List Of Values And Their Meanings (419 Examples A-Z)

List of Values

list of values

Forming a list of values may be the one thing we can do that can literally change everything for us. That one exercise that can allow us to figure out what we want and how to get it. And the path to getting these things is by defining our values through a list that represents what means most to US. Not what people want us to be or who they want us to be. What WE want us to be.

That when we truly create this list from our hearts, we can feel as sense of purpose for our lives. And a sense of pride that we are setting up a life where we operating from values and standpoints that mean the most to us. It frees us up to become complete independent and individualistic.

Keeping us from moving with the crowds. And instead standing alone and have the internal power to do so. Because or moral compass is satisfied.

Brain Tracy talks about how we cannot reach our highest levels of success and self confidence until we clarify our values. What do you know that you stand for. Or even would die for.

When we have created a list of values for ourselves, it helps us make better decisions. These values are non-negotiable. They need to be consistent with our personalities 100 percent of the time. You can’t switch it on our off when convenient. Either you live in through and through. Or you don’t have it as one of your values.

Your values are a blatant statement to yourself and the world of how you are going about living your life. From today until the last day you are on this earth. Which reminds me of the Ralph Waldo Emerson quote:

“What you do speaks so loud that I cannot hear what you say.” 

Our values permeate through us. There is not even a need to verbalize them because they speak loudly through our actions.

To the level that you devote your life to these values. And act in accordance to them. Is in direct correlation of the level of self confidence you experience. This is because when what we think is in line with our actions, we feel good about ourselves and our lives.

When we compromise, we simply don’t feel good about it.

When we stay consistent with our values, it gives us a deep sense of inner power. And this power and confidence shows up in every area of your life. As T. Harv Eker says:

“How you do anything, is how you do everything.” 

5 Exercises For Deciding What Your Values Are

A couple different methods of creating a list of values for yourself that you want to live by include:

Creating Your Own Eulogy

Mind the morbidity of this exercise. But it can help immensely to think about what people would say about you at your funeral. How they would describe you as a person. What core values would you want to be remembered by when someone is giving a speech about you? Which things would you want them to say?

Writing Out Your Top 5-10 & Throwing All But One Away

When it comes to this exercise, we want to write the values that mean the most to us. And then scrap all but one. Take two at a time and then scrap the one that doesn’t weigh as heavy on your heart as the other. Keep doing this until you only have one left. This will be your ultimate core value that guides your entire existence.

So say you value FAMILY. This is your ultimate core value. Well then that means that you will put family over EVERYTHING. This means work, God, health. Every single thing.

Who Do You Admire?

We can also think about the people in our lives that we admire most. Or even famous for non-famous people that have passed away. What did we love about these people? What did we see in them that really made us trust or admire them? Maybe it was that they were courageous. Or flat out honest about everything.

Think about a couple of people you admire the most. And list 5 qualities each about this person.

What Turns You Off?

What are things about certain people in this life that really piss you off. Traits or personalities that just flat out don’t resonate with you? You can again, pick a few people and list out a couple qualities that you do not like about them. This can mean that you place much value in the exact opposite. For example, maybe you know someone who is very aggressive and angry. So to you, maybe being gentle is something you value.

What Choices Do You Make During Stressful Situations

Become aware of how you react during stressful situations. For example if you highly value being calm, but get incredibly pissed off when someone cuts you off in traffic, then calmness as a value may not be in line with what you truly value. Or simply it may be something you you need help with. And need to work on more and more until it becomes natural to be calm in situations that used to cause you distress.

All in all, like a I talk about in my post about CORE VALUES, peace of mind, as suggested by the man Brian Tracy, talks about how we should put peace of mind as number 1. I am not trying to tell you what to do. But putting peace of mind as #1 will allow you to create a quiet mind. That whatever you do, you won’t have mental and internal turmoil. If you guide your life with choices that support peace of mind, you can never feel badly about yourself. And as a result, self confidence blossoms.

Using Values To Oppose Things You Want To Change About Yourself 

What are you discontent with in your life? Or even what do you want to change in your life? You can make this a new value for your life if you are utterly and completed devoted. For myself I want to make health a top value in my life. Because I was eating pretty good, but I wanted it to define my life.

