75 Life Goals Examples (How To Create Your Own)

Life Goals Examples

life goals

You only live this life once. I try to remind myself this every single day. That we are essentially dying. Even as I am writing this. I am trading part of my life to write this article. So your welcome! šŸ˜‰ But even you are trading some of your life to reading this article. So thank you!

At the end of the day, the clock keeps ticking. No matter what we do. We can’t stop time. But we can manage time well. By creating goals that inspire us. That when we wake up to our alarm clock in the morning, we don’t see it as an alarm clock anymore. We see it as an opportunity clock.

An opportunity that we have another chance to go after our goals. To reflect on what we want in life. To make plans on how we are going to get them. And then go after them as if our life depended on it. Because IT DOES!

How we life our life is our gift to the universe, which has given us this gift of life.

Below are life goals examples that you can use to create a list of super inspiring goals that you want to accomplish in this life. To get you pumped up for life. And to look back on life in a highly satisfied manor. Knowing you milked life for all its worth. And got out of life what you truly wanted. Making your life well worth living.

And I tried to make them personal and interpersonal as well. Showing you some of the things that I personally want to do. And hopefully a list that can help anyone who is looking for good life goals ideas. That we can all benefit from.

If this is your first time to my blog, I want to give you the warmest welcome. If you are coming back, I appreciate your loyalty along with your high expectations that I will deliver some good stuff to you again! Hopefully I can fulfill that expectation.

Enjoy the article. And share with me what you think about it in the comment section below.

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Tips For Creating Your Own Life Goals List

When it comes down to it, creating life goals can really create some excitement in your life. As they saying goes by John Maxwell,

“When there is hope in the future, there is power in the present.”

With these life goals you develop a large sense of optimism and drive and lust for life. And when that happens it makes your present moments that much more great. Because you know you have a plan to do the things you want to do in this life.

Here are a couple of tips to get you on track for creating your own life goals. Then below will be examples of life goals that are my personal ones. That can help you get a head start on yours!

This also includes consider things like your core values. So if your top 3 core values are health, family and spirituality, your list of life goals could be heavily based with things around these values. Making life the most meaningful because those are the most meaningful things to you.

WHERE Do You Want To Go?

Now this can be the countries and states you want to travel to. It can be the restaurants you want to dine at. The conferences you want to attend. It has to do with going somewhere to fulfill this goal.

WHO Do You Want To Be?

This can include things like becoming a business owner. Which one of your goals could be to create that cupcake business you have always wanted to give to the world. Or it could be that you want to become a philantrophist. So one of your goals here can be about the non-profit you want to create. Your way of giving back would be an excellent life goal for WHO you want to be.


Now this is not necessarily going to give you ideas for specific goals per say. Although it could. But it is mainly for helping you create a big reason WHY you want to accomplish these goals.

Like the saying goes “Willpower doesn’t last, but WHY power does.”

Create a big reason why you want to get these goals. And reasons WHY you deserve it. Because our minds will try to take us out in the process. Tell us we don’t deserve it. So we need to prove to our mind WHY we really want it.

And of course who we want to do it with because we can only really share so much by ourselves in our happiness. And putting people you love within your goal setting can be very beneficial in getting inspired to create great goals. As well as give you motivation to do whatever it takes to enable you to achieve that goal with those specific people.

For example, in his book “Cultivating Unshakable Self Confidence” Jim Rohn talks about how he was doing a conference in which he asked a man in his audience how much he wanted to earn per year. He stated that he needed to earn 250K per year for the next ten years. In order to take him and his family on a 1 year long vacation around the world. Now THAT is a big WHY. When the going gets tough, your WHY will keep you going.

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The Ultimate Life Goals List

Purchase A Home

There is nothings like finally putting your money towards an investment. And no longer throwing away rent money into someone else’s hand that is paying their mortgage with! The best part about this home is that you can even rent part or the whole thing out to pay some or all of your mortgage. And then own that baby free and clear!

Either way, this is one of the biggest life goals of all time as it represents one of the biggest milestones of the human existence.

Resource: 10 Steps To Buying A Home You Can Afford

Save A Million Dollars

We are all going to get to an age where we can’t or simply don’t want to work anymore. Or at least a lot less. I know for me, I always want to be working one something. But it is nice to know that you have enough money to never have to work again! Becoming a millionaire is big on my list of life goals. I want to make the 8th wonder of the world, compound interest, my best and most productive friend in the world.

