103 Life Lessons

Life Lessons

life lessons

Life can be the best teacher. But at the same time we can become the best student. In a class that is worth the effort of being and becoming the pupil student. There so many life lessons that we can learn on our journey on this beautiful earth.

But thing about lessons is that we usually have to have personal experience with them to learn our lesson. But once learned, we can grow from them and avoid make the same decisions so that we can use these lessons to our benefit.

Below I jotted out 101 lessons that life has taught me that I hope can help you.

Share with me what your favorite ones were as well as if you have any to add in the comment section!


101 Life Lessons

1.) People That You Meet That Remind You Of Someone ISNT That Person

We have all made the mistake of likening someone new in our life to a person from your past or current life. They make look the same, act the same or behave in a manner that is congruent to someone we know. Then we automatically assume the are going to fulfill this image of the person we know. This can lead us to resentment when the person doesn’t live up to the image we have of this person.

The image we attached to them solely because they remind us of this certain person. Or we doom them from the start and we think they are going to horrible, the the person in our life that is horrible. Giving them no fighting chance. Everyone deserves a clean slate in our lives. To paint their own picture on the canvas that we give them.

This is prejudging a book by it’s cover and no one likes to be put in a box. Allow people the freedom to be themselves.

2.) Love Is The Most Powerful Antidote To Anything Bad In Life

When it comes to the power of love, there isn’t enough that can be said. Loving our enemies can defeat them. Stop them in their tracks. And even create a friend out of a foe. It can help us forgiving and let go. It can help us build stronger relationships or mend broken ones. It can portray the ultimate and strongest form of human expression. And make someones day, week or even life. Use love often and use it proudly.

3.) It Is Not Weak To Be Vulnerable

Often times people are scared to be vulnerable, especially men. But there is so much power in vulnerability. That one can channel to do some great things. The thing about vulnerability is that it can open up the opportunity to create much deeper relationships. It can build trust with people. And it does away with the lie we tell ourselves and other people, that we have it all together and are perfect.

We all have that person in our lives that fakes perfection. That is overly optimistic. You can’t connect with this person. We have all been this person to an extent. But the thing about life is that you can’t stay in this state of euphoria without things crashing to the ground sooner or later. Life will pull off the veil and show the true colors. In much more of a painful way that simply embracing who you really are and expressing it, to an extent, to the world.

It also takes the ammo away from life. People cannot use things against you that you keep guarded. If you are real and people call you out for things, it doesn’t matter. It is already on the table and you have came to accept it a long time ago when you choose to be vulnerable about it.

4.) Take Responsibility For Your Life

The best thing we can do as adults is to take full responsibility for our life. And everything that has happened up to this point in our existence. No matter how we slice it, we are where we are because the decisions we have made. Or not made. That is that.

It is tough love, but this advice can do us all wonders when we come to grips with it. Because when we do, we realize how much power we have. Power to create a better life for ourselves. To get away from victim mentality.

A great article was written on the power of taking responsibility talking about how it can help use build better self esteem, helps us take more and better action and helps us become our best self.

5.) Forgive Your Parents

Brian Tracy, author and personal development speaker, talks about how your parents gave you all the love they gave you to have. They didn’t try to hold back, or give you less than they had. They just had a blueprint for the amount of love they got from their parents.

No matter how good or bad our childhood was, we need to forgive our parents. They did their very best. And even if they didn’t, it is not benefiting us by holding onto resentment.

The best thing to do is let go of any feelings of resentment you hold towards your parents. Because a big part of the quality of the relationships we have directly correlate to how we feel about our parents. It is the first example we all had as children. Our starting point on relationships. And it carries over to the world and how we treat the people in it.

Let your parents off the hook. Give them grace. We are all human. Let go and love them. Build better relationships with them now. Tell them to their face that you forgive them. That may be all that they ever wanted to hear from you. And it can salvage relationships or build even better ones with our parents.

6.) Grow and Keep Growing

Your life will only get better in direct proportion to how much you grow as a person. If you stop growing, you can only be as happy as you are now. Your income will stay the same. In other words, your life will stay the same. Human beings are the only organism in the world who doesn’t strive to reach their full potential. It is because we have freewill. And we can either create the life of our dreams with this freewill. Or we can put ourselves in an early grave. Always seek growth opportunities. Become the best in your career. Always seek to better your craft. Read positive things. Watch positive shows and movies. Always feed your mind with positive things. It is hungry for it. And it is the proper nourishment needed to build a strong mind. A mind that is able to withstand the ups and downs and the tough times that life throws at you. You will also become stronger from the valleys of life. And allow you to enjoy and milk so much more out of the peaks that you experience. Keep growing my friends.

7.) Work Your Ass Off

Talent will be beaten by hard work if talent doesn’t work hard. At the end of the day, we cannot fall for get rich schemes. Or easy ways out. If it seems to good to be true, it is. No one has done anything great in this life without working their face off. Yea maybe someone who discovered diamonds or gold randomly. But you cannot rely on that.

In today’s day and age, you need to embrace the idea of hard work. And work hard day in and day out. It will give you the best chance at success. And with so many people simply OK with mediocrity nowadays, you will separate yourself that much quicker by being a hard worker.

Be the first one in and the last one out. Pride yourself on being the hardest damn worker in the room. The more you do the, the more you expand the concept of yourself. And once your mind is stretched beyond it’s previously believed limits, it can never go back. You will then naturally, and more easily produce in a way that seems mind boggling to people.

You also sleep better at night knowing that you left it all on the field. No regrets come from working hard.

Just know that it can separate your from someone who may have more talent than you. You can break free and make yourself known to the world with hard work. And beat out someone who just ins’t willing to put in the long and hard hours.

8.) Self Pity Gets You Nowhere

Indulging in your own pity party will get you to be the only guest at that party. It will slowly and surely isolate you. Leaving you in a place where you are completely alone. And miserable. Self pity is a very dangerous emotion because it gives us temporary pleasure. But you trade this pleasure for long term pain.

It also keeps you from taking action in a more positive direction. Life is way to short my friends. Don’t allow yourself to stay stuck in self pity. No one is coming to save you. You need to save yourself. And when you do, you see your power as a real life superhero.

9.) More Often Is Not Better

I am a huge advocate of hard work. As I talked about as one of our life lessons above. But the thing about is is that you need to find a pace in which you can maintain that hard work. If you go to hard too fast, you will gas out. Create momentum first. Don’t come in hot and extreme. Being extreme too fast will lead to your ultimate demise. And a feeling of discouragement and failure. Find a good pace, work hard, and don’t try to do too much too fast. Have a long term vision. And everything you want through means of getting it FAST will come to you. In due time my friend.

10.) Sacrifice Is The Only Road To Happiness

The only way we can get anything in this life is to sacrifice something. If you want to become a success and be happy with yourself, you need to give up certain things. While you are partying, someone else is winning. I am not saying don’t party. Just give up partying at a percentage that allows you to get your goals first or put you on a nice path towards them. Then party. Give up short term pleasure for long term success and happiness. And belief in yourself.

The more you sacrifice and make tough choices, the more you will develop willpower. And the more confidence you will have in yourself.

Also prioritize your sacrifices. Don’t sacrifice too much that it affects your family or other things that deserve your attention. This is where core values come in. Know what you stand for and who you want to be. And then align your day with actions that in are support of these core values.

