Hobbies For Men (103 Manliest Hobbies)

Hobbies For Men

As men, we have a lot on our minds. We are active beings who are always on the grind. Looking for ways to make our own lives better. As well as better lives for our family and other loved ones. This can boil down to us needing a good outlet or ten! To blow of steam and to bring more happiness and peace into our lives.

If you are like me, you need things in your life to help you channel the myriad of feelings I have each day! Stress, anxiety, aggression, love, lust. Pretty much any and every emotion that us men feel!

Well, my friends, grabbing a nice hobby and incorporating it into your daily life can help you channel any emotion in human existence. To let you channel your emotions so you can bring a more centered and peaceful you to your existence.

Which can only help us men do better in every area of our lives that matter. To help us be better leaders of our families. Better friends. And better humans. Helping us enjoy our time here on earth so much more.

We need things that we look forward to, otherwise we lose hope. We have not true feeling of progress. And without progress in different areas of our life, we feel like we are dying. Because if we aren’t growing we are dying. As simple as that.

That is why I created this list for you fellas. To help you gain progress in your life with hobbies coupled with a positive form of escape.

But what are the best hobbies for men? Well gents, that is why I wrote this article. As a resource you can use to never get bored.

Below are 101 different options when you are looking for new hobbies.

Enjoy my friends.

101 Hobbies For Men (List of Hobbies)

Fishing (Spear Fishing)

Fishing helps us find some quiet in our minds. It helps teach us patience, which is a lost art in today’s world. Having better patience can help us develop better staying power to keep us on track towards our goals.

Other benefits of fishing include boosting immune system function by helping us get more Vitamin D. Burning around 200 calories per hour. Engages the neuromuscular system helping you build better muscular strength and coordination. Plus you get to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.


Archery is one of the bad ass sports and hobbies that we forget about when looking for something to do when we are bored. You can get a entire archery kit of good quality for under 200 dollars. Which you can set up in the park or in your backyard. It can help you create better focus, patience, hand eye coordination.

It can also be a great tool to develop if you want to go hunting. Developing the skill of archery will also help you develop better upper body strength, overall coordination, aid in relaxation through managed breathing and helping center you through intense focus a well as build better self confidence through progression of mastering a difficult hobby.


We shouldn’t forget the great feelings that we got from simply shooting hoops. Trying to hit as many free throws as we could in a row. If you can, jump in with people at the park. Someone is usually always down to get a pick up game going. This can help you create more friendships. And help you lose weight in the process. As you can burn 300 calories and hour shooting hoops alone. And up to 757 calories per hour during a full court game.


If you haven’t developed a habit of lifting weights on a regular basis, then you are missing out on one of the best outlets for men, ever. Once you get addicted to the feelings of higher self confidence and more energy and vitality, game over. You will develop a hobby that turns into something that can change every single area of your life.

Raise your standards now. Tell yourself that starting today, weightlifting will be a major hobby in your life. You owe it to yourself to create the body of your dreams. To get back to your fighting weight. And to enjoy the transformation that your body and mind go through when going to the gym on a regular basis.


Whether in the ocean or at a nice pool, swimming can be one of those things that becomes addicting. It is also nice that it isn’t your normal type of cardio. It is very primal in it’s ways, making us feel pretty Spartan like when we crush a nice swim.

Some of the main benefits of swimming include:

  1. Building a better and stronger heart. Helping you have a lower resting heart rate.
  2. Tones muscle and helps burn fat.
  3. Provides an full body workout.
  4. Builds better lung strength.
  5. Better confidence by altering ones body composition.
  6. Alleviate your stress.
  7. Improve flexibility.

Mountain Biking

If you are more of an adrenaline junkie like me, this should be high on your list of new hobbies to learn. It can be a little pricey getting a nice mountain bike. But it is a solid investment. Because you want a strong bike that maneuvers nicely on the trails. Otherwise a cheap one can create more opportunity for crashing.

This hobby will let you explore different terrain. And will give you a hobby that you can engage in anywhere you go in this life. All you need is a nice bike rack and you can take your bike with you wherever you go. Letting you blaze trails wherever you travel. You will naturally lose more weight and build very good lower body strength and muscle.


The great thing about journaling today is that it can be done in the form of a blog. You get enough traffic to this blog, and you can start making money! Oh how the world has changed!

Find something that makes you passionate. And then write your heart out. It is a great way to vent what is going on in your life. And an opportunity to connect to like minded people who are going through some of the same stuff that you do. Or have the same passions and purpose that you do.

Plus it is cheaper than a shrink!

Resource: 83 Benefits of Journaling 

Flying Kites

No same in this one my manly friends out there! Flying kites can help us chill out a bit. Feel childlike. And forget about the past and the future for a bit. It can help us get out in the outdoors. And feel the elements on us.

