55 Personal Development Goals (Personal, Work, Spiritual and Family Goals)

Personal Development Goals

When we set personal development goals, we literally spark a desire in us to become better versions of ourselves. We seek to be come better people, which in turn can make every area of our lives better. As well as allow us to affect people in a more positive manner that we come into contact with.

But what are some great personal development goals that we can set for ourselves to transform our lives?

We’ll I believe we need to go outside the box and set these goals in various areas of our lives.

So below I talk about best goals for personal development we can set for our spiritual lives, family lives, community, self, work and for leaders.

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19.) Self – Personal Development Goals

1.) Learn a new language over the next year through a teacher or free apps like Duolingo

2.) Let go of the past.

This can help you and I become emotionally free and live life healthier and happier. We all have things to work on. You can either do it yourself or hire someone to help you through it. RecoveryWarriors talks about the benefits of letting go of the past talking about how it can make room for something new to emerge like opportunities and new experiences. Experience a new sense of freedom as you will be dropping off luggage that is simply heavy for us to carry. We can also appreciate ourselves more when we let go of our past as it will take our awareness off of the negative and leave time and room for us to see how great we are. It also puts us in a state to look forward to a better future instead of looking back. A much more progressive mindset.

3.) Embrace Fear.

What would your life look like if you acted upon fear as soon as it came up? Instead of letting fear pull you away, you start to let it push you towards your goals. Fear is so powerful. Most of the time, people react to fear by running away. How about for this personal development goal, you start to run towards what you fear. Try this on for size for 6 weeks and see how it can transform your life.

4.) Wake up at the same time everyday.

There are so many benefits to this goal. The main benefits of waking up at the same time are that you are able to anchor your day. It gets your body into a rhythm of when you should be awake and when you are going to go to sleep. This is done by setting our circadian rhythm which is done through consistency. This will allow us to dictate when we are awake and when we are getting tired, allowing us to run our day and not the other way around. To reinforce this new circadian rhythm get 15 to 30 minutes of sunlight exposure as soon as you wake up. This can be one of the greatest morning habits you can integrate into your life.

5.) Develop a good night routine.

This will allow you to sleep better and really prime yourself for good sleep. Hence starting your day off better in the morning. Some things you can do to develop a good night routine are to read something positive before you go to bed, brush and floss your teeth, review your goals, tidy up the kitchen and house, stretch and prep your meals for the next day so that you develop good eating habits.

6.) Forgive An Enemy 

A great article talks about the benefits of forgiveness. It goes on to talk about how it can brings us favorable karma, develop deeper levels of compassion, feel lighter about life, you become happier and healthier. And most importantly you gain self respect out of forgiveness as you are showing yourself that you love you enough to move on from the past. You are displaying to yourself that you are the bigger person and that you dictate how you feel about your life. A deep sense of empowerment. You also set a great example for others, becoming a beacon of hope for those who want to and/or struggle with forgiveness. You can also even go as far as mending a relationship with forgiveness to where you open up a new opportunity for a new relationship to blossom with this person again. Providing restoration. The ultimate healing.

7.) Create a vision board.

I remember John Asraf, co-author of the book The Secret, and mega big personal development guru talking about his experience with vision boards. He moved into a 7000 square foot house, what he considered to be his dream home. When he was going through his stuff when unpacking, he came across and old vision board he made. The house he just moved into was the exact house he put on his vision board many years ago when he had nearly no money. Powerful stuff.

We as humans are visual learners. Our thoughts are pictures, not words. This is one of the reasons vision boards are so powerful. You can even create one online using DreamItAlive where you can create a vision board and share with with like minded people.

8.) Be Mindful

This can range from mindful eating in which you focus intently on how and what you are eating. Processing meals thoroughly instead of eating as fast as possible or eating while on scrolling through Instagram. It can mean being very present and mindful at your kids sports games. Soaking in the sounds of the crowd, the stomps of feet on the bleachers, the wind blowing through the trees, the kids laughing. Truly putting you in the present moment. Practice this a couple times a day with different scenarios and you can really experience more peace and appreciation for life.

You can really develop good mindfulness in situations in which you are waiting. For an appointments you may have to do time in the waiting room for. Simply become aware of your breathing. Going in and out with it. Bringing you into the present moment.

