333 Good & Healthy Habits For Abundant Living

Healthy Habits

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According to Webster the habit definition is:

  • A settled tendency or usual manner of behavior, An acquired behavior that has become nearly or completely involuntary.

So essentially it is a tendency or behavior that functions almost on auto-pilot in your life. Well my friends this is good news because you can now create good habits to replace the bad ones with the list below where I show you 333 good habits and healthy habits that I hope will change your life!

Enjoy 🙂

333 Good Habits and Healthy Habits

  1. Fishing! As a matter of fact you can learn how to fly fish and look bad ass and learn a new good habit!
  2. Working Out – Whether it is at the gym or at the house, just get your fit on!
  3. Meditation – Start of with 10 minutes of watching your breathe or repeat a mantra that will quiet your mind, like OM. If you want more information I wrote an article on how to start meditating and the different types of meditation. Meditation can also put you into alpha brain wave states, which Tony Robbins refers to as a place where ANY problem can be solved! Check it out here: How To Meditate For Beginners. Also if you are looking for a way to find a mantra to use, there is not better article written on it than the one by YogaJournal called The Science Behind Finding Your Mantra
  4. Hiking – Why not get your tan on and get fit at the same time. Better yet, research different hikes in your area and cycle them, doing a different one each week until you’ve done them all. There even more physical and mental benefits of hiking that are gone into an a great article that talk about how it tones the whole body, controls diabetes, lowers blood pressure, increases creativity and even increases happiness. You can check it out here: Top 10 Benefits of Hiking – Plus it will put you in social situations allowing you to make new fitness friends that can become accountability partners.
  5. Walking – You can start your fitness journey with a first step! Walking can burn a good amount of calories as well as keep you allowing you soak up some natural Vitamin D.
  6. Running – You want to take it to the next level, run early in the morning to start your day. Or at night when the  city is the most quiet, allowing you to relax and listen and see things that you wouldn’t in the daytime. A awesome article talked about the mental benefits of running including; increased learning ability, better memory, lessens anxiety, better sleep and boosts self esteem. Here is the article if you want to give it a read: 10 Mental Health Benefits of Running
  7. Listening to Positive Youtube Videos – I mean come on, we have access to a million T.E.D. talks. Seminars that people paid thousands for and motivational clips that can get us flying high in no time. And it is FREE! No excuses.
  8. Reading Personal Development Books – This doesn’t have to be just in the personal development field. You can also read books in your field. It is said that if you dedicate just one hour a day to studying in your chosen field, you will be a national expert in 5 short years! Hey the time is going to pass anyways, so what do you have to lose!
  9. Drawing – We all need a creative outlet, why not draw pictures that are in your mind. Or recreate pictures you have took with your phone.
  10. Blogging for passion and a paycheck! – This can be another creative outlet, but why not download WordPress and get let your creativity fly, hit publish and then market your material to one day get paid for it or off it? You can also be a freelance writer and make money off your writing skills from people that hire you to write for their blog or project. Here is a great guide on how to get started making money online.
  11. Nature Walks – There is nothing like connecting with the universe through a nature walk. It allows you to breathe fresh air and feel childish and free! There was a study done by Stanford talking about the benefits of nature walks on mental health can help you with depression. The study compared those who walked 90 minutes in nature and 90 minutes in a busting city environment. The study showed a decrease in activity in the region of the brain that is most linked to causing depression.
  12. Restore A Car – If you have some extra cash and some mechanical skills, why not? Also if you don’t know how to replace or fix something on a car, I almost guarantee that you can find a Youtube tutorial on it!
  13. Have Breakfast Daily – This is a great habit to get into as you start your day off right with nourishment, feeding your mind and body! It will also regulate hunger for the rest of the day so you aren’t ravenously hungry come lunch time.
  14. Intermittent Fasting – Or try the opposite! Fast for a 12-18 hours a day. This will allow you to eat a larger amount of calories at one time if you prefer eating big meals like I do!
  15. Keto Diet – Isn’t it the goal to burn fat for fuel?? Well now you can. When your body gets into ketosis, you will do just that. But this is a good “diet” not lifestyle. So use it sparingly when you are hitting weight loss plateaus.
  16. Plan your Meals – Not only will this save you money, but you will know exactly what you are eating and how many calories. Helping you lose weight on a budget. Buy some meal prep containers online and spend your Sunday nights packing your meals for the week
  17. Stay HydratedHeart.org says that if you are feeling thirsty, you are already dehydrated! How dehydrated you are is based off of climate, clothes you are wearing and exercise intensity. But how do you know if your hydrated? Well the article simply states: If your urine is clear and pale then you are hydrated, if not then you need to up your water consumption. They also say for every pound of sweat you lose, you need to replenish with a pint of water.
  18. Take A Day Off A Week From Social Media – This may seem absolutely impossible, so just work up to it. Do it for an hour, then two, then four and so on. YOU CAN DO IT!
  19. Read Autobiographies – Some of the best and most minds in the world have said that they read autobiographies. Names like Elon Musk and Warren Buffet do so on a very regular basis.
  20. Learn A New Language – Not only will you create new brain connections, but you will also be more marketable. Allowing you to demand to be paid for being bilingual. You can do so for free with apps like: Duolingo
  21. Learn Salsa Dancing – Because why the hell not?? Plus you will have a skill that you can teach people on the dance floor, which gains huge amounts of instant popularity. And it is sexy, leading you to having a potentially much better and longer night 😉
  22. Quit Smoking – Save your breath, save your health, save your clothes. Save your own ass. Plus save a lot of money doing so. If you need help, there is no shame – Here is a great place to start: Smokefree.gov
  23. Volunteer Your Time – We all have a cause that is near and dear to our hearts, why not lend some time to it?
  24. Stand Up For A Cause You Believe In – Go on walks and marches. Leave your legacy by walking for a cause you believe in, showing people you aren’t one to back down and that you stand up for what you believe in.
  25. Run A Marathon – Not the best way to get fit, but preparing for it will get you fit. It could launch you on a fitness journey that last a long long time.
  26. Envision Your Success Daily – Prioritize your top 5 goals for the next year and envision them vividly until you have mental picture that makes you feel like you already HAVE the goal accomplished. A great article to help you with this can be found at: Addicted2success.com
  27. Binge Watch Wisely – Trade binge watching mindless TV for binge watching informative documentaries.
  28. Karate – Learn how to protect yourself through this great daily habit. Now when you are walking in a sketchy neighborhood, you will be prepared to lay an ass whoopin on someone if you have to!
  29. Surfing – Surfing can be incredibly meditative. It can be a great way to de-stress. There is an awesome article that talks about how it can de-stress because it makes you feel so small in such a big space, taking the energy of you and making your problems look smaller than you originally perceived them. It also allows you to grow because the ocean is always changing, forcing you to adapt to new situations. You can check out that article here: Manrepeller.com
  30. Body Boarding – If you aren’t ready to shred yet standing up, why not do so on your stomach. It requires less skill and preparation.
  31. Skim Boarding – Afraid of being in the water? Say on the beach but glide your way across it. I know you are like me though and thinking about all the people that fall on their rear as soon as they start to look cool. Well I’ve got your back. Here is an article on how to skim board. Don’t have the cash to invest in this new hobby? Here is an article on how to create your own board!
  32. Flying Kites – Want to feel like a kid again? One of the best ways to do so is to get out and let a kite rip! Psychology Today wrote up an article talking about the benefits of hiking saying that it can be a great way to be more mindful, get exercise, socialize and create more optimism. Plus it puts you out in nature, allowing you get get away from other indoor habits that limit your joy!
  33. Bodybuilding – I am a natural bodybuilder so I have to advocate staying natty! But as far as benefits go, bodybuilding can allow you to create more self esteem, more purpose as you are always trying to create a balanced physique, more social and more creative as you always have to adapt to plateaus with new routines and exercises. Beware of the health and fitness myths out there though when getting started, there are a lot of lies in the industry!
  34. Powerlifting – Look when it comes to being a beast, there is not better way to do so then to become a power lifter. They are the superheroes who walk amongst us each day. Just make sure to master form before moving in weight and one day you an be setting world records with you bench, dead lift and squat!
  35. Meal Creation For Others – Not only can you create your own meals during this process for your week, you can also get paid to do so for other people! Everyone is busy and you can capitalize on this by creating a meal creation business. You can market it for free on Craigslist to target a local audience!
  36. Prayer – There gets to a point where you may feel out of control or that you need help outside yourself and your core group. Well you can surrender your problems over a higher power. Call it whatever you want. You don’t need to be religious to pray.
  37. Magic Tricks – I don’t care how old you are, magic is damn cool! Not only can you learn it, but then you can go do the magic tricks on the local sidewalks of your bustling city and put a tip jar out! You will also be the coolest person at every party!
  38. Read More – The more you learn the more you earn! Plus your vocabulary expands allowing you to be a better communicator.
  39. Master Communication – Did you know the only diploma that hangs on the wall of Warren Buffets office is a certificate of completion for a communication course put on by Dale Carnegie? He was a young man and poor before he took that course and realized the only way to be successful in life is to be a great communicator. If you can’t communicate your thoughts and feelings, you may be all the potential in the world but it won’t mean anything! So create better communication habits that will set you up for an easier and more profitable life!
  40. Learn How To Act – Not only can you make money off of it from plays and movies, but it can also make you better in life. BENEFITS OF ACTING ……
  41. Toastmasters – Did you know a large majority of the population would rather die than public speak!? It is true. Why not break through the ultimate fear by becoming a member at Toastmasters? The more you break through this fear, the more daily life will be less scary and you will become a master at one one one as well as group communication!
  42. Chew Your Food More – Especially when we are in a hurry, we throw food back like animals who arrived at their first meal in days after being out in wild! Experts at Ohio State University talk about how you can slide by with 5-10 chews before swallowing with soft foods. But you need to jack that number up to 30 if you are eating vegetables and meat. This is due to the simple fact that digestion starts in the mouth releasing enzymes as you chew your food. The more enzymes released, the better your digestion will ultimately be. By chewing more thoroughly you will avoid digestion problem that comes from to large of food particles being swallowed before being efficiently chewed.
  43. Quit Drinking – I wrote a guide on how to quit drinking for good! Check it out Recovery Protocol.
  44. Family Day Once A Week – Life is so short. It is easy to get caught in the rat race and end up forgetting the most important things in life. The best thing about it is that you can do this for free. Go to the beach, play touch football at the park or go for a hike together. The best things in life are free and doing them with the whole family makes it that much better.
  45. Keep A Sleep Log – A great article talked about the 4 reasons you should keep a sleep log including: you become proactive about your sleep, you get a better idea of your sleep patterns, it can help a doctor diagnose properly and monitor the progress of healing. Another article talked about how you should create a chart and and fill it in each night, the chart should include: how long and well you slept, when you were awake during the night, medications your on, caffeine consumption, what time you exercised, emotion and stress you had and what and when you ate and drank.
  46. Try A New SportBrobible talks about the benefits of learning a new sport and how there was a study done with mice introducing them to a more challenge wheel to run on. It increased their myleniation of neurons which is the process of messages being communicated through neurons. The conclusion of the study is that trying a new sport can potentially create new brain growth compared to doing activities that you are used to doing!
  47. Go To A Nude Beach – Do you know that there are more benefits than just getting a tan that come from going nude?? An awesome article talks about the benefit of stripping down on the beach including: boosting self confidence and life tolerance, enhances circulation and detoxification, improves fertility and even relaxes you!
