199 Bad Habits – (The Ultimate List!)

Bad Habits

34 Bad Health Habits

  1. Overeating – Other than gaining too much weight, downfalls of overeating other include: bone and joint pain, energy crashes, sexual intimacy issues due to negative self image, bloating and gas, high cholesterol, gallbladder disease and sleep apnea.
  2. Destructive Thoughts – Negative thoughts can literally ruin our life if we let them. A great article buy the Positivity Blog talks about 4 keys to overcoming negative thinking which include finding the good in negative situations, questioning the thought instead of letting it run you on autopilot, don’t see them as big problems unless they really are like will this matter in 5 years? Also the article says to talk about your negative thoughts with someone close to you, living in the moment, working out when negative thoughts creep in, bringing positivity into others peoples lives and lastly being grateful for things that you usually take for granted.
  3. Eating To Much Fried FoodEating too much fried food can cause a strain in your digestive system slowing down digestion, diarrhea and stomach pain, throws your gut bacteria out of wack, increases your risk for heart disease and diabetes and can increase the chance of you getting acne.
  4. Not Staying Hydrated – There are many drawbacks to not being hydrated enough. In order to stay hydrated you have to be making sure that you are getting enough carbohydrates and electrolytes because they absorb fluids, make sure your pee is clear and not yellow, eat foods with high carbs and electrolytes like strawberries and melon, drink water the night before a morning workout, weighing yourself before and after you exercise to replenish the water loss and of course trading soda for water when seeking to quench that thirst!
  5. Eating To Quickly – Some of the health risks of eating to fast include obesity because one is not giving their body a chance to get full. type 2 diabetes, metabolic syndrome or insulin resistance, erosive gastris which is a type of inflammation of the stomach lining leading to ulcers and potential choking.
  6. Poor Posture – The drawbacks of bad posture include headaches, sleep problems, less motivation, bad mood, foot pain, bad workout recovery, carpel tunnel, low back pain, constipation, fatigue and high blood pressure. So it is best to create good posture by foam rolling, working out with proper form and getting regular chiropractic adjustments.
  7. Skipping Breakfast – An article talked about the cons of skipping breakfast, talking about how experts have stated that it can lead to things like osteoperosis, irritability, heart disease, weight gain, low energy levels, bad memory, hormonal problems and menstrual irregularity. It also has been shown to decrease the metabolic rate, causing it to be harder to lose weight. So integrate eating up as one of your good morning habits!
  8. Falling Asleep On The Couch – Sleep Advisor talks about the 5 reasons it is bad to fall asleep on the couch, those including sleeping in the wrong position leading to harming of the neck and even back damage, low back pain, too much light exposure and distractions like falling asleep with the TV on and other distractions like people coming in and out of the living room.
  9. Nail Biting – Nail biting is engaged in by 35% of children, 25% of adults and 45% of teenagers. Dr Mercola talks about the 5 dangers of nail biting including, bad dental health, warts due to HPV, disease causing bacteria like E Coli and Salmonella, nail infections and even lowered quality of life.
  10. Not Brushing Your Teeth Properly – The best way to make sure you are brushing your teeth properly include brushing twice a day, brushing at a 45 degree angle, brushing 15 minutes after your meal, massing while brushing in a circular motion instead of scrubbing hard and not over brushing trying to get them squeaky clean.
  11. Snacking When Your Not Hungry – Mindless snacking can pack on the calories and sabotage your dieting efforts. If you have to snack, snack wisely. Here is a list of 20 snacks under 100 calories.
  12. Too Much Fast Food – Some of the negative effects fast food can have on ones body include: headaches, depression, heart disease, shortness of breath, dental distress, high cholesterol, bloating and puffiness, insulin resistance and spikes in blood sugar.
  13. Drinking – I wrote an article on how to stop drinking, check it out HERE.
  14. Worrying too much – Worrying can take a toll on your physically and mentally. Do your best to indentify what is worrying you most and take proactive steps to lessening that worry. If it is bills, pay them off or create a payment plan, if it is work stress than work on finding a more suitable job. The only way to stop worrying is to be proactive and take action.
  15. Ignoring Low Sex Drive – Some of the signs of low sex drive include being self conscious about your sex drive, wondering if you will be in the mood when you have sex or trying to get in the mood, you want to but you can’t or you and your partner are fighting about it. Don’t ignore it. It is a vital part of keeping your relationship healthy and living a happy life.
  16. Stress – A lot of what stress is is worrying about the future. Identify your biggest stressors and see how you can take action on eliminating them. Also, you need stress outlets. It can be working out, cutting down on things that cause stress like coffee, getting more rest, talking with a friend or therapist, managing your time better, keeping a stress diary and even meditation and other relaxation techniques.
  17. Partying Too Much – At the end of the day, you have to be honest with yourself. If you are partying too much, just think about all the productive things you can be
  18. Eating Your Families Leftovers – Leave it alone bro or chick! Let your family get their calories!
  19. Not Flossing Enough – Other than running the risk of having yellow spots between your teeth, other cons of not flossing include cavities, diabetes and insulin resistance, ulcers, premature tooth loss, problems with pregnancy and dementia later on in life, mostly because of bacteria buildup that leads to inflammation throughout the body.
  20. Weighing Yourself Too Much – There is a great article about the 5 reasons to stop weighing yourself everyday including it confuses weight loss and fat loss, fluctuations in glycogen levels, retaining water due to high sodium that day, muscle gains have surpassed fat gains, you weigh yourself at different times often times later in the day where weight increases due to upping your calorie intake through out the day. So throw the damn scale out and just go off of how your clothes are fitting!
  21. Not Sleeping Enough – Mental fatigue will effect every area of your life, personal and professional. By getting enough sleep you reduce stress, improve memory, lower your blood pressure, help maintain your weight, helps your immune system right back, improves mood, acts as a painkiller, reduces the chance for diabetes and can even make you smarter.
  22. Not working Out Enough – By not working out at least 2 or 3 times a week, you are putting yourself up for risks that include bone loss as you age, poor posture leading to back problems, weight gain, depression and getting sick more often.
  23. Smoking – Lung cancer isn’t just the only ,  drawback of smoking the others are pregnancy problems, bothers and hurts those around you, weakens heard and blood health causing plaque buildup, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease causing shortness of breath with weezing and coughing where airflow doesn’t improve with medicine.
  24. Not Switching Your Routine Up – You don’t have to switch it every 4-8 weeks like most people believe. But in order to force new growth and adaptions, you need to be switching it up. When your progress stalls, you need to switch it up. Only when it stalls though. If you don’t have time to create a new workout routine, either use an app or simply do dropsets or supersets with the weights and exercises you are already doing to produce new adaptions and results.
  25. Getting Suburned – Getting sunburned too much can ruin your skin. The best ways to avoid getting sunburned  include avoid the sun between 10-2, wear a wide brimmed hat, wear sunglasses with UV protection, use sunscreen that is water resistant, reapply every 2 hours of swimming, protect your lips with SPF or 15 plus, don’t use expired products and taking sunscreen wherever you go.
  26. Using The Wrong Workout Gear – The best type of shoes for working out are not running shoes, it is best to use shoes designated for lifting or flat soled shoes like Chuck Taylor’s or lifting slippers. Also other wrong workout gear issues include wearing cotton workout clothes which dry too slowly and lead to rashes, replacing shoes well past ever 500 miles, clothes are too large taking you away from making sure you are using proper form.
  27. Isolation – Although being alone can help us recharge and boost creativity, being isolated too much can include; makes you vulnerable to negative thoughts and feelings, painful lonliness including feelings of being unloved and unlikeable, depressive tendencies and even increase the likelihood of mortality by up to 30%.
  28. Eating Too Much Meat – The disadvantages of eating too much meat include; increased risk of cancer, increased risk of heart disease, harder to maintain ideal body weight, it carries the highest food born illness, high in hormones, makes you resistant to antibiotics and can increase risk of death.
  29. Too Much Sodium – First off eating too much salt makes you hold extra water which can raise blood pressure. It also means that high blood pressure medication won’t work as well if you end up needing to take it. This can also lead to things like heart attacks, dementia, strokes and kidney disease. So to lessen your sodium consumption, work on taking it out of your house so that you just have it outside the house. Ingesting too much sodium diet can bring many other disadvantages to ones life, including; cardiovascular disease, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, swelling in your knees and feet, bloating, stomach cancer and weakened kidney health.
  30. Believing Health and Fitness Myths – I wrote an article on the top health myths! Check it out.
  31. Assuming Your In Perfect Health – Often people think because they are skinny or they feel like they are in a good health. This doesn’t mean you are in perfect health. You want to make sure you are getting health exams for your age group in order to prevent diseases and disorders. This is the best approach to health. You don’t want to wait until it is too late.
  32. Stopping Medications or Skipping Doses – The doctor prescribed the dose to be taken the allotted amount of times. They are the professional, they evaluated you and prescribed for you a dose that was created from over a decade of scholarly knowledge. Stick to this dose and don’t be forgetful about taking what you need and how much you need everyday. Just do it when you get up in the morning. Or the same exact times each day so that it will become an ingrained habit.
  33. Not Supplementing – Food is lacking heavily in nutritional content today. It is so massed produced and loaded with fillers that we are not getting what we need to support a healthy diet. Especially if fast food is what your diet is mostly comprised of. Taking a mult-vitamin can help you nourish your body properly.
  34. Drinking Too Much Soda – A nice big soda tastes amazing on a hot summer day, there’s nothing better! But the side effects of drinking too much soda include tooth decay and yellow teeth comparative to methamphetamines, high blood pressure due to high caffeine, ingestion of carcinogenic chemicals one being 4-methylimidazole, and even with diet sodas you are drinking sugar substitutes that can lead to obesity and brain tumors as well as birth defects and breast lumps.

