Learn Something New! (53 New Skills To Learn)

Learn Something New

learn something new

Learning something new can really help us get out of our comfort zone. It can aid in forming new neural connections that can help us have better brain health. And simply feel good about ourselves and experience more dopamine in our brain that comes from learning something new!

It gives us a feeling of progress. And progress feels great!

So what are these good skills to know? What are the best of the best things to learn in this life?

Well I go into exactly that below!

I have for you 53 different skills. All of which will add more depth to your existence. And bring you a more fulfilling life.


The Best 53 New Skills To Learn

Self Defense

There is nothing like knowing that you can drop someone if you need to. Not in an alpha, I can whoop anyone’s butt way. But in a way to where you feel that if push comes to shove, your shove would be stronger!

Here is a great video to check out to become a low key certified ninja offering you 5 self defense moves!

Speak A New Language

Imagine being able to switch between two different languages as you speak? To communicate or even translate for people. To go to a different country and fit right in! This is all made possible by learning a new language. Did you know that there are more than 7000 languages in the world?! I certainly didn’t! As far as business purposes and job opportunities and networking, the 5 most useful languages to learn\ include:

  1. Madarin
  2. Chinese
  3. Spanish
  4. German
  5. French

Master Some Basic Dance Moves

There is nothing like going into the club and not knowing how to do anything but move back and forth! There is always a guy that comes in with confidence and throws off a few dance moves. Nothing insane like MJ used to do. But something that gets the crowd noticing.

You can be that guy or girl! Picking up a few basic skills around dancing can let you walk into any party and have some skills in our tool belt. If you are single, this will catch the eye of the one you have your eye on. If your not, then you you will make your bae fall in love with you all over again!

Here is a great video to teach you some basic dance moves!

Change A Flat Tire

Being stranded on the road with no skills on how to get yourself off that stranded road can be a recipe for disaster. Knowing how to change a tire provides you with a feel of safety and security while on the road. And even if your phone dies, or you can’t get service somewhere to jump on Youtube to watch a tutorial, you will know you have this skill.

Of course, the things you need to have to change out a tire are a spare tire, a wrench, a jack and if you can, the vehicle owners manual.

I referred to my friends and Bridgestone Tire to help us analyze this skill. Steps to changing a tire include:

  1. Turning on your hazard lights, parked at a safe location.
  2. Put the parking break on.
  3. Wedge the back tires with a rock or brick to keep it from rolling.
  4. Remove the hub cap.
  5. Loosen the lug nuts by twisting them counterclockwise. Don’t remove them completely. Only about 1/3 to 1/2 of a good turn.
  6. Set the vehicle jack under the frame of the tire that has gone flat. Your vehicle manual will tell you exactly where to put it if you have the manual.
  7. Raise the vehicle up about 6 inches with the jack.
  8. Now you can unscrew the lug nuts completely.
  9. Take off the flat.
  10. Place the new tire on.
  11. Tighten the lug nuts by hand.
  12. Lower the vehicle to the ground.
  13. Tighten the lug nuts completely with the wrench.
  14. Put your stuff away and drive to your destination!

Jump Start A Dead Battery 

What may seem like an easy one, many people don’t know exactly how to get a battery up and going! No shame! Here are the steps to getting your car started and running again:

  1. Take the jumper cables out.
  2. Place both vehicles either in park or neutral. Then shut off both ignitions.
  3. Put both parking breaks on.
  4. Attach one of the red clips onto the positive terminal, it will be labeled either with a + or POS. It is also larger than the negative terminal.
  5. Then take one of the black clips and clip it onto the negative terminal of the opposing battery.
  6. “Attach the other black clip onto the negative terminal of the other battery.
  7. Then ground the other black clip to a metal surface on the car, that is not on the battery.
  8. Start up the working vehicle, allowing it to run for a couple minutes.
  9. Then try to start up your vehicle. Drive the car around for a bit so that the battery charges itself up.

Learn How To Start A Fire

There is nothing more primal than getting a fire going, ANYWHERE. But the fact of the matter is that we may not have matches on us to get the blaze roaring. There are ways to start a fire without matches, so you are ready to provide heat to your group. At anytime and in any place.

Guide: 10 Ways To Start A Fire Without Matches

Create Better Cover Letters and Resumes

It never hurts to walk into a place and set down a fresh and captivating resume. Something that stands out from the crowd. It can virtually guarantee an interview in most cases. Giving you a head start to a new career.

