free of stress and anxiety, totally relaxed in my interview.
  10. I already see myself holding a position in this company, long before I get my job offer.
  11. They interviewer is eager to higher me and give me a job offer.
  12. I naturally apply for jobs that will help maximize my positive traits and that I will feel passionate about.
  13. I let go of all my insecurities around this interview right now.
  14. I am the ideal candidate for any position I apply for.
  15. I simply know that if I don’t get the job, a better one is waiting for me. It is not the end of the world.
  16. My life is going to turn out great.
  17. I feel completely ready to accept a job offer and the person interviewing me can tell this and likes it.

Positive Affirmations For Recovery & Drug Use

  1. My courage to not use outweighs my desire to use.
  2. I leave the past behind me and open my mind to the endless possibilities before me.
  3. I am so proud of myself for committing to a lifetime of being clean.
  4. I am a totally transformed person who no longer needs to use.
  5. I see my value completely and don’t need a substance to show me.
  6. I have all that it takes to be clean for the rest of my life.
  7. I naturally attract positive people into my life that help and encourage me to stay clean.
  8. I let go of all relationships that aren’t beneficial to my sobriety.
  9. I am worth of the best life ever.
  10. I am completely in charge of my life.
  11. I love the person I am becoming.
  12. I am getting better and stronger in every way, everyday.
  13. God is on my side, He will see me through this.

Positive Affirmations For Strength

  1. I am powerful and strong and can literally handle anything in my life.
  2. I have what it takes.
  3. My courage and strength is bigger than any challenge life can every give me.
  4. I am becoming stronger and stronger every day.
  5. My tribulations are developing higher levels of strength in me.
  6. God always grants me the strength that I need for one more day to get through.
  7. Tomorrow brings new strength and possibilities.
  8. This too shall pass.
  9. I am so proud of how strong I have become over the years.
  10. I am tougher than nails.
  11. My body and mind are strong and powerful.
  12. I meditate often to make sure I am strong and powerful.
  13. There is nothing in this life that I cannot do.
  14. There is no mountain I can’t climb.
  15. I have all that it takes to make this a life of success and happiness.
  16. I never allow anyone to take away my power.
  17. I am dedicated to winning in this life not only for me but for the people who are relying on me.
  18. I am driven to always be improving who I am and what I have to offer.
  19. I see all my strengths clearly.
  20. Anything I am weak at, I naturally become better at by recognizing it then taking action to become better.
  21. My mind is so powerful and I use it to help me overcome anything in this life.
  22. I easily follow a workout program which helps me create a strong body and makes me feel competent and in control.
  23. I let go and breath out feelings of weakness and inhale confidence and courage.
  24. I am a kind person but strong enough to never let anyone treat me badly.
  25. I am a resilient person.
  26. I don’t feel bad about my weaknesses, I simply see them as an opportunity to become stronger because of.
  27. I am the master of my fate and the captain of my soul.

RESOURCE: 227 Quotes About Resilience 

Positive Affirmations For Teachers

  1. I am a competent teacher.
  2. My students naturally connect with me and learn so much from what I have to teach.
  3. I never judge myself for not knowing EVERYTHING. I am a work in progress.
  4. I believe in myself and in my students.
  5. My students deeply feel how much I care for them and want them to succeed.
  6. I am made for this profession.
  7. I feel thankful about how passionate I am about my craft.
  8. I easily build relationships that help be become a better teacher for my students.
  9. My teaching makes a deep imprint on my students and impacts them for life.
  10. I am naturally falling more and more into my teaching style.
  11. I feel great about how I lead my students to become better versions of themselves.
  12. My classroom is a very peaceful learning environment.
  13. I always have the best students in my classes.
  14. I learn just as much about the subject that I am teaching, allowing me to teach the subject that much better.
  15. Teaching students come so easy to me.

