List of Positive Emotions (101 Examples With Definitions)

List of Positive Emotions

list of positive emotions

When you really look at life and examine it a bit, you see that what gives us life is our emotions. But they can also take it away from us. Or make us feel less alive.That is why it is so crucial to cultivate more and more positive emotions into our lives.

When we do so, life seems so much more beautiful. Worth living. Exciting. And packed with feelings that make us feel that this human existence is and was well worth it.

And when it comes down to it, the power of positive emotions are life changing. For example when you experience negative emotions for too long, you start reacting off of them. This can be seen when people are slouched over. Or have a sour look on their face. Or simply are just not fun to be around.

This type of behavior effects you on both a physical and emotional level. It is a vicious cycle that can be hard to get out of.

But the opposite can be true when you are feeling positive emotions more often. You start walking more upright. And with more energy. You smile more. Your mood is better. You treat people better. And generally just have a more optimistic viewpoint when it comes to pretty much everything life throws at you.

That is the power of positive emotions. And exactly why we need to learn to cultivate them more often!

Below is a list of positive emotions. Offering a list of positive emotions with their definitions. To show us some of the most powerful and fulfilling emotions we can experience.

As well as 5 tips on how to experience more of these great emotions more consistently on a daily basis.


101 Positive Emotions


  1. Happiness

    – State of well-being characterized by contentment and joy

  2. Love – A strong positive emotion of regard and affection

  3. Passion – A strong feeling or emotion

  4. Joy – The emotion of great happiness

  5. Hope – The general feeling that some desire will be fulfilled

  6. Optimism – The hopeful feeling that all is going to turn out well

  7. Eagerness – A positive feeling of wanted to push ahead with something

  8. Gratitude – A feeling of thankfulness and appreciation

  9. Surprise – Taken unaware and feeling of wonder or astonishment

  10. Thankfulness – Warm friendly feelings of gratitude

  11. Compassion – A deep awareness of and sympathy for another’s suffering

  12. Cheerfulness – A feeling of spontaneous good spirits

  13. Confidence – Belief in yourself and your abilities

  14. Enthusiasm – Having or showing a great excitement or interest

  15. Euphoria – A feeling of great elation

  16. Satisfaction – The state of being gratified

  17. Pride – A feeling of self respect and personal self worth

  18. Inspiration – Arousal of the mind to unusual activity or creativity

  19. Amusement – An activity that is diverting and that holds the attention

  20. Enjoyment – Act of receiving pleasure from something

  21. Altruism – The quality of unselfish concern fro the welfare of others

  22. Humor – A message that has the power to evoke laughter

  23. Serenity – The absence of mental stress or anxiety

  24. Awe – Inspiring admiration or wonder

  25. Exuberance – Joyously unrestrained

  26. Desire – The feeling that accompanies an unsatisfied state

  27. Attraction – The quality of arousing interest

  28. Bliss – A state of extreme happiness

  29. Cheerfulness – A feeling of spontaneous good spirits

  30. Excitement – The state of being emotionally worked up

  31. Empowerment – The act of conferring legality or sanction or formal warrant

  32. Elevation – Distance of something above a reference point

  33. Forgiveness – The act of excusing a mistake or offense

  34. Freedom – The condition of being free

  35. Goodwill – A disposition of kindness and compassion

  36. Perseverance – To be persistent, refuse to stop

  37. Interest – A sense of concern with and curiousity about something

  38. Revelation – The act of making something evident

  39. Triumph – A successful ending of a struggle or contest

  40. Worthiness – The quality or state of having merit or value

  41. Tranquility – An untroubled state that is free from disturbances

  42. Peace – A state that is calm and tranquil

  43. Trust – Belief in the honesty and reliability to others

  44. Welcome – The state of being received with pleasure

  45. Enlightened – Having knowledge and spiritual insight

  46. Energized – Cause to be alert and active

  47. Acceptance – The state of being satisfactory

  48. Accomplished – Achieve without effort, highly skilled