24 Bad Fitness Habits


  1. Working Out On An Empty Stomach – It literally makes no sense to workout on an empty stomach unless you feel better. When it comes down to fat loss, it is calories in calories out. There are no magic tricks or foods You need to burn more calories than you need to sustain your current bodyfat. Plus with a little food in your system, you will have much more sustainable energy to do a more intense and longer workout. This is where you will burn more calories than you would if you felt horrible the entire time because of lack of food. So have some simple carbs like banana or some toast 30 minutes before heading in!
  2. Not Switching Up Your Routine – Not switching up our gym routines will make us hit plateaus as well as just make our gym sessions plain boring. A couple of signs it is time to switch your workout routine up include; your workouts are feeling super easy and not challenging, your not as hungry after workouts and throughout the day, you aren’t getting sore, you heart rate isn’t as high anymore during workouts and of course you aren’t seeing any adaptions.
  3. Stretching Before A Workout  – 12minuteathlete.com goes into why it isn’t a good idea to stretch before a workout saying that is actually decreases your performance in power performance, strength endurance, reaction time and running speed. Overall it can reduce your performance by 3%. Which may not sound like a lot but the fact of the matter is when we reach a certain point of plateau, 3% can be what we need to break through that plateau. It can also lead to injuries. Instead stick to dynamic stretches that are going to prepared you for the movement patterns you will engage in during your workout.
  4. Not Planning Your Workouts – By not planning your workouts, you won’t take is as serious and as intense as you would if you walked in with a plan. Have workouts and rep ranges in mind when you go into workouts. That way you will get a complete workout instead of just leaving it up to chance. Have a routine and don’t leave til that baby is all checked off!
  5. Trying To Target Fat Loss – Fat loss CAN’T be targeted. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news my friends, but it is scientifically impossible. Overall bod-yfat reduction is the only real way to lose fat. By restricting your calories, you will lose fat. But you should do so at 1-1.5 pounds per week to avoid losing muscle.
  6. Not Being Focused While You Are Working Out – Leave the talking for outside the gym. Go into the gym with a look in your eyes that when people go to talk to you, they become afraid and get the hell out of your path! Your time in the gym is precious, make plans to link up with the people you talk to at the gym for the weekend, after you crushed a full week of workouts!
  7. Holding Your Breath – Although it is good to hold your breath and brace during big lifts. you should still regroup after every rep. Drawing in a big breath each rep. Some of the negatives of holding your breath when you are working out include blacking out, being less intensity in your set because of lack of oxygen to the blood and muscles, muscle tension and lasting headaches.
  8. Not Going Hard Enough – This goes hand in hand with talking too much at the gym. Being at the gym for an hour isn’t the same as working out for an hour. Go hard then go home. Be known as the hardest worker in the room.
  9. Not Stretching Enough – Some of the downfalls of not stretching enough include decreased performance, increased risk of injury, muscle degeneration and poor circulation. Mix your workouts up with a cool down that includes both static and dynamic stretches to reap the benefits of both for both in the gym and life in general.
  10. Not Doing A Cool DownAce Fitness, a national personal training certification board talks about the drawbacks of skipping a cool down which includes blood pooling, more intense delayed onset muscle soreness, slower recovery, increased chance for injury and less ability to transition from the gym back to real life.
  11. Only Focusing On Fat Loss – In order for you to maintain good posture, strong muscles are a must. If you focus too much on fat loss, you and I run the risk of losing too much muscle in our pursuit of losing fat. Muscle that we work hard for. This can make us look skinny, but won’t make us look fit. By focusing on building a healthy body, you will create a lean muscular look that looks great on both females and males.
  12. Not Focusing On Form – When you don’t focus on form, you are not only putting yourself at risk for injury, but also risking creating bad posture as well as an uneven physique. Focus heavily on proper form over weight and concentrating on the muscle you are working throughout the entire set.
  13. Focused Too Much On Reps – Time under tension is the biggest factor when it comes to muscular adaption. When we focus too much on just banging out reps, we are losing our opportunity to maximize our time and efforts in the gym. So instead of counting reps, count time under tension, or set time.
  14. Only Doing Isolation Exercises – In order to build a strong foundation in and outside the gym as well as a more pleasing physique, you need to be doing the big lifts. But just because they are called big lifts, doesn’t mean you need to load them up. Do them with good form then add weight. You will noticed that when you go back to isolation exercises, they will be easier to perform and you will most likely be able to add more weight, reps and sets to them.
  15. Lifting Too Heavy – When you break form, you are putting yourself at risk for injury. Things you won’t bounce back from quickly. Lift as heavy as you can with good form and to failure or at least close to. When you break form, let go of that weight, it’s not worth it. Don’t let your ego talk you into it. Lift smart so you can stay in the gym for a long time and achieve those PR’s.
  16. Avoiding Lifting Heavy – This is the exact opposite. No offense ladies, but you are being lied to if you believe that lifting heavy weight is going to make you bulky. It will make you lean and fit. There are anomalies and outliers that adapt very quickly to weight lifting. Genetic freaks. But they know they are genetic freaks when they are very young. Chances are most of us are not genetically gifted to put on muscle very quick. It is a hard and tedious process. Lifting heavy will make you a badass and make you burn more fat 🙂
  17. Unreasonable Expectations – By having unreasonable expectations when walking in the gym you are setting yourself up for failure. You will give up if you don’t crush your expectations. Even with hard work, a natural lifter will hit plateaus hard. These unreasonable expectations can make you want to indulge in performance enhancement drugs which are said to be harder to get off of then actual street drugs.
  18. New Years Resolution Fitness Goals – Why wait for New Years to start a new diet or workout routine when you can start today and look that much better at the New Years party you go to? I mean really my friends, just go. When you have a goal you want as far as your physique goes or just in general, take action. That is the best way to get the ball rolling. Everyone starts somewhere!
  19. Pushing The Quick Start Button – By punching the push start button, you are bypassing all the great workout programs that the machine offers. Next time try some of the intervals or hill options so you can really work your cardiovascular system harder than you would compared to your steady state cardio.
  20. Re-hydrating With Gatorade – Gatorade is packed with sugar, dextrose as well as artificial colors. Ditch this drink for some good ole fashion high quality H20! A great site talks about how why Gatorade is not good for you, saying Gatorade has four grams less sugar than a can of Coke as well as contain yellow #5 which has been linked to be contaminated with carcinogens. Based on the sugar content, it can actually be seen as not providing electrolytes to your body, actually dehydrating you due to the high sugar content.
  21. Texting and Social Media At The Gym – I get it, if you don’t post the workout, then it didn’t happen. But get one selfie and move on. Don’t be on the phone half the workout! Put the work in so those selfies can just get sexier and sexier!
  22. Thinking Cheat Meals Don’t Count – Just because they are referred to as cheat meals, doesn’t mean they don’t count as calories in! Calories are calories! There is no magic hex you can put over a cheat meal that makes it 0 calories!
  23. Ruining A Workout With A Bad Meal – We have all been here. We crush a workout and do more than we normally do then head straight to the fast food line and obliterate a burger or two. Setting us back to where we started!
  24. Thinking Eating Clean Is The Best Way To Lose Weight – When it comes to weight loss or muscle gain, you need to track all your calories as this is the biggest factor in reaching your goals. If you eat clean all week, you can still gain weight if you are eating clean calories in surplus to the amount of calories you need to eat to maintain you weight.
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22 Bad Relationship Habits

