How To Get Motivated (25 Practical Tips For Motivation)


How To Get Motivated

(Tips on how to get motivated are below, but don’t forget to check out the list I created on 500 Motivational Quotes that can help you in a big way as well!)

Getting motivated can be tough as hell! But once you get in a grove with motivation, life opens up to you. The possibilities become endless and your energy is higher than ever.

People with high levels of motivation do things different. They live their life in ways that allow them to fly high. They prime themselves to be motivated.

But how do they do this?

Below I talk exactly about that and how you can blow your levels of motivation up with simple yet practical tips that you can start using TODAY.

Enjoy my good friends.

25 Motivation Tips

1.) Have A Morning Routine

The best thing to do, maybe out of every other tip I can give you on how to get and stay motivated in is to win your morning. If you win your morning, you win your day. I learned this from Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss. Both very high achievers who came from humble backgrounds, that are crushing it today.

They talk about putting a morning routine together that allows you to win your morning through acts that will give you small wins and motivate you. Every winners morning routine can vary, but it tends to have similarities. But for myself, my morning routine is as follows in order of how I do so:

  1. Make my bed. (This is the first win of the day you can get that will lead to more and more victories)
  2. Stretch
  3. Listen to a Youtube motivational video (while I stretch to get the most out of time management)
  4. Take A Cold Shower
  5. Meditate (Using a mantra or watching my breath for 10 minutes)

Only 5 things, but when I don’t do one or more of these things, I notice that my day is off. I am not saying that you have to to 5 things exactly. But craft a morning routine that allows you to master your mornings. As if you don’t you will drift in the mornings and lose a lot of time. If you were to ask me though if any of them are mandatory, I would say that you should integrate listening to motivational content in the morning.

The reason I say this is that our subconscious mind is most active when we wake up. What we put into it will affect the rest of our day. So instead of hitting the snooze button, put on motivational content right away. Have it ready in at night so you switch on your phone and then play that baby loud! (Don’t even think about checking your email!)

Having a morning routine has literally changed my life for the better. I wake up and now all of these things are more habitual to where I almost don’t even think about it. It just happens naturally now and it will for you after doing so for a month or so. offers up a great article talking about a myriad of other things that you can integrate into your morning routine. To give you an idea of some things you can use, here are a few from the article:

  1. Do a short workout
  2. Cook a new healthy breakfast recipe
  3. Journal or even video your thoughts about the day or just life in general
  4. Cross yesterday off your calendar
  5. Think about what you are grateful for and then give gratitude to those things
  6. Review your goals
  7. Drink a glass of water with lemon

The last tip to morning routines that can help you feel motivated is to simply clean up as much of your space as possible. This translates to clear head space. It doesn’t have to be perfect. But make sure your spot is clean and things aren’t laying around where they shouldn’t be. Have respect for what you have or the universe will never allow you to have more. You need to earn it. It will relieve your stress as it will cause less distractions that you are looking at. When things are clean, you have tunnel vision to where you are focused on what you need to get done, not other things that are a mess around your house.

2.) Think About Yourself On Your Death Bed (Regrets)

Do you want to have regrets? No, no one does. But we won’t know if we are going to have them until we are on our death beds. Which freaks me out and is on of my driving factors on acting on things in life I fear or don’t want to do. I don’t want to be ready to die and regret that I didn’t take those chances, ask that person out, go on that vacation, work too much, etc. You can use this tip at all times. Ask yourself if you are going to regret not doing the things you need to do to stay motivated. This question can provoke you to do the things you need to to each day to put yourself on a path to where you want to be in this life. It can allow you to create the momentum you need to become a winner in every area of your life.

It will be tough at first, but once you learn to act even when you don’t, you will learn to embrace hard work and discipline. And you will look back at your existence and ask why you hadn’t lived this way all of your life. But the thing is, it is not too late. Live life so that you get to your death bed and you go peacefully as you new that you did all you set out to do and have no regrets at all!