  49. Attractive – Pleasing to the eye or mind as through beauty or charm

  50. Authentic – Not counterfeit or copied

  51. Caring – Feeling and exhibiting and empathy for others

  52. Centered – Being or placed in the center

  53. Capable – Having great ability

  54. Complete – Having all necessary qualities

  55. Committed – Bound or obligated, as under a pledge or cause or action

  56. Delighted – Greatly pleased

  57. Edified – Instructed and encouraged in moral, intellectual and spiritual improvement

  58. Expressive – Characterized by communicating beliefs or opinions

  59. High – Feeling a state of exuberance

  60. Jovial – Full of or showing high-spirited merriment

  61. Liberated – Free from traditional social restraints

  62. Loyal – The quality of being steadfast in allegiance or duty

  63. Prosperous – In fortunate circumstances financially

  64. Relief – The act of reducing something unpleasant

  65. Successful – Having succeeded or being marked by a favorable outcome

  66. Humility – A lack of arrogance or false pride

  67. Worthy – The quality or state of having merit or value

  68. Pleased – Experiencing or manifesting pleasure

  69. Rewarded – Compensation for unworthy acts or retribution for wrongdoing

  70. Revitalized – Restored to new life and vigor

  71. Regenerated – Reestablish on a new, usually improved basis

  72. Heroic – Having qualities appropriate for brave figures

  73. Healed – Freed from illness or injury

  74. Understood – Implied by or inferred from actions or statements

  75. Encouraged – Inspired with confidence

  76. Willing – The art of making a choice, cheerful compliance

  77. Progressive – Favoring or promoting modern or innovative ideas

  78. Patience – Good-natured tolerance or delay or incompetence

  79. Masterful – Having or revealing supreme mastery or skill

  80. Mindful – Staying aware, attentive

  81. Present – At this time or period, now

  82. Astounded – Filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise or shock

  83. Touched – Having come into contact

  84. Purposeful – Indicating the existence of a goal, with intention

  85. Devoted – Zealous in allegiance of affection

  86. Rested – Not tired, refreshed as by sleeping or relaxing

  87. Romantic – Expressive of or exciting love

  88. Sensual – marked by the appetites and passions of the body

  89. Smitten – Affected by something overwhelming

  90. Victorious – Having won or triumphed over

  91. Generous – Willing to give and share unstintingly

  92. Noble – Of or belonging to hereditary aristocracy

  93. Receptive – Ready to take in or receive

  94. Unwavering – Marked by firm determination or resolution

  95. Ecstatic – Feeling great rapture or delight

  96. Independent – Free from external control and constraint

  97. Resourceful – The ability to deal with unusual problems

  98. Daring – A challenge to do something dangerous in an adventurous manner

  99. Lucky – Having or bringing good fortune

  100. Charming – Pleasing or delighting

  101. Genuine – Not fake or counterfeit

How To Develop More Positive Emotions In Your Life

Hang Out With The Right People

It is crazy how fast a negative person can get you down. And no one really wants to offend anyone or make them feeling out of place. So often times we naturally allow ourselves to get pulled down by this person.

We reflect them to an extent. And end up talking and thinking like them when we are around them. And if we are around them long, we end up even acting like them when we aren’t around them.

When we start to break away from these people, we usually feel better. And that is key to feeling more positive emotions in your life.

You want to surround yourself by people that are winners. The ones that are striving for more. Eager to become more. And never satisfied.

This people possess a powerful internal intensity that reflects exuberance for life. And just being around them usually makes you feel good. You enter in to their energy field and are naturally uplifted.

These types of people are naturally more optimistic and positive about life. They bring about a feeling of being at ease with oneself, more so than most.

And they naturally want to express their feelings of optimism and passion for life. And it usually comes in the form of compliments and encouragement.

These peoples verbal and nonverbal expressions are what can make us feel great about ourselves and feeling some pretty amazing emotions.

And in turn, we reflect back to them great things too. Because we are are chameleons in a way. And again, we don’t want to make the other person feel out of place.