For the ultimate list of tips on how to create a solid cover letter and resume check out this link!

35+ Successful Cover Letter Tips (With Examples)


There may be nothing more important to learn on how to market and make money, then learning Search Engine Optimization (SEO). With good content and SEO skills, you can create a profitable online business for yourself. Market your services. Get your videos in front of people. And say what you have to say to the world on a national scale.

It is a complex process, but with basic skills, you can set yourself apart from 90 percent of people online. Here is a great guide to check out if you are looking to learn the ins and outs of SEO.

SEO Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide

Perform The Heimlich

At the end of the day, you could be around when a catosrophe happens. A child or adult is going to town on some food, and all of the sudden, their face starts to go blue and they can’t talk. This is the time where it is life and death. And you can learn the skill that can keep this person alive. The Heimlich maneuver is great at dislodging objects out of someone’s windpipe.

MayoClinic gives us 4 easy steps to performing the maneuver. They include:

  1. Standing behind the person that is choking. Stagger your stances slightly so that you have good balance. Then place your arms around their waist.
  2. Tip the person over slightly if they are and adult. If they are a kid, kneel down behind the child.
  3. Grab one fist with the other hand. Then press hard into the abdomen. Do so quickly and upward. Think of yourself as almost trying to lift the person up when thrusting into them.
  4. Thrust into the persons stomach between 6-10 times.

Learning How To Meditate

With the world today going lightening fast, and stress at an all time high, we need a way to center ourselves. And get grounded in this crazy world. I have tried A LOT of things that help ease stress. Nothing has ever helped me more than mediation! I created a guide for you on how to start mediating. It will teach you the basic ins and outs of how to meditate for beginners! Here is is:

Guide: How To Meditate For Beginners 

211 Quotes About Meditation


Again, we have to have some things that keep the human race alive on our list of skills you need to learn! The Red Cross gives us a great guide on how to perform CPR with tips that include:

  1. Checking the scene to make sure things are safe, then patting the person and shouting “Are You OK”.
  2. Then call 911, or get someone near you to do so, after evidence that the person needs help. Send a bystander to find an AED.
  3. Open the airway by tilting the persons head back slightly while they are lying on their back.
  4. Listen for breathing, for no more than 10 seconds. If you can’t hear it or one is gasping, then start the CPR process.
  5. Push hard and fast. Place one hand on top of the other in the middle of the persons chest. Administer 100 compressions per minute using your body weight to help you with the process. Go at least 2 inches deep with your compressions.
  6. Deliver rescue breaths. Pinch the nose shut and tilt the persons head back slightly so that their chin is lifted. Your mouth should be over theirs to a point that it is completely sealed.
  7. Administer two rescue breathes, then go back to administering your compressions.


You can have the greatest vision, the best pick up lines, the most important message the world needs to hear. But if you cannot communicate, then you are dead in the water. Communication is one of the top skills people search for in their employees. And what all leaders need in order to lead effectively. I wrote a couple of article to help you with this process that you can view below!

How To Communicate Effectively (29 Powerful Tips)

How To Be Assertive (Assertive Communication Mastery)

Goal Setting

There is no better way to get to where you are going when you KNOW where you are going. Goal setting allows us to follow a path with the end in mind. There are a small amount of people that set goals and go after them. Those people mostly make up the population that has the most money and are the most happy. I wrote an article just for you on how to set an accomplish any goal in your life. Check it out here:

How To Set And Accomplish Any Goal (Goal Setting 101)

Public Speaking

Captivating an audience is an art and a skill that when one has it, allows that person to move mountains. You can sell your vision or yourself with ease. And master a fear that is so deeply ingrained in us. In doing so, you naturally feel more at ease in every other are of your life. Inc.com offers us some tips for us on how to better our public speaking skills, some of those tips include:

  1. Knowing Your Audience – Who are they and what do they want and need to take away from the talk? Know your demographic.
  2. Rehearse often and anywhere. In the plane, train, car, bus or at home in the mirror. Build the muscle that strengthens your public speaking skills.
  3. Practice with distractions – Rehearse your speech with the TV on or while you are cleaning the kitchen.
  4. Have good body language and movement. Don’t hunch over and sit or stand still. Move and have energy coursing through your body.
  5. Speak slowly, this will keep you calm and collected and won’t show any nervousness.
  6. Keep eye contact with your audience.
  7. Pause during your speech. Let what you are saying sink in.
  8. Sprinkle in humor.
  9. Ask for feedback from your audience.