It also engages the right side of our brains. Which is the creative process that helps us better our skills that include visualization, concentration, planning, coordination, planning and problem solving.

It also reduces stress and presents a mindful environment. Also giving you the benefits of meditation. You can also meet new people. Create better eye health. And even better our posture and cervical health as we are looking up. Instead of looking down or straight ahead like most of us do all day at work.


There is no feeling like crushing a nice hike. It gets our lungs pumping. And it feels great to be blazing our own trail. Fighting it out on the hill with other people who want more out of their physical existence. It also helps us get out of the monotony of doing cardio and lifting weights in the same place over and over. It can break up our routines. There are most likely many trails that you can hit and cycle out. Hitting a different one each week.


If you live near a big body of water, this can be an awesome hobby to have. You can get a great full body pump. And you can feeling the invigorating feeling of ripping through the surface of the water. You can even attach a fishing pole to your kayak and trail your bait behind your kayak. Or even stop and fish at different spots along your journey.

It is great to soak in some nice alone time. And get the chance to reflect on life. Set new goals. And simply think about what the rest of your life to be.

Metal Detecting

This can be a nice little past time that can get your mind off of the world’s turmoil. And maybe, just maybe, you can find yourself some nice treasures. Even turn this hobby into a nice little side hustle!

Brewing Beer

There is nothing more manly than brewing your own beer. You don’t even have to drink it. Hell you can even sell it to your local businesses  and make some money off of this hobby.

The great thing about brewing your own beer at home is that all you really need is water, yeast, grains and hops. That is it! You can be creating your own craft beers in no time!

If you aren’t into brewing beer, brew some kombucha. A couple of guys from the university near me starting a kombucha company a couple years ago and they each netted a comfortable six figures profit each last year!

Resource: How to Make Beer at Home

Resource: How To Make Kombucha At Home

Grill Master!

BBQing meat is an awesome little hobby to have. You can marinate some nice steak and cook a lavish meal. Or you can prep your meat for the week. Giving you a hobby that helps you eat healthy as well. I mean come one guys, what dude doesn’t like fire and meat! LOL


Whether you are doing a stay-cation or going far away, camping is always an option. It allows you to stay at different beautiful places for either entirely free. Or much cheaper than normal. You also pay less that you do for food as you are forced too cook it out there. Keeping you from going out to eat and flipping big tabs at restaurants.

You can explore the terrain, fish, hike, and lay under the stars. Of course campfires and smores are a must!


I know you may be thinking this belongs on the hobbies for women, but fellas, Joe Rogan himself does yoga. Dude is like one of the most bad ass people on this earth! From my experience with yoga, it has been a chill activity that also provides me with the strain I am looking to get from activity. It has helped me become centered for my day as I would do so early in the morning. And really increased my flexibility. Helping me lift safer and heavier in and outside of the gym

Coin Collecting

Coin collecting is something I would do as a kid. I had so many old pennies, nickels and quarters. I would exchange allowance money for rolls of coins. And sift through those puppies. Trying to find the oldest coins I could find. Something cool about feeling and holding onto history in your had. Thinking about all the people that used that currency to buy something they needed. How it was so much further than it does today, when it was originally pressed. Pretty solid little habit for men here!

Resource: 3 Steps To Starting A Coin Collection

Woodworking At Home

Woodshop was my favorite subject in school. It was the only class I would look forward to each day. Maybe it was because of the fact that I loved working with my hands. And it didn’t have to do with reading about people I had no care in the world about! Regardless, it was a good hobby to have.

You can also do woodworking at home with a small amount of tools. Check this video out if you are interested in developing this hobby!

Record Collecting

This goes back to the coin collection hobby. There is something about holding history in your hands. A piece of plastic embedded with the lyrics of some of the greatest musical minds of our history. There is something that looks so cool about someone who has a record collection. And playing a record looks so much cooler than someone bumping music on their Iphone. You can have record parties. As well as put on nice Bach or Beethoven records. Allowing you to reach deep levels of relaxation in the comfort of your own home.


Volunteering can offer you a chance to make a big impact in your community. It can help you feel as if you are leaving legacy behind. And you are making the world a better place just by being here. People are in need and you can satisfy that need!

Shooting Guns

Going to the range or shooting outside is always a great time. It feels good. It is a great stress release. It also gives us a nice boost of adrenaline and creates better arm strength.

You also have to pour on the mental focus as well helping you better your concentration. It also gives you a great breakthrough in getting out of your comfort zone. As shooting guns can be pretty intense and scary at first. You also gives your eyes a mini workout, helping you have better eye health.