A great book that inspired me to do this was T Harv Eker’s Secrets of the Millionaire Mind. Among others. But it all starts out with creating the habit of paying yourself first. Saving 10 percent of the money you make. Investing 10 percent of the money you make.

Another good tip I received was to pay yourself first like it is an obligatory tax you have to pay. You don’t think anything about it. It just comes out of your pay like it would if the government was taxing you. No need to fret as you know it is coming.

Guide: How To Become A Millionaire

Get Married

There is something special about creating a union. It is the closest we can feel to being at one with life and the world. We have a deep feeling of completion in our bodies and souls. If you haven’t met the ONE yet, there are plenty of free and paid apps that can get you rockin and rollin toward the perfect soul mate!

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If you have already gotten married, maybe this life goal for you would be to renew your vows with your sweetheart. Recommit to a life long long affair with your one and only. The law of familiarity makes us discount ones presence just a little bit here and now. Not on purpose. It is just part of life. This can help you break things up and find that spark again that started it all!

Resource: 10 Most Romantic Places To Renew Your Vows

Life Long Good Health

In life we either pay now, or pay later. This is a life goal that is never really accomplished. As it something we can work on our entire lives. It is something I believe that when we really start to master, it can help us bring mastery into EVERY area of our lives.

Food is so addictive nowadays. I realized this when I started eating better foods and stopped eating out almost entirely. You feel better. You work better. You see life completely different. And for me, it showed up in my workouts and body. People started noticing it to in a big way. I was naturally becoming more lean and my vitality and effectiveness in the gym went through the roof.

Guide: How To Eat Healthy

Speak 2nd Language Fluently

You can show someone the highest form of respect by speaking in their language. Learning a new language can help you do just that. As well as making you more valuable in the work place. As well as being self-employed.

Some of the other many benefits of learning a new language include:

  • Boosting brain power helping one better solve problems and help with critical thinking
  • Improves memory
  • Helps one better multi-task
  • Enhances decision making
  • Improve one’s first learned languae
  • Improve academic performance across the board
  • Helping become a better networker

Travel The World

Now this life goals example is one that you need to give definition to. But, just because this is my blog, I will give you my definition of it. I want to see some of the oldest and most nostalgic baseball fields in the USA. Wrigley Field in Chicago. Fenway Park in Boston. The new Yankees Stadium. And Camden Yards in Baltimore.

I also want to see each one of the seven wonders of the world. And climb one of the tallest mountains in the world. Hell, maybe even Everest one day! I also want to see the Eiffel Tower. Go to Italy to learn more about my heritage. Go surfing in Fiji. Go to Bali. And ride a camel to see the Pyramids in Egypt.

What would traveling the world look like to you?

Resource: 201 Bucket List IdeasĀ 

Run A MarathonĀ 

This is one I want on my list for I am at a stage of my life where I am concerned with strengthening my mind. I want to make that sucker tough as nails. To handle all that life throws at me with more grace and ease. I believe this would be one of those life goals that would help me do just that. How about you?

Learn How To Surf

Surfing is one of those things I need to learn how to do. I know it will make me feel super cool. I know it will bring me a lot of pleasure. And I KNOW it will be a great past time. I just need to do it. Part of the hesitation has to do with the water being pretty cold out here in Central Coast, CA. I want to learn though so I can do so when I go on vacations to more tropical places. Anyways, this one deserve a spot on my life goals.

Go Pro As A Natural BodybuilderĀ 

I stepped on stage as a complete novice bodybuilder 4 years ago. I placed 5th out of 11 people. Didn’t come in lean enough but I was known to have the best symmetry up there. Which is something highly favored in the world of natural bodybuilding.

Needless to say, I stepped off the stage pissed that I was the 4th loser! I made a vow that day that I would come back one day and not only win. But I would become pro as a natural. This vow has helped me work extremely hard in the gym. At times maybe way too hard. But hey, it is a great life goal for me and I WILL obtain it before I leave this place and go onto the next life!

Write A Book

We all have a story to tell. I know this for I have talked to many people who simply fascinate me with some of the funny, inspiring, scary and sometimes down right outlandish things they have talked to me about. I feel as if our story can help a very minimum of one person become or feel better about life.