Tying Faster (Touch Typing)

There is nothing worse than a slow typer! Increasing your typing speed will give you a great thing to add to your resume. Some of the benefits of typing faster include of course getting projects done faster, being more accurate, less mental fatigue and a feeling of overall better productivity. Here is a brilliant guide for how to type faster, if you need some help hitting more words per minute!

Guide: How To Type Faster (20 Tips)

Ridding Yourself of Limiting Beliefs

At the end of the day, our beliefs shape our entire lives. They are a pure manifestation of what our life looks like right now. It takes certain skills and mindsets to learn how to replace negative beliefs with positive and uplifting beliefs.

If you need help with this, I have created a guide just for you. Check it out right here!

Guide: How To Get Rid of Limiting Beliefs (Forever)

Whistle With Your Fingers

There is something impressive about someone who can zing out a nice whistle above the crowd. It makes an impact on the group. It is a skill not many people have. This article can help you master this technique QUICK! Check it out here:

Guide: How To Whistle With Your Fingers

Write With Your Opposite Hand (Ambidextrous) 

Writing with both hands doesn’t just look impressive, it actually strengthens new neural connections within your brains. It can help you avoid mental decline and memory loss as this is an excellent brain exercise. The more you become ambidextrous, the more you will form these new neural connections. This is a great way to focus on health prevention and prepare for a happy future.


Make Balloon Animals 

Literally you can go into any part and become the life of it if you can make balloon animals! By doings so you can win the heart of any kid. Look good in front of your crush. And be the talk of the party during, and long after! Here is a video on how to create your first balloon animal. A beginners guide!

Creating A Budget

Believe it or not, creating and keeping a budget requires a skill set. But doing so will put you on the path to financial independence. Part of an elite group of what is only 1 percent of the people in the world of whom have done so before 50. You can work on creating your budget through the link below, showing you a step by step guide.

5 Simple Steps To Create A Successful Budget

Write In Perfect Calligraphy

Hand written notes are held dear to the heart of the recipient for a long time. You can build better professional relationships by writing cursive letters to your prospects and clients. As well as make an impact with the people in your lives by writing beautiful holiday and birthday cards.

Learn How To Tie Knots

Learning how to tie knots can come in handy in your life. It can range from tying a good knot on your fishing line so you can reel in that beauty without it breaking. To tying a solid knot with a rope to hold your body weight in a survival situation in the wild! And anything in between. Here is a great article on tying knots that can help you master 17 different styles!

Guide: 17 Essential Knots Every Survivalist Needs To Know

Speed Reading

There is nothing like reading an entire page and then thinking to yourself “What did I just read!?” Not only does speed reading help you read more, faster. It also helps you retain more information. Literally the ultimate combination for learning and mastering subjects.

The other benefits if speed reading include helping us focus more on what we are reading. Improving our logic and helping our brain become better at sorting information. Helping us relax more as reading can be very stress reducing. And improving our memory as we are forming faster and strong neural connections through more mentally straining activity.

Remove Stripped Screws 

This can come in handy for pretty much anyone on the planet. You can actually pop out a stripped screw failure easily with a rubber band. You put the rubber band over the stripped screw and then point your screwdriver head into the screw. Then turn and it should come out fairly easy at that point! You can also use vice grips if this doesn’t work. Or resort to popping it our with a hammer like you would do with a nail.

Look for even more ways on how to remove a stripped screw, here is the ultimate guide:

How To Remove A Stripped Screw (7 Ways)

Hanging Pictures On The Wall

There is an art to hanging pictures that can make or break the environment you live in. Whether you are hanging just one, or multiple in different locations on a wall, there is an art to it. Get it right and your house will look more welcoming and neat. Get it wrong and your home will look like a frat house! Here is a guide to help you get it right every single time!

Guide: How To Hang Pictures on The Wall 

The Art of Pickup

It never hurts to walk into a room knowing that you can influence the opposite sex. Coming in, you will be more confident. As preparation puts anyone’s mind at ease! Yes this is mostly for the gents, but being as this is the 21st century, ladies have it just as tough sometimes out there as well!

Some quick tips for you courtesy of this awesome site GirlsChase.com, include picking up on women in the day time. This is because at night, at clubs, there are infinite amounts of numbers of men picking up on women. They also have less of an ego, because of the fact that they don’t have their pick. There are less men, giving you a better chance and helping you even look more appealing.