Not to mention giving you the feel that you can in fact protect yourself from harm.

Playing An Instrument

There are so many great aspects of playing an instrument. When you are playing an instrument, the word fades away. Mastering the skill of playing an instrument takes time and dedication. But once you have this skill, you can starting offering your skill at parties, serenading your lover or setting up on Hollywood Blvd to rake in some tips!


There is something symbolic about the crack and rattling around of bowling pins that reverts us back to childhood. Maybe school parties, or family night out. Or simply just going with buddies and horsing around at the bowling alley.

It is a great hobby to have in today’s day and age. You can burn calories doing so as well. Create better focus as well as become more competitive. Trying to beat your previous score or scores of friends and family that are bowling with you.

Building Models

As a kid, I would put together models of cars so damn fast, it would make your head spin! It was a great pastime and gave me deep satisfaction when I put the finished product on the shelf. Or gave it to my mom! What kinds of things do you like? Maybe planes, buildings, ships? It can provide you with a feeling of progress each day. Until finally you have in front of you, the finished product!


Knocking out a puzzle is one of the most gratifying feels of all time. It provides a great mental strain that shows us the power of perseverance. And the feeling of victory. There is something about taking a pile of cardboard, and creating a perfection out of it. Sort of symbolic in a sense. It shows us how to pick up the pieces and put them back together. Just like we have to do in our lives at times.

Some of the other benefits of puzzles include: Improved mood, lower stress levels, increased IQ, better problem solving skills and delayed dementia and Alzheimers to name a few!

Ship In A Bottle

You know the type. The ones done in the movie where the villain is killing time, thinking about his next move!

Building a ship in bottle dates back to actual maritime art where sailors of the past had tiem to kill. So they would create these works of art inside old bottles.

If you are interested in engaging in this age old art, check this video out!


The history of leather working dates back to one of the most useful discoveries for protection of the elements. It dates back to having artifacts made of leather found in Egyptian tombs dating back to 5000 BC. It started as making footwear, clothing and tents from the hide. Nowadays proficient leather workers make some of the most artistic and fashionable work around.

If you are into leather working and want to create some art out of current leather. Or create new projects, leather work is a great hobby for males.

Resource: Introduction to Leatherworking – 13 Steps 


We all have this inner fascination with magic. Is it REAL, how did the magician do the trick!? What did we miss??

Magic dates back to the 17th century in which many books were written on the subject. Of which it became more main stream when the man Houdini himself made if popular out in Paris in the mid 1800’s.

Magic is something that you can fascinate both other people and yourself with. It can give you something to show off at parties. Make little kids head spin. And maybe defy the laws of the world with!

Here is a great video on how to how to get started:


Fencing dates back to the 18th century which now is an Olympic sport that has it’s roots deeply based in swordsmanship. It requires spurts of speed and strength giving, making this hobby a great workout for it’s participant. It offers a feeling of camaraderie, helps one learn patience, provides you to individually complete and happens to be one of the safest sports one can engage in. Letting you dress up in your suit and hit the office right after virtually unscathed.


All you need is a nice telescope and a place to put it that sends it directly up to the heavens. This hobby for men will give the participant a deep connection to the universe. And perspective to how massive this universe really is. It gives you the chance to view galaxies that are literally millions of light years away. Check out the craters on the moon. And track the skies like a rockstar with the right guide to astronomy from home.

Resource: How To Use A Telescope Like A Pro


Gardening offers a chance for us to be the men that society needs. How so? As a provider, a man needs to provide for his offspring and queen. The ability to plant and nurture and harvest. To sow what we reap. It is a life metaphor in many cases. The better we plant in the winter, the better we can reap in the spring.

It helps us save money from buying produce at the stores. And gives us a deep sense of accomplishment.


Many people think this is more a a feminine sport. But the fact of the matter is that gymnest’s are some of the most shredded and jacked dudes walking this planet. By engaging in gymnastics, you reap such benefits as:

  1. Excellent core strength
  2. Improved flexibility
  3. Lower risk for disease by increasing physical activity.
  4. Strengthening your bones
  5. Greater mental clarity.
  6. Development of discipline
  7. Comradery

Resource: 13 Genius Gymnastics Moves For Men


If you have never experience a runners high, well then you are missing out my manly friends. It is exhilarating. A feeling of breaking through your comfort zone and coming out on the other side as a champion.

Some of the benefits of becoming an active runner include improving your mental and physical health, more relaxation and ability to cope with stress, fat loss, lowers blood pressure, better productivity, more confidence, boosts memory retention, better sleep and better mental strength helping you break bad habits.

This hobby can even develop into you running marathons or 10K’s. Literally transforming the way you look at fitness forever.