  48. Stretch Routine – A great article talked about the benefits of stretching in the morning including improving brain activity, reducing body aches, and increase mobility. It also gives an awesome morning stretch routine. By doing your stretching upon awakening, you are knocking out a small victory that will allow you to build momentum early on because on task is already checked off.
  49. Dedicated Morning Routine – By clicking the link it will take you to a list of things to do in the morning that will give you the best start to the day!
  50. Read Positive Quotes Daily – We’ve got you covered here! By clicking on the link it will take you to a list of 500 motivational quotes!
  51. Look At Old Pictures and Make Photo Albums – You can look back and reminisce on good times in your life! But you can also make a great photo album and give it as a gift to a family member. This is some many times better than a gift card or article of clothing. This is a gift that can truly stay with someone forever!
  52. Write a Book or Series! Here is an awesome guide in how to write a book! It gives you ten simple steps!
  53. Write a Script – How damn cool would it be to write a movie?? Maybe you are the next Spielberg or Ron Howard! Here is a great guide one how to write a screenplay you can sell!
  54. Take Ice Bathes – Are there any benefits of ice bathes?? Yes, they are awesome for recovery as well as, according to Fitmo.com, alleviates depression though activation of the central nervous system, improves emotional resilience, reduces stress and even makes you more alert than a cup of coffee! Take the plunge!
  55. Get A Massage – Blow some money on yourself! Go all out and get the biggest massage package offered! But don’t ask for extra above and beyond that, unless your prepared for it 😉
  56. Find A Accountability Partner – Your chances of success increase dramatically when someone keeps you accountable for them. Entrepreneur.com talks about the fact that your chances increase by 65 percent if you commit your goal to someone. But it increases up to 95 percent through meeting with this person on a regular basis. They talk about how you can do this with peers, mentors or even apps that will keep you accountable.
  57. Listen More Than You Speak For A Day A Week – Not only will this allow you to be a better communicator, but the person will really felt heard by you, which will speak volumes about you. Most people can’t wait to say what they want to say, but if you listen first, you will come back with better responses instead of interjecting what you want to say. You will build better relationships in your professional and personal life.
  58. Don’t wait for New Years for Goal Creation – There is no need to start your goals on January 1st. A new beginning can be created anytime you want, you don’t have to limit yourself to one day a year.
  59. Switch Up Your Workout Routine Every 8 Weeks – In order to break through plateaus, switching up your workout routine is essential. Plus it gives you more to look forward to when you go to the gym, which in turn will give you better results. Likely there are free apps to do this like Playbook and AAptiv
  60. Chase Your Dreams – How much better would you feel if you stopped going through the motions and went after one or more of your dreams? Like Jim Carey says “You can fail at something you don’t like, so why not take a chance at something you love?”. Food for thought.
  61. Listen To Positive Podcasts In Your Car – Brian Tracy talks about turning your car into a University on Wheels saying the average sales person spends 500-1000 hours behind the wheel. These numbers equate to 1-2 university semesters of schooling! You sit in your car daily no matter what, why not turn this time into learning time. As Tracy says learners are earners and readers are leaders. No you can do your learning in the form or car audio!
  62. Read Song Lyrics – This is fun because often times we have learned that we have been reciting the wrong lyric for a friggin decade! It also allows us to see different meanings of the song that the lyricist is trying to portray, creating a new appreciation for the artist and song we have listened to for so long.
  63. Read The Dictionary – You will expand your wealth of knowledge and learn how to communicate better by learning new words. Plus it is cool as hell to tell people that you have read the entire dictionary!
  64. Count To Ten When Your Angry – There is a great article talking about scientific evidence of counting to ten when you are angry. According to a behavioral psychologist talked about how this emphasizes two elements of anger management which are time and distraction. Allowing you to think before you speak to keep you from saying the wrong thing, as well as potential for forgetting about it all together. SO when angry, remember the quote by Thomas Jefferson “When angry, count to 10 before you speak. If really angry, count to 100”.
  65. Apologize For Getting Angry – Often times we lash out out of pure rage or other intense emotion. We say things we don’t mean and do things we wouldn’t do if we had a level head. In order for it to not cause long term damage, reach out to the person and tell them your sorry. This little act can allow one to forgive A LOT. Just admitting we were wrong and that we still love them dearly is enough to move past even some of the toughest situations and scenarios.
  66. Let The Other Person Be Right Especially In Relationships – This is relationship conflict management at it’s best! Even if you are right, let go of the need to be right. It will end the argument a lot faster and with less damage. It is also fun because it can stop someone in their tracks and actually shock them! You can be right or you can be happy, your choice.
  67. See A Therapist For A Problem – We all have something buried that is affecting or mental and even physical health. Sometimes it is something we are conscious about, other times it can be a repressed memory that we didn’t even know was affecting us.  Therapy is isn’t cheap, that is why Buzzfeed.com created a great article on what to do if you can’t afford therapy, check it out here.
  68. Brush Your Teeth More – Work on those pearly whites so that when you need to flash a smile you won’t have to half ass it, or half teeth it! Make your teeth and smile something to envy!
  69. Create A Side Hustle – If you have a green thumb or want to try your hand at being an entrepreneur, there is no better time in history to do so. You can get going on the internet for under 100 dollars! You can blog for money, be an affiliate for other peoples products, buy things at garage sales and sell them on craigslist or ebay, create your own ebook and sell it. The opportunities are ENDLESS! Need help deciding what option is best for you, here is a list of 500 different ways to make money online.
  70. Daily Affirmations – Check out our list here!
  71. Raise Your Standards – Tony Robbins says that the only way to really change in life is to raise your standards. If we aren’t happy with our relationship we need to raise our standards of what we allow in it, if it doesn’t meet them then we cut it off and create a relationship that does live up to those standards. The same is true with any area of life you want to change!
  72. Write Your Story OF Hurts Then Burn It – Jot all the things that brought you distress in your life and light that baby up after really feeling the feelings and be present during the toughts. Let go of as much as you can during this process. Better yet, rewrite your story in a way where you would have LIKED it to be. Create a script where you are the star and everything else plays out in a perfect way.
  73. Look On the Bright SideBustle.com talked about 7 ways to help you look on the bright side including sharing positivity with others, ridding yourself of negative people, give gratitude, look for the silver lining, exercising more and focusing on a positive thought when a negative thought tries to take you out! A study done by Harvard also showed that looking on the bright side can help you live longer as well as avoid getting major diseases like cancer, heart disease, strokes, infections and respiratory disease.
  74. Rewatch Movies From Your Childhood – Revisit some childhood memories and allow yourself to experience the feelings you did when you were a kid. This can allow you to act more childlike in your life, letting you know that life isn’t all that serious!
  75. Make Your Own Coffee – Did You know you can save up to 5 dollars by making your own coffee? According to a site who did a study on it, the average cup of coffee ranges from 2 to 5 dollars whereas making your own cup can cost as little as 36 cents which is enough in quality grounds to give you a 16 oz cup of Joe that is comparable to your local coffee house.
  76. Stop Eating Fast FoodLifeHack.com did a great article describing how fast food is killing you. They talked about how it is doing so in 10 ways including how loaded the sodas are with sugar, how the meat isn’t even really meat ranging from the meat content being 2.1 to 14.8%, nuggets are loaded with perservatives linked to death, contributes heavily to childhood obesity, it is inhumane to animals and according to a study is shown to be so addictive that it creates an actual dependence. It also increases your chance at getting type 2 diabetes.
  77. Get a Bi-Monthly Massage Because You Deserve It 🙂 – There is a great article that goes into the benefits of getting a massage, some of which include: lowers blood pressure and stress, increase range of motion and joint mobility, decreases migraines and improves balance, helps with sleep and energy, reduces muscle tension, and even help with fibromyalgia and dementia.
  78. Don’t Tolerate The Energy Suckers – A great article talks about how to remove toxic people from your life. The article shares how to spot a toxic person and the traits they have which include: they are always right, they try to control you, aren’t honest, victims and don’t take any responsibility. They go on to talk about how to get them out of your life saying that you should do so in a public place, not making it a big deal. Don’t argue with them or give them a huge explanation. Then block them on social media. You can also write out how you want to say it to them before hand as a sort of rehearsal.
  79. Create goals in all areas of your life – A well rounded life can be created by going after and achieving goals in all areas of life. But how are you going to get there if you don’t know where you are going? You gotta write out goals and make them specific. Create goals in the following categories: spiritual, financial, family, self improvement, community and health.
  80. Stop playing video games – A great article talked about the 20 reasons to quit playing video games, some of which include: they have a low return on investment, waste of money, creates social isolation, skews reality, take energy away from goals, procrastination, lack of physical fitness and lack of making real discoveries. Give up the fake and explore the real world!
  81. Study Success – If you want to be a doctor, you study how to be a doctor. If you want to be a personal trainer, you study the material necessary to become familiar with anatomy and muscle science. If you want to get rich, study what makes people become rich. It is all the same. Then implement what you have learned.
  82. Smile More Often – No one likes a negative person, turn that frown upside down! You will become more attractive and more approachable.
  83. Do Bodyweight Exercises Upon Awakening – Get the blood pumping and flowing when you wake up to help you start your day. You will release endorphins that can help you feel less sleepy right away and keep your body fit and tight in your work clothes, making you look that much better than everyone else when you get to work!
  84. Send Thank You Notes – Nothing says personal like a handwritten note. Just doing so will allow you to stay in the memory of the recipients mind for a long time. You can write letters about anything, ranging from a just thinking about you note to a full out apology. This is one of the most sincere ways to communicate!
  85. Laugh More Often – The best way to diffuse negativity or any unwanted feeling is by laughing. Also according to HelpGuide.org, a good hearty laugh can relax your whole body for up to 45 minutes and trigger your immune system and release of good endorphins!
  86. Be Real Not Fake – Doing this will allow you to be real, which people respect a lot more. Being fake makes people not trust you, allows feeling like you are doing so for some personal gain.
  87. Do Exercises At Home Or At Your Work Desk – There are so many things that you can do to support your fitness at the office desk. You can do things like calf raises, glute squeezes, tricep dips, chair squats, running in place, push ups, sit ups and even run the stairs in a building with them or run a few times around the building.
  88. Don’t Go To Sleep Angry – This isn’t just a cute saying that our parents told us as kids. There is actually big consequences that come from doing so. They include getting less sleep thinking about the issue, affect sexual health if the anger is involved with your partner, can create bad dreams because of negative emotions are so close to bedtime.
  89. Learn To Read Nutrition Labels Better – There are hidden calories in everything we eat! If we aren’t tracking our food we are often times eating more than we think, sabotaging our weight loss. There is a great article on the benefits of reading nutrition labels, talking about how it can greatly help you avoid things that are bad for our health as advertising can be deceiving. By being more cognizant in the grocery store, you can avoid buying things that contain bad food additives, trans fats, high sodium and sugar. As well as make sure you are getting foods that are nutrition rich enough to supplement a good diet that will promote optimal health.
  90. Clean Your Car Once A Month – Your car, work space and home for that matter essentially are a reflection of your inner self. If you have a lot of emotional turmoil, it will show up outside in the form of a messy life. If you clean up your surroundings, you will encourage inner chaos to subside as well. It also prepares you for better things in life now that you have cleaned up what you have, leaving room to receive more from the universe now!