9.) Develop A Growth Mindset 

Also referred to as Kaizen. Continuous and never ending improvement. Instead of getting mad about something that doesn’t go our way. Ask how you can grow from it. What is the lesson we can learn. What positive things came out of it. When we ask these questions, we re-frame our mind so that we start to see all things that happen to us as helpful. The universe’s way of teaching us things we need to learn in order to better ourselves and become stronger and more valuable people.

10.) Stay Hydrated

We all need some help here! Drinking water is a bore! But by staying hydrated we reap benefits such as keeping our skin supple and elastic. Cleanse our body. Better joint and muscle function. Keeps our body cool resulting in more blood flow. Prevents dry mouth and promotes better cardiovascular health.

To stay hydrated, eat foods that contain a lot of water like grapefruit, grapes and watermelon. Purchase a Yeti and have the baby on you at all times, filling it up wherever and whenever you can. Set timers on your phone on when to drink water or use apps like Waterlogged to get reminders and track your daily progress.

Ultimately we should go for a clear color when we are peeing or as close to. This will usually indicate that you are well hydrated. At very minimum try to get half your ounces in body weight in per day.

11.) Stick To A Daily Schedule

We all have 24 hours in a day. Some people are able to use time more productively then others. One of the biggest factors to this is simply setting a schedule and sticking to it as best as possible. I know for myself I get a more done when I do so. Some days more than others. But it is like having an itinerary for a trip. You simply see more of the sites you want to see and do more fun activities then you would if you just winged it.

And these little wins add up! Some of the other benefits of sticking to a schedule include seeing where we are not using our time wisely and being unproductive, set and achieve little and big goals, be cognizant of deadlines and you don’t double book when someone asks you to do something and you already made other plans.

The best way to start sticking to a schedule is by mapping out your day as you go for the first week or so. Then seeing where the big gaps are and filling in things you could be doing in those gaps. Write out the things you want to get done for the day, then in between the gaps between the things on your to do list, fill them in with other productive tasks or simply time to recharge.

Doing this will make us feel accomplished, be more efficient as well as let us say NO to things we don’t really need to do.

12.) Be More Empathetic

The more we are able to recognize other peoples emotions and see it from their point of view, the more we can employ the power of empathy. It is essentially in the development of having good people skills and creating interpersonal relationships. A great site talks about how we can be more empathetic, talking about how we can do so by:

  1. Put our viewpoint aside and work on seeing things from the other persons point of view.
  2. Give validation to the other persons perspective.
  3. Turn inward and examine the attitudes we have been displaying. Our selfish desires can get in the way of building a better relationship or creating a solution.
  4. Be a better listener. Listen with your ears, eyes, instincts and most importantly with your heart. Give people your full attention.
  5. Communicate with the other person by asking them to explain where they are coming from and how they feel about it. This will make them feel heard as well as allow you to really step in their shoes and empathize with them.

13.) Stand Up For People More

We are all guilty of falling into the trap of talking about someone else with people when they are not around. The new you doesn’t. When someone is being gossiped about, stand up for them or just leave.

14.) Read More

A great article talks about the scientifically backed reasons to read more talking about how it increases our intelligence, boost our brain power, lower mental decline, make you more empathetic, tretain more than you would with audiobooks, lower your chance of getting Alzheimer’s and help you sleep better if you do so before you go to sleep.

15.) Develop An Abundant Mindset

We all think we can’t do things, or that we are dumb in certain areas, or can’t do something because of our genetics or that we don’t possess the ability. My friends, this is simply not true. We have a mind so intricate and so developed that science has not and most likely will never be able to recreate it. If you have a mind, you are a genius. It is better than any computer in existence. And we have the power to use it help us achieve our goals. The way we think with it dictates our lives. We need to start thinking abundantly. Don’t put limits on things with your mind, which is literally unlimited in it’s capacity to think and set mammoth goals and dreams. Set big goals and believe as if you can achieve them.

But it can be our worst enemy as well. Don’t listen to your mind saying you can’t do something. It is simply a stored program that WE decided to hold onto somewhere along our path because someone told us that or we believe it because of something that happened in our life. Let it go. Believe that you are infinitely capable. This is the first step to walking down an abundant path.