3.) Think About The People You Need To Do It For

The best thing to do when we can’t get motivated is to go outside ourselves. For some reason our selfish ambition can only take us so far. I am saying that with compassion, not that we are selfish. Just saying that we only have so much willpower. But when we go outside ourselves and start going after the things we need to do for other people, we tap into a lot more energy and willpower. Our reason for being is shifted so where you are living for others. It is almost like self-sacrifice. The highest form of love. And when we tap into this, we can double, triple or even quadruple our energy levels and levels of motivation.

There is a wonderful movie called the Pursuit of Happiness. If you haven’t seen it, Will Smith stars in if with his actual son. His desire to create a life and give a life that he never had to his son Christopher is so intense that he literally goes to any ethical lengths to secure it. It is such a pure form of fatherly love. And something we all have when we live for others. Which we can get our goals and dreams even faster when we do so.

So who can you get motivated for outside yourself? We are disrespected the people who believe in us most when we are not living up to our full potential. When you and I realize this, we will be almost guilty, but in a good way to where we act on it because of it. Then once we act, we realize who we are doing it for and then we won’t be as likely to give up or quit when times get tough as we aren’t really doing it for ourselves anymore so our feelings of wanting to quit have less intensity or don’t even matter anymore

4.) Visualize Your Goals

In order to accomplish things in life, it must first happen in our minds. When we envision our results with crystal clear clarity, to a point where it is as real as a normal memory, then we start to manifest it. Things happen for us that help us towards our goals and dreams. Also we act in a way that in conducive to achieving what we set out to do. Of course you still need to put in the work, but you set in motivation a force in the universe that will help you PUSH you towards your goals. It is like swimming in a ever so slightly downhill river. You will have to put in the effort to get to the bottom, but it gives you the momentum you need to get to the goal faster and more efficiently.

I read a book called Pscyhocybernetics by Maxwell Maltz. It is an excellent book that has sold more than 30 million copies. But it talks about the inner workings of the mind and how we can use it to help us not hinder us. It talks about how when we start visualizing it is tough to do, but like with anything else, it get’s easier with practice.

But when you do so, add different elements to it. Hear sounds that you would hear, feel feelings that you would feel. Look at it from your point of view. Then do so almost as if you are watching a movie. This will allow you to create this new “memory” and you will start to feel like it has already happened. Then you will act in accordance from there.

(Maximizing Your Visualization)

Jack Canfield, one of the authors of Chicken Soup For The Soul, talks about the power of visualization and adds so extra tips on how to do so more efficiently, including:

He talks about how we should first act as if we are in a movie theater watching a movie of us living out perfectly what we want in this life. Then you want to get up and walk through an imaginary door that leads you into the movie. Then you want to experience it from inside yourself once you step into the movie. A process called an embodied image. After this, walk out of the movie theater and sit back down. See the perfect image of yourself doing what you want and shrink it down and then put it to your mouth and swallow it. Then imagine it coursing through your veins, having it literally become you by traveling to your stomach and coursing through your veins.

He also shares to use positive affirmations and coupling them with your image. A statement that is supportive of the accomplishment of your goals. Lastly he talks about how we should write our goals down on index cards and review them each night along with keep them with us and look at them throughout the day. When we read each goal, we should visualize the attainment of it in our minds. Envision each goal for 15 seconds and move on.

5.) Act When You Don’t Want To

There is a saying that talks about how some people wait until they feel like it while others do it until they feel like it. The first one gets very little done. The other gets tons more done. The thing about getting motivated is that we need to coach ourselves. No one will do this for us. We need to realize that just because we don’t feel like doing something doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do it. We don’t need to listen to our minds and bodies. The main goal of our mind is to keep us safe and do just enough to survive and procreate. But we have the power to over ride our default mechanism if we choose.

We have all done this. Simply think of a time where you didn’t want to do something but did it anyways. The thing about doing so is that when we do the thing we didn’t want to do, we end up being glad we did so. So cultivate the habit of acting when you don’t want to act. Don’t let the feeling linger to long as the longer it is effecting you, the less likely you are to act.