  1. Make Your Bed Right When You Wake Up – A NAVY Seal Admiral gave this advice “To make your bed in the morning, you will have accomplished the first task of the day. It will give you a small sense of pride, and it will encourage you to do another task, and another and another. And by the end of the day that one task completed will turn into many tasks completed. Making your bed will also enforce in life that the little things matter. If you can’t do the little things right, you’ll never be able to do the big things right.”
  2. Read your goals Before You Go To Bed – Your mind is very suseptible to stimuli at night. If you read your goals before you crash, you are giving them to your subconscious mind to work on all night. Often you will get insights in the morning or that day of ways to better accomplish your goals. Insights that you wouldn’t have gotten if you didn’t do this easy but powerful habit.
  3. Watch A Super Cheesy Movie Once A Month – I mean why not right?? The more cheesy the better! Laugh it up, have a good time and watch a B level movie and talk about how cheesy it is the entire time!
  4. Learn ChessChess.com talks about the 7 benefits of learning how to play chess and they are incredible. They include: preventing Alzheimer’s Disease, grows dendrites, works both sides of the brain, builds self confidence, helps with schizophrenia, builds problems solving skills and helps with rehab and therapy!
  5. Read Movie Scripts – First off, it makes you feel like an actor who has just been sent a script by a producer who wants you as their lead! Plus it has a lot of benefits talked about in an article about the subject including giving bettering your dialogue and scene description saying these are pros doing what they do best. You can download many scripts for free online. Plus it will help you become a better story teller, and that is marketing at it’s best. The people that can sell the most are great at painting stories for their audience!
  6. Don’t Be Fooled By Diet and Workout Myths – The truth shall set you free! Often times industry lies have kept people from embarking on the self liberating journey of health and fitness. I created a list of the top health and fitness myths. Check it out!
  7. Reach Out To Your Favorite Blogger For Life Advice – You can really develop a relationship here as well as give someone credit for their work. Everyone loves receiving praise! Since they are the expert and have done all the research, why not tap into that knowledge and do so for free??
  8. Learn To Say This Too Shall Pass More Often – My mom gave me this advice in my early twenties. It has helped me a ton in very stressful and terrible situations and scenarios. It is an age old saying that carries with it a lot of power. Plus you are surrendering your worries by saying it, allowing something bigger to take over and help you through the tough time.
  9. Eat At Home More –  Lets say it costs an average family of 4 $25 to go out for fast food. So say you go out twice a week reaching $50 which if you do that every week you will spend $2600. If you go out 4 times a week, there goes $5200. 8 times a week 10K plus! Now this is just fast food, obviously non fast food restaurants charge a lot more for a family of 4. Lets just say you are the family that goes out 4 times a week. Instead this year you invest that $5200 with no monthly contribution ever again at 7%. In twenty years your investment would equal 63,562 dollars according to an investment calculator!
  10. Create Date Nights For You and Your Lover Each Week
  11. Go Above and Beyond – Operate Of Potential Not Quota
  12. Chop Down Your Christmas Tree Instead of Buying a Fake
  13. Look For Common Ground With People
  14. Ask Yourself For Advice
  15. Get Crystal Clear On Your Goals
  16. Listen To A New Genre Your Normally Don’t 
  17. Cook Different Ethnicities
  18. Ride Bikes More Often
  19. Take Calculated Risks
  20. Take More Regular Breaks
  21. Smile More At Strangers 
  22. Smile At Yourself In The Mirror When You Wake Up
  23. Perform random acts of kindness
  24. Straighten Your Posture
  25. Have A Dream Journal
  26. Do something fun daily
  27. Declutter Your Life
  28. Automate Your Finances –
  29. Counteract Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts
  30. Walk 10000 Steps Per Day
  31. Love Yourself
  32. Stop Chewing Gum – There was an article done by Mercola talking about the drawbacks of chewing gum. They are pretty intense. They included triggering jaw problems, increased desire for junk food, tooth damage, gastrointestinal problems, mercury releasing from fillings and even the fact the most chewing gum is created from sheep biproducts! So save money and leave the gum for other people to chew!
  33. Talk To Your Dog For Therapy – The fact of the matter is is that you may never find a better listener in the world. Our fluffy ones will listen with compassion in their eyes. Plus they are great to hug during and after the therapy session! Plus it is free!
  34. Listen To Your Heart and Gut More – There was a study done by Florida State saying that there really is proof that our gut helps us avoid dangerous situations. This is because the brain and gut are in constant communication with each other, more than any other organ in the body through the vagus nerve which is a communication network 100 times larger than the surface of our skin. These signals are created in the gut and relayed to the brain as red flags.
  35. Take Probiotics – The same study above also talks about the benefits of taking probiotics to improve gut health so that you can have better gut reactions and gut feelings. Creating a more clear pathway from your gut to brain. Also, since the gut is your second brain, you house a ton of serotonin and dopamine in there. The better your gut health is, the better your mood will be. Not only that but your digestion will be better, allowing you to feel happier and lighter.
  36. Let Go Of The Past – Not sure how? I will show you EXACTLY how to do so and do so EFFORTLESSLY right here: How To Let Go Of Anything You Want In Life
  37. Have Garage Sales – Why not make some extra cash here and there by courtesy of your front yard and lawn? Hell even break the bbq out and have a beer and enjoy your day to the fullest! Worried about maximize your return on investment? Here is a great article for you then for your garage sale: How To Make The Most Money From Your Garage Sale
  38. Create A Mastermind And Meet Often – Napolean Hill talked about this in his book Think and Grow Rich saying that when two or more people come together to create a mastermind where they talk about goals and help each other with personal growth, that is actually creates an invisible and tangible force likened to a whole new mind. This will give the group power above just trying to do things themselves. He also says that everyone that has ever been successful in life has done so through the likes of the mastermind.
  39. Get Outside Your Comfort Zones – Like an anonymous quote says “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” If you want a mediocre life, then stay in your comfort zone. But if you want to stretch yourself and live life to your full potential that step outside your comfort zone. Start that business, go after that girl or guy, go skydiving, scuba diving. Anything that is going to help you grow!
  40. Sneak Into Jacuzzi Resorts – If You Get Caught I Will Plead the Fifth 😉 Get your relaxing on as well as getting a nice adrenaline rush!
  41. Forgive a Friend or Family Member – I mean when it comes down to it, there are two parties being hurt because you don’t forgive them. Them and even more importantly, yourself. Even if it is not your fault, it is your responsibility to make the best out of it for you and your life. Like Will Smith said, fault and responsibility don’t go hand in hand, it sucks but they don’t. Like the quote says “Holding a grudge is like allowing someone to live inside your head rent free”.
  42. Rock Climbing – Now this can be in the outdoors but it is suggested that you start in doors if a you leave near a rock climbing gym! Some of the top benefits of rock climbing are expanded on in this article, talking about how it is cardio and strength training all in one, it tones muscle, reduces stress, increases muscle strength and mental strength prevents chronic disease and makes you fearless!
  43. Health Exams – If you don’t have your health you don’t have anything. No matter how much you make, it won’t mean anything! We need to start thinking in a way of prevention instead of treatment. You can do so by getting a yearly physical examination!
  44. Floss More – According to an article, flossing is healthy for you in many ways including preventing gym disease, eliminating bad breath, prevents tarter build up and is more effective than just brushing alone! Remember my friends lets prevent before we have to treat!
  45. Be More MIndful – Some of the benefits of mindfulness according to a great article on it are: more peace and less stress, the ability to deal with illness, recovery facilitation, decreased depression and improved general health. It will also just allow you to handle your day better and be more efficient with your time! Another article also talks about how you will encounter things during your time of being mindful, those being mind wander, sporadic relaxation, high expectations, a tendency to be hard on oneself and trying to hard. To avoid these as much as possible don’t try to hard, just allow it to happen and start slow.
  46. Go To Dinner With Your Closest Friends Once A Month – Life is too short not to maintain good and tight relationships with our closest friends. Get together at time where both of you don’t have to worry about leaving to soon and go out to a place where you can get some food and sit for hours if need be. Just chat and stay connected. We need good friends in our life who we have healthy relationships with!
  47. Go Camping – There is almost no better way to de-stress and get away from the rat race. Get off the grid for a bit and go be a kid out in the woods! Make fires, meditation, cook smores, fish and sleep under the stars. Sounds pretty dang refreshing right?
  48. Reinvent Yourself – Sometimes in order to change ourselves, we gotta do it drastically! Rise from the ashes and reinvent yourself massively. What are things you can do to switch things up and make life into a new game for yourself? Change your wardrobe, read more self development, change jobs, cook differently, diet differently, workout differently? Switching something up in a big way can break up a monotonous life!