And it is something that I felt that if I mastered, I would bring that mastery into every other area of my life. Because I see food as a drug in some sense. That if I could master my eating habits. Cook whole foods. Eat at home for almost every single meal. Then I could master one of the toughest domains humans have to deal with.

What would be the one value you could integrate that would bring about massive positive change if you adhere to it? You have that power. I promise you that much. I feel as if values don’t need to be about the way you are already living.

You can do them this way. But if you reach a point of disgust with how you are living, then you can use values to help you drastically alter your life. To where you become someone that people you know don’t even recognize anymore. Transforming yourself from the inside out.


List Of Values

Cultivating a list of values for your life can be a growth provoking journey. But it will save you a lot of time. Because it will show you where you are going and want to go. Hence giving you a map in a sense, of your life.

Each value you put should be in accordance to how much importance you put in this value. As I said above, your top value overrides all others. So if you want family as your first value and then HEALTH and GOD as your second and third, it means you would sacrifice your health and God over doing things for your family.

You have to put in perspective what the world VALUE really means. It is what we would essentially pay for something. Payment being how you choose to live your life. You are paying in breath and effort that we will never get back. As one more day spent living is only one more day spent getting us closer to death. We can’t get this time back. So creating things we value so much that we would live our life through, is valuable stuff. Worth it’s weight in gold a 1000 times over.

So I want to encourage you to fully adapt them to YOU. Again, I know I said this in a sense already, not who someone else wants you to be. If it means that it takes you a month to create this list for yourself. Because you have reflected and really dwelled on it. So be it.

Try them on. Try them on for size. And wear them until they become permanently ingrained in you. Like a tattoo.

Below is a list of values listing from A-Z.

My suggestion is that you have 5 main values and that is how you live your life. You will notice that certain values can fall into other values are sort of subcategories. Which when you live the main core value, than you naturally live the other subcategory values.

So don’t get to caught up in making too much of an exhaustive list.

Find what truly resonates with your HEART and not your MIND. If there is an internal battle between the two, always go with the decision of your heart. Somehow it truly does already KNOW what we truly want and desire.

List of Values Starting With A

  1. Assertive (behaving confidently and able to say in a direct way what you believe
  2. Adventure (an unusual, exciting, and possibly dangerous activity)
  3. Analytical (Involving the careful, systematic study of something)
  4. Accepting (Seeing everyone as equal and treating them accordingly)
  5. Accessible (Possible to approach, enter or use)
  6. Abstract (Existing as an idea, feeling or quality)
  7. Accurate (Correct without any mistakes)
  8. Admired (to be respected and approved of)
  9. Administrative (relating to the arguments and work controlling a plan)
  10. Advancement (Moving ahead and up the ladder of life)
  11. Affectionate (Showing feelings of liking of something or someone)
  12. Agreeable (Pleasant and pleasing. Acceptable and satisfactory)
  13. Amazing (Making someone feel extremely suprised)
  14. Analytical (Involving the careful systematic study of something)

List of Values Starting With B

  1. Best (Of the highest quality, to the greatest degree, the most effective way)
  2. Brilliant (Extremely intelligent or highly skilled)
  3. Balance (Weight equally divided, so it can be under control)
  4. Bold (Brave, or without fear)
  5. Beautiful (Having an attractive quality that gives pleasure of who experiences it)
  6. Betterment (Always seeking to become more and add more value to people)
  7. Brave (Showing no fear of dangerous of difficult things)
  8. Beneficial (Tending to help, having a good effect)
  9. Benevolent (kind and helpful)
  10. Bright (Of high intellect and mental capacity)
  11. Boundless (Seemingly endless or unlimited)
  12. Bliss (Complete Happiness)
  13. Believer (A person who feels certain about the truth of religious ideas or a higher good)
  14. Bountiful (Generous and offering in large amounts)
  15. Breathtaking (Extremely good, beautiful or exciting)
  16. Blossoming (Constantly becoming a better version of yourself)
  17. Bravado (a show of bravery to make people admire you)
  18. Beneficial (Tending to help, having a good effect)
  19. Blessed (Holy, blessings bestowed on someone)
  20. Brawny (physically strong)
  21. Belonging (Be in the right place, to feel that you are in the right place)
  22. Bankable (likely to make money)
  23. Becoming (The act of a lifelong evolution)
  24. Believable (belonging to the type that seems real and realistic)
  25. Big Hearted (Emanating a feeling of compassion and love)
  26. Brainy (Intelligent, of high mental capacity)
  27. Buoyant (Floating, an ability to stay afloat amongst life’s ups and downs)
  28. Businesslike (Happening in a way that is practical and effective)