Once you do this more and more you will become your own motivational coach as you will hop up and go after things. You will realize that you don’t have to be bullied in to mediocrity by your own mind. That you are the master of your own mind, not the other way around. Which reminds me of this quote:

The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and, if they can’t find them, make them.” – George Bernard Shaw

6.) Write Goals That Motivate You

When we don’t have captivating and inspiring to us, we won’t take big action. Write goals that are so friggin inspiring that it makes you so motivated that the snooze button becomes part of the past. Before I get into tips on how to set goals that will inspire you, I want to encourage you to not call them or refer to them as GOALS. There is a lot of negative stigma with creating goals. Many people relate goals to failure, especially nowadays where it is popular to set goals. But not enough people attain them.

So instead of calling them GOALS call them plans.

Zig Ziglar, one of the biggest motivational speakers and authors of all time, quotes:

“Goals are dreams that we convert to plans and take action to fulfill.” 

I think it is an awesome quote, but I feel as if we need to refer to our dreams and goals as plans. Just ask yourself the two questions – “What are your goals in life?” and “What are your plans in life?”. The first one is a little more intimidating to me, at least, versus the second. When we have plans, we plan it out. There has been too much publicized about setting goals to where people are almost tired of hearing about them. Instead write out a list of your PLANS. Then go after them!

An article by Medium talks about how properly set goals will help you become inspired, create hope along with fill you up with desire. It talks about how it improves present moment reality. The article also offers a few great tips on how to write goals, or in our case plans, that will inspire you. Which will increase the likelihood of you attaining them. Some of the tips are:

  1. Linking Your Goal To Your Vision – When we set goals that are simplistic, we don’t have a lot of willpower that is pushing us, it is generally us pushing forward with all our might, which we will gas out, sooner or later. But when you link the bigger vision to a goal, it puts it on steroids. For example the author of the article had a goal about learning public speaking through Toast Masters. But the goal wasn’t as compelling until he linked it to his vision of inspiring the world through his work. He then added to the goal that he wanted to learn to public speak with Toast Masters to he can inspire people through his talks. This made it more emotional and vision driven. Giving it extra fire power.
  2. Write Them With The Right Mindset – We should be in the right mindset when jotting out our goals. Watching an inspiring movie or doing some intense workout before hand can help with this.
  3. Set A Deadline – Not a time frame but a deadline. This will create urgency to the achievement of the goal. It isn’t negotiable like a time frame. Also set goals that overlap aren’t all going to be achieved in the same month or week. This will keep us getting wins along the way to our other goals.
  4. Don’t Have To Many Goals – The article suggests 10 big goals per year. This will allow you to keep focus and not spread yourself to thin.

Out of all of these tips, I think the most important thing we can do is create an inspiring vision through our goals. And attaching purpose to our goals may be the best ever to set powerful goals. A big reason why we aren’t motivated in life is because we don’t have a compelling enough vision for our future. But when we figure your our WHY, or our reason for doing something, and attach it to our goals, then we can stick out the tough times when we are tempted to give up.

So what type of vision do you have for your life? What type of impact do you want to leave on this earth or the people around you? Identifying this bigger purpose can help you create powerful goals that make you a powerhouse that will not stop until you achieve them.

A question that is helped me is one that is asked by Arnold Schwarzenneggar in one of his speeches which was “What do you want to be? Not who, but what?” And not something your teachers or parents want you to be, but who do YOU want to be. Ask this question over and over until you get answers that resonate from deep within. Then you can craft your goals so that when you accomplish them, they will take you one step closer to becoming WHO you want to be.

7.) Have Something To Look Forward To

When we are stuck in a rut, at a job we hate, or just not feeling motivated, we need to have something that we can look forward to and give us hope. Hope for a better future and that we have something ahead of us that is going to stimulate us and get us out of the drudgery of the daily existence. This can be a side hustle that can turn into a main bread winner. Or it could be a creative outlet, going back to school to better your future.