If you need some core value examples, I wrote an article just for you on the best ones. Here it is! The Ultimate List of Core Value Examples

11.) Keep Your Word

When you keep your word people know what they are going to get from you. They know that you are a person of your word. You are seen as someone with integrity. And in turn you feel good about yourself. You see the value in yourself. We feel as if people see value in us and it makes us feel internal value.

This will help you advance in both your personal and professional life. Management will trust you to the job done. And friends and family will put you at a higher rank than most as the know you will always come through.

This means that we need to think about giving our word before we know we are going to follow through. If we have any doubts on whether we are going to get the job done, we need to be honest and communicate that fact. Never over commit yourself.

12.) Set Up A Schedule

When we try to wing our day, we just flat out don’t get as much done. We have good intentions, yes. But we get to the end of the day not getting as much done as we could. Writing out a daily schedule is imperative to being efficient. It can help us also create new and good habits. When we schedule our day, we can put in things that we want to integrate into our lives. If we do this one a daily basis, we can start forming new and positive habits. Changing our whole entire life. That fact of the matter is, if it isn’t on our schedule, it probably won’t get done.

13.) Track Your Progress

This is similar to having a schedule. But the next step. Tracking progress of the things that are working and not working. If you are meeting your goals and deadlines. And if not, what is causing you to miss the? It allows you to know yourself better as you are finding out where you may be sabotaging yourself. Or if you aren’t progressing because you need outside help or maybe need a new and inspiring goal. Doing away with the old one.

A great article talked about the power of having a schedule, saying that it helps us track little wins along the way. It also helps us feel less busy as we are not filling our days with meaningless busy work.

At the end of the day, it makes us feel good when we see ourselves progressing. Because progress equals happiness.

14.) Listen To Your Intuition

We have all had that experience where we don’t listen to our gut. We end up saying something like “I should have listened to my gut instinct!”. But it is too late. There is power in your intuition.

It is something, I believe that is a circuit between our higher selves back to our consciousness. A power that truly wants the best for us and for us to make proper decisions.

Learn to trust your gut more. And to give you the motivation to do this, ask yourself if your gut feeling has ever steered you wrong? Most likely the answer is NO.

The more you listen to your intuition, the easier it will get to do so. Just like a muscle, keep working that baby out.

15.) Walk Your Own Path

We are all on our own journey. Dropped onto this earth as an individual. The more we try to conform and be the same as others, the more more disappointed and lost we get.

We become influenced by what others want for us. Or want us to act like.

Give yourself pure permission to throw off all feelings of fear and doubt that come with truly living for yourself.

Resurface the feeling of being limitless. The attitude you took on a child. And go for broke. Be your own person. And do the things that make you happy. Let people walk their path and you walk yours.

Do away with peer pressure. As you only get one life to live. You don’t want to get to the end of your life realizing you lived it for others. Live it for yourself and experience the bliss that comes from it.

16.) Act In Spite Of Fear

Fear has massive firepower behind it. It usually makes someone push away from their goals. Because it is a truly strong feeling. But if you can learn and turn the tables on fear. To let it push you from behind TOWARDS your goals. Or even pull you towards your goals. Then you have won a battle most people lose. And you are using the most powerful force on earth to your benefit.

When we don’t act on fear, it creates some of the biggest regrets of our life. When we do act in spite of fear, it creates some of our biggest mental and physical victories. The ones we look back on and feel a sense of pride and accomplishment from.

Make a deal with yourself to act in spite of your fears. To act even though you are scared. You will tap into a deep sense of inner courage and belief in yourself by doing so.

Prove to yourself that you are bigger than fear. That you refuse to let it dictate and ultimately ruin your life.

17.) Take A Prevention Approach To Health

When we look at health this way, we do things that make us healthier. So that we don’t end up in the hospital or down with a sickness when it is too late. This has to do with both small things like flus, or bigger diseases. We can do our best and have the best chance of avoiding them by doing things daily that support and benefit our health.

It needs to be a core value in your life in order to get to this level. But it can and will give you much better quality of life. As well as save you money in the long run.

Sacrifice more money now in support of good health with quality food and supplements. For the chance to enjoy the opportunity to live a long and disease free life. And quality of life into your later years.

18.) Be Stern With Your Goals But Flexible

Setting a goal is powerful. It sets you apart from 95 percent of the human race. It can help you have a bigger vision of yourself and of your life.

Be stern in getting that goal. In going after it no matter what happens. Until you get it.

But also remember to course correct along the way if you need to. To allow yourself to take any feedback as constructive feedback. Letting it guiding you in a more efficient way towards the accomplishment of your goals.

Being open and flexible to things that can help you will allow you to not get stuck doing the same thing, hoping to get different results.

It can save you so much time and effort.

19.) Live In The Moment

The only true moment we have in the present moment. Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery. The gift truly is the present moment. It is OK to look forward towards the future with hope. But don’t let it keep you there too long in hopes for a better future. Making you not enjoy today.

Also make peace with your past enough to where you aren’t looking back. That means forgiving people as well as having a captivating enough future to look forward to that will let you not ever want to look back anymore.

I created an article on how to live in the moment that has various practical tips to help you be more present! Check it out here: How To Live In The Moment

20.) Keep Educating Yourself

Often times we get done with a level of schooling and we feel as if we are done. That we have arrived and have no more work to do. That is a death sentence. Always be seeking to get better and better. To see life as a classroom. To never have all the answers.

To be willing to internalize the fact that we really know nothing. We came into this world knowing nothing. And all the knowledge we have picked up is from something that someone else has figured out.

We are a blank slate. And the beauty of the canvas relies on how open we can become to learn as much as we can. That way we can become people of value. And when we have value to give, we are paid more and can have a bigger and better impact on the world.

21.) Guard Your Reputation

Once someone makes an opinion about you, they will start seeking every thought and feeling they can to support this opinion. This is just how the human mind works.

I am not saying to care about what people think about you. You should always forge your own path regardless. But do things that create a good reputation in your family and in the community.

It is very hard to reach your full potential without building relationships with people. And once you have a bad reputation, it can be impossible to escape. Always do things that create a good reputation. Treat people with respect and empathy.

Don’t go out and get sloppy and drunk. Speak eloquently and without too much swearing or vulgarity. Be a person of your word. Live with passion and purpose. Life will be much easier for you when you are always seeking to build and maintain a good reputation.

22.) Say “No” More

When it comes down to it, saying NO more often harnesses an excellent power to take control over your life. It sets us a free in a way. To let us manage our priorities. It helps keep us focused on our goals. Rid us from the anxiety of trying to be everything to everyone.

And it shows people that you are not afraid to say no. People won’t walk all over you because they know that you value yourself enough to saying no to things so you can do things that you want to say yes to.

You will get much more done that is beneficial to the development of the things that mean most to you. And give you time to rest and recharge. As well as spend time with people that love and want your affection.

23.) Have Faith

I am not really implying that you need to believe in a higher power. Because honestly it has never really been a big component of my existence. If it has been for you that is awesome. But it doesn’t hurt to simply believing that something bigger has your best interest in mind.

When it comes down to it, having this mindset can ease the tension of life. It can take away a bit of the anxiety that comes with this existence. And it can also be the trump card when it comes to going after your goals and dreams. Giving you the belief in yourself and the powers above that you can get the things you want in this life.