List of Values Starting With C

  1. Captivating (To hold the attention of someone by being extremely interesting)
  2. Casual (Not serious of careful in attitude)
  3. Calmness (Peaceful, quiet and without worry)
  4. Capable (Having the skill or ability or strength to do something)
  5. Caring (Someone who is kind and gives emotional support to others)
  6. Careful (Giving attention to something in order to avoid an accident or problem)
  7. Celebratory (Celebrating an important event or special occasion, or life itself)
  8. Centered (Giving the most attention to a particular type of person)
  9. Cheerful (Happy and positive in feeling or attitude)
  10. Charming (Pleasant and attractive)
  11. Charismatic (captivating personality that can persuade and influence)
  12. Casual (not serious or careful in attitude, only partly interested)
  13. Caregiver (Someone who provides for the needs of people in need)
  14. Civilized (Having a well developed way of life and social systems)
  15. Clear-Headed (Not deviating from what is in your mind and being decisive not indifferent)
  16. Clever (Having or showing a quick intelligence in doing something or in persuading people to do something)
  17. Communicator (One that is able to talk about their ideas in a way that others understand)
  18. Competent (Of excellent ability and skill)
  19. Complete (Containing all parts or pieces)
  20. Compliant (Willing to do what other people want you to do)
  21. Compelling (Forceful and persuasive)
  22. Concentrated (Using a lot of effort to succeed at one particular thing)
  23. Connected (Joined together)
  24. Congruent (Thinking in a way that is in line with what you say and how you act)
  25. Confident (Feeling of positivity and high expectation about oneself)
  26. Considerate (Caring about and respecting others)
  27. Conqueror (To defeat an enemy or take possession of something or of your own life)
  28. Conservative (Tending to emphasize the importance of preserving traditional cultural and religious values)
  29. Cooperative (working together for a shared purpose or helping willingly)
  30. Courteous (Polite and showing respect)
  31. Creative (producing or using original and unusual ides)
  32. Cultured (Educated in and familiar with literature, art, music, etc)
  33. Cute (charming and attractive)
  34. Critical (Of the greatest importance)
  35. Counselor (A person who provides advice, help or encouragement)
  36. Cutting -Edge (Being on the fringe of creation and invention, ahead of the masses)
  37. Convincing (Persuading and able to communicate effectively)
  38. Cool (Trendy, up on the latest trends and styles)
  39. Contribution (Giving of ones time, energy to better someone or something or a purpose higher than oneself)
  40. Control (Power to decide or strongly influence the way something will happen, having ability or power)
  41. Content (Pleased with your situation and not needing or desiring it to be better)
  42. Concise (Expressing what needs to be said without unnecessary words, short and clear)
  43. Compliant (Willing to do what other people want you to do)
  44. Complimentary (Expressing approval, admiration, or respect with remark or action)
  45. Companion (Someone or something you spend a lot of time with or travel with)
  46. Comical (Bringing humor and lightness to yourself and the lives of others)
  47. Committed (Cutting off all other options except completing the task at hand)
  48. Cohesive (united or working together effectively)
  49. Civil (Polite and formal)
  50. Champion (Someone or something, that has beaten all other competitors in a competition)
  51. Carefree (Having no worries, problems, or anxieties, happy)
  52. Credible (Someone who can be believed in and trusted upon)

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List of Values That Start With D