The best way to get motivated is to have something that you can look forward to past what the root cause is that is causing your lack of motivation. You have to identify why you are feeling unmotivated, then integrate a component in your life that will allow you to see the light at the end of the tunnel with the thing that is going to give you hope for a better future.

For example if you hate the job you are at, but are going to get off work and go to town on making your small business work. Then you will be more motivated throughout the day because you know that the job you hate is simply just a means to an end. You won’t resent it as much because you know it is now only going to be a temporary thing. You will now have something bigger to live for and something that will allow you to create a better life for yourself.

8.) Make Your Goals Public

I wrote an article on how setting your goals and making them public can almost guarantee that you reach them. Simply put, most of us do not have the internal will power to coach and motivate ourselves to our goals. Literally no one can do it alone. We all need cheerleaders.

The best thing to do is to make your goals public as fast as possible. Especially when you are lacking motivation. We don’t want to let people down. We want to save face. And by making our goals public, we will do everything in our power to save face by accomplishing them. The people that get involved in our goal process not only will support us on the way to achievement. But will also show you who your real friends are!

An article on public accountability talks about an individual who has done this to reach multiple goals. It talks about how he joined a forum when he wanted to quit smoking. He found an accountability partner on there and said that for the first time in his life, he didn’t back down from the goal.

Another goal the author had was to run in a marathon. To keep himself publicly accountable, he signed up to write in hist local newspaper as a columnist in which everyone in his local are new he was going to run his first marathon. He didn’t weasel out of it because of this!

The article also talks about pledging that you will have to endure crazy/funny consequences that are so embarrassing that you will do everything in your power to not have to do them. A lot of the time we are motivated by consequences instead of rewards.

We will often work harder to avoid taking a loss than achieving a gain. Generally speaking. But we can use this psychology of motivation to our gain and list out the things we have to lose if we don’t go after our goals. This can give us enough motivation to move forward towards the achievement of them.

9.) Resolving That You Will Not Give Up

Often times we bring a lot of motivation into new projects or relationships at the beginning or when we are getting close to the attainment of the goal we set for them. But in the middle, we can lose steam and be tempted to give up. If we resolve to decide right now that we will never give up, then the attainment of our goals will come more readily and we will move towards gauranteeing our success. When it comes down to it, we need to accept that fact that we won’t feel motivated all the time. But we need to push through the feeling of resistance towards moving forward. Push right through it until you find that spark of motivation you need.

The more you and I do that, the more we will again find those feelings of motivation we had at the beginning of our projects or new relationships. But if we give up or slack off, we may never find them again. So today I want you to make the decision that no matter what is going on, or how you are feeling, you will push forward and never give up.

10.) Think About The One Person That Believes In You

Often times we are so insistent on believing and listening to people, commercials and haters if you will over those who believe in us. We put more emphasis on what they have to say about us than what those who believe in us do. This can take us off track and cause us to lose hope. Instead think about the one person or people who believe in you. Reflect on all that they have said about you and let that be your motivation.

Haters are haters because they don’t believe in themselves. They are angry because they have failed to reach your goal. Once they see you doing something that can’t do or don’t have the courage to do, they become haters. That is all it is. There is no validity in what they are saying to you. It is coming from a place of self-hatred about themselves and the only way they know how to express it is through hating on you. See it as that and have empathy for these people.

Also use it as motivation to never become these angry and resentful beings by going after your goals. Let their hate be the strength. Use it as fuel to burn your fire, not water to put it out.

Again, only place all of your emphasis and energy on the person or people that believe in you. Let their words and love be the strength. Let their positive words ring throughout your head when you are down and out and not motivated. Let them guide you towards your goals and dreams.

11.) Hang Out With Good People

Will Smith talks about how the people in your life are either fanning your flame, or pissing on it. Either you are hanging out with people of who are pushing you and encouraging you. Or you are hanging out with people who secretly or blatantly don’t want you to succeed. Often times this is because they don’t want you to get ahead and leave them behind.