  1. Quit Smoking – Other than saving money and having better breath, other benefits of  quitting smoking include: better hearing and vision, healthier mouth health, clearer skin, thinner blood, lower cholesterol, lower cancer risk, smaller belly as well as better sexual health.
  2. Quit Watching TV In Fact Sell That Baby – Did you know that the average person spends $100 on cable every month? What if you invested this money or used it to start your online business? Or simply donated it? You would feel a lot better and free up a lot more time to dominate your life in ways you never thought possible.
  3. Play An Instrument – There are so many great benefits of learning to play an instrument, including: teaching you perseverance, increasing memory capacity and capability, better mathmatical ability, betters reading and comprehension skills, exposes you to cultural history, boosts your listening skills and promotes good social health as well as diminishes stage fright.
  4. Become More Childlike and Intrigued By Life – This goes without saying that when acting like you are looking at the world through the eyes of a child, troubles melt away and life becomes a lot less serious. Learn to be intrigued by life and look at it as an adventure. This will allow you to be less stressed about scenarios a well as learn a lot more in general on this journey though life!
  5. Don’t Be A Doormat – Learn to value yourself so much that you don’t get walked on by people. Often times we are scared to say no to people for the sole fact that we don’t want to lose their friendship or love. But true love is self love and self respect and the people that don’t understand you not taking any shit anymore aren’t meant to be in your life. Those that do respect this are.
  6. Go Back To School – Often times we go to school when we are too young, not knowing what we want to do and just there doing time. Or because someone told us to do so in order to be successful in life. I am not condoning school in any way, shape or form. I am just saying that often times when we get older, we know what we are more passionate about simply because we have more life experience. You are also more grounded. Two ingredients that will allow you to be more likely to succeed in do so at a higher level than you would when you were younger. You don’t have to go back for a degree, you can simply go back and learn in subjects that you are passionate about, taking one or two courses either on campus or online!
  7. Create A Winner Mentality By Taking Full Responsibility For Your Life – “Your life begins to change the day you take responsibility for it.” – Steve Maraboli – This quote is awesome because it is true. You are now the driver of the bus, not just some random passenger. It is liberating and empowering to take full responsibility for your life.
  8. Work On Remembering Peoples First Names Wherever You Go – A great article talked about the benefits of this saying that it shows that you respect that person as an individual and allows each party to be more engaged in the conversation. It also talks about tips on how to go about remembering peoples first names well including: focus on the other person with eye contact, say it again reinforcing to them that you heard it correctly, use an image of the person in your head tying it to their name and lastly end the conversation by saying their name.
  9. Get To Know Yourself – Know Thy Self – Socrates – This quote is coming from one of the greatest minds of all time. There are so many benefits to knowing ourselves, some of which include: better decision making, seeing new opportunities, more confidence and more goal oriented. When you really get to know yourself, you will not be operating off programs that aren’t support to the real you. You will act more intuitively and automatically, creating a happier and abundant life. How do you know yourself better? Here is a great article that can help you: Guide To Know Thy Self
  10. Visit New Restaurants Around Town – Often times we get so conditioned to go to the same spots, talk to the same people and eat at the same restaurants. Going to different places will not only allow you to try new foods, but also meet new people that can become friends or help you in business. You can also use this as a fun date night or family night.
  11. Be More Passionate – When you get to the end of your life, you don’t want to feel as if you didn’t live life with enough passion or spend time enjoying your passions. But how do you become more passionate? I came across an awesome self help article talking about the 10 habits of passionate people saying that they have traits that include: being doers, excited, courageous, positive, strive to be their best, happy, motivated, accountable, focused and love to grow in life.
  12. Swap Coffee For Tea – Tea is a lot cheaper than coffee first off if you make it at home! Also according to an article on the subject, other benefits include the fact that it tastes better, less caffeine but more sustainable long term energy than a jolt, better sleep because of less caffeine, better breath and mouth health. Switching to tea can also bring you health benefits that include lowering insulin sensitivity, decreasing inflammation, lowering the risk of certain types of cancers and even the possibility of decreasing the risk of heart disease.
  13. Track Your Calories with apps like MyFitnessPal or MyPlate
  14. Freeze Food You Won’t Use Instead of Tossing It – According to the American Chemistry Council, the average household tosses out more than $640 of food each year. Save this money and freeze your leftovers. This is a couple months worth of food in a lot of houses! At worst, try to pack it up and give it to a homeless person!
  15. Realize Your Not Alone In Your Struggles – Often times when the walls are caving in and we feel like we are hitting our breaking point, we can feel SO alone. But realize this is just a feeling and you can reach out to people for help. Although it may feel weak, or you don’t want to do so because you want to appear to the world as having it together. There is no shame in doing so and people usually see it as a bold act that they also have a lot of trouble doing. This will also help you deepen relationships in which you share rough times with because you aren’t surface level anymore. Potentially creating a lifetime friendship.
  16. Give Gratitude Upon Awakening – Tony Robbins does 3 minutes of gratitude upon awakening as part of his active morning meditation. I mean if a guy who is almost a billionaire and one of the most succesful people on the planet do so daily, what’s stopping you??
  17. Create A Budget For Your Life – I read the book The Millionaire Next Door. Honestly it is one of the most boring books I have ever read in my entire life. BUT it showed me the fact that the average millionaire family are excellent at budgeting and is one of the true sole factors of why they attain wealth. Even if they don’t make a lot of money each year. It will allow you to save more and invest more. To do this, you can incorporate the Millionaire Mind Buckets that are talked about in the Book Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Veker allocating 10 percent a month to things like savings, investing, fun, and donations. The habit of doing this alone will make you way better at budgeting.
  18. Take Detox Foot Bathes – Getting a detox foot bath can help you eliminate toxins and heavy metals. Allowing you to have a healthier body. You can also knock out some good reading or positive audio during foot bathes as they range from lasting 20-30 minutes
  19. Take More Bathes – Bathes de-stress you. They also make you feel like a kid again! Take more bathes should be a life motto and all over t-shirts!
  20. Have Healthier Cheat Meals – You don’t have to eat crap food just to have cheat meals. You can do so in a more healthy way! Instead of slamming out a burger, cook up some lasagna or eating a dark chocolate bar. Cheat more wisely my friends! You can make food taste a lot better with a little effort. It may take a bit more time, but you are investing in yourself!
  21. Continue To Remind Yourself How Short Life Is – Like Steve Jobs Said “Remembering you are going to die soon is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. So remind yourself often that the clock is ticking. It will help you maximize your day and live life more fully!
  22. Become More Decisive – Tony Robbins talks about how the word decide in latin actually means to cut off from something. Or liked to an incision. He goes on to say that when you decide something, you cut yourself off from letting yourself do anything else. You CUT out the all things that are stopping you from doing what you have decided to do. This could mean many things, but essentially once you decide it, it is done.
  23. Create Your Workout Plan Before You So You Have Purpose In Your Workouts – This will allow you to bring more intensity into your workouts and make you more likely to adhere to your workout programs because they are both mentally and physically stimulating.
  24. Do Hot Yoga – Benefits of hot yoga include are talked about in an article about it including: giving you more flexibility than regular yoga, aid in weight loss, give you glowing skin, boost heart health, boosts your mood and promotes mindfulness.
  25. See “Failure” As Your Best Friends – “Failure forward, Fail Often” – Will Smith. It isn’t really failure unless you give up completely. See failure as a stepping stone to bigger success that will allow you to build momentum. You simply learn from it and move forward. The more you fail and keep moving forward the more you build perseverance and courage, which can’t be said for much of the population that is OK with mediocrity. YOU are not mediocre my friend!
  26. Tan More Often – I’m not saying you should look like you just stepped off the set of Jersey Shore. But getting consistent rays will give you some awesome Vitamin D. You can also do meditation during this time or read a good book. Two birds with one stone! Plus you will have skin that looks awesome all the time. Whats wrong with that??
  27. Be Your Number One Fan – When it comes down to it, we can be supported by the world but still be happy. Example Michael Jackson. We have to have our own back at the end of the day, because we spend the most time with ourselves. If you catch yourself beating yourself up, ask yourself if it is serving you in a positive way. Same thing when your mind says something about lack of self belief, low confidence, etc. It doesn’t serve you and these thoughts aren’t you. Catch yourself more often and replace them with positive thoughts that support you liking and believing in yourself.
  28. Snack Healthier With Fruit Instead of Chips – A cup of fruit has 54 calories, a cup of chips have 160 calories. This means you can get 3 times more full off of fruit at the same calorie amount! Plus it will help your digestion as well as make you feel better and have more vitality.
  29. Record Your Favorite Shows To Avoid Wasted Time With Commercials – You can skip hours of television a week by recording shows. This way you can be doing other tasks that are beneficial to your health and wealth instead of wasting time watching fear based marketing commercials.
  30. Tame Emotional Eating – You can tame emotional eating by sipping on green tea, preparing meals in advance, walking more and stretching when hungry, talking issues out that you think about when wanting to eat from an emotional feeling and packing healthy snacks with you instead of reaching for unhealthy alternatives.
  31. Go Gluten Free – Benefits of going gluten free include improving cholesterol, better digestion, increased energy, promotes weight loss, reduces risk of heart disease and certain cancers, more likely to eat more healthy fiber, wards off germs and eliminates a lot of process foods.
  32. Learn About Astrology and Get Your Natal Chart Done – This can be a fun activity and can also allow you to find more answers and see your life was created for a bigger purpose!
  33. Don’t Judge Others – See It From Their Perspective – Put Yourself In Someone Else’s Shoes
  34. Keep A Change Jar – There is a story about a guy who saves $6000 a year in change! You can check out how he does so here.
  35. Open The Door For People – Be an old fashion gentlemen or gentlewomen! People love that stuff and it makes you look like a stud or studdett!
  36. Define Your WHY In Every Area of Your Life – Without a big enough reason to do something, chances are you won’t push through tough times. You will give up on your way because you are HUMAN. Create a big massive why for why you want the things you want in life. Big enough to PULL you towards your goal instead of just PUSH.
  37. Keep A Small Journal With You and Journal Thoughts, Quotes and Other Things All Day That Resonate With You
  38. Stop Beating Yourself Up – The world is good enough at doing that to you already, don’t help them with it!
  39. Have Your Drinks On The Rocks to Avoid Extra Calories 
  40. Cancel Subscriptions You No Longer Use – There are often times subscriptions that we make that are in such a small insignificant amount that we either forget about it or just leave it because it is so small. But these babies add up, so get rid of the ones that aren’t important to hang on to and save some cheddar!
  41. Go Do Personal Development Seminars
  42. Vent Your Feelings – Get the toxic emotions out. Hell go old school and yell into a pillow! Don’t suppress emotions, become more emotionally intelligent and learn to vent constructively. But after your done, be DONE with that thing you were venting about for good.
  43. Don’t Be Afraid To Say I Love You More Often – Life is too short not to express the most powerful word and emotion of all time. Lets not act too cool or above giving and showing love. It feels great for both parties!
  44. Create Better Feng Shui In Your Home – There is an awesome article that talks about the benefits that better fen shui can bring into your life. It includes enhancing wealth, career advancements, more love for singles, improves health, help with money problems, improve your temper, improve academics and help in your business!
  45. Have More Sex and Do It In New Positions! – Be adventurous in the sack! No shame, switch it up. Get a sex position book and use every single position in there this year, OR this month 😉

