241 Deep Questions About Life (Philosophical Questions)

Deep Questions About Life

deep questions about life

Philosophical questions pose to the person that is answering an opportunity to form their own conclusions. They usually get polarities in the types of responses as far as answers go.

They are great because they truly get the wheels turning. They offer us the chance to really think about our existence. To conceptualize our life with a microscope in a sense. Sure deep questions about life and philosophical questions can simply lead us down a rabbit hole. With more questions simply posed as we delve into answering these questions.

But again, a life that isn’t analyzed isn’t truly a life worth living. You are simply existing at that point.

The thirst for knowledge starts with asking good questions. So you can get good answers from others. But better yet you can get answers from yourself that well up deep within you. Letting you begin to “know thyself” more. Which, I believe is one of the most important pursuits we can make while on this earth. This poses a bonus question:

Is it truly important to know thyself?

I think so, but do you?

OK my friends, here is a list of 241 more deep questions about life to get you captivated about all the possibilities that life has to offer. And to help you begin to answer some of the deepest questions about our existence!


251 Deep Philosophical Questions

  1. Do you think God exists?
  2. Why do we dream?
  3. Is fate real?
  4. Do soul mates really exist?
  5. Can someone go through life without telling a single lie?
  6. What do you think he or she is like and thinks about the human race?
  7. Do you think life exists on other planets?
  8. What if this is all just a dream?
  9. Does freewill really exist?
  10. Would you have someone innocent be killed for more lives to be saved?
  11. Do you believe in karma or that you are paying off karma in this lifetime?
  12. Do you believe in reincarnation?
  13. If so, what were you in your last life? Man or woman? Occupation? Religious belief?
  14. What is the one thing in life I want to be remembered by?
  15. What advice would I have given my younger self?
  16. Will racism every completely cease?
  17. Can we truly experience anything objectively?
  18. Do we know we are dead, when we are dead?
  19. What dream have I given up on?
  20. How is it possible to feel someone’s pain?
  21. What if death is actually an amazing process that we have all been scared of?
  22. How is is that our the base of our DNA and cells, there is nothingness?
  23. Why will people die for their own truth? Even if it isn’t true?
  24. What is easier, to hate or to love?
  25. What is the first thing you would do if you became president? Or want our current president to do?
  26. Does pride really go before the fall?
  27. Why can someone thing something is beautiful and the other thing it is ugly?
  28. What are the long term effects of technology?
  29. What would my life look like if I pursued that dream?
  30. Why do we desire love so much?
  31. Why are we the only organisms who don’t strive to reach our full potential? How high does a tree grow? As high as it can!
  32. What are my limiting beliefs about life that are keeping me from getting ahead?
  33. Who has inspired me the most in my life?
  34. Do we still look like us in the afterlife? Or are we merely just a soul?
  35. Why do bad things happen to good people?
  36. Does everything really happen for a reason? Can you connect the dots?
  37. Do you think that God is to blame for everything?
  38. What does the world need more of to solve some of it’s biggest problems?
  39. What is one thing I have believed that someone has told me that is holding me back?
  40. Why are some people victims and others take full responsibility for their lives?
  41. Why are we often our own worst enemy?
  42. What if we walked around and said what was really on our mind? What would the world look like?
  43. How does inspiration work? Why are we inspired by others?
  44. What cause or person would you sacrifice your life for?
  45. What did things look like before the creation of the universe?
  46. Am I trying to make people happy instead of pursuing my goals and dreams?
  47. How do I define happiness?
  48. Why is death so feared?
  49. Would you want to know how you would die?
  50. What is more real, mind or matter?
  51. Why is the sexual urge the hardest to control?
  52. Does God have a God?
  53. Is it better to die in glorious fashion or pass on in your sleep?
  54. Is happiness the most important thing to pursue?
  55. Why does money get such a bad name with so many limiting beliefs around it?
  56. When does someones innocence stop?
  57. What is the best piece advice anyone could be given?
  58. Is it true that you can never REALLY know someone?
  59. Why is there something rather than nothing?
  60. Do thoughts come first or feelings?
  61. Are we in the matrix?
  62. Am I still ME even though my whole entire body regenerates after 7 years?
  63. Do you actually know something when you realize you know nothing?
  64. Can you sin and be bad in heaven and be sent to hell?
  65. Can people leave hell and come to heaven if they are good?
  66. If you were going to die anywhere in the world, where would it be?
  67. Do you think there is a transition period between life and the afterlife?