But regardless of the reason, if there are people in your life that are not fanning your flame, you need to rip them out of your existence. They will cause you to consciously or subconsciously let up on your goals and dreams. You will justify a mediocre existence because of them. You will allow yourself to become like them. Often times these are the people that are closest to us.

Either they are rolling with us towards the creation of a better existence. Or they gotta go. Sorry to be so blatantly honest about this. But it is the truth. If they are family, it may be the hardest talk you ever have to have. But when you confront these people, it will allow you to finally move forward.

Now these people may be people you are doing things for that are causing your lack of motivation. Often times we do take on jobs because our family wants us to. Or you are seeking their approval by doing so. I have done this and spent years of my life going after goals because I though it was what my parents wanted for me.

But at the end of the day, when you finally have the talk with people about what kind of life you want to build, it will evoke a level of freedom in you that you may have never felt in your life. The shackles will be ripped clean off. You will be free to pursue life on YOUR own terms. Not someone else’s.

Once you have these tough conversations, you may need to roll on through this life alone for a bit. Only while you are pursuing this new life. But like attracts like. Once you start moving towards your goals and dreams, you get in sync with the universe. You are finally flowing with it instead of against it. This will cause your whole entire life to change. You will attract better friends who will support you as they are going after what they want in life.

You will be positive and they will be too. And the ones from the past who are meant to be in your life will adapt with you. Those who don’t are not meant to be a major player in your existence. As someone once said, some people are here for a season, others are here for a reason.

12.) Eliminate Toxic People

I went off on a tangent on the last one, but I talked a little bit about getting rid of toxic people. But this needs to be expanded on. I summarized some awesome points made on an article by that talks about getting toxic people out of your life. Some of the tips include:

  1. Not Expecting Them To Change – We want people to change with us but we must not feel the need or obligation to change them. They have their own needs and complex problems that they need to work out themselves. Free yourself up from feeling as if you need to help them change.
  2. Create Boundaries – Cement in what and what you won’t tolerate from these toxic people in your life. Doing this will stop them from draining energy from you.
  3. Don’t Dwell On It – Once you cut people out do not let them suck energy from you still by thinking and ruminating about it. This will be counterintuitive to the reason you cut them off in the first place.
  4. Know They Will Resist – Toxic people will may take drastic measures to keep you in their life when you start to try and cut them out of your life. They will try to manipulate you are get angry. Knowing this before hand will allow you to better handle situations before they escalate. Don’t stoop to their level. Allow them to vent and validate their feelings. But move on quickly and let them know that you won’t tolerate their actions towards you.

Lastly you and I need to take responsibility for drawing these people into our lives. These people are in your life for a reason. This being that they are similar to you. The difference is is that you are ready to change. They aren’t. But take responsibility for drawing them into your life. This will allow you to see why you did so and start eliminating those reasons or letting go of thing about yourself that are causing you to attract people like this.

Eliminating toxic people is like losing body fat. It will allow you to feel lighter, have more energy and move through this life with more vitality, humor and progressive energy.

13.) Put On Music That Will Jack You Up

What is the first thing that we do when we realize we left our headphones at home when we go to the gym? We get pissed and either go back home and get our own. Or go to Walmart and buy new ones. That is because we know the music we listen to in the gym will provide us the mental and physical energy and motivation to crush our workouts. Why not do the same throughout the day. Hell keep your headphones playing in your ears all day if you need to. Music is life. It can lift you up when you are down and motivate you when you are depleted. Enough said. Turn the music and in turn your motivation levels will be turned up to.

14.) Switch Your Scenery Up

Things get old quick. You can bring yourself more motivation by going to a different coffee shop or even a different city and banging out the work you need to get done there. It can provide your new mental stimulation.