Because of this fact, I think it is our right and duty to publish that sucker! I am working on one now that is going to be on the Laws of Growth. Something I want to give to people to show them what has been most effective for helping me make radical change in my life. Help the readers transform and reinvent yourself in a way. And make a complete 180. Which is something I feel like I have done through these laws! I’ll let you know when it’s out šŸ™‚

Write/Produce A Movie

For some reason I think this goal would be absolutely cool. For the reason that it would essentially immortalize me into history. You can’t live forever but your work can! This is the way for me to leave something, a legacy in a sense, behind. I would love it to be in the horror genre. As something I don’t like to exactly admit, but I have watched a sickening amount of horror movies in my life! Maybe it is preparing me for the creation of my own fright fest. Time will tell.

15000 Pound Club

No I am not talking about getting obese as all heck. I am talking about lifting a combined 15,000 pounds between the lifts that include; bench press, deadlift and squat. I am currently around 1300 so I am close yet oh so far!

Now I preach about having a big WHY for doing things. Willpower won’t last, but WHY power will. My reason for wanting to do this was that when I first went to deadlift only 225 pounds as a young man, I could barely lift it. Hurt myself. And was laughed at by a few guys. It was humiliating.

But I vowed from that day forward to master that lift. And now the other big lifts. And the 15000 pound club would feel like I gained some sort of mastery. At least coming from humble (injured) beginnings!

What would be a good fitness goal for yourself? That would both challenge and stretch you. As well as inspire you to take big and consistent action?

Feed 50,000 People

I was deeply inspired by Tony Robbins story. When he was young his family had no food to eat at Thanksgiving. A person came to their home to donate food to them for that special day. Tony’s dad declined and shut the door on the guy. It deeply saddened and perplexed Tony. He was so grateful but his Dad was the total opposite.

Being in this situation inspired young Tony to feed two families the next year. Two turned into 4 and 4 turned into many more. Now he has fed 100,000’s of millions of people. Talk about a darn fantastic legacy to leave. What a gift that guy is to our world.

I was inspired by this story and this year I want to feed a minimum of 20 families locally. With the help of friends, local business, and other resources, one day I will feed 50,000. Hopefully millions more than that.

See Tony Robbins Live (And Meet Him)

Let’s just keep talking about Tony! He has obviously made a big impact in my life. Something I can never thank him enough for. And I want to tell him this. Either before, during or after his seminar. I will post the picture when I meet him.

Who would you like to meet? Who has inspired you the most? Who has changed your life so much for the better that you could never have made it this far without?

life goals

Race A Lamborghini

My goal is to actually own a Bentley one day. But around here in Cali, we can only go 65 MPH. Sometimes 70 MPH. And even though I have thought about it before. I will not ever race on the Autobahn. I don’t trust people enough. So I hope to do so on a race track out in Vegas maybe. I just have the need for speed and want to go well over 150 MPH!

Own My Dream Car (Restore One Too)

My dream car for a long time has been a black on black two door Bentley. It represents the high level of success that I aspire to enjoy and will one day. Plus I am Italian, so us guidos naturally like Bentley’s!

I also want to restore a 1969 Yenko Camaro. I had one as a kid that my dad and I were going to restore, but we couldn’t get around to it! Maybe I’ll resurrect that dream with my dad and we will finally knock the project out TOGETHER!

Be Self Employed FOR GOOD!Ā 

As I am writing on this, I have owned blogging businesses that have been semi-successful. I have been a personal trainer and am a realtor now. As well as of course providing you awesome content in the personal development arena!

My goal is to be self-employed FOR GOOD. Freedom means so much to me. And if I can do, I can really spend time with people that I love so much. So that I don’t have to trade time for money anymore. So, hopefully this made you guilty enough to buy something from this blog to support this life goal šŸ˜‰

Take Care Of My Mom

When I was a kid, my mom told me she loved the Porsche 911. So I told her that when I grew up, I was going to buy her 7 different 911 Porsche’s. Yes, one for every single day of the week!

Well that is still the goal! But honestly, the goal is to move out my mom and simply retire her completely. If she wants to work it is because she WANTS to, not HAS to.

I know, so sweet right? RIGHT!

Fly A Plane

I used to think the pilots were so cool as a kid. When I got on a plane, they would pin the wings on my shirt. And I saw them almost as being God’s among men. I mean they knew how to FLY! How cool.

I think it would be awesome to fly a plane. Or even get my flight license. Earn my wings!

Live In Different State or Country

I’ve done an OK amount of traveling. Been out ofĀ  the country twice. And around the USA a pretty good amount. But I always thought it would be cool to permanently get off the map. Disappear for a bit. Go underground. And simply drop myself off in a new land. Maybe even one that speaks an entirely different language. One I would learn before and the embark on my journey. I would go to Italy.