Get rid of the thought of scarcity. Don’t entertain it from yourself and the people around you. Become aware of your inner and outer world. When you think or hear things that are not supporting your abundance, pay no mind to it. Simply see it as it is. A weak mindset that you will no longer adapt to or entertain.

Also, act as if. This is a big way of creating the life we want. Act as if we already have abundance in every area of our lives. How would this feel? How would we act? How would we hold our posture? What would we hear? How would people treat us? Act as if you have it already, and soon it will come into your existence.

16.) Be More Authentic

There is only so much time we have left. We shouldn’t worry about living that time out not being ourselves. We all are guilty of this. Adapting to the light others people want to see us in. Becoming like the celebrities we like or the idols we adore. Nothing is wrong with being like someone else if you are adopting traits you admire. But when we become like them because we don’t like ourselves enough, that is when we need to get straightened out.

Examine ways in your life that you have been operating from that aren’t conducive to your true self. Also ask others how you have been doing so. Often the people around us can see our in-authenticity more than we can.

Start eliminating this. And believing that people will still love you for being authentic. Knowing that you have enough value and are good enough to simply act and be yourself. IT will feel much better. Give you more energy as you won’t be trying to be something you aren’t. And by finding yourself, you will live a life full of purpose becauseyou will be aligned with what and why you came to this earth for..

17.) Pursue A Dream

I don’t care how old you are or why you say you can’t achieve a dream. Find one that either you have put on the back burner recently or decades ago. Dust that baby off and go after it. You only live once and you don’t want to die with regrets. Even if you don’t know how in the hell you are going to achieve it. It doesn’t matter. The how is none of your business. Simply lean into the dream. Taking daily steps at making it a really. The how will reveal itself to you the more you work you way towards the dream.

18.) Check Items Of Your Bucket List

We can only grow from experiences we have in our life. And time is running out. Pursue the things you want to do in this life. This will allow you to experience joy that will live in you forever.

19.) Give Back To Your Community

Nothing will make you feel better than giving back. Better than even the attainment of our goals. When we give our time or money, we access one of the most powerful emotions a human can experience. Compassion. Make it a point to give back to your community, your state or your country in some way. It will bring you a huge amount of joy.

10 Financial Personal Development Goals

1.) Listen to one audio book per month on how to better financial health.

Some of the best books for this are: The Millionaire Next Door, The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey, Your Money Your Life by Vicki Robin, The Only Investment Guide You’ll Ever Need by Andrew Tobias, The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Terriss, The Richest Man in Babylon by George S. Clason, Money: Master The Game by Tony Robbins, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv. Veker, You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero, How Rich People Think by Steve Siebold.

2.) Save a certain amount of money that you end up investing with the help of hiring your own investor.

This will allow you to learn the power of saving money as well as learn about investing through the knowledge of an expert.

3.) Track Your Spending

We blow money and end up not knowing where the heck it goes. The habit of tracking how much money you make can save you thousands. It can allow you to really weigh buying decisions before spending money. It is your own personal financial accountability partner. Once we write things down and see where we have been mindlessly spending money, we will refrain from doing so in the future. Either write it down in small journal you keep on you, or use Wally a great app to track finances along with even help you set and achieve your financial goals.

4.) Rid Yourself Of Lack Mindset

Often times we let our belief system creep in that we aren’t enough. We don’t have enough education to be rich. We aren’t tall enough, we are to skinny or fat, we don’t look the part, no one in our family was ever rich. Whatever silly things we come up with are blocking our financial abundance. Let them go. Work on thinking and behaving in a way that makes you believe that you are worth it. Not everything your mind tells you as true. Although we act as if it is. They are simply beliefs. The mind is like a file cabinet. It simply stores everything we think and hear.

In order to think more abundantly about money, we need to simply start thinking abundantly about it. You can do so by reading more about money, like we talked about. But also believing that we are worth creating financial abundance.

A great article talks about how to think more abundantly talking about seeing the abundance you have already created by imagining everything you have right now. Jobs, family, paychecks, the people that love you. If you lost it all, you would realize how much you HAD. You have so much already to be thankful for. So start here. See that you have a level of abundance that you created. Which means you can create more.

Also we need to get rid of the idea that here isn’t enough time. The beggar and the CEO both have 24 hours in the day. We just need to get better at time management to allow us time to create more financial abundance through things like side hustles or learning how to invest.