24.) Find Your Own Learning Style 

We are so boxed in nowadays to the learning styles that work for the masses. School caters to a certain type of learning style. And most of us don’t learn most effectively this way. The key in life to optimizing your learning and retention are to find ways that work for you. To not get discouraged or feel dumb if you don’t learn a certain way. Just see it as a stepping stone to you being guided towards a way that is going to help you learn faster and become a better version of yourself. For example I retain more with audio books than regular paperback books. Find your learning style and milk it for what it’s worth!

25.) Reward Loyalty (Family First)

When it comes down to it, I know many of us out there have people that aren’t blood and are more family than not blood. Or you have blood related family that is loyal as hell. Most of us have a mix of both. These people are your true ride or dies. The people that would bail you out of jail in the middle of the night. Ball and chains.

These people deserve your utmost loyalty. You know who they are. Appreciate and reward their loyalty. Always do things for them that know they are a prize and a gift in your life.

At the end of the day, these people give us life. They are the reason we do what we do. The energy force behind our lives. Always put them above anything else.

26.) Push Past Thresholds

We all get to a point in life where we feel as if we can’t go any further. That would should take a break and throw in the towel. Or simply come back to something after resting. We justify the rest period. We make ourselves feel OK. As if we have done enough to rest.

But the truth of the matter is, that we most likely haven’t even tapped half of our potential at this point. And we need to keep pushing in order to really show ourselves how much we have in the tank.

If we don’t keep pushing, we will always live at the same level for our whole lives. These thoughts that cause us to stop are similar to a governor on a car. It keeps it from running too hot or too fast. But governors can come off of cars. Take off your self imposed governor and see how far you can go.

Make it a habit to always push a little harder. As soon as that voice pops in your head and tells you to ease up, push harder right then and there.

This will callus your mind and give yourself a stronger and stronger mental attitude. One that can withstand some of the harshest things that will ever be thrown at you in this life. And they will come. The question is will you be strong enough to tackle them. By doing things like this, you absolutely will.

27.) Grow Through Your Pain

The thing about pain is that you can come out on the opposite side stronger or just as weak as you were when you went through. We can go through pain or grow through pain.

If we keep denying pains existence, we will go through pain and not have a more tough shell when we are done. We will be just as soft as we originally were.

Also, for some odd reason, the universe will bring this pain back to you in some way, shape or form. Until you process it more thoroughly and grow through it.

So during painful situations, make sure you don’t deny it. Feel it. Learn from it. Grow from it. Experience it more fully. So you can become stronger from it. It is lifes way of making you stronger. Because either way you have to go through painful things in life. You can get something out of it, or let it be a waste of experience.

28.) Don’t Talk To Strangers

This is a life lesson that almost every single child on the face of the earth was taught. It is excellent advice until you reach your pre teen years. We are all a bit timid to talk to strangers. For absolutely no reason other than we were programmed to. You never know anyone. And that is the truth. But being timid right off the bat can create more distance that you simply have to fill as the relationship advances.

Treat everyone like a friend right away. This way you will make people feel comfortable in your presence right away. Plus people form opinions about your literally within milliseconds of meeting you. Due to this fact, we want to make the best impression possible. So that people form excellent and positive opinions about us right off the bat.

As the first opinions people create about us are the ones that they end up justifying later. If for example someone likes us off the bat, they are willing to look past things other people wouldn’t. This is the Reticular Activating System acting in our minds. We form an opinion and then look for everything to justify our decision.

We can create a positive experience right off the bat for people’s RAS to always default to seeing the positive in us. Positive stuff!

29.) Everything Happens For A Reason

If for simply peace of mind alone, this attitude is powerful. It lets us know that we are here for a purpose. And human beings need purpose in this life. Without the feeling of purpose, we can drift in life. And experience negative emotions that aren’t attached to having purpose and vision.

Life is scary. But feeling as if we are guided can shine more light onto our path. Almost as if life is the tour guide, trying to show you the entire path. Sometimes you get lost on the trail. But life, the tour guide, is there to steer you back on the right path. To get you back to where you need to be in order to finish strong. All while seeing all the good and bad along the way.

We can feel too much like a victim when we don’t see things this way. As if life is picking on you. Again life is happening for you, not to you. You can use everything that happens to you as a way to get better. The worst things in life often push us to the greatest things that ever happen to us.

Trace back your life. Connect the dots. Realize that everything does happen for a reason. See that if you didn’t take a certain job, you never would have met your spouse. Or that if you would have left a little bit earlier for work, you would have gotten into a crash.

I am not saying this as a fact because I truly have no clue if everything truly does happen for a reason. But thinking this way makes me feel much better about my journey on this earth. And I think it can do the same thing for you.

30.) Go For Small Wins Along The Way

Us as humans like winning. But one thing we like more than winning, is winning big. Getting that big goal. Getting the atta boys or atta girls for our efforts. And getting the accolades, internal and external respect as well as the inner feeling of contentment of “making it”. But in order for us to experience these big wins, we need to go for small wins along the way of getting to our goals.

And seeing them as wins. Often times we don’t see massive shifts in success along our pursuit towards it. Which discourages us and often times makes even the most sane people throw in the towel. But I encourage you to seek out any win you have had that day or week. One that is bringing you closer to your goals.

This gives you encouragement that you are making progress. And any progress is good progress. Baby steps forward are still bringing you FORWARD. See and validate these baby steps. One day these baby steps will turn into gigantic strides.

31.) Too Good To Be True, It Probably Is

This is old knowledge that dates back to the beginning of time. And is even so much more true with all the get rich schemes and mindset that goes along with most of the world. People want things fast. But it really isn’t our fault. We CAN get things fast nowadays. We can microwave our food and get it hot in a minute in which 50 years ago it would have taken us 20. We can hop a flight and be somewhere in 6 hours. Whereas it would have taken us months or even years to make the journey a hundred or so years ago.

The thing about life is that it is constantly trying to make us lazier. Inventions are always to make our lives easier. But the thing about it is that we grow to expect the same results with the pursuits that mean the most to us.

The things we want out of life, we want them just as fast as heating our burrito in the microwave.

But I want to encourage you to ditch this mindset. Nothing big goal in life for anyone has ever come easy. Just because someone got rich fast, doesn’t mean it is going to happen to you. It could, absolutely. But most likely not. Develop a marathoners pace.

Whatever you want in life, chalk up how much time you think it is going to take you and then double the time. This will give you a more realistic time frame so you don’t become discouraged if it doesn’t happen FAST. And if you achieve it earlier, you will be that much more ecstatic.

Also have the willpower to listen to your intuition. See life as tests along the way. And if something seems just too damn good to possibly be true, listen to that voice in your head that is telling you that. That voice is smart. And we have all been there were we don’t listen to that feeling that something is telling us that something is too good to be true. We go after it and realize it is too damn good. Don’t fall for this type of stuff my friends.

32.) You Are Who You Hang Out With

We truly do. This always discouraged me when I was a kid when my parents would tell me this. But if you do look at your life, you see that the more you hang out with people, the more similar you become. You take on inside jokes, sayings, slang, eating habits and even dressing habits.