  1. Diplomatic (A person able to control a difficult situation without upsetting anyone)
  2. Dedicated (Believing  that an activity or idea is important and giving a lot of energy and time to it)
  3. Devoted (extremely loyal and loving)
  4. Daring (Showing bravery and willingness to risk danger or criticism)
  5. Diverse (varied or different, having knowledge in many subjects)
  6. Deliberate (Of an action of a decision, intentional or planned. Careful thinking)
  7. Delightful (Giving great pleasure or delight, highly pleasing)
  8. Down To Earth (practical and realistic)
  9. Dependable (Capable of being depended on, worth of trust, reliable)
  10. Decent (Conforming to the recognized standard of propriety, good taste, modesty, as in behavior or speech)
  11. Determined (resolute, staunch, decided, settled, resolved)
  12. Dominance (Rule, control, authority, ascendancy_
  13. Dependable (Worthy of trust, reliable)
  14. Donation (To present a gift, grant or contribution to a fund or cause)
  15. Dazzling (Stunning, extraordinary, that impresses enormously)
  16. Deserving (Worthy of being treated in a particular way)
  17. Diligent (Quietly and steadily persevering in detail or exactness)
  18. Delightful (Greatly pleasing or entertaining, causing pleasure or joy)
  19. Defiant (Boldly resisting authority or an opposing force)
  20. Distinguished (Standing above others in character or attainment)
  21. Decisive (Characterized by resoluteness and firmness, decisive)
  22. Discovery (Finding or uncovering something)
  23. Delighted (Experiencing or manifesting pleasure)
  24. Development (A process in which something passes to a different stage)
  25. Direct (Proceeding without deviation or interruption)

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  1. Encouraging (giving courage or confidence or hope)
  2. Empowered (Giving power or authority to someone or yourself)
  3. Efficient (Being effective without wasting time, effort, or expense)
  4. Energetic (Possessing or displaying forceful exertion)
  5. Easy Going (Easy, unobstructed progress)
  6. Empathetic (Understanding and entering into anothesrs feelings)
  7. Endurance (A strong state of surviving, remaining alive)
  8. Excited (In an aroused)
  9. Excellent (Very good, of the highest quality)
  10. Elite (A group or class of persons enjoying superior status)
  11. Established (Brought about or set up or accepted)
  12. Enjoyment (Art of receiving pleasure from something)
  13. Equality (A state of being the same in quantity, value or status)
  14. Engaged (Having one’s attention or mind or energy consumed)
  15. Economic (science dealing with the circulation of goods and services)
  16. Elated (Exultantly proud and joyful, in high spirits)
  17. Eligible (Qualified or allowed or worth of being chosen)
  18. Eloquent (expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively)
  19. Enlightened (Having knowledge and spiritual insight)
  20. Entrepreneurial (Someone who organizes a business venture)
  21. Euphoric (Characterized by a feeling of well-being or elation)
  22. Excellent (Very good, of the highest quality)
  23. Expansive (Able or tending to extend in one more more directions)
  24. Exuberant (Joyously unrestrained)

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List of Values That Start With F

  1. Fair (Free from favoritism, bias, or deception)
  2. Factual (Being actual or based on fact)
  3. Faithful (Loyal and reliable)
  4. Fame (the state or quality of being widely honored and acclaimed)
  5. Family (primarily social group, parents and children)
  6. Fabulous (Extremely pleasing)
  7. Fantastic (Extravagantly fanciful in design, construction, appearance)
  8. Fascinated (Having your attention fixated as through by a spell)
  9. Faultless (without fault or error)
  10. Favorable (Encouraging or approving or pleasing)
  11. Festive (Offering fun and gaiety)
  12. Fun (Activities that are enjoyable or amusing)
  13. Firm (Not soft or yielding to pressure)
  14. Flamboyant (tending to attract attention marked by ostentatious display)
  15. Flattering (Showing or representing to advantage)
  16. Fluent (Expressing yourself readily, clearly, effectively)
  17. Flawless (Without a weakness or defect)
  18. Focused (Brought into sharp clarity)
  19. Forgiving (Inclined or able to show mercy)
  20. Fortunate (having unexpected good luck)
  21. Fortune (Large sums of money or monetary possessions)
  22. Forward (Boldness or assertiveness)
  23. Free (Able to act at will)
  24. Freedom (The condition of being free)
  25. Frugal (Avoiding waste)
  26. Fundamental (Serving as an essential component)