The other awesome tip this article gave was to get rid of thinking money is the root of all evil. First off the Bible says the LOVE of money is the root of all evil. Money is just paper! Paper isn’t evil. It is just a piece of a big tree! We don’t want evil in our lives in any form right? Well thinking money is evil will make us want to get rid of it.

5.) Make A Get Out Of Debt Plan

In order for us to reach our true and full potential, we need to limit the amount of stress in our lives. One of the biggest stressors for us all is being in debt. Regardless of the amount of debt that you are in, making a plan to get out of it will make us feel proactive. It will give us hope for a better future. And make room to use the money towards saving, investing and spending it on yourself and the ones you love.

A great article talks about tips for getting out of debt, some of which include:

6.) Create Another Stream Of Income

Putting all of our eggs in one basket is dangerous. We all have time that we waste that we can be using to create another stream of income. Something that can be active or passive. But it can allow us the mental ease of knowing that we have more money coming in, just in case. Here is a great site that talks about how: 24 Ways You Can Make Money While Working Full Time.

7.) Create And Follow A Budget

Creating a budget will allow you to plan our how much money is going out and when you stick to it, you will know how much you are able to save as well. A well created budget shows what sources your money is coming from, the amount and where it is all going each month. A great site talks about steps to making a budget that can help us all, including:

  1. Get together all your financial statements. Things that include utility bills, bank statements, investment accounts, etc. The  more the better. This will hep us develop a monthly average of what is going out.
  2. Jot down all your sources of income. Write down the amount you take home after taxes.
  3. Develop a list of monthly expenses. This includes house payments, vehicle payments, insurance, what you spend on groceries, leisure, college dues for kids, EVERYTHING that you spend your income on.
  4. Split you expenses into 2 categories: fixed and variable. The fixed ones are the expenses that essentially are almost the same each month like your house payment or car payment. Variable are those that can fluctuate like gas and leisure.
  5. Create a sum total of your expenses. (Hopefully with the you being in the green!) Then you can delegate money to accounts and savings plans for things like retirement or debt payoff. If you are in the red, then you can see where you can cut things out for a bit until you get out of debt. Forgo immediate pleasure for long-term happiness and less stress.

8.) Become Better In Your Field

What things can you learn that will make you more valuable in the workplace? If w are staying the same, then we will never grow. Ourselves or our income. If you work for someone, inquire through your boss what you can do to set yourself up for a raise. If you don’t ask you may never get it. Get over the fear of asking and just do so. You have nothing to lose and a lot more to gain. Attend seminars, take workshops, read books in your field.

Also, go to more networking events to where you can meet people and even possibly find a new job that will pay you more. Rub elbows with people. You never know where you are going make that connection that helps you either immediately or down the road.

9.) Put Bills On Auto-Payment

This will take the stress and dread off of paying for these bills each month. As well all know the feeling of sending out money for a ticket or medical bill. Find a way to where you can have your card charged each month so that you can set it and forget it.

10.) Save A Certain Amount 

Save X amount over the next 365 days. Stretch yourself. Who cares if it seems outlandish? Challenge your mind with a goal that seems tough to get. Read this goal daily and visualize yourself attaining it. A great book titled “The Success Principles” by Jack Canfield talks a lot about how to write your goals out. For this one an example would be: I am enjoying seeing my goal of X money manifest and feel secure with it being in my bank account.

Always frame goals of already being accomplished. And use I am every time. These are the most powerful words in the English language. It is also telling your mind that you already have them. Once we frame it this way and affirm them often, our brains will start seeking things out to help us get there along the way.

9.) Family Personal Development Goals

1.) Maintain good health for all family members by the act of helping each other through accountability.

You can do your shopping together, and learn how to read food labels, swap out unhealthy foods in your pantry for healthy alternatives. Eat healthy all week and have one night a week where you go out as a family and have a “cheat” meal where you guys get to eat your favorite food together as a reward.

2.) Save up for an end of the year vacation where you can celebrate New Years together in a new place.

The whole family can participate. Putting money each month into a big jar. Or you can all go to the bank together and deposit your money each month into your vacation account. This can help the entire family learn about how to save money and the power of doing so! (Potentially the vacation can be where the your dollar goes further in another country so you can go on a cheap vacation!)

3.) Schedule date nights with significant other. As well as each child if you have them.