Whoever you want to be in life. And whatever you want in life. A lot of it comes down to who we are hanging out with. Think about the person you want to become in this life and the goals that go along with it. Then seek people out that possess those qualities and are achieving similar goals. Study them. Hire them to mentor you. Or hang out with them if you can. Literally stalk these people. And allow their influence to transform you into the person you want to become

The individuals you look up to are essentially going to form who you want to be and ultimately become later in life. Who you are now is who you can remain. Or you can become better by modeling better people.

Find a few people who you can look up to and start becoming like. People that will not only help make you better. But help you become better for the people that rely on you in this life. You will become more of a person of value this way. And life rewards value in countless ways.

33.) Find Your Passion

Find your passion and spend the rest of your natural life pursuing it. That is my tagline for life. Otherwise, without pursuing passion, we lose zest for life. We wake up literally dreading the day and singing the “Thank God It’s Friday” song.

We have all lived this way in some way, shape or form. At some point at our life. Some people longer than others. But in order to find meaning in this life, we need to be pursuing our passions.

With the internet, nowadays you can turn your passion into a paycheck a lot faster and easier than you could before. So there is no excuse to think you can’t make a living with your passion. You can.

Give yourself that reward of living life with passion through your passion. I don’t want anyone to have to not look forward to 5 days a week. Every week out of their natural existence. This is not how we were designed. We are goal seeking organisms. When we don’t have goals, we drift and die. Maybe not in a physical sense. But spiritually. We are committing spiritual suicide when we are not pursuing our hearts goals and passions.

Identify what your passionate about and find a way to integrate it into your life. ASAP.

34.) Rule Your Mind

Your mind can be your best friend or your greatest enemy. When it comes down to it, our minds are just like our bodies. What we feed it affects our performance. If we feed it good and positive thoughts, we create a hot burning furnace that gives us energy, happiness and endurance. If we feed it negative thoughts, we simply have kindling that never quite gets lit. That has potentially to become a blazing inferno but never does.

Try this. For 30 days straight try not to think anything negative. When you do, think of something positive to counteract the negative thought. Monitor your mind. Stand guard at the door of your mind. You are the only person that can do this. You can create your own heaven on earth or your own hell on earth. It all starts and ends in our minds.

It is an excellent slave when we get control of it. But often times we are it’s slave. We forget that we own our minds, not the other way around.

When we gain power over it, we master ourselves. Self mastery doesn’t come easy, but when we work our way towards it, our entire existence transforms.

35.) Don’t Worry About Others Opinions

Operating off of what people think or tell us is trash. People will tell you that you can’t do something. And when you do it, the victory is that much more sweet. People aren’t really telling you what YOU can’t do. It is usually not personal. It is them reflecting what they think THEY can’t do. Or they are so miserable because of not going after or accomplishing their goals, that they want to hold you back.

Pay no mind to small minds. People will always tell you you can’t or shouldn’t do something. Well they don’t have your goals. They weren’t bestowed with the dreams and vision that you have. They don’t get it. Because they weren’t meant to get it.

When people try to dog you about what you want in this life, thank them. Let it give you fuel and kindling. That you light that sucker with and end up creating a blazing fire that shines as bright as your future.

Use it to push you forward instead of hold you back. Because if you let it hold you back, you will be resentful not only towards these people, but of yourself and life itself. And that is a dark place to be. Use haters as fuel.

Like Yourself

36.) Treat People As Equals 

The fact of the matter is this, we have all been the only one during some time of our lives. And what I mean by that is that we have been the only black person, only white, only small person, etc. We have all had a time in our lives where we do not fit in. And usually people exploited that.

And often times in life we can become those bullies we hate. Singling out people because they are the only one.

We need to see everyone as equal and have the backs of those who are the outcasts. Befriend these people for the simple fact that it sucks to be the ONLY. That we remember that feeling and want to save someone from feeling this feeling.

Have the backs of your fellow man. Don’t be bullies and don’t support it either.

37.) Become More Resourceful

Don’t give yourself a way out. Stop telling yourself the reasons why you can’t succeed at something. It is all a bullshit lie you are believing. Divorce the story and marry the truth as Tony Robbins says.

When it comes down to it, the more resourceful we become the better. If we become resourceful enough, we can get anything we want in life.

It is like someone who is looking to raise money for a startup. They don’t have the money, that is a problem. But they have a dream. And so then they go and pitch people for investments. They see angel investors. They talk to friends. They network. They keep going until they find one or a hundred different people to invest in their vision.

They may need to become better at communication in order to communicate their vision. So they do so. They overcome obstacles and become more resourceful.

There are all the resources out there necessary for you to reach your goals. Don’t believe the lies in your mind. Just because your mind is telling you something doesn’t mean it is true.

Tell yourself that if you become resourceful enough, you will find a way to get whatever you want out of life.

38.) Don’t Be Afraid To Be Different

The thing about being different is that it can be scary. It is easier to go with the masses and be normal. But then you are living your life as a sheep. And your not a sheep, you are a leader. Most of us going through life not trying to make any waves. To fly under the radar and get by safe and secure. But what is the whole point of living? To adjust ourselves to fit in a boxes that everyone wants us to fit it? F that my friends.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself. To embrace the qualities that people hate about you. Of course if they are doing no harm to people. If you like being loud, be loud. If you are a bit aggressive, so what? If you are an energetic maniac and type A, be so fully and completely.

This will allow you to accept yourself. Which in turn will help you accept others for who they are. Making the world a much better place. And less stress free as you are operating from your true self. And you can only be happy when you do so, not when you are trying to be someone you are not.

39.) Believe You Deserve The Goals Your Are Going After

See the thing about us humans is that we can talk ourselves out of things. Before we even start! We can tell ourselves that we don’t deserve it. Or that we have too much baggage to get into a relationship. Or that people will see how little we know in a new field we are entering into.

All of this BS is your mind trying to feed you lies. To keep you safe and from acting. It is a primal instinct that doesn’t serve us very well in this life.

Internalize the fact that you do in fact deserve everything you want in this life. It wouldn’t have been placed on your heart if it wasn’t meant to be in your life. I truly believe that.

Realize that you deserve all the happiness and success that life has to offer. Because, well you being here is a 1 in 400 billion chance! You were a strong swimmer!

You deserve victory my friends.

40.) Have A Big Why

It is said that with a big enough why you can endure almost any how. To extreme examples, this can be seen in people that survived the Holocaust or something incredibly horrible. They were able to survive over those who didn’t because of the sheer fact that they had something bigger to look forward to. More meaning.

The same can be true, to a smaller extent of course, to always have a big reason why we want the things we want in life. Because when things get tough, it will be our rod and our staff. To get us through the valley of the shadows of death. Simply because we will SEE the other side of the valley. Hence helping us have hope that the valley doesn’t last forever.

Tough times are inevitable. But tough times do not last, tough people do. With a strong enough reason why you are going after you want in life, you will outlast everyone who doesn’t have compelling enough reasons.

Les Brown talks about having 5 solid reasons for why you deserve what you are going after in life. Show yourself and convince yourself that you deserve what you want by listing out 5 or even more reasons why you deserve what you want.

41.) Your Either Interested Or Committed 

There are two ways you can be in life, interested or committed. One of them will make you spin your wheels in circles and never really get anywhere. The other, commitment, will allow to get almost anything in life you desire.

When we are interested in doing something, we dabble too much. We get easily distracted. We do not have tunnel vision at all. So we are stacking the chips against us in a sense. If things don’t work out as fast as we want them to, then we get discouraged and give up.