What would be a state or country that you would be brave enough to live in for a period of time?

Attend The Oscars

I have had a major crush on Rachel McAdams for over a decade. Maybe I will get to tell her and she will realize that I am the one she has been waiting for her whole entire life!

It would be pretty awesome to sit among people who are leaving their own legacies. Who are out there being the best at their craft. And to simply soak that feeling in. A feeling of greatness. I think that would be cool.

Do 5 One Arm Pushups

I am up to 2 1/2! Half way there. The cup would actually be half full in this case because I am a meathead. And meatheads don’t do push-ups. Let alone one arm ones! Maybe one day I will even be able to go Bruce Lee on you guys and gals and knock out a 1 finger pushup! Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself!

Forgive Everyone In My Life That I Need To

Honestly this is a hard one. And there is no real measure to it except for how I feel. But I think it would feel damn good. I have had some luck doing so during deep meditations. I think it would help my spiritual growth to so I don’t have to reincarnate anymore and pay my karma off! JK! Kind of šŸ˜‰

Guide: How To Meditate For BeginnersĀ 

Take 10+ Friends and Family On A Vacation

What can I say, I am a giver! I think it would be cool. Kind of like the Drake lyric:

There’s time where I may blow like 50K on a vacation, for all my soldiers just to see the looks on all their faces.

That would be the goal of a lifetime. You always get more pleasure giving than you do getting. This would bring me a lot of pleasure. And it will happen! Hopefully you will treat me really good so you can be one of those friends šŸ˜‰

Catch A 200 Pound Marlin

Ever since I was a kid, I have wanted to land a massive marlin. Reel that baby up on a boat floating on some wuper tropical see through water. And do so strapped to the seat on the boat. And then feast on it when we are back on the beach! It’s going to happen. I am going to Hawaii at the end of the year, so hopefully we’ll be able to check out this bucket list item this year!

Swim With Great Whites

Okay so on this one I am probably going to get some extreme support or lack thereof! I feel like you should put yourself in deaths way at least once in this life. Why? Because if you survive, fear isn’t as strong in other areas of your life. Making cold calling that much easier!

Read The Entire Bible

When it comes down to it, I love personal development. And many of the biggest speakers of all time have taken advice from the Bible and integrated in into their books and seminars. It has peaked my interest very much so. And I would like to read the entire thing in one year. I think it would be a great away to expand my vocabulary, get out of my comfort zone as I never read religious work. As well as be able to gain some perspective on life.

Go To The Olympics

There is nothing like seeing the best of the best do what they do best. When it comes down to it, I would love to go to both the Summer and Winter Olympic games. To really get some variety for the a myriad of sports. And immerse myself around a culture of greatness. Plus it would be cool to travel to a different country and make some new friends!

Have An In Home Gym

Let’s be honest, aren’t there those days where you just don’t want to see ANYONE. Especially at the gym where you want to just get in and out and not be bothered. Well, since we are being honest, I have a lot of those days! At least once a week. But all joking aside, it would be nice to just hop right out of bed and get after it. Not have to worry about getting ready. Just throw the clothes on and knock the workout out. And be right at there at home for a big post workout meal.

I would love to have it be outside and even have a plexi-glass type building where the weights and equipment are in there.

life goals

Do A Firewalk

I talked about one of my life goals being going to see Tony Robbins live. And I know he often has a fire walk experience. So maybe I can knock out two birds with one stone with this one. But regardless, I have to do this at some point in my life!

Go On A Tropical Cruise

There is something about a cruise where you simple don’t have to plan much. You just show up and are given an itinerary and you are off to the races! Also, I eat a lot and something about having the all you can eat option really resonates with me!

I love the idea of making your own fun with traditional vacations. But sometimes it is nice to have EVERYTHING done for you!

Where would you go on a cruise, or where are the best spots you have been?

Snow Board a Double Black Diamond

I remember the first time I went snowboarding I got caught on the wrong ski lift and went all the way up a Black Diamond! I had to simply carving, slide and roll down that thing just go get off the mountain!

I have recently hit a black diamond about a year ago and it definitely went better than the original attempt. Now I gotta bomb that double black and hopefully do so without falling once.