  1. Have A Lavish Monthly Dinner Where Money Is No Option – It Will Make You Feel Rich and attract more abundance in your life!
  2. Practice Safer Sex – Yes it feels way better without protection, but come on, be a responsible adult. Both parties need to get checked out, then go without, just get some good birth control. Don’t let a few minutes of pleasure ruin your damn life!
  3. Create a Vision Board – Have fun with this and put up pictures that resonate with the goals, dreams and lifestyle that you want! Make it huge and put in up on your wall, then take a picture of it and put it as your screensaver on both your phone and computer!
  4. Stop Diagnosing Yourself Through Google Searches – You didn’t go to school for 12 years! Pay someone who did and get a real diagnosis before hit google searching about a problem you are having!
  5. Eat Slower So You Know When You Are Really Full – This can save you both a lot of wasted calories as well as money spending of food you didn’t need to eat. In turn giving you extra cash to go out to eat and spend those calories and money on something awesome! Or just use this tip as a way to get more fit without having to try very hard!
  6. Don’t Be Attached To Who You “ARE” – Often times we don’t even know who we really are. We think we do because we have been acting a certain way so long. It makes us very resistant to change. We feel that it is who we are. In order to change in a massive way and positive way, we need to be detached from the identity we have created! Doing so will allow you to get rid of un-supportive programs that we have adopted from as far back as childhood.
  7. Stop Trying To Keep Up With The Jonses – Focus on bettering yourself and competing with yourself. Maximize YOUR potential, who gives a shit about what anyone is doing. This is your life, stop living someone else’s.
  8. Dress With Your Own Style – “Trendy is the last stage before tacky.” – Karl Lagerfeld – Express yourself through your style!
  9. Make More Prank Calls – No explanation here, just do it because it is so much fun!
  10. Pay Bills As Soon as You Get Them – Doing this will avoid lingering stress that comes from sporadically thinking about the bill throughout the day, week or month. If you can’t pay it in full, figure your a way to pay some of it off with a payment plan. Just attack the bill head on and be progressive with it.
  11. Eat More Fiber For Better Digestion – Make sure you are getting 20-35 grams a day of fiber for optimal digestive health!
  12. Practice the 80/20 Rule Pareto Principle – The Pareto Principle is an originally an observation that 80% of Italy’s wealth belonged to 20% of the population. It is an observation in this life isn’t distributed easily. 20% of workers create 80% of the companies results, 20 of the customers create 80% of the revenue, 80% of the money belongs to 20% of the population, etc. But this can be equated to your life too. The way to use this principle best is to dedicated 80 percent of your energy to the most important 20% of your life in order to maximize results in tasks that will massively change your life.
  13. Stand Up For Yourself –  There is a great article about how to stand up for yourself offering various ways that include: Be assertive, clarify yourself without attacking the other person, fake it til you make it, not tolerating it, not letting anyone invalidate you and be deliberate and straight forward.
  14. Shop On A Full Stomach – There was a study done where there were 68 participants who avoided eating for 5 hours. After the 5 hours half of the participants were given as many crackers to eat as they want, the other half were given none. The entire group was then instructed to go online shopping, which unbeknownst to them, was overly filled with high calorie foods. The group that was allowed to eat bought 3.6 high calorie foods. The other group that wasn’t allowed to eat bought 5.7 high calorie products. Plus you know how it is when we go shopping hungry. We buy a bag of chips and nail that thing before we are even done shopping!
  15. Budget Shop More Often Its Fun To Find A Bargain – Save some cash and bargain hunt! Go to places like Marshall’s and TJMaxx more! A great article shows us how to become a better budget shopper including; setting a budget and sticking to it, wait before buying the latest products, shop at the end of the season, compare prices online and offline, pay with cash, always have a list, buy your groceries online, get loyalty cards at your favorite shops for discounts, follow retailers online to get their coupon offers and spend more on things that are going to last you longer than cheap stuff.
  16. Start Thinking About Prevention Instead of Treatment – In order to live a full life, you have to start thinking about prevention of diseases instead of waiting until it is too late then you have to treat it. The treatment is usually worse on the system than the actual disease. Not to mention the recovery time it takes to get back to normal, taking you off your job and making you less useful in life. Leading to lowered self-esteem. It is a horrible downhill spiral that you can avoid in a big way by creating a healthy life of prevention and promoting it to your loved ones.
  17. Question Things More Often Don’t Take Peoples Word – We tend to take things people say as fact. It makes us super gullible and doesn’t allow us to think for ourselves. Why not become a person who questions things? We learn better than way and will grow a lot more as people. This will make us into better conversationalists and more interesting people in general.
  18. Speak Well Of Others
  19. Carry Business Cards With You Always 
  20. Stop Watching TV or At Least Less 😉
  21. Go To Bed at the Same Time Daily
  22. Nurture Social Relationships
  23. Eat More Fish instead Of Red Meat
  24. Learn More About Your Current Religion
  25. Examine Your Inner Beliefs
  26. Build More Fires and Make Smores – Smore of What?
  27. Allow People To Compliment You
  28. Make The Most Out Of Being Single
  29. Dream Big
  30. Don’t Make Excuses
  31. Live Minimally
  32. Talk To A Homeless Person
  33. Turn Off Screens At Least An Hour Before Bedtime
  34. If You Read Fiction get A Non-Fiction book and vice Versa
  35. Write Down One Thing You Learned At The End Of The Day
  36. Take Cold Showers
  37. Complete The Most Difficult Talk First
  38. Forgive Yourself
  39. Replace Bad Fats With Good Fats
  40. Don’t Justify Things
  41. Face Problems Head On
  42. Give Yourself Permission To Be Happy Now
  43. Truly Realize and Internalize How Short Life Is
  44. Read Mans Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl
  45. Leave Things and Situations Better Than How You Found Them