But when we are committed, we burn our boats. We don’t give ourselves an out. Do or die. We no longer dabble. We move forward knowing that we are going to make it. That is that. This mindset will allow you to stay with something, anything, long enough to experience success. Success at a much higher level that just being interested.

When you commit, you are using the power of decision. Which the world decision is likened to the word “Incision” which means to be cut off from. You are cutting off all other options of failure. That you will do it UNTIL. There is no “I’ll try it for a while and if it doesn’t work than that is OK.” No it is the exact opposite. You say you will do it until the job is finished.

This mentality can be used in any area of your life to achieve any of your hearts desires.

42.) Be Unreasonable 

The mind is so rational. And again because it doesn’t want us to get out of our comfort zone, it brings up thoughts that rationalize a reasonable existence. Never encouraging us to think outside the box. Of the possibilities that ARE and CAN BE. Instead it only supports small minded thinking. No pun intended.

The Wright Brothers were unreasonable. We may never have created airplanes and fly wherever we want if it wasn’t for unreasonable thinking.

Steve Jobs was unreasonable. With the goal of creating a “computer for the rest of us”. He wanted to the little guy to be able to experience having a computer right in the convenience of their own home. At a good cost. Also, he just happened to say once:

We are here to put a dent in the universe. Why else would we be here?”

This bad ass statement is how we have to think. We are here to drastically alter existence as we know it. Why else would we have been thrown down onto God’s green earth?

If we are thinking reasonable, people will never even know we came this way. We will die knowing we didn’t use everything we were given. We will make little or no impact.

When we are unreasonable, we get a bigger vision of ourselves and of our lives. And, usually what seems unreasonable at one point, becomes reasonable and realistic after thinking unreasonable and acting upon it for long enough.

If you want to do be things, you need to think in an unrealistic manner.

Do things massively. Set massive goals. And take massive action. Never ask if it is possible. Just DO IT.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather die trying than to have never tried at all because I wanted to stay realistic.

43.) Life Sends Curve Balls

Often times in life, everything can be going GREAT. We think we are cruising along nicely. Then out of nowhere we get hit with something unexpected. The point of life is not to expect everything to be perfect. But to know that there will be peaks. Some deeper and darker than others.

Knowing and simply expecting that life won’t always be consistent will make you more resilient. And allow you to handle life with more grace. And get back on track faster when tough times hit you.

44.) Have Goals In Multiple Areas

Although I do believe in doing things massively, we need to have balance in our lives. When it comes down to it, I feel as if a happy existence consists of creating goals and progressing in various areas of life. I wrote an article on how to set an accomplish any goal. Check it out if you need help creating and accomplishing goals!

But setting good goals for your life consists of having good core values. And knowing what you stand for will allow you to set goals to progress in those areas.

45.) Don’t Wait For Everything To Be Perfect

As humans we want to wait until we get everything set up just right to act. We want to make sure that we know all the possible objections people will give us before we start cold calling. We want to feel less scared or more buzzed before we ask that certain person out. We want to wait until we feel more energized before we hit the gym.

But the thing about life is that if we wait too long, it can become too late. We will continue putting things off. Which will leave us more time to think and dwell about things. Which leads into a downhill spiral of contemplating but never acting. Then your days become weeks and weeks become months. All the time you were doing nothing you could have taken action. Failed your way forward.

Don’t wait until you feel like it. Do it until you feel like it. Course correct along the way. Of course it will be scary. But you know what is even more scary? Regret. You want to spring into action so you never look back on your life with regret.

Action will make you feel progressive. Which feels great. It gives us confidence to take another step and then another. Until you are striding at a pace you never thought possible.

46.) Get The Most Out Of Your Relationships

Always be asking: “What am I becoming because of X relationship?” Are you wanting and becoming better, more compassionate, more loving, more motivated? Or are you feeling depleted, feeling less loved, all take and no give, feeling anxious or unmotivated? Analyze your relationships, every single one of them. And if you aren’t becoming better by hanging out with these people, it is time to get better together or move on.

47.) Accept the Apology You Never Got

We have all been deeply wronged in life. People that were supposed to be there for us weren’t. A family member never showed you any love coming up. Someone in a relationship with you left suddenly and ruined your chances of a happily every after.

This shit happens unfortunately. And a lot of people wait around for that person to make it right. They still crave the attention of this individual. For years, decades or even a lifetime.

We need to move on. So that we can attract better and more loving people into our lives.

We need to accept the fact that the apology or approval that we desire so deeply may never come. And that we don’t need it in order to feel complete. They are just ONE person. Yes we may not have deserved it. And it would feel great for them to finally tell us that they were wrong, mean or an asshole.

But life doesn’t work this way. When we move on from our feeling of being entitled to an apology, we cut off a massive anchor that is weighing us down from really sailing faster towards happiness and fulfillment.

48.) Recycle Your Pain 

Pain can either cause healing or cause infection. The thing about our life pains is that we can stay where we are and let it bury us. Or it can plant us and allow us to grow and flourish into something we may have never been because of it.

Too many people are stuck in victim mode because of their pain. I am not saying pain doesn’t cause massive hurt and disruption in ones life. No, not at all. I am just saying that we can USE it. It doesn’t have to be a waste. As the great Ali said, “I don’t count my reps until it starts hurting, that is when it really counts.”

You are already in pain, get a reward from it. It is like Tyler Perry who went through horrible child hood trauma. But through it he created his legacy of the Madea movies which brought millions of people so much joy. And happened to amass hundreds of millions of dollars for him personally.

We can grow from our pain much easier than our pleasures. And in the process, have the chance to have an impact on people either directly or inadvertently because of it.

Allow your pain to push you towards greatness.

The Rock talks about always thinking about your tough times when you are on your journey. It allows you to stay hungry. To think about where you come from. And in a sense run as far from it, but not to escape it, but to run towards your full potential. Use it as inspiration.

49.) Recharge

This one is pretty simple but powerful. You can’t reach your full potential if you are tired. Make sleep and rest your priority. Not as an escape. But as a way to recharge. Meditate, pray and sleep deeply. Recharge your battery so that you can bring your total and best package to your personal and professional life.

Have something you believe in or you’ll fall for anything.

50.) Preparation

We have all heard the saying “By failing to plan, you are planning to fail.” It is very true. Not only will you fail, but you will look bad. Putting it in peoples mind that you don’t prepare. Preparation is key. It allows us to go into life with a greater sense of confidence. Always hone your personal and professional skills.

So that when you show up, you will be prepared and ready to crush through any objection, obstacle and opponent. And even put you in a better place to learn, as the more we come to know the more we realize how little we do know. Opening up your mind for a higher level of growth than those simply struggling to keep up.

It is also like the Abraham Lincoln quote:

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four hours sharpening the axe.”

The more prepared you are, the easier the job will be to get done. But the less prepared you are, the most disasterous the task at hand becomes. Reputation can get ruined, which can make you feel bad about yourself. Which can sabotage future success. People are rewarded in public for what they do for hours in private. Do the work in private so you shine in public.

51.) Don’t Take Things Too Personal

Taking things too personal usually leads us to thinking about things much longer than we should. It can consume us. We need to learn how to move on much faster. Yeah maybe it was personal and delivered in a persona manner. Maybe someone did personally attack you. Get mad about it, that is fine.