Go To The World SeriesĀ 

I am a huge baseball fan. I have been so every since I was a little kid. And played for over a decade. I have always wanted to go to the series. I would even shop for tickets as a kid on Ebay! I am a massive Oakland Athletics fan. So for this life goal, it would be way more ideal for me to go see the A’s in the series. And crush whoever their opponent is!

Although I may go to the opposing teams field to watch them play. As if we are being honest, the Oakland Colosseum isn’t the best field in the world!

Sink A Hole In One

I don’t golf that much so this is going to be a tough one. But I think it would be one of the most bad ass feats of all time. But it would for sure be one of those things were I would sink it and my buddy would be filming it. And lo and behold, the camera wasn’t even on! Regardless, this would be a pretty solid life goal to check out my list.

See The Eiffel Tower

I have always wanted to stand under that baby and get a picture taken. I feel like it is a feat that when done, you feel like you have seen a good amount of the world. And in a sense, made it! I know this is not entirely true, but being that I have seen it in so many movies, I guess I would feel like a movie or rockstar being under it. And taking the elevator to the top. Maybe even propose to my lady up there!

Own A Gym

I love the world of fitness. I was a small kid and when I found the weights, it transformed my life. I have competed as a natural bodybuilder as well as in a powerlifting meet. It has become a big part of my life. I would love to have a gym to call my own. Where I could train people. Especially kids on how to get in shape and feel good about themselves.

Give A Personal Development Speech

I started this blog with the intent of making money off my passion. I love personal development. It all started when I read 45 personal development books in one summer after hitting rock bottom. After this summer, the way I saw life was entirely different. I attracted better friends in my life. Truly fell in love for the first time. Started hitting the gym hard.

And just simply felt better about myself. I would like to one day condense all the books I have read, the audios I have listened to and the self help talks I have watched. And create my own speech out of it. And give it to an audience in hopes that I help them learn and grow and get breakthroughs in their life. The main purpose of this would be to keep alive what I have learned in a way to pay homage to the people who have changed by life for the better.

Do A Submarine Dive

I think it would be super chill and tranquil under the ocean waves. To take in marine life and simply be doing so in a different way than I have before.

Own An Armani Suit

Every guy needs a good suit! I would want to own one just to feel successful! It would be nice to have a good solid suit for serious business meetings. Along with getting all fancy and hitting the town with my lady!

Bungee Jump

Maccu Tower in Macau China is the tallest spot in the world for bungee jumping. It is 233 meters high and is the spot I want to check this life goal off at! I have gone skydiving but at the end of the day, I was attached to someone when I did so. This one would be all on me! Just the way I like it. I feel like the rush would be out of this world! At least out of the country for me as I life in the USA!

Become A Black Belt

I did karate as a kid for about 8 years. I am still only 2 belts away from becoming a black belt in Taekwondo. It is about time to go back and get that black belt! Then I will make my family bow to their sensi whenever I walk into the roon šŸ˜‰ JK.

Break A World Record

I used to watch Rob and Big when I was younger. It was a hilarious show of an epic bromance between two of the most unlikely people. But in one of the episodes, Rob Dyrdrek broke over 20 records and was give that many plaques for doing so. I thought this was totally cool! I would love to secure my name in the history books this way!

What record do you think you could break?

Meet My Favorite Celebrity

For me, Leonardo Dicaprio has always been my favorite actor. Ever since I was a kid. I would love to meet him. I mean he is one of the greatest to ever do it. But also, I love every song Eminem has every put out. And would even put meeting him over Leo. Either way, I would be meeting a legend!

Who would be your go to celebrity to meet if you had the chance?

life goals

Be An Extra In A BIG Movie

Ok so I actually was an extra in a like 7-10 small movies and commercials when living in LA for a couple months! Ten minutes of fame if you will! Here is the IMDB page to prove that I am not a fraud šŸ˜‰

Chris Cucchiara’s IMDB Profile

But the ultimate goal is to be in a big production. I’m talking Michael Bay, blowing things up. Or JJ Abrams where people are getting beamed up by aliens.

Regardless, I want to be part of a big production. In hopes of course of looking like someone who they would need to say a line. And get to say that line in that big production!

Ā Visit Machu Piccu

This one came about when I would often times see the picture of this mysterious place on peoples profiles. Or even online dating profiles when I used to swipe left and right šŸ˜‰ Anyways, I at first thought it looked like this mysterious land. Then I found out the exact location. And promised myself that I would make it there someday. And take a selfie above the ruins of Machu Piccu. I’ll post a picture of it WHEN it happens!