  1. Expecting Your Partner To Read Your Mind – There is a great article on this and how to communicate your needs. The first step is to get past feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable sharing your needs. Communication is vital for a healthy relationship. Directly tell them what you need, this will create a strengthened bond between you two, but not hinting aloud! Ask them how can help them better support you. Again it is all mutual so reach out and see how you can do your part as well. It won’t feel so one sided, it will begin to feel like a team effort.
  2. Trying To Evoke Jealous – When has this ever ended good? There is an article on how creating jealousy will backfire on you saying that first off, karma is a b****. But besides that fact, it can lead to violent actions, trust issues, payback, driving your mate away, it can lead to obsessive behavior and one or both of you will become monsters about it, acting in manners you would rather not and normally don’t. So just be and adult, communicate your feelings. This will create the trust and desire from your mate that you are trying to evoke through jealousy.
  3. Expecting Your Mate To Make You Happy – The only person responsible for your happiness is ourselves. When we seek it outside ourselves we will constantly be let down. We will blame the person we are seeking it from and end up resenting them. In order to grow with someone, you need to grow together. Draw happiness from inside yourself while you experience that new found happiness with your partner.
  4. Boring RoutinesBustle.com created a cool article on this topic, talking about some warning signs your relationship may be getting too boring including not getting butterflies anymore, no spontaneity, losing interest in your partner, lacking things to talk about and wandering eyes. But they also follow up with what to do about it, including changing up your routine and coming up with unique things you can do to spark up the relationship again. Integrate spontaneity and even consider couples counseling if you feel that your mate is worth it. Pinpoint the problem and take action.
  5. Keeping Score – Tinybuddha.com gives us some insight on 5 reasons to stop keeping score in your relationship. These include there is so much you can’t track that you may not even know about where the other did things great for you, you are seeing your mate as an opponent which is not healthy since they are supposed to be a loved one and your just sweating the small stuff instead of focusing on things that really matter.
  6. Thinking of It As a Fairy Tale – Leave the fairy tales to Hollywood. Your relationship is real life. Expecting it to be fairy tale is setting yourself up for disappointment and resentment. See it as two imperfect people coming together to do their best at making your relationship work. Support each other and devote passion and loyalty. That is a pretty damn good fairy tale to me.
  7. Sugar Coating – When it comes down to it, if you feel like you can’t either say the truth or feel like your partner can’t handle it, then something is wrong and needs to be changed. True and long-lasting trust is build by being flat out honest. It shows you care more. Communicate with your partner that you don’t want to sugarcoat things but at the same time don’t want to hurt their feelings.
  8. Finding Faults with Their Family – We all have the spouse or mate who has someone in their family who just doesn’t seem to support the relationship or we don’t vibe with. Instead of voicing it in a way that is more of an attack at your lover, brainstorm solutions on how to make the relationship with that person better. It isn’t our fault or family members are they way they are. Just get on the same page and see how you guys can move forward with that person in a more constructive way.
  9. Too Much PDA – A little bit of PDA is cute, but going overboard with it is just wack! I read an article on how much PDA is too much and it talked about how if you are tasting and nibbling, groping or touching private parts out on the town, you are just taking it too far. You can be much more romantic with more subtle moves that will go a lot further than the ones above. Otherwise you are risking damaging your reputation, and once that goes, it is hard to get back. Less is more, until you get home, then let it lose!
  10. Always Asking Your Partner If They Love You – If you are questioning the love of your partner, or trying to evoke I love yous, chances are something is off. It could be that they are not ready to say it or they are falling out of love. Try to spark the relationship up with romantic nights or by doing some spontaneous things with each other. You both deserve a happy and healthy relationship where when one says “I love you” it means volumes and don’t have to search for half empty “I love yous”.
  11. Blaming – There is an awesome article that talks about why we actually blame, attributing it to something called fundamental attribution error. In layman’s terms this means that when someone is not behaving the way we like, we link it to bad will instead of circumstances. It is a natural thing to do, but we need to stay away from doing so if we want our relationships to last. So what should we do instead? Own up to part of the problem, apologize right away to diffuse the situation, trying talking it out without blaming your partner and letting go of the need to be right.
  12. Lying – White lies, small lies and big lies. Really there is no difference in all of them. Once a lied is muttered, your reputation will never be the same. Trust is so hard to build but so easy to lose. Tell the truth even if a white lie would hurt their feelings less. Build a solid foundation with complete honesty. And if the honest truth is too much for your lover, than maybe it isn’t meant to be.
  13. Letting The Phone Be Part of Your RelationshipCosmopolitan created a great article about 6 sneaky ways your phone is ruining your relationship. Talking about how it feels like you are neglecting your partner, your phone is always on your mind, you feel genuinely hurt if you don’t get a fast text back from your partner, missing out of better levels of intimacy by texting too much to each other instead of talking, misinterpretations of texts can lead to fights and your mood worsens during and after you check social media and something doesn’t resonate.
  14. Asking Your Partner Where They Have Been – This just screams trust issues, which are fine to have but you need to analyze why you are asking this question. Are you really feeling like they need to be questioned because they have lied to you in the past? Or is it a deeper insecurity that has to do with something you have done in the relationship?
  15. Asking Your Partner How Many People They Have Been With – An article by InStyle expanded on why you should never ask your partner how many people they have slept with because often men inflate their numbers, it is a bad way to see how significant we are in our relationships, it creates jealousy and insecurity especially in men who have a lower number. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.
  16. Referring to Your Partner As Your Everything – What happens if something happens to “your everything”. Nothing is set in stone. If you put all your eggs in one basket and that basket breaks, you have nothing but broken eggs. Draw happiness from your partner but find it everywhere in life, especially from inside. That way you won’t rely on your significant other to be your everything, even though they may be. That way you won’t resent the person if they don’t make you happy all the time or something happens to the relationship.
  17. Fighting In Public – This can ruin your reputation in public. There is a great article talking about why you should settle arguments in private talking about how women usually get the upper hand because the man can look abusive very quick and if you wait til you get home, you will give yourself a time out from the argument which can be enough to settle things down on their own. Also the article talks about how those who those couples who suppress emotions in relationships die twice as early as those who talk their feelings out. So don’t fight in public, wait until you get in private and hash it out in a loving and understanding way.
  18. Not Forgiving – Forgiveness is such a big thing that will make or break a relationship. A great article talks about how forgiveness is one of the most important parts of your relationship talking about how it isn’t just about retaining a harmonious relationship, it is also about being kind to yourself as they quoted the famous quote “Holding onto resentment is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.” Let go of the need to hold onto the resentment. Forgive and move forward. If you forgive and still can’t move forward, it may be more healthy for you to move on.
  19. Spying – There’s an article about how there is two sides to this. If you are spying on your partner in order to confirm your need to leave the relationship for good, you may be in the right. But it is not worth doing so in order to simply prove to your partner that they are doing something wrong. It says that it is best to seek therapy before things get out of hand and bigger problems develop.
  20. Taking Them For Granted – It is a law that when we are around something repetitively we eventually take things for granted, not on purpose but still we do. The best thing to do is validate this and do things that show that we care very much for them and don’t take them for granted. Integrate dinner dates and spontaneous getaways to liven up the relationship and makes you both feel needed and wanted by each other.
  21. Comparing Yourself To Other Relationships – A great article talks about comparing your relationship and how you can do an exercise and compare yourself to the perfect relationship you guys know about and to the most unhealthy relationship you know of. It will show you that someone always has it better and worse. And when you do it and ask yourself if you would be happy in those relationships realizing that they probably lack things you two do like humor, working too much or lacking adventure. Instead ask yourself the four questions instead of comparing, which are; Am I with someone that makes us happy? Is that person respecting me? Are they truthful with me? Are they kind to me? This will help you pay attention to your own needs and feelings instead of comparing.
  22. Doing Everything Together – Doing everything as a couple will lead to feelings of being tired of being around the other person. This can break up a relationship or lead on to take the other for granted. Instead make the most out of the time you spend together and make those times intense and loving and then give each other the freedom to do other things without each other. It will make the times together feel that much better.