Positive Affirmations For Teens

  1. I feel great in who I am becoming.
  2. I trust my intuition to guide me in making good decisions.
  3. I know it is OK not to have all the answers for my life right now, I take one day at a time.
  4. I accept myself completely.
  5. I don’t judge myself, I love myself.
  6. I don’t resist people trying to help me, I trust that they want what is best for me.
  7. I allow myself to feel lost at times for I know I will find myself.
  8. I allow myself to engage in my passions each day because it helps me live in the moment.
  9. I naturally hang out with people who want the best for me and inspire me to grow and become more.
  10. I easily let go of negative people in my life, they have no place in my life.
  11. I am appreciative to be at this young stage of life where there are so many possibilities.
  12.  Even though I am young, I still am grateful for each day for I know life is short.
  13. I allow myself to learn great life lessons at this time of my life.
  14. I may not know what is best for me at all times, and I accept that and seek help when I need to do so.
  15. I create good habits in my life that will help propel me nicely into adulthood.
  16. I am learning a lot about myself right now and I keep doing so because it is so important to know thyself.
  17. I know that the more I like and accept myself, the more others will too.

Positive Affirmations For Gratitude

  1. I am so grateful for my chance to live this life.
  2. I am grateful for the air that is in my lungs.
  3. I am deeply grateful for all that life has taught me thus far.
  4. I am grateful for all that there is to come in my life.
  5. I am grateful for my passions for they help me look forward to each day.
  6. I am grateful for all the unknown in my life for it is leading me to somewhere beautiful.
  7. I am grateful for each and every moment of my life.
  8. I am grateful for my friends and the ones I will make in the future.
  9. I am grateful for the money that is in my bank.
  10. I am grateful for the bed I sleep in and the home I live in.
  11. I am so grateful for the universe for providing me all that I need to be happy.
  12. I am grateful for the emotion of gratitude that I can feel at anytime and with ease.
  13. I am thankful for who I am and all that I have to offer to the world.
  14. I am grateful for the opportunity to engage in fun things that bring me more happiness.
  15. I find deep gratitude in the human experience.
  16. I feel gratitude for my family who have helped me and taught me so much.
  17. I give thanks for my pets who bring me a deep sense of happiness and connection.
  18. I am thankful for my car and the roads I travel on with it.
  19. I am thankful and grateful for the clothes I have.

Resource: 301 Things To Be Grateful For

Positive Affirmations For Anger

  1. I am cool, calm and collected.
  2. I choose my emotional state and I choose courage over anger.
  3. I feel totally at peace right now.
  4. I let go of all my feelings of anger and aggression at ease.
  5. I easily see the destructive side of anger and stop being in that state because it isn’t bringing me happiness.
  6. I am truly at peace with myself, now and forever.
  7. I perfectly manage my own emotional states.
  8. I know it is safe to let go of my anger for love and peace will take over.
  9. Anger isn’t me, it is simply an emotion that I can release.
  10. I commit for the rest of my life to be in a beautiful emotional state no matter what is happening in my life.
  11. I easily go to the root of my anger and fix it so I never have to feel that particular feeling again.
  12. I deserve to be happy and not angry.
  13. Happiness is my birthright.
  14. I am not an angry person anymore.
  15. I choose happiness over anger now and forever.