Feel the emotion. But move on quick. Realize that when people do things to us that our personal, it is a reflection of who they are. Not us. Only an insecure, angry and resentful person would personally attack someone else. If they were secure in themselves, they would feel no need to partake in anything like this.

The best revenge is massive success as Frank Sinatra says. So kill them and bury them with success. Brush it off and then get after it. Get to work. Your haters want you to be affected by what they say. Don’t let them win. Move on and you win, the ultimate race, life.

52.) How You do Anything Is How You Do Everything

Put your heart into everything you do. Work hard no matter if you are getting paid ten an hour or 10,000 dollars an hour. How we do anything is how we do everything This is a law of the universe. When we skip corners in one area of life, we do so in others. We think because one area of life is not as important as others, that we don’t need to treat it as so. Then we end up bringing this philosophy into life when it really counts, and get hurt because of it.

53.) Give Grace

We are all human. We are all in this together. We all F up at times. We need to embrace the fact that no one is perfect. If you are like me, you have high expectations for yourself and others. But sometimes people will not fulfill this standard.

Give people grace. If not for them, for you. People will feel bad about letting you down. Let them know that it is OK. That you won’t tolerate a lot of it. But if they don’t do it all the time, they deserve to be let off the hook. No reason to kick someone when they are already down.

54.) What Goes Around Comes Around

Whoever said Karma is a B**** had it right. Karma will come back around. Often in different ways or the same exact way. If you wrong someone, it will come back. The universe has a way of course correcting itself. Put yourself on the good side of karma.

Speaking of good karma, I wrote an article on it that you can use: 261 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas 

55.) Get Up Early

Rise and grind! There is something about getting up early that allows you to feel a sense of deep accomplishment about yourself. You usually get more done. You get a jump on the day.

It is like a line of runners and you are able to start 20 seconds before they shoot the gun. Sure people could catch up because they have more raw talent or energy. But it is hard to make up that difference in a sprint. Give yourself the edge by getting after it early.

It will change your life and how people look at you. You will respect yourself more as you are conquering something that most people simply won’t even try to conquer.

56.) The Harder You Work, The Harder You Work

It is said that when ones mind is stretched past it’s previous limitations, it can never go back. That is very true. When you set new standards for yourself, they become your norm. You can transcend your limitations by going past them. The harder you work and the more devoted you are, the more work you can do and more devotion you can put in. You keep pushing your limits, creating new ones. And operating off of them the same way you did with your previously believed limitations.

57.) Trying To Save Energy Doesn’t Work

Often times in life we don’t want to do too much because we don’t want to waste to much energy. We want to conserve. But in order to be your best, you gotta be all in. Not half assing anything. You may be tired at the end of the day, but you will sleep better. Which will allow you to go deeper into REM cycles. Giving you better energy the next day then you would have had by taking it easy.

58.) No One Is Self Made (Humble)

We have to stay humble along our journey. It is easy to want to bask in the glory, in the spot light. To act as if we made it here all by ourselves. I get it, some people have had a tougher journey to greatness than others. And didn’t have as much help.

But life is balance. The homerun king couldn’t have been that without the pitcher. The stock market couldn’t thrive without people. The inspirational speaker may never have become if it wasn’t for that one teacher that believed in him.

We get and need help along the way. Be humble and thank the people that help you get where you want to be.

59.) Pets Are The Best Listeners

When you are down and out, hang out with a pet. They listen better than humans and love you completely. Simply put!

60.) Develop a Good Relationship With Money

We are all so bombarded with limiting beliefs around money. That it is the root of all evil. That it doesn’t grow on trees. That it is bad to have too much when others have so little.

First of all, you can’t help the poor if you are poor. That is a reason to make as much money as you can. Money actually does in fact grow on trees, because it is paper! And the love of money is the root of all evil. That is what the Bible says, not money itself.

If you need help letting go of and creating new positive beliefs, check this post out that I created around the subject! Replacing Limiting Beliefs with 55 Examples

seek mastery become know for it being good at THAT high personal standareds no competeition

61.) Change your Expectation for Appreciation

When we expect things to work out the way we want them too and they don’t, we can quickly become discouraged. Our desires may not be fulfilled and we can become resentful. But instead of expecting things, trade it out and start appreciating everything you have already. We will never be happy with more if we can’t be grateful for all that we have already.

62.) Worry About Your House Not The White House

At the end of the day, no matter what our political views are, or how intense we feel about someone in office, we can’t do anything to change it. No one knows the real truth of what is going on. And it is a waste of time to even really talk about it or get involved.

It is a waste of vital energy that we can be using to better our own lives. Like Ghandi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

In order for the world to change, we need to change. The best thing to do is focus on what you can do within your house. Better yourself and help your family become better versions of yourself.

If every home did this, we would transform the world as it is to a much better place to live in.

63.) Not Everyone Is Going To Like You

And this is OK! We are all to an extent, people pleasers. But the more real we become and raw, the more we won’t care about people liking is. We all want approval because it makes us feel safe and secure. But at the end of the day, if we keep trying to adapt ourselves to be liked by everyone, we will lose a sense of our identity. And have a feeling of being lost in our lives.

In order to become and be your true self, you need to push our of your comfort zone of trying to please other people. It may be tough at first but worth it’s weight in gold.

64.) Discipline Over Motivation

Being motivated can only get you so far. Then it wears off and you are left feeling depleted and looking for your next hit of motivation to get you back flying high. It is only when we integrate discipline that we are able to keep up steam when motivation wears off. This is the only way we can last long enough to achieve our goals and become who we want to be in life.

65.) Use Visualization

Often times life can be a pretty dismal experience. We can although transcend this state of being by going inside our mind and living the life we want to live there. The more we visualize the life we want to live, the more it is ingrained into our subconscious mind. And our subconscious mind is said to be able to act 30,000 times faster than our conscious mind. This information coming form the awesome book by Brian Tracy, Maximum Achievement.

This can be shown through the act of wiggling your fingers out in front of you. You can do so easily as you are turning over the job to your subconscious mind. But when you try to thread a needle, using your conscious mind, it takes way more effort and time.

The point being as with visualization, we can make changes in our outer world that much faster by turning these pictures over to our subconscious mind. And soon, with repetition, the images you see in your head will manifest themselves in real world.

I wrote an article on how to visualize your goals, check it out if you have some time! How To Visualize (9 Pillars of Visualization)

66.) For Things T0 Change You must Change

We all want things to change for us, not matter how awesome life is for us, or how terrible. Wanting is one thing, but actually creating and seeing change in life comes down to one things. US changing. If we want more money, we need to change our beliefs around money. If we want our relationship to get better, we need to read books on relationship development. If we want our kids to change, we need to change our parenting skills.

67.) Don’t Isolate Yourself 

Us as humans need the human touch in order to feel better. Isolation leads to depressive states when engaged in for too long. When you are down and out, don’t feel that it is weak to reach out. Be vulnerable. The people that care about you most, I guarantee would have no problem at all meeting up with you and seeing you through your tough times.

68.) Declutter Often

Life is said to be like water. Always flowing in, around, under, over. In a constant state of flow. Our bodies are comprises of 70 percent water, with our brains being 80 percent water. We are meant to live like water. To stay in flow.

When we keep too much physical or emotional stuff or baggage, we get clogged up. We become stagnant. Throw away things you haven’t used for 6 or more months. Focus on emotion detox through meditation and prayer. Work through your old pains so you can let the vital life energy flow through you.