  1. Always See Criticism As Constructive
  2. Don’t Let Age Age You
  3. Don’t Take Yourself So Serious – WHY SO SERIOUS!?
  4. Practice Progressive Muscle Relaxation
  5. Ask That Special Person Out
  6. Never Settle For Mediocrity – Food LIfe Love
  7. Keep Your Gas Tank At Least Half Full
  8. Take The Stairs Instead of The Elevator
  9. Eat More Fiber For Better Digestion – Make sure you are getting 20-35 grams a day of fiber for optimal digestive health!
  10. Maintain A Healthy Weight – A great article talks about some of the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight include: improved heart health, higher self esteem, increased fertility, better sleep, decreased risk of heart disease and living a longer life!
  11. Only Weigh Yourself Once A Week – The scale is truly evil! Actually our interpretation of the scale is evil. It can make or break your whole psychological day! Weigh yourself once a week at most. Don’t go off of what the scale is saying, go off of how your clothes are fitting. Your wardrobe will not lie, but the scale can if it is shifted over a bit or has some material underneath it. It can give you false results.
  12. Start A Movement – What better way to leave a legacy other than to start a big movement! Learn how to do so here: How to Start A Movement
  13. Cut Out Or Limit Your Sugar Intake – We all know too much sugar is bad for you, but check out these benefits of using a no sugar diet: lower inflammation, lower chance of obesity, less plaque and cavities, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and better liver health.
  14. Stand More At Your Desk – Our hip flexors become very tight after sitting hours and hours during the day. This leads to weakened gluteus muscles, causing lower back pain, tight quads and bad posture. If you stand more, you will avoid what is called a lumbo pelvic hip complex, giving you a more neutral spinal position and better gait.
  15. Wear Sunscreen More Often – There are excellent benefits to wearing sunscreen on the regular including: decreasing your risk for cancer, helps you stay looking youthful, keeps skin tone even, prevents you from soaking in UVB rays lessens the likely hood of you getting heat exhaustion.
  16. Brainstorm and Idea For An Invention! – Don’t be that person who has an idea than you see it on the market a year later selling out in countless stores!
  17. Laugh At Your Flaws – Flaws are just things we are comparing to other people, seeing ourselves as being less than in some way. Well first off, those same people are probably comparing themselves to you, as that is what humans do. Plus what good is it doing for you to compare yourself? If it is helping you, by all means keep doing so. But most likely it isn’t. Practice self love every time you catch yourself feeling bad about your “flaws”.
  18. Take More Vitamins  – The average diet is lacking so bad in nutrients. It is calorie dense but not nutrient dense. In order to really maintain good health, you have to be supplementing with a good multi-vitamin.
  19. Save Money and Invest – Here is a great guide on how to do just that to get you started as an investor to start bettering your financial health and future TODAY. How To Invest Money
  20. Go To More Networking Events – Your net work is your net worth. Go to networking events, join groups online and get out and hand your business card out every time you talk to strangers. You can also make awesome friends this way and become better known in the community.
  21. Take Walks By a Stream or River – Because of the fact that it is peaceful as heck!
  22. Create An Hour A Week of “YOU” Time
  23. Don’t Believe Your Mind So Much – Thank it for sharing but see it as separate from you, don’t identify with the negative thought or feeling. Just see it as your brain bringing up something that isn’t really you and you can let it go for good.
  24. Don’t Fear Change – Most people are terrified of change. What if you became excited instead. Life is constantly changing and to resist it is just plain dumb because of the fact that everything is always changing. Your life will never be the same after you live each day. So get excited for change and be excited for the reason that you will grow and experience new things. Welcome change. What you resist, persists!
  25. Go On Staycations – You don’t have to blow money on going to exotic locations. You can stick around close to your home but far enough to where you feel like you are getting off the map. It call allow you a mental break from your town as well as allow you to explore close by towns and experience new adventures and people.
  26. Flex Your Muscles In The Mirror – Not only does this give you a little boost in self confidence, it will also provide a big hearty laugh, which we know from one of our other healthy habits, can relax you for up to 30 minutes!
  27. Surprise People When Asked How Are You Doing –  With saying you are having the best friggin day of your life. This will shock the hell out of people as well as make it more possible for you to attract better scenarios into your life. What you focus on expands, soon you will be having the best days of your life if you keep saying this!
  28. Create A List of Your Top 10 Standards – And Live By Them As If Your Life Depended On It. Put them up in multiple areas of the house, in your car and on your screensavers for your phone and computer.
  29. Let The Day Be OVER – When the day is done, don’t think back and have regrets and think about what you would have done if you could do it over again. You can’t do it over again. Instead ask how you could do it BETTER NEXT TIME.
  30. Counteract Negative Thoughts With Positive Thoughts – Don’t let your mind run you.
  31. Get Adequate Sleep – Or Nap Daily – The benefits of getting adequate amount of sleep each night include: better immune system, more likely to maintain a healthy weight, improves mood, reduces stress, better social interaction and be mentally sharper!
  32. More Foreplay Before Sex – Benefits of more foreplay before sex include getting better lubricated for better sex. Also it makes both parties feel more adored and connected leading to hotter and steamier sessions in the sack!
  33. Adopt A Growth Mindset – You no longer go through things, you GROW through things. Allow yourself to be fully present in tough times and life in general. This will allow you to milk all the growth benefits you can out of things instead of trying to suppress them to just get through them.
  34. Imagine Your Walking Around With A Superman Cape On – Awesome For Self Confidence
  35. Speak Up More Often – You have a voice my friend!
  36. Create Daily Goals and Check Them OffPsychology Today talked about the science of achieving goals and talks about how there is a release of dopamine when we achieve a goal. We can technically manipulate this release of the feel good chemical by setting and accomplishing small goals. They also suggest that changing your environment can allow you to do better as they studied college students who transferred schools and they were more likely to change their daily habits than those who didn’t transfer. So break out of the monotony and bust through your goals!
  37. Don’t Check Your Email Upon Rising – When you first arise, your mind is very much affected by the stimuli put into it. If we read our email, this is no doubt going to most of the time cause a stresser or multiple. Setting off your day in a stressful manner. Instead read something positive or meditate. Better yet, put a reminder on your phone to check you email, once in the morning and once at night. Then leave it alone at all other times.
  38. Learn To Say No More Often – Now this should be done in a more assertive way, not aggressive. You are portraying your power, not forcing it on the other. You stop being a doormat. You don’t spread yourself so thin. A great article talked about ways about saying no which include; not using the word no but something that implies it, separate the decision from the relationships, make peace with trading popularity for respect and remember that a firm no can be way more graceful than a fake and non-committed yes.
  39. Adopt A Growth Mindset – You Don’t Go Through It You Grow Through It
  40. Seek Simplicity – The more we simplify, the more we eliminate stress. The more we try to make our lives complex, the more hectic our minds become. When it comes down to it, complex looks sexy and simple doesn’t. But it will provide you with a much happier and clearer life.
  41. Do Something New At Least Once A Week – This goes back to changing up your environment which as caused one to create new and productive habits. In order for you to change you have to change something. Try new hobbies, going for walks in different neighborhoods. Anything to break you out of your routine.
  42. Feel Fear and Do It Anyways! Push your boundaries. Fear is just a feeling that is made up in the mind about a scenario playing out the way you don’t want it to. It isn’t really real, it is our reaction to something coming true. By feeling the fear, you acknowledge it’s existence but when you more forward even though you are in a fear, you notice that the fear diminishes. Do this with the same task over and over and the fear will soon to be non-existent. Plus you don’t want to live life with regrets. You will if you let fear run your life.
  43. Don’t Finish Food Just Because It’s On Your Plate – This goes back to the caring mother wanting her child to grow. Or a family member who said that we should eat everything on our plate because there are starving children all over the world! You don’t HAVE to. You also don’t have to feel guilty about it either because you can just store it by freezing it and eating it again another day.
  44. Explore – Act like a kid and explore your surroundings. Look for local hotspots that allow you to have fun in your backyard!
  45. Wash Dishes As You Go – This will keep from feeling overly stressed about having to clean the whole sink full of dishes. This will also make you feel more accomplished because it is a goal and dopamine is released with each goal finished! Also, this will keep your kitchen clean and not cause it to have illness producing bacteria.
  46. Watch Sunsets or Sunrises – Because they are peaceful and beautiful. The put us in the moment as well as let us realize how truly magnificent life is. I also tend to forget about my worries when I watch a sunset or sunrise. Maybe you can even take pictures of them and paint them as your creative outlet.