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List of Values That Start With G

  1. Godly (Showing great reverence for God)
  2. Godlike (Being or having the nature of God)
  3. Goofy (Ludicrous, foolish)
  4. Good (Having desirable or positive qualities)
  5. Graceful (Characterized by beauty of movement, style or form)
  6. Grandiose (Impressive because of unnecessary largeness or magnificence)
  7. Giving (The act of giving, offering, bestowing)
  8. Generous (Willing to give and share unsingtingly)
  9. Guided (Subject to guided or control especially after launching)
  10. Grounded (With strong foundation and roots)
  11. Great (A person who has achieved distinction in some field)
  12. Gifted (Endowed with special talents)
  13. Glad (Showing or causing joy and pleasure)
  14. Grace Giving (Offering acceptance and forgiveness)
  15. Go-Getter (Someone who sets and achieves goals, perseveres through obstacles)
  16. Guardian (A person who cares for persons or properties)
  17. Growth (Changing gradually from a simple to a more complex level)
  18. Glorious (Having or deserving or conferring high honor)
  19. Giving (Offering, the act of giving ones self or something they have)
  20. Gregarious (Temperamentally seeking and enjoying the company of others)

List of Values That Start With H

  1. Handsome (Pleasing in appearance)
  2. Happiness (State of well being characterized by contentment and joy)
  3. Hard Worker (Physically and mentally exerting oneself to high levels for a good cause)
  4. Harmonious (Exhibiting equivalence or correspondence among constituents)
  5. Helpful (Providing assistance or serving a useful function)
  6. Honesty (The quality of being honest)
  7. Honorable (Deserving of esteem and respect)
  8. Hopefulness (The feeling you have when you have hope)
  9. Humorous (Characterized by the power to evoke laughter)
  10. Humanitarian (Marked by devotion to popular welfare)
  11. Humane (Marked or motivated by concern with the alleviation of suffering)
  12. Healer (A person skilled in a particular type of therapy)

List of Values That Start With I

  1. Idealistic (Of high moral or intellectual value)
  2. Innovated (Being like nothing done or experienced or created before)
  3. Ingenuity (The power of creative imagination)
  4. Innovative (Being like nothing done or experienced or created before)
  5. Inspiration (Arousal of the mind to unusual activity or creativity)
  6. Improve (To make better in quality)
  7. Incredible (Beyond belief or understanding)
  8. Icon – (A symbolic figure, visual representation)
  9. Idealistic (Of high moral or intellectual value)
  10. Immaculate (Completely neat or clean)
  11. Infinite (Having no boundaries or limits in time or space)
  12. Inner Peace (A feeling of happiness and satisfaction that comes from within)
  13. Insightful (Exhibiting clear and deep perception)
  14. Intuitive (Spontaneously derived from or prompted by a natural tendency)
  15. Initiator (A person who starts a course of action)
  16. Intimacy (A feeling of being close and belonging together)
  17. Involved (Connected by participation or association or use)

List of Values That Start With J

  1. Jovial (Full of or showing high spirited merriment)
  2. Joyful (Full of or producing great happiness)
  3. Justice (The quality of being just or fair)
  4. Justified (Having words so spaced that lines have straight even margins, with honesty)
  5. Judicious (Marked by the exercise of good judgement in practical matters)

List of Values That Start With K

  1. Knowledge (the result of perception, learning and reasoning)
  2. Kind (Having a tender and considerate and helpful nature)
  3. Kosher (Conforming to dietary laws)

List of Values Starting With L

  1. Love (A strong positive emotion of regard and affection)
  2. Laughter (The activity of laughing, joy, happiness)
  3. Leadership (The status of being in charge)
  4. Love (A strong state of emotion of regard and affection)
  5. Laid Back (A state of being in a relaxed manner or mind and body)
  6. Learning (The cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge)
  7. Letting Go (The act of surrender or giving up control, usually relating to a higher purpose)
  8. Loyalty (The quality of being steadfast in allegiance or duty)
  9. Lucrative (Producing a sizable profit)
  10. Luxury (Something that is an indulgence rather than a necessity)
  11. Lucky (Having or bringing good fortune)
  12. Liveliness (General activity and motion in a energetic manner)
  13. Logical (Based on known statements or events or conditions)
  14. Lively (Full of life and energy)