  68. Where do we really come from before we were actually born?
  69. Why do you think animals live shorter lives than us?
  70. Is heaven and hell real?
  71. What is one bad event that happened in this world that helped us for the better?
  72. Should you live for the present or more for the potential of the future?
  73. Should hard workers be compensated more? Like ditch diggers? Since they are working very hard?
  74. Are we obligated to help the less fortunate?
  75. What if God hates us?
  76. Is there really such thing as time? Or is it always right NOW?
  77. Do you think aliens wonder what we look like?
  78. Why is life not fair? Or is it?
  79. Do you think we have been visited by aliens?
  80. Why do you fear death when you don’t know anything about it?
  81. What negative trait would you like to extract from your DNA?
  82. What is beyond the edge of this universe or do you think it is infinite?
  83. Why do you think you are going to get into heaven? Or hell!?
  84. How am I making people’s lives better? What am I giving?
  85. Am I taking more than I am giving?
  86. Is it more admirable to die for a cause or live for one?
  87. Is there actually a grim reaper who escorts you to the other side?
  88. What makes someone feel in control?
  89. Is there greatness in everyone?
  90. Is it OK to lie to yourself or use self denial to benefit your life?
  91. What if we are actually cursed and living out punishment here on earth? Instead of blessed to be here.
  92. Do we pick our own genders before we get here?
  93. What if we either create our own heaven on earth or hell on earth? And there is no real actual location for each?
  94. Is is better to be rich in love and poor in money? Or poor in love and rich in money?
  95. Can we ever truly justify war?
  96. Is love at first sight real?
  97. How would you design your own life if you were the master of your fate?
  98. Why do people value certain core values?
  99. What government conspiracies do you think are real?
  100. Would you have chosen not to be born if given the chance?
  101. What makes someone a genius?
  102. Does God sin?
  103. Could the world exist without evil?
  104. What if a child doesn’t want to be born?
  105. What is one goal every person should have?
  106. Can one motivate themselves completely or do they always need an outside source?
  107. Does one always have ulterior motives? Or can one act purely selfless?
  108. If you knew one of your loved ones were going to die today, would you tell them?
  109. Should the death penalty be done away with so people have to serve out their sentences? Or are you a supporter of it?
  110. Is timing really everything?
  111. How do words acquire meaning?
  112. What makes you, you?
  113. What is mathematics?
  114. Can animals rationalize and reason?
  115. Will hunger ever be a thing of the past?
  116. Should someone be punished for crimes they did if they were deeply abused as a child?
  117. What is beauty?
  118. What makes me feel most significant?
  119. What scares me the most?
  120. Is abortion every justified?
  121. Why do we only get 100 years to live where biblical figures were able to live for hundreds of years?
  122. Why do people get so up in arms when people talk about sex, politics and religion?
  123. What are numbers?
  124. Do people really have 6th senses?
  125. Can one raise their IQ?
  126. Do animals have their own heaven or afterlife?
  127. Why does one lose interested in a relationship and another’s interest lasts forever?
  128. Should we let people commit suicide if they really want to leave this world?
  129. Why do only humans have freedom to think rationally?
  130. Is love the most important emotion there is?
  131. Where does self esteem come from?
  132. What is the first thought that comes to your head when you awake?
  133. Is someone born a leader or is it developed?
  134. How would you behave if you never had to abide by any rules or ever really create a moral compass?
  135. Is voting a privilege and not a right?
  136. What if God screwed up and accidently created us?
  137. Does God have any limits?
  138. Is there another chosen one like Jesus or Buddha due to visit us again?
  139. Why are drugs banned by alcohol other mind altering substances can be bought?
  140. Why do laws exist such as being 18 to smoke or 21 to drink?
  141. Does food feel pain when you eat it?
  142. What if you could play God for one day, what would you do?
  143. When was the last time I got out of my comfort zone? And what can I do to get out of it in the near future?
  144. What made me most happy as a child? And have I been doing enough of that in my life today?
  145. Why do feelings fade with time?
  146. Why do some people handle criticism better than others?
  147. What one thing would you change about how you grew up?
  148. What would it take for me to consider myself a success? Or that my life was worth living?
  149. Do you believe in the phrase do unto others as you would have them done unto you?
  150. Why do humans look the way they do?
  151. Why does one become who they hang around?
  152. Does everyone have a bigger purpose in this life or just certain people?
  153. Has there ever been a time when you didn’t want to live anymore?
  154. What was the most defining moment of my life?
  155. What parent am I like the most?
  156. What is one thing you would have told your parents to help raise you better?