Resource: 71 Benefits of Running


I am not talking about snapping random pictures with your smart phone. No my friends, I am talking about looking like you are about to snap the next cover of National Geographic. Something that truly is better at capturing the scenery. Made for taking pictures. This male hobby can be great for giving pictures to friends and family as gifts. Creating photo albums. Selling your photos as stock photos. And simply experiencing life in high definition.

Salsa Dancing

Ladies love a man that can dance. And even more that can teach them how to dance. Enrolling in some salsa dancing courses can make you into a man ladies swoon over. It can spark old romance with your current honey. And it can also give you a hobby that allows you to master swagger. Get physically fit. And feel competent on any dance floor.

Dancing is the universal language. And when you do it, you become fluent with any type of person. Allowing you to bond with pretty much anyone that comes in your life.

Resource: How To Dance Salsa For Beginners 


Self defense is key to know as a man. When it comes to getting in scuffles or protecting our mate. We need to know how to lay someone clean out if it needs to be done. Sports like karate, muay thai and cage fighting bring us a feeling of security to our lives. There is something like knowing how to protect ourselves, that brings with it the feeling that we don’t have to be in fear as much. This translates to us making more bold moves in all areas of our life.

It also boasts the benefits of physical and mental fitness as well. Giving us both mental and physical mastery with this hobby for men.

Surfing/Paddle Boarding/Windsurfing

There is something like riding a wave that provides an experience like no other. It is a feeling of mastering a force on the face of the earth that is so powerful. The ocean. Ripping through and gliding across the water gives a sense of euphoria.

It is a health habit and hobby to have. It allows you to be alone with your thoughts and feelings. A way to process what is going on in your life. A form of mediation and spiritual retreat.

Car Restoration

There is something about fixing up something from the past. Something someone gave up on and wrote off. To restore it to it’s original form. Or even better than original. It is a hobby that takes time to complete. But it can be a lifetime hobby in which you can constantly be upgrading your beauty.

What would be a car that you would want to restore? The car of your dreams that you can get for pennies on the dollar. And then devote your weekends to making it ready for the streets? I know mine would be a 1969 Yenko Camaro!

Rock Climbing

We all need a little adrenaline rush in our lives. Rock climbing can provide this for us. There are places where you can do so in doors. Where you can learn from teachers and people that are doing it there. Then take that knowledge out to the outdoors and scale the faces of mountains like a boss. Here is a video teaching you good climbing technique to get you started with this hobby.

Board Games

There is something about playing board games that makes you feel like a kid again. The strategy and the desire to win is strong and it allows you to lose track of time and worries. Letting you simply have a ton of fun for cheap!

Resource: 21 Best Board Games For Adults 


There is something about whacking the hell out of billiard balls that helps one channel the stress of daily life. Get good and skilled enough at it and you can even turn this mens hobby into hustling people at the pool hall. Making money on those Friday nights at the billiard hall!

All in all pool is a great hobby to have because it helps us focus on developing precision and focus. Something we need to go after and achieve our goals in life. It involves strategy, perseverance and overcoming obstacles to make it to your most important goal, sinking the eight ball. Billiards can actually teach us a lot about life!

Also, almost everyone playing pool is usually in a pretty good mood. Letting you build comradery among people that are competitive and in good spirits.


Golfing may seem like a sport only for those who are retired, but anyone at any age can enjoy a nice round a of golf every once in a while. It allows you to soak up the elements of nature. Use strategy and hang out with buddies. It is also a sport you can play alone if you want some alone time to get away and still be active.


Easily one of the manliest things on our list. You can get a sense of complete freedom and tranquility on a hog. Getting a nice bike for yourself can be a way to get away. Explore the roads in a more intense way. And even road trip on it. Ripping through hundreds of miles of highway. If you have a lady, you two can go on romantic rides together. Park it on a bluff. And enjoy each others company entirely!


Investing 10 percent of your income is what the master of money, T. Harv Eker, author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, talks about. He is a big advocate of taking this 10 percent and putting it into smart investments. So that one day you can become financially independent. To where your profit from your investments pay all of your bills.

Guide: 5 Ways To Start Investing With Little Money


It is said that when the mind is silent, we can truly hear. Our intuition can tap us on the shoulder and tell us what we really need to hear. 10-20 minutes a day is all you really need to reap the benefits of meditation. Here you can see the canvas of your mind. What is really going on and floating around in there. And giving you the ability to truly let go, be in the moment and enjoy a calm that surpasses all understanding.


We all have a voice, and must of us want to be heard in some sense of the world. And ALL of us have something to say. Something we can talk about that can help people on their journey. Help people find more happiness, success and enlightenment.