There is no better way to show your family that you love them by making time for them. We all have busy lives, but life is too short not to block out time to spend with the people you love most. This will allow the family to grow closer and create a deeper bond with each other.

4.) Set Goals With Each Other

There is nothing more family bonding that setting goals with each other. And seeing all the ways you guys can help each other achieve those goals. You can make it a point for the whole family to meet up on one particular day of the week for a check in. Brainstorm on what has worked and hasn’t worked for everyone’s goals. And set up a plan of action for the next week on how all of you can get closer to your goals. Along with what you can do that week for the people in your family to help them get closer to their goals and dreams.

5.) Identify Things That Are Getting In Your Way

What are habits that are getting in the way of you enjoying a more happy and abundant relationship? Is it that you don’t talk to your significant other when you get home because you go watch TV or lay down? Is it that you don’t complement each other enough and it is getting in the way of your intimate life? Is it taking them for granted? Maybe you are scared to show love or be vulnerable?

Whatever it is, identify it, either alone or together. Even better, ask the people in your life what is getting in the way of them feeling as if you love them. Or what you are doing that makes them feel as if you are taking them for granted.

I love the advice Tony Robbins gives that sums up how we should treat relationships. He talks about how if we treat a relationship like we did in the beginning, there will never be an end. Of course you may not be at a place where a relationship in your family or with your spouse is going to end. But we should treat things like we did in the beginning. With the same gusto and passion that we had.

6.) Family Read

Pick a book that you would all like to read and all read a chapter a day and discuss it at dinner the next night. This is part of another goal you can set of having dinner more often with your family! If the family cant get together every single night for dinner, then plan a day of the week that works best for everyone. It can be a great bonding experience as well as mentally stretching and expanding yourself through reading.

7.) Genealogy

Learning about your genealogy can be super fun. You can use sites like Genealogy.com to get your family search going and learn about some of the ethnicity’s that you never knew you were! Maybe even make plans to visit one or more of the places where your family was originally from!

8.) Documentary Binge

Documentary’s are incredibly intriguing and informative and can provide a great family learning experience. For a month, instead of going to the movies, instead get together one weekend night per week and watch a documentary you are all interested in. Put that Netflix account to good use!

9.) Go On Family A Learning Retreat

Instead of staying in all weekend, go on a learning retreat with the fam bam! A great site talks about some of the best learning retreats around including:

  1. A 2 day beer brewing course in San Francisco, California
  2. Learning how to forage for shellfish in Hood Canal, Washington
  3. Learn Woodworking out in Joseph, Oregon
  4. Learn natural textile printing in White Salmon, Washington tranforming natural dyes into pastes suitable for textile printing.
  5. Learn to meditate out in Big Sky, Montana

Now of course these are locations that may be far away from you but there are usually similar workshops close to you that you can check out! The best way to do so is to head over to RetreatFinder.com and check out retreats that include workshops, training’s, apprenticeships and talking circles around subjects you may love to learn more about!

11.) Spiritual Self Development Goals

1.) Learn how to meditate.

2.) Pray every morning right when you get out of bed in order to start your day off good with surrender and hope that God is going to see you through your day.

Instead of using generic prayers, we can learn to really communicate what is on our heart. Put aside cliche prayers and really communicate like you would with anyone else. Keep it simple and basic and make sure it is coming from your heart. Not a place where they are someone else’s words or prayers.

3.) Give gratitude each day for a couple of minutes when you wake up or before you go to bed.

Time.com even talked about how there was a study done by Northern University which found that people who felt grateful for little things in their life were able to sleep better and longer along with be more patient and have the ability to make better sensible decisions! It can even help you with overeating problems as cognitive scientist Susan Peirce Thompson talks about in the article as gratitude induces patience which helps with impulse control.

4.) Learn a new Bible verse each week and find your own meaning in it.

Heck make it goal to read the whole Bible in a year!

5.) Attend church every Sunday no matter what. Or stream it live if your church provides this option.

Also, take active notes during the sermon in order to get the most out of it. A great article was written on the benefits of taking notes. It talks about how it keeps us alert, engages your mind more, helps us emphasize and organize information more clearly along with create a log that you can reflect on afterwards. It also boosts your retention rate of the material you are digesting.