15.) Be Grateful

There are people that will kill to have the opportunity we have. We live in a place where there is opportunity all around us. Know that there are people in this life that will never even be close to having the opportunity to succeed as we do. Let that motivate you. Think about people who are less fortunate. Also give gratitude to people to whom you are grateful for. Giving gratitude clears negative energy out of your psyche. It will brings positivity into your existence that will create a better head space for motivation.

16.) Shut Up And Just Do It

At the end of the day, we just need to push through. Yes you are tired, who the hell isn’t? The thing that separates the successful people from those who aren’t are those fight not matter how they feel. The pro goes to work regardless of how the hell they feel. You have to know that when it is go time you get up and go. Push through the feeling of wanting to lay there and chill. Nothing will ever help this feeling go away except for taking action. Action literally cures feelings of laziness. Get moving and then become like a locomotive.

Also when you go after something, don’t do it timidly. Become aggressive. Being aggressive when going after your goals and dreams will allow you to pick up steam way faster than you would if you went after them half cocked. The more aggressive you attack your goals, the more motivation you will get as you will be getting faster and better results along the way.

No one is going to feel bad for us because we don’t feel like doing something. They will admire and almost worship you when they see you executing. Execution is something that a small amount of people master because they have settled for a mediocre life. This is not you. Get up, crush your goals, go to sleep and wake up and repeat that shit. That’s how winning is done.

17.) Brick By Brick

Will Smith talks about how his father had him and his brother build a wall in front of his business when they were kids. They felt overwhelmed by the project and felt as if it was impossible to ever complete.  But the thing is that he learned that in order to tackle the project effectively, he was going to lay one brick at a time as perfectly as a brick can be laid. And do that over and over again until you have a wall.

If we look at a project as how big it is, we may never get stared. Or bring in half hearted effort into our attempts because we feel as it is impossible to achieve our goal. But when we take one day at a time and one effort at a time, we can focus on delivering targeted quality effort in the here and now. Doing this everyday will allow us to not feel overwhelmed. One day after doing this day after day, we will have erected our own “wall”. The wall representing your goal, dream or vision for your life.

18.) Get Out Of The Pity Party

Gotta be blunt here. No one is going to feel bad that we feel like crap or that we don’t have the motivation to do something. Realizing this will allow us to act. We all have our own selfish ambitions. No one is going to come and say “aw I’m so sorry you don’t have any motivation!”. And even if someone did, what the hell would that do for us? We would feel approval and love for a few seconds but it wouldn’t be productive in getting us to find more motivation. It would reinforce us not feeling motivated as we are being rewarded from it. Get out of the pity part and get to steppin!

19.) Adapt Motivation To Your Identity 

First off, when did you decide that you aren’t motivated enough? The moment you decided that, you could have decided that you do have the motivation you need and still can. Just shift your consciousness. It is like when Tony Robbins talks about how people tell him that they are smokers and that they will always be smokers. He asks them when they decided this. We are made up of the decisions that we make about ourselves, simply put. So decide that you are motivated. Keep deciding that until it becomes true and part of you daily existence.

One of the biggest needs we have is to be act congruent to who we think we are. So adapt a belief that you are a workaholic or the hardest worker in the room. When you keep saying this to yourself, you will start to act that way. You will become what you believe about yourself. Just as you have with your belief that you lack motivation.

20.) Envision How You Would Feel When You Succeeded

Some of the best sports players in the world envision themselves hitting that homerun, making that perfect tackle, shooting the winning goal. They envision it with so much detail that they actually feel as if they are doing the act or have already done the act that the are envisioning themselves doing. You can do this too. Envision how you would feel and how thing would look if you were motivated. The mind doesn’t know the difference between real memories and created memories. So create new memories to where you see yourself as being massively productive and motivated.

Also just in general, see yourself accomplishing the thing you have in front of you now. Something small that you need to get done. See yourself as having completed it and how you feel. Notice how good you feel. How accomplished you feel? Use the power of that feeling to show you how good you are going to feel when it is done. Then move forward with the actions necessary to complete what is in front of you.