23 Bad Money Habits

  1. Overspending – Some of the pitfalls of overspending along with solutions include keeping up with the Jones which you need to get new friends, avoiding repetitive charges that you don’t really need or use anymore, owning more house or car than you really do making you need to downsize and stop spending money on sales that you “can’t” resist and lastly not spending money emotionally like after having a tough month at work.
  2. Making Late Payments – The down falls of making late payments can affect you now and in the future. The fees will add up eventually in the form of late fees, interest could raise on your credit cards all the way up to the penalty rate and these late payments can be added on to your credit history, destroying your credit for a long time.
  3. Not Planning For Retirement – Some of the downfalls of not saving for retirement include you macros
  4. Paying The Minimum on Your Credit Card – Of the many reasons to pay more than the minimum on your credit card, some of the most important reasons include; you will save money because of less accrued interest, pay it off faster and improve your credit score. Some good tips to help you pay more than the minimum include finding out the overall dues and calculate the most you can pay towards it each month with your budget, don’t add more debt to the credit card, throw any extra money you have towards it whenever you can and focus on paying off the one with the highest interest rate first.
  5. Paying For Subscriptions You Don’t Read – We all are still signed up for certain subscriptions that we forget about or are too lazy to cancel. There are some great apps that can help you finally help you cancel unwanted subscription. A great one is Truebill.
  6. Using ATM with Charges – According to CNBC ATM fees are at an all time high. They state that the average cardholder pays an average of 4.69 per out of network ATM withdrawl fees. These babies add up quickly. Also as far as overdraft fees go, make sure your protected against overdraft fees, one should sign up for email or text alerts that notify you when your balance reaching a certain level.
  7. Buying Retail – We all know we can find better deals on non-retail items. Even if you have to buy retail there are ways you do so more efficiently, like with coupons, signing up for newsletters that offer discounts, waiting for end of season sales or shopping at stores that offer retail items for the past seasons.
  8. Spending More Than You Earn – Developing the willpower to spend less than what you earn will take some effort. But some tips to help you include: distinguishing between your wants and your needs, use trial periods to see if it is really worth it, get on the same page with your spouse about creating a budget, identify your your weak spots are like impulse buying and limit those purchases so that they are rewards instead of emotional shopping.
  9. Not Budgeting – Not having a budget results in you literally burning money. Surprise expenses can throw you off track, you don’t even know your potential of how much you will be saving. Having a budget is like the same thing as watching calories, the better you do at it the more ripped you get. The same is true with budgeting, the more effort you put in it, the more you will actualize positive effects of doing so. You will run your financial life instead of it running you.
  10. Not Diversifying – Putting all your eggs in one basket is dangerous. A great article talks about 6 ways to diversify your income including; crowdfunded real estate where you invest with multiple people, buying homes through trust auctions, driving Lyft, creating products or blogs online that generate revenue with traffic, owning rental properties. Look at ways where you can invest your income and time into things that you are interested in and aren’t to risky. Don’t go in blind. Do you research and duediligence and allow yourself to have options if one source of income happens to fall though.
  11. Compulsive Spending – Compulsive spending can leave you with more month at the end of your money. In order to avoid compulsive spending, trying things like: tracking your expenses, only paying in cash, wait 20 minutes before buying the item to think about it more, fill your life with social activities instead of filling it with shopping excursions and lastly identify the reason you are spending compulsively, usually it is emotional. Then focus on getting rid of that source of disaster for good!
  12. Lottery Tickets – An article talked about how way the average America spends $207 annually on lottery tickets which they sate that you are 300 times more likely to get struck my lightening then win the lottery! Try investing this money instead, you have a way better chance of return on investment. They also talk about how if you invested $61.25 in a broad basket of stocks, your ROI would be nearly 400K in 40 years! Plus the stock market is cyclical just like the real estate market. It will always go back up. Once you lose money on the lottery, you never get it back. Spend your money smart!
  13. Paying For Cable – The average cable bill is upwards of $85 dollars a month. If you can’t cutout TV entirely, then cut out some of the extras that you aren’t watching and downsize your plan. Also examine your fees and cut costs by packaging your cable with your internet if you don’t already. Also skip two year contracts and instead call your company and negotiate a lower deal. Most companies just want to keep you long term and are willing to negotiate if you threatened to leave. Lastly you can use stream services that can cost a fraction of your cable bill.
  14. Driving Too Aggressive – Tickets add up and can make your insurance dues rise faster than pimples on a teenagers face! Getting more than one in 18 months will keep you from being able to go to traffic school. Ruining your traffic record pretty quickly.
  15. Buying To Many Frilly Lattes – The average latte costs $4 a pop! Why not instead buy an espresso machine and make those babies at home in the morning. You will save a lot of money overtime plus your house will smell great all the time!
  16. Ignoring Bills – When you ignore bills you create tension both consciously and subconsciously. This tension will turn into anxiety making you act out in ways that only anxiety can make you act in. This can ruin areas of your life. Instead when you get a bill, either pay it in full or put that baby on a payment plan right away so it is off of your mind and you feel proactive about it.
  17. Too Many Oil Changes 3K – If you are getting oil changes every 3K miles may literally not be necessary at all. NyTimes wrote an article about how most owner manuals say to change you oil anywhere between every 5000 and 10000 miles. Especially if you are doing more long-distance driving, the oil has a chance to warm up to temperatures where it is most efficient to the drivability of your car. This is especially the case with vehicles made within the last ten years.
  18. Paying For A Landline – Did you know you can get a free home phone service from Google? My friends at Computerworld.com can show you exactly how! Just click on their link!
  19. Playing It Safe In Investing – Nowadays not being risky with your investments is the only risky move you can make. A great article talks about why playing it safe with your money is actually risky, talking about how you may have to support your kids, future government benefit programs are not guaranteed, pension plans are almost a thing of the past, interest rates are very low and you may live a long time. So with little risk comes little reward. Now you know the consequences of playing it safe!
  20. Not Using Coupons – You can find a coupon online for literally almost anything in this life you want to buy. Spend smart, don’t ever pay full price unless your shopping for a lambo, then you probably aren’t really worried about money that much.
  21. Not Having An Emergency Fund – What is an emergency fund? Well NerdWallet says it is a fund that is for major car fixes, visits to the ER, home repair and other things like unemployment. It is there to keep you from avoiding borrowing where you would be stuck with debt you would be paying off on a high interest rate in the form of credit cards or loans. They suggest to start with $500, but just start today by putting what you can away and do so in a high-yield savings account.
  22. Not Having a Savings Account or Forgetting To Add To It – You have to think long-term nowadays. With prices rising, you want to create a nice nest egg that you can keep adding to and invest with when the time is right. Make your money work for you!
  23. Buying The Extended Service Plan –  ConsumerReports.com talks about how you shouldn’t buy the extended warranty plan when the store offers it to you. Because many products are made well enough to not need to buy one, plus how fast we replace things these days, there is no need to spend the extra money if you plan to upgrade in the future, Plus there is always the manufactured warranty, which the article talks about how it can often be honored past the due date, what manufactures call “good-will” programs. So save the money!

18 Bad Social Habits

  1. Being Too Loud – You can’t be sly when you are too loud. You may think you are being the life of the party, but people will get annoyed by it. Be silent and mysterious, people are more drawn to that type, when you keep them guessing!
  2. Bad Breath – The best way to keep the breath fresh as wet paint is to keep a nice bottle of Listerine in your glove compartment. We usually can’t even smell our bad breath because we live with ourselves! Better to be safe than sorry.
  3. Bad Hygiene – You don’t want to be that guy that everyone assumes is from a foreign country because you smell like ass. Tips for good personal hygiene health include: brush and flossing, cleaning your tongue, showering and moisturizing every day, trimming your nails weekly, wearing fresh and clean clothes, washing your hands, cleaning the lady and man parts and sporting deodorant. Simple and easy. Use that checklist to feel great. Because when you feel great, you proceed with confidence!
  4. Talking With Your Mouthful – We sound like ass hats! Check the food, then speak eloquently my friends!
  5. Talking About Yourself – People want to hear themselves talk. When you become a good listener, people suddenly think you are the greatest conversationalist in the world. When we talk about ourselves, it is usually out of insecurity or we hate awkward silence. But if we learn to listen, we can give better feedback and have deeper conversations.
  6. Crossing Your Arms – This is the subconscious move that someone is feeling closed off or uneasy. By doing this, you are signaling to other people that you feel uncomfortable in their presence. IT also makes you look like you think you are above it all or a bouncer at a club. Open up! Relax and face the person you are talking to with open arms!
  7. Cursing Too Much – Cursing to emphasize a point or emotion is great. But when it goes overboard you can just sound uneducated. You want to look composed when going out. Master thy self!
  8. Texting While Talking – When we do this, we make the person we are talking to feel like what they are saying is irrelevant. Even if we have good intentions by saying “I’m listening”, we really aren’t giving our undivided attention.
  9. Elbows on the Table – You look like you have no manners! You put yourself at a vulnerable place to knock over that big glass of water onto the rest of the table, being the reason everyone is cold for the rest of the night.
  10. Not Tipping Enough – Tipping lower than the actual quality of service is a horrible move as a human. I was a server once and all those who are reading this that were too know this is a cardinal sin. Servers are taxed on their tips so they are actually working below minimum wage hourly. So they rely on their tips to support their family. How about instead of trying to save a couple bucks and be a cheap skate, you make the servers day. What would make YOU feel better? Food for thought.
  11. Trying To Please Everyone – Being a people pleaser will bring a host of negative things into your life, including mental fatigue, fake friends, jealousy, lack of respect, a one-sided love relationship and you being stripped of your finances. Learn to be yourself, like gets so much easier and you also find out who your real friends are.
  12. Popping or Slapping Your Gum – We have all been around this guy or gal or keeps doing this and if we are being honest with each other, we want to lay a fist into their head after about half a minute of it.
  13. Being on Your Phone Too Much – I mean come on, we have all see entire families be on their phone at the dinner table while we are out. It looks pathetic. Be present with the people you are with, if not why are you even there?
  14. Not Taking ComplementsINC.com talks about how 4 reasons compliments make us uncomfortable talking about how our self image doesn’t line up to the compliment, our self-esteem is low, we want to be or look humble and you we are uncomfortable with big expectations. But instead, thank the person for the compliment. That is what they want from you, they don’t want you to deflect it. Even if you don’t feel like you deserve, the best way to start feeling like you do is accepting it and totally rocking it!
  15. Complaining to Get Attention – No one likes a complainer. Let’s shut our trap when we want to do so for attention. We aren’t in 1st grade anymore!
  16. Waiting For Your Chance To Talk – If we do this, we aren’t really caring for the other person or what they have to say. Plus our response will probably suck compared to what it would be if we listened intently on what the person was actually saying, pausing and shortly reflecting than giving your response. This can help us both personally and professionally reach heights and wow people that we never would never have been able to if we were just trying to interject what we wanted to say as soon as possible.
  17. Searching For Complements – AKA fishing for compliments! Nothing is worse when we hear someone down playing something or multiple things about themselves in order to get the other person to counteract it with something nice! Not classy. Be so great that people just compliment you for the things you are. Better yet, be the giver of compliments. It feels great to do, plus what you give out in this world, must come back!
  18. Messy Eating – Although it is fun to get down and dirty with a good set of ribs, we gotta display that we are in fact and adult. Especially if you are out with a date and want to demonstrate how efficient of an eater you are, choose foods that won’t be messy and get all over the place.