The best part about podcasting is that there are so many people on this earth, that you most likely will gain an audience, and quickly.

What do you have to say to the world? Share with me what it is in the comment section below.

Paint Balling

Back in the day, paint balling was one of my go too’s! My buddies would think it would be funny to put a couple frozen balls in the tank when we would play. Needless to say, we are no longer friends anymore!

Paint balling is great if you aren’t a huge fan of marksmenship. But are cool with shooting a gun. It gives you an exhilarating feeling and can serve as a great competitive sport if you play with friends. Or go to a paintball yard.

You can also graffiti some trees and objects in the process. Seeing how great of an artist you are!


Darts are fun no matter how old you are. You can get a nice dart board and darts for under 50 bucks online. And you are off to the races. You can play by yourself after a long day. Giving you a mental break that just causes you to focus on one thing. You can also have that thing set up in the middle of a party. Letting everyone enjoy some intensely inebriated fun!

Here is a video on how to nail the bulls eye to get all your friends jealous!

48 – Horseback Riding

There is something magnificent about horses. They are almost human like in which they are incredibly smart. And have a feeling as if they have been on this earth before!

These powerful animals offering another great hobby for guys. And plus, we can feel like John Wayne himself stepping onto one. Hell, get good enough, and you can ride a horse bareback. That is when you become a certified stud.

Flying Model Planes or Drones

This is simply a chill hobby for men that allows us to be out in nature. And brings out the big kid in us. We can even attach a Go-Pro to this sucker and get some sold aerial footage of our flight.


Ok, most likely our biggest and baddest manliest thing on our list today my good friends. You are the GREATEST! As Ali said. You can float like butterfly and sting like a bee. The great thing about this hobby is you can set up a nice little boxing gym within the comfort of your own home. Providing you a nice little area for stress relief. All you need is a bag and maybe a speed bag and some jump ropes.

Personal Development

At the end of the day, the more we develop oursleves, the more we become value to the market place. The more value we bring, the more money we make. This means we can take our friends and families to the finest restaurants. Go on the most exhilarating vacations. Invest more. Save more. And rest easy knowing that you have made an impact on your environment.

This is definitely my newest favorite habit for the sheer fact that it has made me happier. Not a joke at all. I am more happy, confident and competent in all areas of my life. As for things to change, we must change as Jim Rohn said once. We can’t expect things to change by chance. We have to create it. And a better life starts with bettering ourselves.

Here is a couple resource from my own library of content here on personaldevelopfit.com that can help you with growth this year!

How To Improve Yourself (23 Laws of Growth)

75 Questions To Ask Yourself For Growth

Growth Mindset Vs Fixed Mindset (Growth Mindset Traits)

Wine Making

No shoes needed! Crushing up grapes and making wine makes you feel as if you stepped into a previous century! It can be a fun hobby for men as well as for the entire family. Here is a video to help you along with the process. Which shows you how to make wine from home.


This hobby for men is a good one for those who want to eat their prize. I do not advocate hunting for simply getting the trophy of putting a head on the wall. You can hunt and provide meat for your family for months or even years.


Nowadays you can become a pilot within a relatively small number of hours of training. This hobby for men allows one to feel like you are a friggin superhero. And who in their right mind has ever not wanted to fly! This is your chance to spread your wings and get a feeling for what it is like to defy the normal logic of human existence and pay some homage to the Wright Brothers!


You can either play with buddies, or play online. Heck get a nice game of poker going with the buddies with some cigars. Or even get online and dominate and rake in some cash.

Discovering New Music

According to this article, there are 1264 micro genres out there! This gives you many many chances to listen to and adopt new music to listen to in your life. Music is life in my opinion. We are transcended to a different place. Like Bob Marley said,

One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain.” 

Bird Watching

Bird watching can be a tranquil hobby for guys. Allowing our mind to relax and and at the same time experience a sense of alertness. Often times bird watchers walk miles, getting a ton of cardio in. As well as gives you more upper arm strength.

It is also known to be a time where we can do some introspection. Being in nature alone allows one to ask and answers some of the deep questions of this life.

Not only that, but the lesson of patience is learned readily out during times of intense bird watching.

Car Racing

No, you don’t have to illegally participate in this hobby for men! This hobby can be done legally and offer you periodic doses of high levels of adrenaline. You can get into car racing by looking up drag facing events in your area, enrolling in advanced driving schools, searching for drift clinics in your area, going to track days that many race car tracks offer to civilians or even build your own car for land speed racing!


Chess is a manly sport because it requires you to think hard and strategize. Some of the best military leaders of our time have been chess players in a sense. Moving their troops across the boards of fighting fields in order to win the war.