Become A Great Leader

I am always looking to refine my leadership skills. As John Maxwell says “Everything rises and falls on leadership”. I want to become a leader of my life and hopefully, in a sense, leader others. To a life much better than the one they know. And of course from there on out, develop leaders to see their maximum leadership potential. Of course this is a life goal that cannot every be simply checked off. And I know this. But it is something I can continually strive for and refine my skills. And that excites me.

Resource:Ā 17 Characteristics of A Leader

Overcome My Public Speaking Fear

One of my biggest fears, like most other people on the planet, is the skill of public speaking. I am going to be starting with Toastmasters very soon. And have been doing more videos to post online. The ultimate form of public speaking! For me, I think that if I get passed this fear, other fears will seem less powerful. As this one is so powerful.

What is one or more fears that you would want to rid your life of? And why?

Attend A Silent Retreat

This one caught my interest when the first time I heard someone talk about it. Because that person who was talking about it was a very successful entrepreneur. The guy always seemed so centered and happy. And his energy always was real and sincere. I would like to emulate my career and simply my aura by him in a sense. And he talked about how silent retreats helped him find himself more. And quiet his mind well beyond simply meditating.

Save A Life

Now I know feeding 50,000 people was one of my goals. Which can fall in line with saving a life in some sense. But I want to directly do so. To feel as if because of me, someone can live out the rest of their life. I don’t know if it will be donating plasma, blood, giving CPR or something else. I just hope I can help someone in this big of a way.

Stay Congruent With My Core Values

I read a book called “Cultivating Unshakable Character”. This book is a must read by the man himself, Jim Rohn. IT is a masterpiece in my opinion about becoming a person of excellent character. Which I feel as if this is something we need to work on every day. As our character is everything. It is how the world sees us. And a lot of how we see ourselves, depends on the reaction that the world gives us.

My top core values right now are:

  1. Health
  2. Family
  3. Integrity
  4. Financial/Career
  5. Peace of Mind
  6. Freedom

So essentially everything I do in this life, I do to hopefully bring me closer to vibrating at a higher frequency with these energies.

What are your top core values? If you aren’t quit sure, I have a couple articles to help you!

419 Core Values Examples (The Ultimate List)

Build Up A One Year Emergency Fund

Aside from having a savings account, I want another account that is essentially an emergency account. You never know what is going to happen in this life. So I would like to create an account that is stacked up with 6-12 months of income. Something to have that would ease my conscience if I needed or couldn’t work for that amount of time. So I didn’t have to rely on anyone to help me. And even have enough in there to help others during this process.

Resource: How To Build An Emergency Fund

Learn To Become A Great Listener

Early on in my life, I simply just wanted to be heard. To be the guy that had the best response. And to leave the people with laughs. And them thinking I was the best thing ever. But this was a ton of ego. And simply put, I probably ended up doing the exact opposite most the time!

I am a communicator by nature. I love to chat and talk to people. But a big part of communicating, is listening. I want to make people feel heard nowadays, instead of wanting them to hear me. I have listened to an excellent audio book that helped me with this process. It is called “How To Talk To Anyone: 92 Little Tricks For Big Success by Leil Lowndes. She narrates the book excellently if you are interested in becoming a better listener or communicator.

I also created an article to help you with this process as well. Check it out below:

Resource: 11 Characteristics of A Good Listener

To Continue Motivating People/And Myself (Constant & Never Ending Improvement)

Recently I have been pretty intense about my personal development journey. In the last year, I have listened to probably 1000 hours of audio in this personal development arena. AT LEAST. I have also watched many videos and read a few books. It has been a great year in this regard. And I feel as if I am barely getting started.

But is all started for me to get out of rock bottom. Which it has helped me do so in a big way. But the best thing about this journey is how I can help people when they are down. Sometimes even automatically. The wheels in my mind starting turning and all of the sudden I am saying some pretty cool things. And the people I am talking to feel helped. Which is a great feeling.

I hope to rack up 10,000 hours of audio and books in the next ten years. And feel a sense of mastery in this arena. One that turned out to be one of my true loves and passions.

Be Good With A Budget

I have to admit. I have been very bad with my budget before. I have never really been one for the reservation of money. I thought I would have all this time to save for retirement. Or I would somehow come into a vast amount of money and just store it away. The latter could for sure happen. But if I am not good with my money now when it is smaller. I will not be good with it when I get older.