10 Bad Grooming Habits

  1. Washing Your Face Too Much – There is a great article talking about the 4 signs you’re over washing your face including you are getting adult acne, you are starting to develop ashes, your skin is feeling taut, you are starting to see red scales or redness and even swollen and greasy appearance. They American Academy of Dermatology recommends that you limit the number of face washes to twice a day to avoid this week.
  2. Hand Sanitizer – The HealthSite.com talks about 8 reasons you will stop using sanitisers regularly saying that if the alcohol content is lover than 60% than it is essentially just smelling liquid doing no good for santiser, it can lower children’s immunity, some use triclosan instead of alcohol which is an actual ingredient in pesticides, they don’t clean up all the residue and can cause damage to your skin.
  3. Washing Your Hair Too Much – An articled titled ‘Are you washing your hair too much‘ talks about how much is too much saying that some oil is good for your hair but those with fine hair, living in humid weather or those who get lots of sweat in the hair should avoid washing every 1-3 days as needed. You can tell it is time to wash your hair when your scalp feels itchy, your hair visibly greasy or feels oils. Consequences of over-washing heavy chemicals in your hair when dried out it can leave your hair to be damage prone. To counteract this get a gentle shampoo made with natural ingredients with things like vitamin E, hydrolyzed wheat protein and  tea tree oil.
  4. Not Cleaning Your Phone – In order to keep the germ count low, we have to give our smart phones some cleaning love. 5 tips to keep your phone clean include not using it in the bathroom, using microfiber often to clean it, disinfect it with alcohol and water and consider an antimicrobial cover which can help eliminate bacteria.
  5. Not Putting On Your Deodorant – You gotta be a little selfless when it comes to putting on the under-pit armor! Our sense of smell is what we relate our most powerful memories too, don’t haunt peoples memories! Slap some on in the morning, it takes all but 5 seconds!
  6. 5 O’clock Shadow Is Too Big – Keep it at 5 or grow it out! If we leave it in-between we will just look shaggy and unkempt. Pick one or the other and let’s look professional AF!
  7. Shirt Is Too Unbuttoned – I get it you were gifted with a Rob Burgundy man-vest. But it can look tacky when we show it off. Show a bit, peak the interest, then let the rest be up to imagination.
  8. Not Brushing Your Teeth Enough – Dental experts say that 2 times a day of soft brushing at a 45 degree angle. Any more or less than this and you are doing yourself a disservice
  9. Shaving Your Entire Body – If you are a dude and your whacking down all the body hair on your body, I mean come on! Unless your are a swimmer in the Olympics, leave the hair to do what it does best, grow!
  10. Too Much CologneLifehacker talks about signs you are wearing too much cologne saying that once you spray perfume or cologne on you should wait 5 seconds then put a tissue on it and it shouldn’t stick. If it does than they are wearing too much. Some other tips are to hold it at least 10 inches away from your chest or neck when applying.

8 Bad Self Esteem Habits

  1. Jealousy – In order to be jealous we must already have an insecurity about something. If you are jealous because of something you feel your partner is doing, then you need to bring it up to your lover and try to work it out. If we can’t get past these insecurities in our relationships then it is time to walk away. If we are having insecurities coming from inwards, we need to develop a sense of self worth through personal growth to get rid of these. Adapt the Tony Robbins philosophy “Constant and Never Ending Growth.”  Bustle.com talks about ways to get over your jealousy talking about the first step is realizing you are being that jealous weirdo, try looking at your relationship from the perspective of one of your friends, realize just because you are jealous that it doesn’t mean something is actually going to happen, letting go of old relationship garbage that is affecting your current relationship and lastly but most importantly figure out the underlying reason of why you are getting jealous.
  2. Anxious – Being overly anxious can lead to long-term health problems and sabotage your life. Do your best to identify underlying causes of your anxiety and while your doing that, it you need treatment there is no shame. Just don’t look at it like an end all be all. Medication comes with horrible short term and long term side effects as well. Learning to meditate can help you with this.
  3. Defensive – There is a great article about 5 graceful ways to stop being defensive talking about how we need to remind yourself of your deepest values, cultivating a growth mindset, see criticism as a sign of others beliefs in your ability and know that you can either dig yourself in deeper in or move forward with better style. This can be done by managing the moment by keeping them talking while you compose yourself.
  4. Unhealthy – When it comes to self-esteem often times we can stuff negative feels about ourselves and life with food. When this happens we turn to food as an escape and end up eating foods that make us even more self-conscious and torturing our self esteem even more. Choose healthier food options and learn how to channel those negative feelings by letting them go or doing proactive things like working out or going on hikes
  5. Listen to the Media Too Much – Listening to the media and letting them tell you what constitutes as good looking or good fashion etc, can wear on us big time. The media is there for one of two reasons, to sell you something or scare you into doing something. Take value from within yourself and create your own programs about life. Don’t let the negative main-stream get to you my friends!
  6. Bad At Saying No – An article talked about this fact saying the when you can’t say no to people, your yes response actually gets watered down. You can’t ever really stand for anything since you are so shakey on both sides. You block your true source of power and creation when you can’t say no and take a stand in your life.
  7. Don’t Take Enough Time For Themselves – It is great to give yourself to other people and it feels good to get so. But we need to turn inwards and focus on inner growth and simply to recharge. There is a great article by Sparkspeople.com offers a few tips on how to take time for yourself about creating 15-20 minutes each day at the same time doing something or nothing but for the sole purpose of releasing your mind. Also creating a daily ritual which is something you can look forward to like taking a bath or listening to music. Third, ask for help with chores and tasks that you usually have to do. Lastly, learning to say no more often to things that don’t bring you true joy.
  8. Cutting – This is a problem that is no joke and you deserve to get help to stop doing so. A great site offers advice on how to stop cutting saying that you should start being aware of situations that make you want to cut following the urge but doing something else instead. Follow this up by creating a plan for what you will do instead when you feel the urge so you will be prepared. The article also talks about creating distractions when you feel the urge to cut like calling a friend to talk about something else, showering, playing with a pet. Lastly try to integrate things that will drawing out the pain, journaling, listening to songs that you can relate to and composing songs that channel how you feel.