We also need to be focusing on making good direct eye contact. The best way to start this process is to find the most attractive women and hold eye contact with her until you are past her field of vision.

And of course, watch your posture. Pull back those shoulders. Most of communication is non verbal and this starts with holding yourself in a powerful position. Stand up completely straight as if a string is holding you up.

For more great tips on pickup, check out this link! Girlschase.com

Fix A Window Screen Tear

One of the worst investments we can make is a new window screen. No one will ever come over and remark about the beautiful new window screens we have! We would rather be spending our money on much more beneficial things for our lives!

You want to start by removing the screen from the window and then proceed to cut a square where the damage is located. Cut out a square that is slightly bigger than the portion that is damaged. Then unravel the edges and bend the existing screen until the point where they are interwoven. Then put glue around the border of the interwoven area.

For a complete guide on this process, check out this guide:

Guide: How To Repair Window Screens

Change Your Oil

There aren’t many things in this life that can bring you feelings of competence like changing your own oil. It is an empowering feeling knowing that you don’t need to put your car in anyone else’s hands. It is pretty meditative as well! Here is a 5 minute video explaining how to change our own oil!

How To Visualize

Our outer environment is a mere projection of what is going on inside us. In order to create a better life for ourselves, we must first see it with our minds eye! I created a guide on how to visualize and manifest anything you want in this life! Check it out here:

Guide: How To Visualize 

Clean Your BBQ

No matter if it is grilling season or not, you want your grill to look good. You don’t want that thing building up grease and looking grungy when it comes time to cook up that expensive meat! If you want to learn how to keep your grill perfectly clean and ready to go, check out this resource:

Resource: How To Clean Your Grill

Time Management

When we manage our times, we feel great about our day. We go to bed knowing that we got things done. That we are moving forward in life at a good pace. That we are using our limited time here on earth more effectively. Either you master time or you waste it. There is no in between. If you master it, you can do more in a month than most people do in a year. Here is a resource for you I wrote to help you!

Resource: 30 Time Management Tips 

How To Exercise Safely

The worst thing we can do is start a workout plan and get all hyped up, start getting results and momentum, and then BAM! We get hurt with bad form.

The main things to keep in mind when looking to exercise correctly include always monitoring your breathing. You want to keep good pace with your breath. Not holding it.

Brace your core for big lifts like squats, deadlifts and leg press. It will help you protect your lower back and give you more strength in your lifts. Making you more powerful in your functional movements.

Also remember to always keep good posture when lifting. Pull your shoulders back. Don’t lift in slouched positions. Act as if there is a cord attached to the roof. Holding you perfectly upright.

Good Photography Skills

Our life is a series of moments and memories. We can capture them in way that we won’t remember them. Or we can take pictures of them that make the memory last forever. Taking beautiful and captivating photos is an art and a skill set that anyone should have!

Here is a quick video on 7 powerful photo taking tips!

Play An Instrument

There is no great past time like playing an instrument. It puts you completely in the moment. Giving your mind a deep sense of peace. Some of the other great benefits of learning how to play an instrument include:

  • A better immune system and ability to fight viruses
  • Increases your hearing skills giving you more fine hearing.
  • A good form of exercise
  • Better posture.
  • Better coordination
  • Makes you a better listener, both for notes and to people.
  • Helps you make new friends!

Some of the most popular instruments to learn how to play are:

  1. Piano
  2. Violin
  3. Drums
  4. Guitar
  5. Saxaphone
  6. Flute
  7. Cello
  8. Trumpet
  9. Clarinet

Video Editting

This can be a great skill to have on your resume. As well as let you create some awesome memories with all your videos and photos. For you to keep or to give to people as gifts. You can also create videos that you put on Youtube and generate revenue from. Which every million views gives you $1000. And I know this seems like a lot, but trust me, it adds ups very quick with 7 billion people on this planet!

You can also use it to create better presentations for work. Or for your clients if you are self employed! Saving you a ton of money you would spend to outsource.

The Art of Listening

There is something about a good listener that makes us feel great about ourselves. We feel heard. They aren’t distracted by anything else. Making us feel like we are the center of attention. Think about it. You can probably distinctly remember what it felt like to be truly listened to. Maybe it was a family or friend or even therapist. Regardless of who it was or what we were saying, we remember how it felt to be truly tuned into.

We can be this person for the people in our lives. It can help us build better friendships, intimate relationships as well as help us create better business relationships. Catapulting our careers.