I have been monitoring my purchases. And have realized where I am overspending. And just this good habit has helped me eliminate things. Or at least be less wasteful with my money.

I want to commit to this being a lifelong habit that I am consistent with. And continue to develop. As it can only help me save more money. Which means I can do more things with family. And spend that money on the things I really want. And save for retirement so that I don’t have to worry about money ever again one day.

Resource: Budgeting 101: How to Create A Budget

Learn To Play An Instrument

I always thought it would be cool to know how to play the guitar. But lately I have been leaning more to it actually being the coolest thing every to know how to play the piano. I don’t know why, but it just seems like an elegant skill to have. To show how refined you are. And it looks cool when someone is actually ripping up the keyboard!

What instrument would you be interested in learning the most? Or what instrument do you already play that maybe you would like to get better at?

See A Play At The Sydney Opera House

This place is so synonymous with artistic production. And it has always been a place I have wanted to visit since I saw it on a post card as a kid. I would love to see a full production or 5 here! And go explore the land of Australia while I am there!

Go On A Walkabout

Now this one was inspired by the show LOST. Where one of the main characters John Locke enrolled to go on a walkabout. A spiritual journey. But when he got there, he was denied because he was in a wheel chair. Anyways, I looked into what it was afterwards and it seems like a pretty cool spiritual experience where you simply have to exercise your trust. That the universe will provide what you need for survival.

As a guy who likes to be in control, this would help me get out of my comfort zone. VERY QUICKLY.

life goals

Go Check Out Niagra Falls

I have read that 3160 tons of water flows through Niagra Falls every second of the day! I have always though this placed looked like it didn’t even belong on this earth. A place so powerful and magical. A place where you can truly see the power of mother nature. I look forward to making this trip to this epic place on this earth.

Be More Thankful And Grateful

When I was younger, I was pretty all take and no give! I guess growing up shifted my focus about this. But I wanted to integrate more thankfulness and gratitude into my daily life. For it helps us see how very fortunate we really are. How we have so many things to be thankful for. I was originally inspired by Tony Robbins to do this in the morning. Something he calls 15 minutes to thrive. In which he becomes deeply grateful for 3 things in his life.

I have a couple difference resources to help you with this life goal if you want to check them out!

501 Quotes About GratitudeĀ 

Things To Be Grateful For (301 Examples)

151 Affirmations For GratitudeĀ 

See The Jesus Statue In Brazil

Let’s just say I have a lot of repenting to do! And what better way to do so in front of Jesus standing 98 feet tall and giving praise over the beautiful country of Brazil.

Also, I would love to stamp my passport and enjoy Brazil!

Speak At A TED ConferenceĀ 

I saw someone I met once speak at a TED conference. I saw him a few years before at a natural bodybuilding competition that I competed in. He ended up going pro. Excellent physique an a very cool dude. Anyways, I ended up seeing him pop up into my Youtube feed when I was watching other TED talks. It was cool to see someone with the same passions speak on one of the biggest personal development stage of all time. My goal is to speak about self help one day on that same stage.

Go To An Animal Killing & Eating Ceremony

Is it possible to do anything in life more primal then this?? I mean how cool with this be! Enough said. This needs to be done and is very deserving of a spot on my list of life goals.

Ride In A Hot Air Balloon

Another death defying thing on our list here. For some reason I feel like all bucket lists or life goals lists need to have a few things that could potentially kill you! Not as extreme as my goal about swimming with great whites. But this one is a nice blend of death defying activity mixed with a magical experience. I would love to ride over a tropical land or some ancient ruins.

Swim With Dolphins

I was in Hawaii a year ago and I was paddle boarding. And a big dolphin cruised up right beside me. Just a little hello and goodbye. I mean the guy was cool and cute. And it made me want to swim with dolphins. I didn’t have enough time when I was in maui. But it is on my list of goals for my life that I want to check off. I have heard it is a truly magical and soul uplifting experience.

Master A Few Magic Tricks

Let’s face it, magic is downright cool. It lets us be totally captivated and live in the moment. Trying to figure out what the trick is. How it is all happening. And then feeling the childish like joy of the whole act.

I would like to be able to give this feeling to people. Especially to do so around kids. To keep them laughing and having fun.

Marry A Couple

I almost had this one in the basket! I was asked to become a licensed minister and marry off a couple of friends. They ended up using a “real minister”!