9 Bad Driving Habits

  1. No Seatbelt – According to a site, the average traffic ticket is $148 and can include other ticket-able offenses up to $300. It’s not worth it for something so simple. I hate that I am even saying this but click it or ticket!
  2. Turning At The Last Second – If we admit to ourselves, we all do this. But we HATE when people do it do us right? Give some courtesy to the stranger behind you and throw the signal on far before so you don’t get hit and somehow end up at fault.
  3. Not Signaling Or Signaling Late – Again it is common courtesy. It seems like this is done by people who have a bigger truck and think they can do whatever the hell they want. Essentially the bullies of the schoolyard now grew up to buy a big truck. Same people, same habits! But lets be different. Just abide by the rules of the road so you can get home safe!
  4. Texting While Driving – All it takes is one second, and you can end a life. Someone else’s, your own or both. Even with voice text, it is risky. Just wait until you stop. Save yourself a lifetime of grief and legal trouble.
  5. Tail-Gating – No matter how you slice it, if you smack the person in front of you when tail-gating it is going to be your fault. Give a gap so at least you will have a case if it ever does happen!
  6. Applying Make-Up In The Car – Some of the dangers of applying makeup is that it takes twice the reaction time it would if you have both eyes on the road. It also puts their rear-view mirror at a less than advantageous spot to seeing situations you need to see in order to not hit or get hit, disrupting your peripheral vision. If you aren’t using the rear-view mirror then you are using the mirror in the sunshade, blocking even more of your vision on the road.
  7. Not Checking Tire Pressure – Checking your tire pressure is crucial for these 5 reasons – avoiding heat build up as well as potential rolling, stabilizing tire structure providing better traction, improves car performance and helps optimize fuel economy.
  8. Eating While Driving – An article talks about how eating while driving should be illegal saying that it is just as dangerous as texting. Plus we will most likely have only one hand on the wheel, making us unable to brace for contact as good if you have both our hands on the wheel.
  9. Cutting People Off – Again this this bad driving etiquette and karma will be a b****!