  157. What subject do you wish you were taught in school?
  158. How will the human race go extinct?
  159. What is science?
  160. Define self worth. How is it best developed?
  161. How would humanity react to finding out that there was life on other planets?
  162. Is humanity doomed? Headed in a good or bad direction?
  163. What is the quickest way to happiness?
  164. What am I truly capable of?
  165. Why do we settle for less than our full potential?
  166. What is the best way to “Know thyself” or simply the best way to get to know yourself better?
  167. Are our feelings so intense because we have experienced them before in lives before this one?
  168. What would you like to tell the future version of yourself?
  169. How would you define consciousness?
  170. Should free speech have limits?
  171. Do you think the pursuit of happiness has and ending?
  172. What invention do you consider the most beneficial for humanity?
  173. What if fiction books are really non-fiction but called fiction to keep us thinking naive.
  174. Is there absolute morality?
  175. Is the placebo effect real or actually stronger than the real thing?
  176. What if we are already dead and this is some sort of in between before our next stage?
  177. Are we all gods because we come from one?
  178. What is the best moral system?
  179. Where do thoughts and feelings come from?
  180. Why is there evil in the world if God exists?
  181. Is time travel possible?
  182. What is my relationship to this world?
  183. What is fear?
  184. Is there alternate universes? If so, how many?
  185. Does philosophy every answer questions or simply just post more questions to be answered?
  186. What am I?
  187. What really is the meaning of truth? And is absolute truth possible?
  188. How does gravity work?
  189. Where do passions come from?
  190. It it ever morally OK to lie?
  191. Can we really communicate with the dead?
  192. Why do we term the phrase “falling in love”?
  193. Can torture every be justified and rationalized?
  194. Should retaliation every be OK?
  195. When was it chosen that body hair looks good on males but not females?
  196. Where did religion come from and why do people die for it? Or go to war for it?
  197. What if it is just dark forever when we die?
  198. Why are we attracted to evil in some ways?
  199. What if we know we are dead and we want to die from death?
  200. Does one really know ALL the answers when they are enlightened?
  201. Are there truly ever any guarantees in life?
  202. Does one person’s truth make someone else’s false?
  203. Does one choose their family before they get to this earth?
  204. Is everything happening to help us grow?
  205. Why are people inherently good?
  206. What would happen if there was only purely good in this world?
  207. What is reality? And is it different for everyone compared to where their level of consciousness is?
  208. Do you think Jesus really died on the cross or was it symbolism?
  209. Do all lawyers go to hell?
  210. Can money really not buy happiness?
  211. Why are white lies more generally accepted as being OK if honesty is the best policy?
  212. Is the Law of Attraction real?
  213. How do we know what is truly right or wrong?
  214. If you question you existence, are you more crazy or more evolved than those who don’t?
  215. Is ignorance really bliss?
  216. Can God even talk? If so, why does he not talk to us when we want and need Him?
  217. What is art?
  218. Why is someone only missed when they are dead or gone?
  219. What is the worst way you can die?
  220. Does everyone have a soul mate?
  221. Why is home where the heart is?
  222. Why does someone’s body run hot when another gets cold super easily? When all of our core temperatures are the same?
  223. What is the number that the population will stop growing at?
  224. What is people who write alien movies are actually aliens and these movies are actually based on fact? But interpreted as fake because they are titled “fiction”?
  225. Why do we suppress thoughts instead of just letting thoughts go?
  226. Can the Devil really affect how people think or act?
  227. Can people really change?
  228. Do animals have souls?
  229. Why are dogs so good?
  230. Are voodoo dolls real?
  231. Did something really happen if no one witnessed it?
  232. Is the only way to stop fearing is to do the things you fear?
  233. Why do certain people annoy us more than others?
  234. Do the planetary positions really affect the way we act?
  235. Are we being watched like we are in the Truman Show?
  236. What makes one choose good habits over bad habits?
  237. Is self destruction inevitable?
  238. Are we judged for our sins by God or simply we have to live with them and that is judgement enough?
  239. Why do engage in so much escapism?
  240. When is someone considered old?
  241. What is gender?

Conclusion To 241 Thought Provoking Questions

So there we are my friends, what I offered you is technically a list of questions that can’t be answered. My definition of philosophy. What was you favorite question? Which one completely blew your mind? Like it was so thought provoking that it maybe even made you question your existence?

Share with me your thoughts about this article. And if you have any good deep questions about life to add!




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