There are also countless benefits of playing chess, some of which include:

  1. Can raise your IQ.
  2. Prevent Alzheimer’s.
  3. Boosts creativity.
  4. Promotes dendrite growth.
  5. Exercise both brain hemispheres.
  6. Improves reading skills and retention.
  7. Helps concentration.


There are countless teams in the area that need your expertise! You can coach for your own kids or other people’s children. We all had that one coach who made such a massive impact in our childhood. We will never forget. One that believed in us and nurtured out natural abilities.

You can be this person to someone or many people.

Furniture Making

Imagine people walking into your place and the look at all the furniture and woodwork. They ask you where you got it. And you tell them that you made it! There is something gratifying about making something for yourself that you can simply just go out and buy.

Woodworking is a timeless craft in which you can also sell your work too. Or simply give it away as gifts. These gifts go a lot further than simply buying something someone else has made.

Here is a guide to get you going on the right track with woodworking:

Resource: Furniture Making

Metal Working

Metal working and blacksmithing is about as manly as you can get. It is an trade that has been done over many hundreds of years. And some of the most magnificent artifacts have been created from it.

You don’t need much to get started either. Here is a guide to get you going:

Resource: Top 5 Tools To Start Metalworking


Ready to channel your inner Shakespeare? To me, there is something manly as hell about creating beautiful poetry. It is showing inner genius. Especially if you can weave your own personal life into it.

It also makes a great gift to loved ones. Or if you are single, a good few lines of poetry can be what you need to get that girl on a date with you. Setting you apart from the crowd of guys simply sliding into her DM’s!

Guide: How To Write Poetry


Playing tennis lets you get your sweat on and channel intensity into your day. It allows you to beat the hell out of that ball and because of it, is a stress reliever as well.


Trucks are meant to get dirty! There is nothing worse than seeing someone with a lifted truck and super nice paint job and chrome rims. Yet that’s how it always looks! Never dirty. May as well just leave that thing in the driveway!

Even if you want to just get more of a truck you can beat up. You can have that baby just for the dirt and sand. Allowing you to tear up some terrain and see some cool areas of life. Giving you a truck that you can go anywhere with. Camp and then go blaze your own trail with as soon as you wake up!

Powerlifting & Bodybuilding

There are shows around the world for both of these events. The are single sport events that challenge your perseverance and will power. In my opinion, bodybuilding is easily the toughest sport of all time. Because of the fact that you are pushed to a level mentally that most people just cannot go to.

Powerlifting gives you the opportunity to bring competitiveness to a life where most people have simple stopped doing so. It lets you channel aggression into your sport. Letting you blow off steam and maybe even win some trophies and money in the process!

Cigar Smoking

I am not promoting picking up the habit of smoking. I am talking about trying out different cigars from all over the world, with a nice glass of cognac though. It is a manly habit that lets us experience things that are created from all over the world. Maybe do so with the boys over nice big poker game.

Dog Training

This is a chance to become best friends with mans best friend. Dogs are incredibly smart animals that adapt well to training. Maybe you have a pup right now that you want to train. Or you can adopt a nice breed to train. Show a dog today that you believe in their potential!

The best breeds for dog training include:

  1. Border Collie
  2. German Shepherd
  3. Doberman Pinscher
  4. Poodle
  5. Golden Retrievers
  6. Australian Cattle Dog
  7. Shetland Sheepdog
  8. Rottweilers
  9. English Springer Spaniel

Fantasy Sports

Playing a little fantasy baseball or football is a great way to keep up with your favorite teams or players. It is a good way to experience comradery with friends. And get competitive with your team. You can also make some money by entering into big tournaments. Or simply having a big winner takes all pot with your friends.

Trying Different Scotches and Liquors 

There is no better way to taste culture like doing so with their main choices of liquor. You can pair it with nice dinners with your lover. Or have the boys over and have some food and liquor together. Or simply just read the paper while sipping a nice glass of expense foreign liquor!


Parkour offers a full body workout and a massive rush of adrenaline. It is gymastics on steroids. Some of the other benefits of parkour include:

  1. Fostering creativty making you think fast.
  2. Boosts confidence and lessens fear.
  3. Build excellent core strength.
  4. Better bone strength.
  5. More comradery.
  6. Betters cardiovascular strength

Most of parkour movements are actually fairly simple. Meaning that most people can engage in this sport safely. And gradually work up to more intense moves like we see in movies.