Positive Affirmations For Birth

  1. My birth is going to be perfect and quick.
  2. I cannot wait to bond with my little one.
  3. I am going to be perfectly relaxed during the birthing process.
  4. My baby loves me fully and completely.
  5. My relationships with my baby is so strong.
  6. My baby cannot wait to get to this world!
  7. I trust my body to make the labor process as easy and effective as possible.
  8. I feel powerful and healthy during the birthing process.
  9. With each contraction I feel stronger and more powerful.
  10. My neuro-muscular system is working in perfect harmony during my delivery.
  11. I have no fear about the birthing process, I let go of it now.
  12. I am a strong women perfectly capable of a healthy and perfect birth.
  13. The world welcomes my baby into this world with love and open arms.
  14. I will listen to my intuition and what it is telling me to make the process more natural and easy.
  15. I transcend all pain during the birthing process.
  16. Giving birth is normal and natural and my baby and I will be healthy and happy when it is over.
  17. I feel closer and closer to my baby with each contraction.
  18. I will be patient and courage throughout the entire birthing process.
  19. I see myself right in the here and now, holding my beautiful baby in my arms. We are both happy, healthy and better yet intimately connected.
  20. My whole family is going to be deeply and intimately connected after our birth.
  21. I let go of all worries, pre-birth, during birth and post-birth.
  22. I look forward to developing a loving relationship with my baby and watching him/her grow to be a successful and happy adult.
  23. My husband/boyfriend and I will become deeply connected during and after the birthing process.

Positive Affirmations For Black Women

  1. Black is so beautiful.
  2. I accept and love myself deeply regardless of anything that is going on in my world.
  3. I am truly unique, beautiful and captivating.
  4. Color has nothing to do with how much happiness and success I have in this life.
  5. I was divinely created in the image of God.
  6. I feel empowered in my own skin and about who I am.
  7. I am God’s masterpiece.
  8. I know that I am here for a big purpose and I am moving closer and closer to it each day.
  9. I am blessed and anointed.
  10. I am worth or the love and joy and happiness that this universe wants for me.
  11. Nothing defines me but by happiness and love.

Positive Affirmations For Children

  1. I love being a kid!
  2. I can trust mom and dad with anything on my heart.
  3. I am a quick learner.
  4. I play so well with new and old friends.
  5. I make new friends so easily.
  6. I know mistakes only help me get better.
  7. I naturally find and embrace my talents and passions.
  8. I am so creative.
  9. I love eating health and exercising.
  10. I do my homework super fast right when I get home.
  11. I know that mom and dad want the best for me so I listen to what they have to say and respect them.
  12. I know that honesty is always the best policy.
  13. I am not afraid to try new things and challenge myself.
  14. I am so thankful for my friends and family.
  15. I am always so happy.
  16. I believe in myself.
  17. I know I am loved by God.

Resource: 251 Affirmations For Kids (The Ultimate List)

Positive Affirmations For Couples

  1. I choose a lifetime of deep love and connection.
  2. I am truly grateful and thankful for my partner.
  3. I am do devoted to my partner as they are to me.
  4. I feel so lucky to be in love with my partner.
  5. Our love union grows deeper and deeper each day.
  6. We are truly made for each other.
  7. I find connection through sharing life’s lows and highs with my partner.
  8. It is safe for me to open up completely and love with all my heart.
  9. It is better to love fully than to be cautious with my love.
  10. I love how I can truly be myself with my partner.
  11. I love how my partner accepts me for me.
  12. Our relationship is based on wanting the best for one another and encouraging each others personal growth and development.
  13. I give and receive often in our relationship.
  14. Our love life is beautiful and flourishing.
  15. We both bring out our best qualities in each other.
  16. I literally can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with my person.
  17. I found MY person.
  18. Our relationship is free from judgement and condemnation.
  19. Any argument we have is let go of as quickly as it started.
  20. I love my partners past, present and future.
  21. We both inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves.
  22. Our relationship is a sacred union.
  23. I commit to him/her until death due us part.
  24. I always see the best in my partner.
  25. I love being loved by the one for me.
  26. I thank God for my partner.
  27. I am free to express what I am not happy about in our relationship so that we can fix it.
  28. Our relationship grows stronger even through the rough times.
  29. I love the idea of spending the rest of my life with my partner.
  30. I am worthy of the love my partner has to give me.
  31. I am proud of my mate and our relationship.