  1. Eat More Mindfully – This is the habit of eating your food with awareness and not eating subconsciously. It is a form of mediation but mindful eating has awesome benefits that include; why you feel like eating and potential emotions that can trigger certain types of eating, if the food is truly healthy or not, emotions during and after eating, how full you are and the source of the food allowing you to see how environmentally healthy it is. Also, you can’t change anything if you are operating on autopilot, no you don’t have to with your diet!
  2. Use The 5 Second Rule – If you don’t act within 5 seconds on something that you want to but are scared to, you most likely won’t do it. So when you want to ask that girl out for a drink or want to pursue a potentially huge financially beneficial cold call, don’t wait. Just react. This will give your mind less time to create fake situations about the bad things that could happen, which almost never turn out true anyways.
  3. Live In The Moment – The present moment is when people are truly the happiest. When we are thinking about the past we are depressed, when we think about the future we are anxious. Just remember the quote by Eckhart Tolle – “Realize deeply that the present moment is all we will ever have.”
  4. Invest In Yourself – You are your biggest asset, always be looking for ways to invest in yourself to allow you to bring more value to the marketplace and in your personal life.
  5. Reflect on Your Day – What could you learn from your day. How can you learn from scenarios that you can do better in next time? Better yet, what did you do good and how can you do better. This will provoke more positive responses.
  6. When You Find Coins On The Ground Say To Yourself You Are a Money Magnet – This is a tip I learned from Secrets of A Millionaire Mind. It seems silly but it can allow you to draw more money into your life because you are appreciating it more.
  7. Do Something Spontaneous Each Day – There is a cool article talking about this and the benefits it will bring you including; keeping your mind sharp, less stress because you will now be adapting to the unknown and add variety to your day. In order to integrate more spontanaeity into your life, you should do so after you have had a successful day, be naughty when you do it, actually schedule it since it isn’t part of your daily life yet and look for ideas online of how people live more spontaneous.
  8. Ask For Help More Often – Nobody can do it alone. Even “self made” people are not really self made at all. They have had massive amounts of help on the way. Also the smartest people know that it takes hiring smarter people than them is the best and fastest way to success!
  9. Masturbate On The Regular – There are awesome advantages of masturbation including; avoiding getting sick because of high sperm count, reduces STD’s, eases tension, and stop you from having sex with someone you are going to regret later! I even read a study that it helps you life heavier after masturbating before working out!
  10. Change The Nervous Mindset For Excited – Replace the word nervous with excited, it can change your whole perspective in life.
  11. When You Are At Work WORK – Don’t talk to co-workers until either your lunch break or after work. When you are at work, get in the zone and crush your tasks. That way you don’t take it home with you. You will be able to separate work life from home life. A very crucial thing for happiness and success.
  12. Learn Belly Breathing – There are countless benefits of belly breathing including: relieving pain, stretches and tones core muscles including the pelvic floor, improves posture and helps us relax better along with creates optimal levels of respiratory health.
  13. Get A Mentor For One Or More Areas of Your Life – Even the pros have mentors. To reach a new level in your life, you have to work with someone who knows how to make you better. This can even be in the form of reading the same author over and over or watching podcasts of an expert in your field.
  14. Allow A Negative Feeling To Be There Instead of Resisting It – What you resists persists, so if you have been trying to escape a negative feeling or emotion, stop. The only way through it is straight through it. If you are having trouble letting go of unwanted emotions. I wrote an article on how to do so here.
  15. Join A Workout Group – Often times we refrain from working out alone because we are intimidated or don’t want to look dumb in front of people when we mess up. Well first of all people that go to the gym are some of the most secure people in the world because they are creating higher self confidence, so they won’t judge you if you mess up. But you can also workout around others who are in the same situation as you by joining a gym that offers group classes. It can allow you to get a host of different types of workouts and styles and help you on your journey to one day working out on your own.
  16. Use Smaller Plates To Eat Less – A little psychological trick to make your mind think you are eating just as much.
  17. Add Variety To Your Diet – Switch it up. This will make you healthier! Add a variety of meats, fruits and veggies to get a wholesome diet!
  18. Pause Before SpeakingPausing before you speak has many benefits including avoiding the risk of interrupting the person who you are speaking to if they aren’t done, shows you were listening and reflecting on what they said and you can let what was said soak in to give a much better response.
  19. Strongly Introduce Yourself To New People – Make a lasting impression on people wherever you go. Look people in the eye and introduce yourself, don’t wait for them to initiate.
  20. Master Social Media To Promote & Market Your Business – According to a website 42% of the worldwide population is online and 84.2% of the US is online. The numbers are only going to get higher. Why not master online marketing and take your piece of the pie? Where else can you open your doors up to 3 billion people on your first day in business?
  21. Stop Hitting The Snooze Button – This is going to take effort, but the best way to stop hitting the snooze button is to have something so exciting waiting for you that it pulls you out of bed. Create a strong sense of purpose through goals you can get excited about to where sleep becomes less important!
  22. Make Better Eye Contact – I came across an article on the importance of making eye contact and it talked about how those who do some come across as more likeable and attractive, dominant and powerful, warm and receptive, trustworthy and honest and more confident and emotionally stable.
  23. Eat Clean – There is a great level of discipline earned and created by eating clean. If we master our diet and feelings around food, we will naturally be more disciplined in every other areas of life.
  24. Build Scale Sized Models – There are many great benefits of building models, including fine skills development, stress release, artistic outlet, feeling of completion and something fun to do with loved ones.
  25. Be More Organized – Here is a great article on how to get organized with 100 tips!
  26. Give More Hugs – It has been said that when you hug people the vagus nerve is stimulated releasing a healthy dose of oxytocin which can relax the body and make you feel great through the release or norepinephrine. So hug the heck out of people, don’t just go for a handshake! Even if your are a due and are worried about it looking unmanly, then just give the cool guy high five bro hug!
  27. Wake Up To A Big Glass of Lemon Water – Drinking lemon water on an empty stomach can provide you with countless benefits including; helping promote weight loss, fighting colds, detoxify, help with digestion, lower inflammation, reduce acne and give you a healthy dose of vitamin C.
  28. Recall Upon Fond Memories More Often – Whenever you are feeling down, just think of a nice memory that allows you to be taken of that moment of feeling down. Use your memories as a time machine to a better time!
  29. Teach or Motivate Someone Who Needs It – Not only will the student receive benefits from this, allowing you to feel great about yourself and your contribution. You will also learn, like the Proverb says “By learning, you will teach, by teaching you will learn.”
  30. Be More Loving – Just love the hell out of people. Doing so is the cheapest and fastest way to feel joy. You will also receive a lot more love back because you are giving it, and what you give out in this universe must come back to you.
  31. Throw More Parties – Make people happy by throwing a nice bbq party or block party. It can be a great way to network and just have fun and blow off steam after a long work week.
  32. Skip Rocks – This will both put you right in the moment as well as bring out a competitive side in you. Do it with a friend and have a nice competition where the winner buys dinner!
  33. Donate Things Your Haven’t Used For 6 Months Or Sell Them! – If you haven’t used something for 6 or more months, chances are that it really doesn’t mean that much to you anymore. Allow yourself to let go of this after giving yourself a moment of nostalgia! Then toss that sucker or donate it!
  34. Be Overly Optimistic About At Least One Goal – Pull out on all stops for one goal. The more “delusional” you are about your goal, the more you will act in ways you wouldn’t even you were being rational about your goals and its outcome. So fake it til you achieve your goal!
  35. Start and Finish Strong – Keep the energy you had in the beginning all the way to the end. Don’t let up until you achieve your desired outcome.
  36. Call a Relative and Tell Them Your Love Them – This is especially awesome to call a senior relative of ours. Often time this can make someones day or week, getting them out of a negative rut!
  37. Look Up At The Stars – This will make you really appreciate how big life is as well as make your problems feel a lot smaller!
  38. Buy A Telescope and Learn The Constellations – Take it to another level and spend some time admiring this universe and looking at planets and constellations. It can be incredibly relaxing.
  39. Wear Red More Often – There is a great article that talks about how scientifically wearing read will allow you to be more of a winner in this life. That is the closest color associated with power and strength. People cannot ignore it. It gives you a feeling of higher self esteem. Just think about it, Tiger Woods wears red in many of the most important tournaments he has ever played.
  40. Stand In Power Poses – This is more of a temporary solution to long term power, but it can put you in a mind state that allows you to act in a more powerful way. Which will make you more powerful in the long run.
  41. Be A Selfless Lover – The people in your life crave for this and you can be the one to provide them this. Unconditional love. Love like a mother does a newborn child. Without ulterior motives.
  42. Park In The Furthest Parking Spot To Get More Steps In – This can be an easy way to start losing some weight. Plus it will switch up your routine.
  43. Engage In A Forum of Your Interest Daily or Weekly – You can get perspectives from potentially thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people
  44. Eat At Least One Piece of Fruit A Day – An apple a day doesn’t necessarily keep the doctor away but eating fruit at least once a day will add variety as well give you essential nutrients for brain health and vitality.
  45. Avoid Cream In Coffee – 2 tablespoons of cream are 37 calories. Most people put twice that in their coffee. Be a badass and drink your coffee black! You will lose weight or be able to use those calories to eat more of the foods you enjoy.
  46. Stop Eating Fried Foods – The oil that is used in fried foods is incredibly cheap and can be linked to causing cancer. By avoiding fried foods you will have better liver health, better energy, less brain fog as well as and get more calories because you will be eating more calorie dense food.
  47. Rehearse and Prepare For Big Moments – This will make you feel more relaxed going into situations that would normally cause you anxiety. Fear is in the unknown. By playing out scenarios in or mind of how things will play out and how we can adapt positively, we can then act more naturally instead of out of fear.