Jumping On A Trampoline

I remember as a kid, my pops bought me a trampoline in which I would jump on for literally hours straight without getting tired! Ah those where the days! Trampolining still offers a good time no matter how old you get. It also has various health benefits, those of which include:

  1. Losing weight.
  2. Increasing lymphatic flow
  3. Increases detoxification
  4. Better immune system function
  5. Strengths bones and increases bone mass
  6. Increases oxygen intake
  7. Lessens cellulite


Literally one of the most impressive and captivating forms of dancing on the planet. If you can break dance, it will set you apart from the crowd with ease. You an even set up at various farmers markets and main streets and put on shows. Letting you have a nice side hustle to earn money through!

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

This can be a pretty intense hobby at first. But once you take the plunge, there is a peace underneath the choppy waves above. It is a great way to get in touch with nature. And engage in a sort of meditation.

You can even get a nice underwater camera and snap some awesome pictures of the marine life. Give them as gifts to family. Use them as screensavers. Display them in your house. Or even sell them online as stock photos.

(I am always pitching entrepreneurial endeavors because I feel that we all need to have the goal of financial independence as fast as possible!)


I went skydiving for the first time on my 21st birthday. I will literally never forget that feeling for as long as I live. You can go tandem with this hobby for men. Or you can go through training to get the OK to go dive on your own. Either way, this hobby will make you fearless. And give you some great stories to tell. Not to mention looking at our world from and entirely different vantage point!


Geocaching is become very popular around the world. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is an outdoor treasure hunting game in which you used GPS enabled devices to find the treasure with. It allows you to be a modern day treasure hunter. All you need to do is sign up HERE and choose a geocache from the list and then enter the coordinates into your GPS device.

Skipping Stones

As a kid I would go fishing for hours. And a lot of the time I would just zing rocks off the surface of the water. Counting how many skips I would get and trying to beat my record each time.

There is something super relaxing about this hobby. Grab a beer, throw on some good music and skip away!

Candle Making

I worked with a guy who was a bartender. And he made candles with the bases being made out of various sizes of liquor and wine bottles. He would cut them in half and fill them with candle wax. These can make as great gifts. Or simply make your home look a little more artistic and individualistic. Versus just buying them at the store.

Building Rockets

This was a super cool hobby I had as a kid. Although they wouldn’t last long because I would always launch them onto peoples roofs! But it was fun to feel as if I was some sort of scientist or engineer. Building this powerful thing that would rocket into the sky.

Plus, what dude is not a pyro in some way shape or form!? We love lighting things up! Now you can do so at your local park.


There is a art to the cultivation of a nice front and back yard. It is nice to channel your creativity in to creating a welcoming landscape. You can put your own touch on it. Making your yard your own personal canvas.

Resource: 10 Landscaping Secrets From The Pros

Gun Collecting

This is a cool little hobby for men because you can store away a piece of history. Guns are manly. Plain and simple.

Nothing looks more cool than a gun case at the house. Displaying guns that have been used all over the world.

App Creation

It is said that we have 4 idea a year that come to us. Of which we can make a fortune with. I don’t know if it is that high. But hey maybe we can strike it rich with a good idea that we can put on an app!

Resource: The 18 Best App Makers To Create Your Own Mobile App


Who doesn’t kike to laugh?! I mean at the end of he day, I feel as if this may be one of my favorite hobbies. I like going to comedy shoes because it lets you forget about what is going on in your life. And simply just laugh. Laughter is a healer.

You can also try going to different cities and towns. Or simply just watching a few of you favorite comedians on Youtube in your free time.

Survey Taking

This little hobby for males can turn into a nice little side hustle. They will sell you on how you are making a difference in the world by giving your opinion. And hell, I guess when you look at it, you are making a difference. And that feels good!

Of course it can take time to get to a point where you are making money. But every little bit helps.

Resource: 37 Best Paid Survey Sites 


No matter how good you are with talking to the opposite sex in life, you can always get better. Pickup is for sure an art. And when it comes down to it, it is an art that once learned, you can ease up a bit. Because you know you don’t have to go in blind to situations and scenarios.

You have some tools in your pocket to get you to the end goal. Whatever that may be with your interactions.

Resource: Pickup Basics

Astrology And Numerology

I used to absolutely rag on this hobby! Honestly I thought it was a load of crap. But the more I actually educated myself and delved deeper into the topic, I found myself pretty fascinated.

I mean at the end of the day, we are all looking for answers to this life. Things that will ease our conscience. Letting us know why we are here, and why we are the way we are. I believe that astrology isn’t all facts. But what belief system is?

I do feel as if it can help you on the quest of answering the question “Who am I?”

If nothing else, it will give you a great conversation starter with anyone. And show that you have a knowledge base that spans deeper than simply asking “What’s your sign?”