Positive Affirmations For Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

  1. I believe my ability to create a great business for myself.
  2. I am constantly finding ways to deliver more value to my clients and potential clients.
  3. I have the ability to make my dream come true.
  4. I commit fully the the process of being self-employed.
  5. I persevere through the tough times and know that I will come out on top victorious.
  6. Success comes natural to me.
  7. My business teaches me so much and helps me grow it larger and make it have a bigger impact.
  8. My thoughts are constantly positive and supportive about my entrepreneurial endeavors.
  9. I was born to be an entrepreneur.
  10. I always find deeply resonating reasons on why I am going into business for myself and it helps me go harder and persevere.
  11. I enjoy multiple streams of income.
  12. I attract other successful entrepreneurs who I learn and grow from.
  13. I let go of all pride during this journey knowing it is going to get in the way of both the growth of my business and my own growth.
  14. I always stick to my passion for what I am doing and put it first over everything else.
  15. I love the fact that I am making a difference.
  16. I live on purpose.
  17. I have all the strength and staying power needed to manifest my entrepreneurial dreams.
  18. I am successfully building a profitable business more and more each day.
  19. I know that I am the master of my fate.
  20. I am limitless in what I can achieve with my business.
  21. I am enriching the lives of others through my business.
  22. My business is built to last.
  23. It is safe to be an entrepreneur.
  24. I let go of all my limiting beliefs around owning my own business, right now.
  25. I am so deeply thankful for all the time freedom my business gives me.
  26. I relish in the feeling of personal power I have because I own my own business.
  27. I find great accountability partners who help me grow my business and myself.
  28. My business is making a big difference in the world.
  29. I take my business very seriously.
  30. I friggin love being my own boss!

Positive Affirmations For Peace

  1. I find peace, love and happiness wherever I go.
  2. I attract the most positive and peaceful people into my life.
  3. I let go of all my fears and worries, putting me into a deep state of peace.
  4. The universe supports my pursuit of peace and is there to help me along the way.
  5. I find myself naturally meditating and sinking into peace that passes all understanding.
  6. I find peace thought my positive and nurturing relationships.
  7. Peace vibrates in every fiber of my being.
  8. I treat everything peacefully.
  9. If anything in life compromises my peace, I choose to leave it behind.
  10. I deserve to have high levels of peace in my life.
  11. Peace means more to me than anything in the world.
  12. I am a perfect representation of the world peace.
  13. I am a vessel of peace and light.
  14. My peaceful nature naturally puts others at ease.
  15. I help others find peace for I now that the teacher actually learns the most.
  16. I consume content and audio and books that help me attain more peace in my life.
  17. I am always finding myself in deep states of inner peace.
  18. I forgive everyone and never hold grudges as they get in the way of me having peace.
  19. I am an empathetic and understanding person.
  20. I respect my own and others feelings completely.
  21. I am at acceptance with everything and everyone in life.
  22. I let go of my past and look forward to a future full of peace.
  23. Everything in my life happens for a reason and I trust this.
  24. I am a divine representation of peace.
  25. I am a peaceful warrior.
  26. I seek to understand people when I talk to them for this helps with peaceful interaction.
  27. I am someone who can help bring peace to the entire world.
  28. Kindness and love help me bring more peace into my life and others lives.
  29. Peace is who I am.


Positive Affirmations For Fear

  1. I am fearless.
  2. I courage always triumphs over my fears anytime I am in a state of fear.
  3. I always act in spite of my fears.
  4. I learn and grow from my fears.
  5. I easily release and let go of feels of fear, anxiety and tension.
  6. I am calm and at ease.
  7. I know fear is created in my own mind so I only see pictures in my head that bring me confidence and courage.
  8. I am powerful beyond measure.
  9. Anything in life is possible.
  10. I know that on the other side of fear is my greatness, that is why I push through.
  11. I naturally overcome my fears and it makes me so much stronger.
  12. I declare my fears out loud for this helps me feel better about them, instead of suppressing them.
  13. I do the things I am fearful of because of the death of fear comes through doing these things.
  14. I find myself in completely fearless states often.
  15. Fear is a part of life but the more I overcome them, the less fearful I feel in general.
  16. Fear is simply just an emotion in my body that I can let go of.
  17. All of my fear based thoughts are disappearing and dissipating.
  18. I completely accept my fears which helps them dissolve.
  19. It is safe for me to talk through things that scare me for it helps me overcome my fears.
  20. I will never not act in spite of my fears.
  21. I am way bigger than me fears and I see myself this way.
  22. I surrender my fears to God.
  23. I accept that fear is a part of life but I am bigger than any fear that life can ever present me.
  24. I crush through my fears like a bulldozer.
  25. I actually seek fear for I know that there is courage and greatness behind it.
  26. I embrace fear.
  27. I never resist fear for I know that what I resist, persist.