I have a guide for you on how to truly listen. Check it out here!

Resource: 11 Characteristics of A Good Listener

General Cooking Skills

Most of us haven’t came to far from pouring a big bowl of cereal for ourselves or cooking top ramen in college! But we can literally spice up our lives but learning how to make the food we eat taste better. It will make us look forward to cooking, as cooking can be extremely therapeutic. It also feels great to feed our friends and family with our creations from the kitchen. If you have the desire to do so, here is a good article to check out!

Resource: 57 Best Cooking Tips 

Good Etiquette (38)

Good social and relationship etiquette can speak louder than the words you actually say. It can make you create some excellent first impressions. And look very distinguished and put together. It can allow you to hold a posture that others just can’t. Setting you apart from the crowd. A few tips that can help us have good etiquette include:

  1. Waiting for all the food to get to the table before starting to eat.
  2. Telling people they are on speaker when they are.
  3. Not turning your cup upside down when you aren’t drinking wine.
  4. Shield your lemon when squeezing it into your glass.
  5. Restrict business texts and calls to certain hours.
  6. Dab your mouth before you drink to avoid staining the glass.
  7. State your name and reason for calling and what time when you leave a message.

For 50 different etiquette tips, be sure to check out this article!

Resource: 50 Tips For Good Etiquette 

Story Telling

Story telling is an art. When mastered can captivated any race, gender or ethnicity in the world. We all love stories. We are all still just little kids at heart. Waiting for the character arches and plot twists. When you can weave the audience through the maze of a story and bring them out at the end satisfied, you have mastered one of the best skills to have of all time.

Resource: 8 Tips To Make You A Great Story Teller

How To Treat People With Utmost Respect

We get along a lot easier in life when we treat people nicely. The whole, what comes around goes around kind of thing! But in all seriousness, treating people with respect and kindness can help you feel like you are making the world a better place. It is one of the basic laws of human nature. Do unto others as you want done unto you. I have created a couple resources for you here to help you!

Resource: 591 Nice Things To Say

Resource: How To Show Respect 21 Practical Tips) 

Defining Your Core Values

Every single life choice is dictated by the things we value. But when it comes down to it, we may be incredibly vague when it comes to what our core values really are. Thus leading us to making decisions that we regret later. Once we start honing in on what our core values truly are, we can start to operate in an authentic way. True to ourselves. And get closer and closer to what we want out of life. And who we want to become. Below are a couple resources I created for you on how to define your core values.

Resource: A List of Core Values (Examples)

List of Values (419 Examples A-Z)


Juggling can be a great past time and a way to put on a little show for you buddies. It is a great mental workout and gets you out of your comfort zone constantly! Hey maybe even one day you can do so with fire sticks and get paid millions of dollars to go on tour around the world!

Basic Home Repairs

Being versatile with tools and fixing things around the house can save you some time and money. At the end of the day it can also save you having to wait around for the plumber. Or have the awkward silence of them being around the house, working while you are trying to relax on your ONLY day off!

Resource: 100 Home Repairs You Can Do Yourself

Learn How to Be Funnier!

I am not talking about being THE FUNNY GUY! No one wants that title attached to their name! No my friends, I am talking about mastering the art of humor. So you can make anyone you want laugh. Laughter is medicine. People love be humored. And you tend to make a longer lasting impact on people when you can make them laugh. It also shows high levels of intellect. It can be hard being funny! I have a guide on how to be funnier though, just for you my friend! Check it out here:

Resource: How To Be Funny (Humor Mastery)

Basic Sowing And Patching Skills

Look, I don’t care if your a guy or girl. We have all been in that situation in which we blow out a pair of pants. Or a button flies off our favorite shirt. Or we tear a sleeve when we yank that favorite shirt off after a long day! But if you can learn to sew and stitch, there is no worries to be had when these situations and scenarios come up in your life!

Identify Your Passions 

When it comes down to it, progress equals happiness. If we are doing something we are passionate about, we naturally want to do more with our life. Which in turn, means we take more action and make more progress. Getting happier and happier each day, week, month and year. Something that we hate going to sleep because of. And can’t wait to get up and go hard at once the sun rises. Here is a guide on how to find your passion if you haven’t found it yet. Because it is not an easy job doing so!