Resource: Astrology & Numerology Basics 


It is always good to know how to make a few good drinks. Some of the most popular. It gives you a feeling of competence in the kitchen. As well as provides the skills to make friends and family drinks at a big party. The great thing about it is that there are great apps now days that can help you mix some of the easiest and most complicated drinks every known to man. Here is a great app for that:

Resource: MixologyApp


There are many men’s singing groups around the world. Dedicating their time to mastering an age old craft. There is something about being able to sing that makes a dude more manly. It is a skill that most people don’t have the time nor the willpower to master. That when one does, it makes them stand out among the crowd. And gives on a great outlet to even write music through. As well as a way to serenade your current lady. Or ladies in the crowd if you are on the market!

Knife Throwing

At the end of the day, there is something about whipping a nice knife and sticking it into another object. There is a feeling of being a man doing so! Of feeling that you can master the art of gravity. There is also a feeling of security. As you know if things go down, you have the tools to ward of your enemy VERY fast!

Composing Music

This is a great artistic outlet that one an channel deep emotion through. Often times it is good to just lay out a few verses and vent what is going on in your life. The great thing about the internet is that you can string together a few songs and slap together an EP. And start hustling that thing across the web.

There are also great apps and resources for beat creation that you can lay your verses over. A great one is:

Beat Creation (Sound Trap)

Frisbee Golf

I am not the biggest fan of golf ever. Not even dissing, it just isn’t for me. But frisbee golf is an entirely different animal. The sport is becoming pretty well known. And is a blast to play with a couple of buddies. It is more down the line of what most people can go out and do. Because it is more relaxed and there are less rules. Versus playing actual golf. It is pretty friggin awesome to when you nail a shot from deep out!

White Water Rafting

This sport can range from just going down what is little more than a stream, to category 5 white water rapids where you are fighting for your life!

It is a great way to build some upper body strength. And to master some fears in the process as well. Not only this, but it is a great way to experience the terrain in a more hands on way. Putting you at one with nature.

Breaking A World Record

Want to leave a legacy? Having bragging rights forever? Immortalize yourself? Then this hobby for men is perfect for you! We all have a talent that most likely no one in the world can top you on. The weirder the better! Here is a list of current records that you can try your had at breaking!

Guinness World Records 


I first went ziplining out in Hawaii. Needless to say, it was one of the most badass experiences I have ever had the pleasure partaking in. It gives you the feeling that you are flying. And who has never had the desire to fly?

It is more of an expensive hobby. But well worth the cheddar if you can fork it over. There are often deals online and discounts for people who come regularly.

99 Sailing

It is pretty cool when someone can man a ship. Navigate that sucker. Adjusting the sails so that it goes wherever YOU make it go. It is a super chill and tranquil hobby for men for the fact that it allows you to be out at sea. Taking in all of scenery. You can even do fishing or other water sports while you are out there.

Product Invention

We all all had a great idea. Think how great it would be in the market place. Then put it on the back burner. Then one day we are out driving or walking around. And lo and behold you see something eerily similar to YOUR idea! You say something like “That was my idea!” or “They took my idea!”.

Now this can be a thing of the past. You can run with your vision of a product idea that you have. And even see it into fruition by getting it patented.

Resource: How To Start Inventing Things to Get to The Market

Fish Collecting (Aquariums)

There is some thing cool about going into a dark and grungy aquarium. It flashes back to childhood for me when my mom and I would get new fish for my mini aquarium. You can put together so solid marine life in a nice aquarium. Even have sharks in there as well!

Resource: 10 Freshwater Fish For Aquariums

Soap Making

Fight Club made this popular for men. If you haven’t seen it, well it is one of the manliest movies of all time. And I am not even supposed to be talking about it, well because, the first rule of Fight Club is to not talk about it. So is the second rule.

Making soap is personal. It is sort a of a renewal process. Where you are creating something that will allow you to shed your old skin. Here is a resource on how to create manly soap

Resource: Homemade Soap For Men

Smoking Meats

There is nothing like eating a nice piece of smoked meat. It tastes great and makes for a manly hobby that one can enjoy any time of the week. It adds variety to ones diet. Especially if you are restricted on your calories or trying to diet. It gives nice taste that can help you avoid pouting on heavy caloric sauces.

Guide: Smoking Meat At Home Like A Pro

Conclusion To Hobbies For Men

So there it is my friends. A list of hobbies for men. Things to do when we get bored. Variety is the spice of life. So now you have options when you want to do something with your free time. I hope you enjoyed the article and got value from it.

I would love to hear what your favorite hobby option was and what you like about it.

For me, I would say my favorite out of this list is smoking meats. For the fact that I did so as a child with my pops and it brings back good memories. I can almost taste and smell it right now!

Lets chat in the comment section below my friends.

Hope this is reaching you well.




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