Resource: How to Let Go Of ANYTHING

Positive Affirmations For Hope

  1. I always have so much hope.
  2. I have hope for a better future.
  3. Hope is always a solution to all my problems.
  4. All my wants and needs are being fulfilled by the universe.
  5. I completely surrender.
  6. I know that all my wishes are being fulfilled.
  7. I couple courage and action with high hopes to enjoy the best life possible.
  8. I am completely renewed with high levels of hope each day.
  9. I am surrounded by hopeful and positive people.
  10. I know that my situation right now is temporary and it is only getting better every day.
  11. I am thankful for the ability to have hope.
  12. I know everything works out for me in the end.
  13. I love how my passions give me hope for a better future.

Positive Affirmations For Money

  1. I attract money from all types of sources.
  2. I have multiple streams of income.
  3. I love having financial abundance.
  4. I love money and money loves me.
  5. I have no guilt about making lots of money.
  6. I let go of all my limiting beliefs around money that are getting in the way of my abundance.
  7. The universe wants me to be rich.
  8. I am made of money!
  9. I love making money for I can help so many people with it.
  10. I am a great at managing my money.
  11. I always choose the best investments and see a highly profitable return each time.
  12. I love the feeling of financial abundance that flows through my life.
  13. I challenge every limiting belief around money and replace it with an uplifting belief that supports my abundance.
  14. I see money a great tool but it is not the sole purpose of my happiness.
  15. Money is very important to me.
  16. I let go of my lack mindset for I know it is stopping me from attracting financial abundance into my life.
  17. I love the feeling of being financially secure.
  18. I attract rich and successful friends who teach me about how to make more money.
  19. I deserve to be wealthy.

Resource: 201 Affirmations About Money

Positive Affirmations For Motivation

  1. I am highly driven.
  2. I have endless amounts of energy.
  3. I find deep satisfaction and high levels of energy through my passion.
  4. I naturally gravitate to healthy activities that give me more energy and motivation.
  5. I am worth feeling energized all the time.
  6. I let go of any thoughts that get in the way of my motivation.
  7. I love gaining momentum each day by doing something positive each day and seeing the results compound.
  8. I create good habits and let them become my masters.
  9. I am fully motivated.
  10. I always find myself taking massive action each day.
  11. I have all the energy I need to live life to the fullest.
  12. I wake up each day looking to seize the day for I know it is one less that I have.
  13. I hang out with people who are highly motivated and goal oriented.
  14. I believe in myself and take action in spite of fear.
  15. I feel so alive!
  16. My motivation seems to double each time I accomplish one of my goals and dreams.
  17. I deserve to be fully motivated.
  18. I feel energized and motivated longer than any of my competition.

Conclusion To Affirmations For Positivity

So there we are my friend. I tried to bring to you an exhaustive list on uplifting affirmations! I hope you found value in it and really resonated with some that you are excited to affirm into your life!

Share with me which ones you are most excited to try on for size. And what you hope to get out of integrating positive affirmations into your life. I would love to hear about it!

And one more quick reminder. Affirm your favorite ones with true belief in it. I don’t care if it feels silly at first. Affirm them with absolutely certainty. That they are already manifested and happening in your life.

Share with me all your thoughts on this list of affirmations in the comment section below!




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