51 Other Random Bad Habits

  1. Skipping work – If we are skipping work, there is a deeper reason why we are doing so. Probably we hate our job! Start seeking employment or self-employment that will allow you to work for yourself and make you jump out of bed with excitement about the day!
  2. Drinking From The Carton – Drinking from the carton passes germs and makes your milk/juice go bad faster! Just pop a glass off the shelf and fill that bad boy up!
  3. Skipping Meals – Skipping meals can be good if it is part of a bigger strategy, like intermittent fasting. But doing so can lead to negative consequences like poor performance at work, worse brain function because of lack of glucose and calorie loading which can lead your body being overwhelmed with the big amount of calories you eat when you finally eat a meal as well as your body using muscle for fuel while crushing your strength inside and outside the gym.
  4. Spitting – Manners 101 this just looks trashy my friends!
  5. Picking Scabs – It may feel good or productive in some sick way! But picking scabs can increase the risk for developing skin infecting and scarring. It can also lead to what is called dermatillomania which is a OCD when it comes to picking scabs! To avoid this and skin scarring integrate other things that will make you distracted like reading, walking around the block, squeezing a stress ball, meditating and drawing.
  6. Popping Zits – There is an article on why popping pimples is bad with the source coming from a dermatologist saying that it is preventing your body from healing and tearing your skin, you can make the pimple worse, you can create more pimples from the bacteria that is released from the original and you can cause scarring.
  7. Biting Your Lips – Are you one of these peeps who has this habit? Well a great article was writing on how to stop biting your lips talking about spotting your own triggers that makes you bit your lips which once you find it, start eliminating this stressor. Reprogram your mind by biting too hard, showing that there is more pain related to this habit than reward.
  8. Flaking – Your word is everything! Once you break your world, you will have to work very hard to be trusted again. You don’t want to be known as a flake. Crush this habit by making a point to always keep your word.
  9. Grinding Your Teeth – Bruxism is caused by things like stress and anxiety, side effects of medication, misalignment of the upper and lower teeth as well as reflux.  The American Sleep Association talks about ways you can end this habit saying that if it is a big problem causing headaches and dental problems, you should get a night gaurd created.
  10. Littering – This is a trashy habit, pun intended! Not only can you be fined heavily for this, but it is also making someone else pick up your garbage. That’s just selfish!
  11. Name Dropping – There is a great article talking about how name dropping basically always backfires saying that it ends up revealing your inner insecurity sooner or later. It says how to do so because we doubt our own contribution to the situation. Plus it is very awkward and humiliating when that person ends up mentioning you to the person you name dropped and they don’t know or remember you! Just have belief in your abilities and personality and leave peoples names out! Be so great that your name is the one being named dropped everywhere!
  12. Slapping Gum – How annoying is it when someone is doing this? This is one of the rare moments I would have no problem reaping the repercussions for sucker punching someone LOL.
  13. Leaving The Toilet Seat Up – Don’t risk the chance of forgetting you do this, allow you to soak your cheeks by sitting on the bowl of the toilet. We have all been there and we don’t ever want this on our conscious!
  14. Talking During Movies – With movies costing a dang arm and leg noawdays, we have to respect this and shut the hell up!!! (Can you tell I feel intense about this!?)
  15. Bragging – This is just as bad as name dropping. It just shows your insecurities to people and take away your levels of power.
  16. Slouching – Don’t be a victim to bad posture! There is a great article called How To Stop Slouching offering tips that will help you stop doing so including starting with looking in the mirror. If your palms face your thighs with your thumbs pointing up, you are doing good but if you have your palms facing backwards you are not in good shape. So if this is you then proceed by sitting back all the way in the chairs you sit in with the pressure between both the pubic bone and tailbone, starting stretching more often and strengthening your core and spinal erectors.
  17. Copying In Class – If we are copying in class it means that we were two lazy to study because we probably don’t care enough about the subject or major we are in. Choose a major that makes you want to crush your tests so you can go on to have a thriving career in a field that excites you!
  18. Finishing Peoples Sentences – This can be a sign of ADD but we need to wait for people to finish talking so we can create better conversations with people. Taking a deep breathe before interjecting can be a great way to make sure they are done and pause to reflect to provide a good response. Also it is OK to ask the person if they are finished to respect them.
  19. Watching Too Much Porn – Stop wacking it and get out there and find someone who you guys can make love as much as you wack it LOL.
  20. Not Keeping Eye Contact – Keeping eye contact for too long can get creepy, not enough and you can look dodgy and shifty. Just make sure you are doing so for a couple seconds at a time. It shows that you are focused on what they say and what they say matters.
  21. Videos Games As An Adult – Come one my friends! Although it can be an outlet, it is a childish habit! Use that time to make more money and invest that money so you can retire rich 🙂
  22. Picking Your Nose – We all do it, but keep some tissue on you just in case you have some gold that needs to be mined!
  23. Overthinking – Thinking too much often just gets us in trouble or doesn’t allow us to go after things we want in life. It can keep us stuck in anxiety instead of taking the action we need to take to get things done and get the things we want in this life. Use the 5 second rule, think about it for at most 5 seconds then move on it!
  24. Eating With Your Mouth Open – It is just as annoying as slapping gum! It’s driving me up a wall just thinking about the sound right now!
  25. Using Text Talk – We have to stop saying LOL and IKR make you sound like an ass-clown! Leave them out so you can sound sophisticated!
  26. Not Picking Up Checks – Let us not be freeloaders, at least offer to pay half each time!
  27. Thinking In The Past Too Much – The past can’t be changed and it will only create depressive feelings about how the time is past and how we want to but can’t go back to those times. Instead create a life for yourself that allows you to be so excited about your future that the you will make you not even want to give any of your precious time thinking about the past.
  28. Eating Too Much CandyEating too much candy can do more than just add weight to your frame like dental cavaties, heart disease, metabolic syndrome and even cancer indirectly. it can also can be extremely addictive and hard to stop for many people. The article says how when we have a sweet tooth it is actually a sweet brain, this is because sugar resembles other abused substances  and it changes your mood like actual drugs.
  29. Eating Out Too Much – According to an article by statista.com the restaurant industry in the USA accrued over 745 billion in sales. CNBC says that the average family spends over $3,000 a month on fast food. Whereas the average meal is over $10 to eat our whereas the average meal costs about $6 when you eat at home, usually much lower. Make eating out a a reward rather than doing it because you don’t want to cook. Save this cash and invest it!