Anyways, I think it would be cool to do so. Yeah maybe a bit egotistical. But how cool would it be to be this big of a part of a friend or loved ones wedding. To secure their loves in the heavens through your speech!? You gotta admit you would want this one on your life goals list too!

Start A Supplement Line

I am huge into the health and wellness world. I love it. It has transformed my life in so many ways. I would not be the same person without it. It is also something I have seen transform other lives of my friends, family and some of my clients when I was a personal trainer.

My goal would be to combine my passion here with a way of giving back. Of supplementing people’s lives with excellent, quality and affordable supplements. Have things like protein powder, multi-vitamins and preworkout. Maybe more. The vision is there for sure.

Read Or Listen To A Book A Week

I have been pretty close to this as far as this year goes. I would like to keep the streak going for a lifetime. I mean I know this consistency of reading for me this year has made a big impact in my positive thinking, vocabulary and simply my ability to communicate and listen better to people.

Once A Week “Cheat” Meal

I have made the commitment for health to be one of my core values and top priorities for the rest of my life. For the simple reason that my health took a big hit recently and I don’t want that ever to happen again. This is a pretty emotion WHY for me to stick to this goal. So all week, I eat organic foods.

Just enough to put on muscle and be in a slight caloric surplus. But not too much to where I am going to gain too much weight. My meal each week thus far has been a large pizza to myself! But I get two-for-one pizzas with a buddy. So I can share in a victory of making it through the week. It keeps my sanity!

Sober For Life

I haven’t ever really been a big drinker. I may have gotten drunk 5 times in my life. But the thing about it is that I don’t really see any benefit to it anymore. Not even taking even one drink. A buddy who has never had one drink in his life inspired me to do this. I have slipped a couple of times, but have had vastly less liquor for sure since setting this goals a few months ago.

Do Something For Myself Once A Week

The last couple years, I have been trying to go as hard as possible. Stack up the productive hours with work, working out and hanging with family. But I found myself not really doing anything for myself. So recently I have bought a fishing pole to hit the pier with. And committed to doing this once a week for a a couple hours.

I listen to a lot of audiobooks but am going to leave my phone in the car. So I don’t get distracted. Simply allow myself to be. I am getting relaxed and feeling good just typing these sentences!

life goals

Read 10 Classical Books

Not a massive goal. But I like the idea of becoming more familiar with some of the classics like Shakespeare. Knocking out some of the work would definitely allow me to get some variety into my literature diet.

Get My Motorcycle License & Harley Davidson

Although I hate when a loud motorcycle goes by, there is nothing more cool than a nice matte black Harley Davidson. I would love to own one to drive on weekends and for trips up the coast. I had a dirt bike as a kid that I loved to ride. And well, motorcycles are essentially like dirt bikes for adults!

Learn How To Master Stick Shift

I have been taught a few times how to drive stick. I was OK at it. But always felt like I needed to get A LOT better each time the training sesh was done.

Anyways, I want to get to a point where I can feel a sense of mastery. That for whatever reason, if I have to drive a stick I can do so with ease. And then master it enough so that when I restore my Camaro one day, I won’t have to do so with an automatic transmission!

Become a Master At My Craft

It is said that it takes 10,000 hours to exert mastery over something. 20,000 to become a legend. There are 3 things I want to master in this life. The personal development niche. Being a realtor. And going pro as a natural bodybuilder.

What are the things in life you want to master?

Die Happy

We are all going to die. The grim reaper is completely undefeated! But when it comes down to it, I want to make sure that I die happy. And dying happy would be me never backing down from a goal. Taking care of my family. Being extremely loyal to the people who have given me their loyalty. Working my ass off. Falling in love. Staying in love. Living each day with passion and energy. Being one of the most positive people on the planet. Reflecting on my life to see what I can learn from each day. Giving myself credit for the good things I have done. And simply not taking life incredibly serious at all times. Enjoying it.

What would dying happy look like to you? I would love to know.

Conclusion To Goals In Life

So there we are my friends. Life goals examples. A personal list of what I want out of this life. Things to do before you die if you will! I hope you got some ideas for the creation of your life goals list. And inspired to create the best bucket list of all time. As a template to guide you through this life. Making sure you milk it for what it’s worth.

And to get to the end of your days, knowing that you left it all on the field. That you did all you set out to do. So you live and die with no regrets at all. And hopefully make some new and awesome friends along the way. Along with some crazy awesome memories. Some of which you may not even believe that you even did the things you did! But of course, have no regrets that you did!

Seize this life my friends.

Until next time,



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