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List of Habits That Start With M

  1. Memorable (Wroth memory, impacting people in a positive manner)
  2. Motivated (Psychological feature arousing action toward a desired goal)
  3. Meaningful (Having a purpose, great value or significance)
  4. Masterful (Having supreme mastery or skill)
  5. Merciful (Showing or giving forgiveness)
  6. Marvelous (Extraordinarily good or great)
  7. Meditation (Continuous and profound contemplation or musing on a subject
  8. Modesty (Marked by simplicity, having a humble opinion of yourself)
  9. Malleable (capable of being shaped or bent without breaking)
  10. Mastery (Great skillfulness and knowledge of some subject or activity)
  11. Mindful (Awareness, in a careful deliberate manner)
  12. Merry (Full of or showing high spirited joy)
  13. Motherly (Befitting a mother, warm and nuturing)

List of Values That Start With N

  1. Neat (Clean or organized)
  2. Nutrition (food related, organic process of nourishing or being nourished)
  3. Neutral (Having no personal preference)
  4. Noticeable (Being easy to see and understand)
  5. Non-Violent (Peaceful resistance, achieving an outcome without harm)
  6. Notable (Worth of notice)
  7. Noble (Of or belonging to hereditary aristocracy)
  8. Non-Resistant (A reformer who believes in passive resistance)
  9. Nice (Pleasant or pleasing or agreeable in nature or appearance)
  10. Nirvana (The beatitude that transcends the cycle of reincarnation)
  11. Nurturing (Providing physical and emotional care and nourishment)

List of Values That Start With O

  1. Organic (Having properties characteristic of living beings, non disturbed substance)
  2. Observant (Quick to notice, showing quick and keen perception)
  3. Objective (The goal intended to be attained)
  4. Obsessed (Having excessive or compulsive concern with something)
  5. Open Minded (Ready to entertain new ideas)
  6. Openhearted (Showing sympathy and understanding and generosity)
  7. Opportunist (A possibility from a favorable combination of circumstance)
  8. Optimism (The feeling that all is going to turn out well)
  9. Organized (Methodical and efficient in arrangement or function)
  10. Open (Accepting and having an open mind and heart)
  11. Orderly (Neat or organized)
  12. Obedient (Dutifully complying with the commands of those in authority)

List of Values That Start With P

  1. Passion (A strong feeling or emotion)
  2. Patience (God naturedtolerance of delay or incompetence)
  3. Perfection (The state of being without flaw or defect)
  4. Playful (Full of fun and high spirits)
  5. Pleasant (Being in harmony with your taste or likings)
  6. Peace (Not disturbed by strife or turmoil or war)
  7. Personable – Pleasant in manner and appearance
  8. Proficient (Having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude)
  9. Prominent (Conspicuous in position or importance)
  10. Pure (Free of extraneous elements of any kind)
  11. Proud (Feeling self-respect, self-esteem, or self importance)
  12. Proper (Marked by suitability or rightness or appropriateness)
  13. Prosperous (In fortunate circumstances in all domains of ones life)
  14. Popular (Regarded with great favor or approval by the general pulic)
  15. Pretty (Pleasing by delicacy or grace, not imposing)

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List of Values That Start With Q

  1. Quality (An essential and distinguishing attribute of something)
  2. Quiet (Characterized by an absence of agitation or activity)
  3. Quick-Witted (Mental nimble and resourceful)