21.) Don’t Condemn Yourself

In order to change any behavior in this life, we need to stop hating on ourselves for engaging in these acts. It is only possible to move forward when you don’t have an negative resistance to why you are moving forward. So if you are trying to get motivated and aren’t stop beating yourself up for not being motivated. To see it as how things are NOW and that they don’t have to be that way in the future.

I was reading a book called Psychocybernetics and it talks about how we actually can’t experience negative emotion when our bodies are completely relaxed. It is only when we are in resistance that we experience this suffering. It goes back to the old motto that what you resist persists. So relax, forgive yourself for being unmotivated, then change your ways by moving forward, and of course using the tips above!

22.) Eat The Right Foods And Workout

I can tell you how important this is. It actually should be the first one on this list. But as your trainer and motivator I am telling you right now to stop eating shitty foods. Stop today. If cold turkey isn’t your thing that ween off of bad foods as fast as you can. Once you start eating healthy you will start to feel better. When we feel better we act in a more productive and positive manner. If we are eating shit foods, we are going to be drained of motivation right from the start. We are setting ourselves up for failure. So today make a vow to start eliminating fried food, sweets and soda out of your diet. Make it so that it is a delicacy not an every day beverage or meal. Then, get your ass in the gym so you can start reaping the benefits of working out which go hand in hand with being highly motivated and driven.

23.) Plan Your Day

If you don’t know where you are going, how the hell are you going to get there? You and I need to be meticulous about planning our day to the minute. We need to have a couple big goals we want to accomplish by the days end and small ones in between. The best way to have a productive day is to plan out how the perfect day would look for you. One that would allow you to lay down at the end of the night and feel incredibly good about your day.

Then take the actions needed to make that day into a reality. Even if you don’t do everything, you will still be a lot more productive then you would if you just winged it. The more you get done, the more dopamine is released in our brain. This alone will give us motivation to keep going and checking things off of our goals and to-do lists.

Keep this list on you at all times to keep you on top of your game. If you leave it at home, you may forget things on the list and get home and realize you don’t have enough time to get things done on the list. Instead let it guide you throughout your day.

24.) Stay Moving

An object in motion tends to stay in motion as Newtons Law of inertia states. It is true though. The more we are moving forward or simply just up and moving, the less prone we are to feeling unmotivated. There is no better way to sabotage your levels of motivation by laying around or being reclusive. The best thing to do is get out and go for a walk, go to the gym, go to the beach or lake. Just get out and move!

This will do many things, some of which include make you feel more productive which feels great and makes us want to do more. It will also allow you to be completely tired at night, which will make you sleep better. Instead of tossing and turning from binge watching shows or sitting around the house playing video games. Getting up and live life!

25.) Find A Mentor

One of the biggest blocks to higher levels of motivation is trying to do it all ourselves. When it comes down to it, we need a helping hand. Someone who has been there and done that and can be a beacon of hope, showing us that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Whatever you are struggling with getting motivation with, find a mentor. If you are struggling with fitness goals, considering hiring a personal trainer (or me since I am a personal trainer!) or if you are struggling with building your business, seek help from someone who has built the type of business you are looking to create.

Paying these people to help you can help you get the motivation to move forward and reach the levels of motivation you need to take that next step or get to the next level. It also helps to pay someone for motivation and knowledge as you have skin in the game. If it is free, often times it can cause you to take them for granted and slack off. When you are paying for it, you know your money is going to go to waste if you don’t use them for all that they are worth.

Conclusion To How To Stay Motivated

So there you are my good friends. Motivational tips that can help you get fired up and take life head on. Accomplishing all you set out to do. Just know that of course you won’t be flying high all the time, motivated out of your mind. But the more you take the steps needed in order to get motivated, you will stay more motivated. You will become a force that can’t be stopped and almost not even recognize yourself anymore as you will be a changed person.

I hope you enjoyed the article! Share with me what your favorite tip was as well as if you have any motivational tips that help you! Lets talk in the comment section below!



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