Resource: How To Find Your Passion 

Resource: 201 Bucket List Ideas (Things To Do Before You Die)

Staying Hydrated

Hydration is key to living an optimal existence. Some of the signs of dehydration include sleepiness, dehydration, irritability, confusion, feeling dizzy, rapid heartbeat and even fainting! Geez, makes me want to go get a nice glass or gallon of water and guzzle that baby down! Some tips for how to stay hydrated include:

  1. Keeping a water bottle on you all day. Or a yeti and always filling it when you can.
  2. Drink water when you start to feel hungry.
  3. Add lemon or natural water sweetners to your water if you don’t like the taste of water.
  4. Drink a certain amount at each meal. Or set timers on your phone each day. Even for every hour to remind you to stay up on your water intake.
  5. Use apps to remind you to stay hydrated. Here is a great resource:

Resource: 10 Of the Best Water Apps to Use for FREE!


There are so many benefits of stretching. At the end of the day, most of us sit hours and hours out of the day. This results in our hip flexors becoming very tight. This can result in our pelvis actually titling more forward. This is one of the main causes of the lower back pain epidemic sweeping the nation! You will also have much better posture by incorporating a good stretching routine into your life. And you will also find it meditative as you can really create a good mind body connection during your stretching time.

Paint and Draw

There are so many benefits of paining and drawing. Some of which include fostering creative growth, strengthening memory, the promotion of optimism, emotional growth, better motor skills and helps us solve problems better.

It can be a great creative outlet. And who knows, you could be an absolute natural and sell your work for millions! It is a great hobby to have that can bring you happiness and contentment.

Resource: How To Draw And Paint Whatever You Want

The Art of Relaxing

I am not talking about plopping down on the couch after a long day! I am talking about truly relaxing so that your mind and body becomes rejuvenated and ready to tackle the next day with vigor and vitality! A few tips for good relaxation and stress management include:

  1. Deep breathing and mindful breathing.
  2. Scan your body for tight and tense spots and relax them.
  3. Take baths.
  4. Write out your goals so that you are less stressed about the future.
  5. Get massages and others forms of self care.
  6. Get into nature more. Fish, walk by rivers and become mindful of all the sights and sounds of your surroundings.
  7. Drink more green tea with honey.
  8. Massage your own hands and shoulders.
  9. Massage your feet over a ball.
  10. Visualize your body perfectly relaxed.
  11. Write out what is stressing you out and solutions for how to fix them.

Portion Control

When it comes down to it, our portion sizes have gotten out of hand. We eat way too much which results in us gaining weight. And after years of doing this, we can find ourselves with a body we don’t like. The first step towards lasting change is swapping out bad habits with good habits. So portion control is the good habit we are going to swap with overeating! Some tips for better portion control include:

  1. Drink water before you eat your meal.
  2. Fill up your plate with veggies before you put anything else on the plate.
  3. Have your plate consist of 1/2 vegetables, 1/4 meat and 1/4 carbs.
  4. Portion out a 1/3 of your meal to eat later. This can help you manage overeating.
  5. Measure your food. Never eye ball.
  6. Eat mindfully, being present with each bite. Chew more times. 40 per bite if you can.
  7. Use the same plates and bowls so you don’t risk using a bigger plate or bowl and eating too much because of it.

Proper Posture

Proper posture can help us feel more confident, breath better, avoid abnormal wearing down of our joints, less stress on our ligaments and prevent our spines from becoming fixed in abnormal positions. Some tips for how to have good posture include:

Resource: Top 10 Ways To Fix Your Posture

The Art of Negotiation!

Nothing is truly fixed in this life is you are good at negotiating! Having negotiation skills allows you to get a better salary, pay less for the things you buy, and even coerce that special someone to go out on a date with you! A few tips for how to become a better negotiator include:

  1. Never be afraid of asking for what you REALLY want. Being assertive when you do so.
  2. Listen more than you talk. You talk 30 percent of the time and the other person talks 70 percent of the time. This will allow the other person to tell you everything you need to know.
  3. Don’t be in a hurry with the process. Be patient.
  4. Aim high and expect the best outcome.
  5. Focus on the other persons pressure, not yours. Especially when you are buying something that someone is selling. Like a car. People want the commission and there is more pressure on the person selling the item that then one that is buying!

Conclusion To New Things To Learn

So there you are my friends. A list of learning something new options. Giving you options and skills that you can pick from to help you become more skillful. And exert more mastery over your life during your time here on earth! Share with me what your favorite skills were. And if you have any good ones to add to the list that you feel would be helpful to know!

I hope you enjoyed the article my friends.

Let’s chat in the comment section below!





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