  30. Procrastination – A great article was written on how to stop procrastination by first off recognizing that you are doing so. Next, work out why you are procrastinating. Do you just feel like the tasks you need to do will be boring, or is it something bigger like you don’t feel worth the success if you follow through? Third we have to forgive ourselves for procrastinating in the past as studies show that self-forgiveness can allow you to feel more positive about not procrastinating. A couple other tips are rewarding yourself for not procrastinating and acting as you go, tacking tasks as they come up. Don’t hesitate, just go but prioritize doing the things you need to really get done first. Procrastinate more efficiently!
  31. Letting People Dictate Your Schedule – This goes back to learning how to say no more effectively. When you agree to doing anything and everything, your day gets taken over and you can never get that time back. We need to dictate our schedules so that we are doing everything we need to do first, then if there is more time then we get to reward ourselves to saying yes to things we really want to do. This way you can fully enjoy doing other activities after you have put together a good amount of productivity.
  32. Checking Your Email Too Much – According to a great article by Fastcompany.com checking your email may literally be driving you crazy and is simply an illusion of multitasking. We are making ourselves feel like we are getting a lot done. They say how it is a guilt free stimulation tactic that we integrate allowing us to engage in a task that is work related. So as far as making you crazy, checking your email less is likened to doing relaxation training at work like peaceful imagery and slow breathing.
  33. Leaving The Lights On When You Sleep or at Work – You can save yourself a pretty substantial amount of money by remember to turn of all your lights before you crash at night!
  34. Clicking Your Pen – Did you know we treat your pen actually says something about us?? Clicking your pen signifies that you are an anxious soul! So when that thing starts a clicking, slip into some nice relaxation techniques. Let it be an indicator that you need to cool down a bit!
  35. Humming To Yourself – Although it can actually be healthy to do so, it is annoying as hell to some people around you!
  36. Lazy Speech – The way we articulate says a lot about us. If we slur our speech or get lazy speech, we can sound uneducated when we really aren’t. It can totally become a habit though without us realizing. Here is a great article on tongue exercises that can create better speech patterns! Check it out – Tongue Exercises For Articulation 
  37. Restless Legs – Mayoclinic talks about how you can lessen restless leg sydrome with lifestyle and home remedies talking about how you can take bathes to let your muscles relax, exercise, avoid caffeine, apply warm or cool packs that could help lessen limb sensations and getting adequate sleep.
  38. Stereotyping – Stereotypes are there for a reason, usually because there is truth in them. But if we do so, we are potentially sabotaging our interaction with people because of a preconceived idea of who they are. This can hurt us in our business and personal life.
  39. Not Washing Your Sheets Enough – An informative article on the topic talks about how you should clean your sheets every week as it helps lessen the transfer of bacteria, oils and other impurities from your sheets to your body which can lead to breakouts and irritation. Also since we are on the subject, bath and hand towels should be washed after using it 3 times, your trash can once every two weeks, water bottle after every use, and makeup brushes regularly.
  40. Not Leaving A Toxic RelationshipHealthyplace.com talks about the impact of being in an unhealthy relationship talking about how it includes the gradual and steady erosion of your self-forth. It can create personality disorders as well.
  41. Telling Secrets – Forbes.com talks about how keeping secrets can be hazardous to your health, saying that neuroscientists now believe it’s biologically better for us to confess our secrets as holding them in the brain puts it at an awkward and compromised position. In the cingulate cortex which is essential to our emotional response, is wired for us to tell truth. When you keep a secret, you don’t let the cingulate cortex perform how it was designed to do so, it becomes stressed. But then your prefrontal cortex which is involved in decision making cross purposes and deception with the cingulate cortex, this creates emotional burned ramping up your flight or fight response. Putting you in a state of stress all the time.
  42. Allowing Negative People To Be In Your Life – You become what you hang around. The average of your five friends. If your lucky. Get the negative dark clouds out of your life. Life is too short to be sucked into negativity. Get them out as fast as possible and live a positive and thriving life.
  43. Being An Askhole – We all know these people. The ones who ask your opinion on something and never take your advice. They just keep doing it but usually doing the exact opposite that you tell them to do. Don’t be an askhole!
  44. Not Cleaning Your Keyboard – Bustle offers a great article on the topic called 6 gross things that happen when you don’t clean your keyboard saying that essentially it can get dirtier than a toilet seat with the amount of fecal matter, your computer doesn’t run as well, you can get sick and get other people sick when it is dirty and when you do clean it, it is a nasty job!
  45. Reclusive – Being a recluse leads to loneliness. The effects of loneliness can cause one to become problematic in their cardiovascular system, immune and hormonal system as well as cause one to be in a chronic inflammatory state that can lead to heart damage, reduce infection resistance as well as cause loss of muscle and bone.
  46. Throat Clearing – Not only can this be a bad habit, it can be something serious. Some of the causes of throat clearing include; chronic cough, acid reflux, side effects from certain medications, post nasal drip, hay fever, allergies or asthma. So if this is you, grab a health exam asap!
  47. Being Hotheaded – Some of the disadvantages of a hot temper include hurting and humiliating other and yourself. It can also weaken your immune system through heightened stress. Some ways to ease a hot temper include meditating, counting to 20 to diffuse anger, stop caring about the views of people who really don’t matter to you and analyzing the situation before you react.
  48. Slang Terms – We can just sound like a total douche when we use slang. Just use some epic English and leave the trashy slang at the door!
  49. Not Cleaning As You Go – There is a great feeling of completion when we clean as we go. We know that we are going to come home to a clean house. It will allow you to not have to come home one day to an overflowing kitchen with ants running up and down the hallways all leading straight to your dirty dishes.
  50. Letting Laundry Build Up – Make it a habit to just knock out your laundry every Sunday. Once you build the habit it will become was easier to just get done! So you can smell and look so fresh and so clean!



So there you are my friends a list of bad habits and their downfalls! Refer to this list whenever you need be to keep ourselves in check 🙂 Let me know what your favorite one was or which one you struggle with most. As well as if you have any good ones to add!



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