69.) You Cannot Be Efficient With People

When it comes down to it, you can be efficient with things but not with people. We want to set sales goals by calling as many people as possible. But you can’t be efficient in human relationships. A talk is going to take as long as it is going to take to help the person.

You can be efficient with chores. But when it comes to people, never try to allocate time for efficiency. You will develop better relationships by doing so. And create more friends and better memories because of it. You will also be able to soak in the life experience better by taking your time. Instead of blowing through it.

70.) Express Your Feelings

We all have the habit of harboring feelings. And when they finally do come out, if they ever do, they come off as way more intense than they should. If they don’t come out, we can harbor unsaid resentment that can ruin relationships.

We need to get to a point where we express ourselves like children. Even if it hurts someone’s feelings, we still need to say it and be real.

I mean ask yourself this, would you rather have the pure truth even if it hurts. Or have someone sugar coat you and draw our telling needs to be said? The first one right? We all want the naked truth and know we are strong enough to handle it. But do the exact opposite when it comes to communicating and expressing how we are truly feeling. Be 100 percent real with people as often as you can.

71.) Anything That Is Worth Doing Good, Is Worth Doing Badly First

We are not going to be a complete natural at everything we try. It is going to take time, effort and a lot of awkwardness. We need to make NO our vitamin. We need to embrace and even seek out failure. And be OK with the fact that we aren’t going to be awesome at something the first time out of the gate.

You don’t have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great. You can only reach your greatest potential by working through the awkwardness. You will go through a few periods of growth of where you will be unconsciously incompetent. Then consciously incompetent. Then consciously competent. Then unconsciously incompetent.

The point being is that these stages are something everyone has to go through. And the more willing you are to push through your comfort zone, the faster you will get to obtaining mastery over what used to master you.

72.) Adapt Often

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most adaptable to change.” – Legon C.. Megginson 

This is so true. People that can adapt are able to move through life with such a pace that they can beat out more talented people. Talented people that refuse to adapt.

It is like stores that wouldn’t adapt changes in the music industry that were put out of business. You don’t see CD stores much or at all after Steve Jobs integrated his vision of “Putting 1000 songs in your pocket.” The ipod revolutionized how we listen and see music.

We need to be the same. Like some people say that they hate technology or that they are technologically incompetent. This is funny to say, but in order to thrive in our world to come, we need to be technologically advanced. Otherwise we will be a part of history that no one reads about.

73.) Enjoy The NOW

Life is happening to you right NOW. It isn’t hapening in the past and it isn’t happening in the future. Happiness and life is in the moment. Don’t get to the end of your life never living your life. Live in the moment as much as possible.

74.) Pay Bills Of Fast 

When it comes down to it, when we see that stack of bills on our desk, it provokes anxiety. It is best to see a bill and attack that baby as best as you can.

Put in on an auto payment plan so you can set it and forget it. Go to court for that ticket. Pay even the minimum on things. Progress makes us feel good. Any progress is good progress.

The fact of the matter is is that it will make you feel much better looking at those bills knowing you are working towards getting them off that desk permanently.

75.) Realize We Don’t Know Everything

Pride can be our downfall if we let it. We need to accept the fact that we don’t have all the answers. Be Ok with the fact that we are going to be wrong. And not try to act like we aren’t wrong.

76.) Do Things Before It Is Too Late

Often times life will hit us fast and we will say something like “Where has the time go?!”. Schedule the things in life that you want to do. Check all the things off your bucket list and keep adding more.

If you need buck list ideas, I created a post that can help you get your personal list started: 201 Bucket List Ideas 

78.) Aging Is Inevitable

Death and taxes are said to be the only guarantee in life. Well sorry to break it to you but so is getting older. You can age gracefully though by working out, meditating, releasing old wound and living your passion.

Embrace this fact. Don’t fight it. Father time is undefeated. We will leave this earth one day. Don’t worry about the number. Just focus and worry about putting life in that number. Living life to the fullest.

77.) Give Back

Giving to your community, your state, your country and the world will bring you more satisfaction than any other personal pursuit ever.

The more you give back, the more you feel this sense that you are making the world a better place. That you are leaving your legacy and something will be here after you leave this earth.

Giving back gives you a sense of mission. Like a Navy Seal, it makes you not want to stop until you fulfill that mission. And the world will be much safer and happier because you completed your mission.

78.) Allow Yourself To Grow Past People

When it comes down to it, we can feel extremely indebted to our friends and family. Because of the fact that they are our friends and family. That they have been there for you. But you can’t be afraid to grow past them. And to evolve. t can happen on your journey of growth and discovering your full potential.

Of course still keep them in your lives, just demand a higher level of play from them. If they don’t level up, then you need to distance yourself a bit from them. Only hang out with them when you want to spend quality time with them. Or when it is time for your to relax. Not when it is time to get after it and get to work.

You want to be around people that are going to push you to be your best. And if the people around you aren’t then it may mean that it is time to get a new group. Surround yourself with people that are going to stretch you. Both mentally and physically.

79.) Don’t Be Hard On People When You Evolve

Sometimes it is easy to almost resent people for not changing when you are. To see yourself as almost superior as you are breaking out of your comfort zones and working hard. While others are doing nothing and don’t care to evolve. It can be extremely discouraging. You want people to get on your level.

But you cannot judge people. They have their journey and you have yours. Grant them grace. And see all the good things that they have going for them. All the positive qualities they possess. And how they have been a blessing in your life.

80.) There is Power in Simplicity

So the man himself Albert Einstein once said:

Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”

The genius himself knew the power of simplicity. And he would often say that imagination got him many more answers for inventions than his intellect did.

Although simplicity isn’t as sexy and captivating as complexity is, it has so much power in it. There are answers in simplicity. And only frustration in complexity.

Train your mind to seek out simplicity. Don’t over complicate things. The path to truth can always be found much faster through simple means.

81.) Gentle Over Forceful

There is such a power in being gentle. The world wants us all to use force. When it comes to banging a nail into a board, the nail will go in further if you strike it harder versus softer. But most things in life flow better when we are gentle. When we use finesse.

It allows us to track our progress. Not be overbearing with people and get our message across.

It may look week or unmanly or not tough. But humans crave that gentle touch. And it is an act of vulnerability that can move mountains.

It puts you in a place of power instead of force.

82.) Think Big

Life is thought. We put into action the things we think. When we think small, we take small action. We don’t quite believe in ourselves. We shoot ourselves in the leg from the start. When we think big, we take bigger action. We get a stronger sense of mission. And we usually achieve much bigger things.

Always think big in whatever you are doing in your life.

83.) Don’t Be Casual About Life

By being casual, you become a casualty. Treating life causally will get you the same thing in your life. You will have casual instead of passionate relationships. You will have casual earnings instead of fantastic earnings. People will see you as more of a relaxed and passive person and treat you casually.

Life is serious business. Approach it like it is so. I am not saying relax here and there. You have to do that. But approach life in a stern manner. And be relentless in your approach to achieving your goals and dreams.

84.) Showers and Music Calm Us Down

When I am stressed out of my mind, I put on music. It can be some classical, or an artist that is deep and directly talks to his or her listeners. I want to put in a sort of relaxed trance that will allow me to forget about the world for a bit.