List of Values That Start With R

  1. Radiance (Emanating or as if emanating light, attractive combination of good health and happiness)
  2. Radical (Far beyond the norm)
  3. Realistic (Aware or expressing awareness of things as they are)
  4. Reasonable (Showing sound judgement)
  5. Record Setting (Going beyond what others have done, physically and mentally)
  6. Relaxation (Freedom from activity)
  7. Renewal (Transforming, shedding ones old skin, becoming new)
  8. Regal (Belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler)
  9. Resolute (Firm in purpose or belief)
  10. Resilient (Recovering readily from adversity, depression or the like)
  11. Reliable (Worthy of trust)
  12. Resourceful (The ability to deal resourcefully with unusual problems)
  13. Rest (Take a short break from on’es activities in order to relax)
  14. Restoration (Returning something or someone to a satisfactory state)
  15. Romance (A relationship between two lovers)
  16. Reward (Compensation for worth acts or retribution for wrongdoing)
  17. Royalty (Royal persons collectively)

List of Values That Start With S

  1. Safety (Being certain that adverse effects will not be caused)
  2. Security (The state of being free from danger or injury)
  3. Saintly (Marked by utter kindness, virtue or holiness)
  4. Satisfaction (The state of being gratified)
  5. Serious (In a solemn manner, an earnest and sincere feeling)
  6. Self-Assured (Showing poise and confidence in your own worth)
  7. Self-Confident – Belief in your own abilities or judgement
  8. Self-Compassion (Showing and bestowing love on oneself)
  9. Self Acceptance (Acceptance of yourself as you are)
  10. Self-Belief (Faith in oneself and their abilities)
  11. Self-Love (An exceptional interested and admiration for yourself)
  12. Seeker (One who is on the path to finding answers)
  13. Self-Expression (The expression of one’s individuality)
  14. Self-Discipline (The ability to motivate oneself to get things done)
  15. Self-Expression (The expression of one’s individuality)
  16. Selflessness (Acting with less concern for yourself than for the success of the joint activity)
  17. Sensuality (Marked by the appetites and passions of the body)
  18. Serendipity (Good luck in making unexpected and fortunate discoveries)
  19. Sexy (Pretty, beautiful, attractive)
  20. Selflessness (Acting with less concern for yourself than for the success of the joint activity)
  21. Self-Made (Having achieved success or recognition by your own efforts)
  22. Sentimental (Marked by tender, romantic or nostalgic emotion)
  23. Simplicity (The quality of being uncomplicated)
  24. Skillful (Having or showing knowledge, ability or aptitude)
  25. Sincerity (The quality of being open and truthful)
  26. Sophisticated (Having worldly knowledge and refinement)
  27. Straightforward (Pointed directly ahead)
  28. Strength (The property of being physically or mentally powerful)
  29. Striving (An effortful attempt to attain a goal)
  30. Student (A learner who is enrolled in an education institution)
  31. Success (Being marked by a favorable outcome)
  32. Supervisor (One who has charge and direction of)
  33. Sympathetic (Expressing compassion or friendly fellow feelings)
  34. Synergy (The working together or two things to produce an effort)
  35. Survivor (One who lives through affliction)
  36. Symmetrical (Exhibiting equivalence or correspondence among constituents)

For more great words for values ideas starting with S, check this list out! List of values starting with S.

List of Values Starting With T

  1. Thriving (Very lively and profitable)
  2. Triumph (A successful ending of a struggle or contest)
  3. Talent (Natural talents or qualities)
  4. Teacher (A person whose occupation is instructing)
  5. Transformation (Change or alter in form, appearance, or nature)
  6. Terrific (Extraordinarily good or great)
  7. Trustworthy (Worth of trust or belief)
  8. Truth (A factual statement)
  9. Tolerance (Willingness to respect the beliefs or practices of others)
  10. Thankfulness (Warm friendly feelings of gratitude)
  11. Togetherness (Affectionate closeness)
  12. Thoughtfulness (Kind and considerate regard for others)
  13. Tidy (Marked by order and cleanliness in appearance or habits)
  14. Tireless (Characterized by sustained hard work and perseverance)
  15. Theory (A belief that can guide behavior)
  16. Team Player (One that supports others close to them and helps them win)
  17. Tolerance (Willingness to respect the beliefs or practices of others)
  18. Trailblazer (An innovator or pioneer in a field)
  19. Transformation (The act of changing in form or shape or appearance)
  20. Tremendous (Extraordinarily large in extent or amount or power)
  21. Trustful (Inclined to believe or confide readily, full of trust)
  22. Transcendence (Exceeding or surpassing usual limits)
  23. Travel (Change location)
  24. Toughness (Enduring strength and energy)
  25. Top-Notch (Of the highest quality)
  26. Theatrical (Or or relating to the stage)