  1. Don’t Let The Negative Define You – What your going through in life doesn’t define you, it just IS. Don’t let the negative things that happened to you make you. Find a positive in every negative and change your entire life and the image you have or yourself. Don’t let negative things make up your STORY. Create a positive story that talks about you overcoming and being better from the negative events.
  2. Adopt the Mentality That You Are Going To Do It No Matter What – You will develop epic resilience by adopting this mindset. Leave it all on the field and persevere until you make it.
  3. Be Patient – If you learn patience you will out last so many people that are looking for a quick fix. Develop a long term mindset. Media plays on our want for easy solutions. Don’t fall for it. It will give you the motivation to push through tough times.
  4. Use A Password Manager To Help You Remember Your Passwords – I mean talk about a stress relief. Instead of having to manage all your passwords in your head, clear some brain space and let LastPass do so for you!
  5. Stop Gossiping – Be so silent when people start talking crap that people are see how horrible their actions are and admire you.
  6. Create A Retirement Fund – Take some stress off of yourself by planning for the future so you are ready for it when you get there. Not figuring it out when you get there.
  7. Chew Mints Instead of Smoking – This can allow you to be orally fixated by something else instead of reaching for a stogie.
  8. Arrive Everywhere 5 Minutes Early – Develop the reputation for being tentatively on time or early. Your reputation is everything. Be known for the guy who will be early and not put up with people that aren’t.
  9. Accept What You Cant Change – Acceptance can seem passive, but it is actually allowing you to move forward instead of staying stuck in the negative. Use this powerful force often.
  10. Create Your Elevator Pitch for ALL Areas of Your LIfe – This can allow you to come off polished and not get caught off guard.
  11. Take Photos Through The Day With Your Phone – Capture moments instead of just trying to remember them!
  12. Become A Perfectionist great habits– This is one of the that some of the most wealthy and successful people in the world have.


There you are my friends in personal growth! I would love to hear what you thought about this article. Was it too many? Not enough? Also What was your FAVORITE one that you want to start integrating today? Let me know so we can talk in the comment section below!

Much love friends.



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