Showers also do this and I think can help you too! See your problems melting off of you as the shower has super powers to do so.

85.) Don’t Look Back

Okay, the only time you should look back is when you need to learn something from the past. But we can’t go back. As much as we want to. We just need to create a plan for a future that is better than our past. Then we will have no reason to look back at the good ole days.

86.) Repetition Makes Your Better Or Worse

Everything comes down to repetition. The more we do something, the more we ingrain it as habit. This can be positive where you wake up each morning and mediate. Or go and workout. Or it can be bad where you wake up every morning to a cigarette and a big donut.

Big victories and catastrophic defeats come down to what we do everyday with repetition. Remember this fact and use repetition constantly to enforce good things and habits into your life.

87.) Set Up a Good Morning Routine

It is said that if you win the morning, you win the day. Nothing could be closer to the truth. Our brain is operating at a more receptive pace to external stimuli when we wake up in the morning. We can either feed the mind with good positive things and mindful meditation. Or we can turn on the news and ruin the quality of the rest of our day.

Create a morning routine that sets you up for a day of success and positive thinking!

88.) Apologize To People

Often times we need to follow the old adage of taking the plank out of our eye before we take the speck out of someone else’s. We can think and feel as if we have all the answers and can come off in a tough way to people because of it.

Plain and simple, if you do something in this manner, apologize to people. Let them know you messed up. Take it on the chin. Don’t let your pride get in the way of being real with someone. People mess up. Everyone knows this. And it will be taken much better than you denying that awkwardness that can come from holding back an apology.

89.) Don’t Force Your Beliefs On People

Often times we get so excited that something is working for us in life that we want everyone else to jump on board. Often times it can even be to justify our belief in what we are believing in.

Do your own thing. Walk your own path. And support loved ones who are walking their own path by encouraging them to do so.

90.) Don’t Seek Love, Become It

We all look outside ourselves for love and approval. But we can only attract what we are. So by becoming a more loving person, you will attract more loving people. What you give out, must come back.  Bestow love on people wherever you go. Love comes from within. Do your best not to seek it without. The more we turn inward, the more we feel a deep sense of love and peace for ourselves and the world at large.

91.) Travel As Much As You Can

Traveling gives you so much life experience and education. You learn new cultures. Engage is experiences the let you expand your intellect and capabilities. And will create memories that last forever. It creates intrinsic joy that cannot be found through material possessions.

92.) Choose Improvement Over Perfection

I am not saying there is anything wrong with wanting to perfect something. Or being the best at something. Just don’t let it stop you from moving forward. Perfectionism has a lot to do with being in a fearful state. That if we wait to get everything right, we don’t have to move onto the next thing. Seek to become better always, but allow yourself to fail and get it wrong.

93.) Complaining Gets You Nowhere

When it comes down to it, no one likes a complainer. Why? Because they are in a state of being a victim. And they aren’t being proactive when they could be. Complaining gets us nowhere. And it is only a waste of time. Instead of complaining take action to obliterate the things you are complaining about.

Mad that you are eating too much food and cant stick to a diet, hire a coach. Upset that your boss is an A hole, get a new job then put your two weeks in. Massive action is the cure all.

94.) Dwell On Your Talents And Gifts

Often times we can get stuck on thinking about the things we are no good at. That we need to double down and become better at things that other people are good at. I think we need to dwell on the things we are great at and think about those things. Get better at those things.

Don’t beat yourself up just because a buddy is better at playing the guitar. You are probably better at ten other things. Don’t let one bad apple ruin the entire batch.

95.) Most People Are OK With Mediocrity

At the end of the day, people are scared to see their greatness. And most people justify a mediocre existence. This is a softened generation. And a great opportunity to get after it and make your mark on the world. With less competition it is much easier to be great. Go above and beyond in your life and you will stand out that much more. Because people don’t want to catch up and never will if you are operating on a high level.

96.) Cancel Your TV Bill

We are too vulnerable to subliminal messaging. There is a lot of negativity on TV. And canceling your TV prescription will free you up from hours of negativity a week. You will become a more positive person. Save money. And have the opportunity to use the time you are saving for things like spending time with family or starting a side hustle.

97.) Use Your Car For Education

Most of the music on the radio is trash. At best, it is entertainment. But you can use that driving time to educate yourself. To get better. To learn more about anything you want to get better at.

98.) Tame Your Addictions

At the end of the day, we can be slaves to our addictions. But showing yourself that you have some sort of mastery of yourself and your mind is key. When you are tempted to give into addictions you have, take action that shows you that you don’t have to cave in. That you are the master of the addiction and not the other way around.

99.) Master Your Spending Habits

We are all going to want and need to retire one day. The thing about it is that we can contribute to retiring nicely and not having to worry about money. Or we can let things like impulse buys and spending too much money on things we don’t need ruin that opportunity.

Always be monitoring and tracking your expenses. Ditch subscriptions you don’t want or need to use anymore. Start planing for retirement and have a savings plan. Have monthly goals of how much money you save and invest. Master the game of money.

100.) Don’t Have A Plan B

Having a plan B distracts heavily from crushing your plan A. It is a fall back but another way of saying that you don’t believe in your abilities to succeed with plan A.

Drive forward with the decisions you make in life. Believe in your capabilities and talents. Believe in yourself. Do things that support you believing in yourself. And crush your goals. Then resort to plan B after you master and crush plan A!

101.) You Are Not Inferior

I read a great book called the Magic of Thinking Big. Awesome. But the author talked about the fact that often times we see people and feel inferior. That is some way, shape or form, something is making this person superhuman. But when we break it down, people are more alike then different.

Everyone wants to get ahead, find happiness, take care of their family, eat good food and do fun things on the weekend. See this fact as so. Everyone is wired very similar.

When you see this fact, you will see yourself on the same playing field as anyone.

102.) Don’t Talk Yourself Out of Something Great

Because of negative beliefs, we can talk ourselves out of awesome opportunities. For example we think a girl we like, won’t be interested. Or that we don’t have enough intellect in order to secure a managerial position.

The fact of the matter is, that you don’t know until you try something. If you don’t try, you become regretful and resentful.

In order to avoid these horrible feelings, just act. Do so anyways. The worst thing that can happen is that the person says “no” when you ask them out. So you are still single and right where you were before. So nothing changed.

If you can’t handle the managerial position, it shows you the chinks in your armor you need to fix in order to go back and crush that position.

Usually when you try something, you realize that you CAN do it. And you wonder the entire time why you were hesitant to give it a go.

103.) Don’t Ever Give Up Your Dream

I love what Elon Musk said once, he said that he would have to be either dead or incapacitated in order to give up. That is the mentality we must take to our graves. That they will have to throw dirt on us in order for us to ever be done or give up.

Believe in your vision. Take action towards it as often as you can. Never, ever give up. I BELIEVE IN YOU.

Conclusion to Lifes Lessons

So there you are my friends. A long post but life is long in a sense. But at the same time very short. But these are the lessons that I have learned on my journey thus far. And I am sure there will be 100’s more over the next few decades.

I hope you got value out of this post. I would love to hear what your favorite life lesson was. As well as if you have any to add that life has taught you and you were able to grow from!

Let’s chat in the comment section below!



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    • Thank you Mukesh, I am glad you got value out of this post. What was your favorite life lesson? As well as what has been your most impacting and profound life lessons that you have learned in your life?

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