But unlike the person who is negative, and we stoop to their level. A positive friend is someone whom of which we rise to their level.

And because of that the relationship is a happy, encouraging and fulfilling union.

Always Seek To Grow Yourself

You are either growing or dying. We have all seen people who doing the same thing every day. The same routine, day in and day out. You can see it in their face that they are simple miserable.

As Les Brown says, when you see these people coming, turn your head! Because they can put you in a depressed state!

These people are not growing. And because of it, they are essentially dead inside. Walking corpses if you will.

But then you see certain people who are flying high. That are living life with an internal vibration that makes them stand out in life. These people are the ones you simply WANT to know. You just know they are different.

These people are doing something in their lives that are making them feel and look the way they do.

They weren’t just gifted with feelings of natural exuberance and aliveness. They are simply seeking to grow themselves. And are doing things that make them feel alive.

So when it comes down to experiencing a plentiful amount of positive emotions, it is imperative focus on growing yourself. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Always being doing something daily that makes you feeling like a bigger and more improved version of yourself.

And do things you are passionate about. Because as the quote by Howard Thurman goes:

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive and then go do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” 

And in actuality, your world needs YOU to come alive. In order to living a fulfilling and meaningful existence. Which meaning is a very positive emotion to feel on a daily basis.

Resource: How To Find Your Passion (With Passion Quiz)

Guide: How To Improve Yourself (27 Pillars of Growth)


Meditation is a gift from the heavens! It enables you to transcend some of the lower emotions of the human experience. It creates a deep sense of compassion and oneness within you. A feeling that we are all connected.

It also quiets the mind. Allowing us to feel our true unconditional nature. If you are new to meditation you can check out this article I wrote for you here!

Resource: How To Meditate For Beginners

Engage In Your Passions

When we are doing things we are passionate about, we are not really worried about other things that are going on with us. We have a laser focused, one track mind centered in on what we are doing.

When we are pursuing our passions, we have no time for drama, arguments, negativity or wasted time. We are focused on a big vision.

Focusing on your passions and pursuing them will allow you to leave behind many negative feelings. And feel other great feelings like excitement and aliveness.

Look On The Bright Side

There is always a good thing that you can find about anything that happens to you in life. Even in the very worst of times. Maybe you couldn’t see the positive at the time because you were so immersed in the experience. But when it comes down to it, you can later on reflect on it and identify something that you took away from it. Or how if it didn’t happen, you would have never met a certain person. Or it was a wake-up call that made you see life entirely differently in a positive manner.

We can always look on the bright side. I am not talking about being overly optimistic. Or dilusionally positive. The glass is in fact half full as well as half empty.

But I am talking about gleaning the positive aspects of things instead of focusing all on the negative. This way you will be able to appreciate everything that happens to your life. And retain a positive learning experience and emotions from it.

Seek and ye shall find. Keep seeking until you find positive things in your life that may be giving you trouble. This will show you that you can transcend your ego. Which wants you to stay soaking in the negative. And that you can transcend your small self. Rising up in side of yourself.

Release Negative Emotions

We have the innate gift to let go of things. Just like you would let go of a hot item in your hand. But often times we think we ARE these emotions. That they are permanently part of us.

But this isn’t the case. In feels are simply energy that is trapped inside us. That wants to get out of our bodies.

So next time you are experiencing a negative emotion, try letting it go. Again just like you are holding onto something in your hand. You literally just DROP it.

And once you do, you will feel a sense of internal relief. And when you look at the situation in your minds eye, you will notice that you feel better about it. That you are less emotionally charged about it.

Here is a guide to help you learn how to let go of anything like a master!

Resource: How To Let Go Of Anything (With Ease)

Conclusion To A List of Positive Feelings

So there we are my friend. A list of positive emotions and how to develop and experience more of them in your daily life.

I hope you enjoyed the article and got value from it!

Share with me what your favorite positive feeling example was. As well as which one you enjoy feeling most in your life!

Let’s chat in the comment section below!




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