List of Values Starting With U

  1. Unrelenting (not to be placated or appeased or moved by entreaty)
  2. Unbeatable (Hard to defeat, impossible to beat)
  3. Unbelievable (Beyond undestanding)
  4. Understood (Implied by or inferred from actions or statements)
  5. Understanding (The condition of someone who knows and comprehends)
  6. Unfazed (Not bothered or perturbed by anything)
  7. Uniqueness (The quality of being one of a kind)
  8. Unselfish (Disregarding your own advantages and welfare over those of others)
  9. United (Being or joined into a single entity)
  10. Uplifting (The rise of something, someone ore oneself)
  11. Unwavering (Marked by firm determination or resolution)

List of Values Starting With V

  1. Voyager (A traveler to a distant land)
  2. Value (The quality that renders something desirable)
  3. Valued (Having value of specified kind)
  4. Veteran (A person who has served in the armed forces)
  5. Virtuous (Morally excellent)
  6. Victory (A successful ending of a struggle or contest)
  7. Vulnerability (The state of being exposed)
  8. Vocal (Musical or simply voicing ones opinion and thoughts aloud)
  9. Vocational (Of or relating to an occupation)
  10. Vigilant (Carefully observant or attentive)
  11. Vigorous (Characterized by forceful and energetic action or activity)
  12. Vitality (The property of being able to survive and grow)

List of Values Starting With W

  1. Winning (Succeeding with great difficulty)
  2. Wander (Move or cause to move in a sinuous or circular course)
  3. Warmhearted (Marked by warmth or feeling like kindness and sympathy and generosity)
  4. Warm (Having or producing a comfortable and agreeable degree of heat or imparting or maintaining heat)
  5. Wealth (Property that has economic value)
  6. Welcoming (Very cordial)
  7. Well-Being (A contented state of being happy and healthy and prosperous)
  8. Well-Read (Well informed or deeply versed through reading)
  9. Well-Behaved (Someone who behaves in a manner that the speaker believes)
  10. Well-Received (Welcomed warmly wherever one goes in life)
  11. Willingness (Cheerful compliance)
  12. Writer (A person who is able to write and has written something)
  13. Worship (The activity of cherishing as divine)
  14. Worth (The quality that renders something desirable or valuable)
  15. Worthiness (The quality or state of having merit or value)
  16. Wonder (Extraordinarily good or great)
  17. Wisdom (Accumulated knowledge or erudition or enlightenment)

For more words that you can use for your values list, check out this link! List of values that start with W.

List of Values That Start With Y

  1. Youthful (Suggestive of youth, vigorous and fresh)
  2. Yearning (Prolonged unfulfilled desire or need)
  3. Yourself (Acting from ones inner being and true identity)
  4. YES to life! (Being open and willing to say YES to your goals, dreams and visions)

List of Values Starting With Z

  1. Zealous (Marked by active interest and enthusiasm)
  2. Zappy (Abounding in a watery solution in a plant’s vasular system)

Conclusion To A List of Core Values

There you are my friends. A list of values that you can integrate into your life as a way to guide your each and every decision. I truly believe that the more you commit yourself, the more you can make any value massively apparent in your life and to the people around you.

Treat this process with seriousness. Life is serious business. Having a plan for your life is serious business. The pursuit of happiness is serious and sacred business. You are essentially creating a business plan for your life.

Which the payoff for doing so is ultimate fulfillment, joy and a feeling of fulfilling one’s destiny. Take this matter seriously, because this is a matter of the heart. And all matters of the heart must be treated with the utmost respect.

Share with me what you liked about this article as well as what values you are thinking about putting on your values list! As well as if you have any good ones to add to the list!

I want this baby to evolve and know you guys have a great input that we can all benefit from!

Peace my friends,




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