6.) Tithe More Creatively 

This doesn’t have to mean giving more money directly to the church. Often times we give money to our churches, which is great, but in the back of our minds we are wondering where it is truly going. A great site offers us some tips on creative ways to tithe, talking about how we can sponsor a child in need, often for less than a dollar a day. You can also fund someones mission trip or give to a food pantry/food bank, supporting either local or global hunger relief programs.

One year my friends and I simply bought 50 dollar burgers and gathered extra clothing and went downtown and handed the burgers and clothing out. It impacted many lives and felt great. I felt this hands on tithing is more of my style. And you can find your style that resonates with you.

God doesn’t judge where you tithe. He and the Bible encourage doing so a spiritual practice as a way to make the world a better place for other people. Tithing in any form does this and doesn’t need to be limited to a percentage of money you make or time you have!

7.) Read Good Books About Your Religion

Often times there are great books out there that give us good insight on the religion we are trying to follow. For example we may read or listen to a sermon, but not really get the meaning behind it. When someone has a book about our religion, they have put time and effort into putting it into layman’s terms for us. We can develop or relationship with our religion so much more effectively by doing this.

8.) Get Rid Of Religious Guilt

Often times we feel guilty for things we are doing in our life that may not be in line with our religious beliefs. Guilt holds us back from feeling love that God has for us and the abundance He wants to bring into our lives. Also, if we truly believe that God is an abundant God and loving Father, he would not want us to live lives of guilt. We are all human and not perfect beings. So yes we can have feelings of guilt, but don’t stay in those feelings. Learn from them and surrender them to God.

9.) Get Rid of Lack Mindset

There are times where we feel as if we feel as if we need to be poor because it is righteous. Or that God wants us to be poor. First off, this is backwards. If we were created in the image of God, then we have unlimited power just like Him. We have the power and are deserving of creating and having abundance in every area of our lives. Plus, think about this, what good worly father would ever want their son or daughter to be poor and struggling? Not one of them. The same is true with God. He wants us to have abundant lives.

We can’t help the poor if we are poor right? So lets work on getting rid of our lack mindset and our mindset around money. There are a ton of great personal finance books that stem from religious beliefs or are wrote by Christian authors like Biblical Roads to Financial Freedom, How to Manage Your Money: An In-Depth Bible Study on Personal Finances, Money – Possessions – Eternity, Rich For Good – The How and Why of Wealth God’s Way and The Sound Mind of Investing: A Step By Step Guide to Managing Your Money From A Biblical Perspective.

10.) Self Reflection 

Often times we don’t want to look at the ways we are sinning. But again if we believe that God forgives all sins, then we don’t need to have any fear of examining ourselves. We can see where we have been off track of walking in the righteous path and simply pray about the areas where we are having the toughest time with. We should take time to go somewhere quiet and peaceful and truly do reflection on habits or people that we are around that are taking us away from being close to God through engaging in habits that aren’t conducive to our religious beliefs.

There is absolutely no need to judge yourself or feel guilty. This is simply a time to examine your life and either pray for help with them. Or journal out solutions for how you can stop doing these tasks.

11.) Truly BELIEVE That Through God All Things Are Possible

The Bible states this, plain and simple. But often times we live in a way where we see all these limitations. But if you have any belief in God, whether you go to church or not, doesnt matter. If you believe in God, then this applies to you. The story says that God created the world in 6 days, most likely could have done so a lot faster. And God in an abundant God that wants to perform miracles in your life. We just need to believe that through him, and in general, all things are possible.

7.) Examples of personal development Goals for work

1.) Re-build Relationships

Reach out to old clients to reconnect with them through a written letter. This will help you maintain a relationship with them and potentially get referrals from them. Make it a point to do this at least once a month with a call, text, letter or email and do so diligently.

2.) Develop A Long Term Vision For Your Career

Often time we get comfortable in our careers. We are making good or enough money and we are satisfied with where we are at. Instead, this year, make it a point to develop a plan for advancement in your career. What can you do to take yourself further and higher up in your career? What do you have to learn? Who do you have to know?

Maybe it is breaking through the fear of applying to a new job in the same or different field that you have always wanted to work for or go into? Identify what you need to make yourself more happier and more successful in the work place. Then take the actions needed go about doing so. Meet those people, take those classes, go to the networking events.

3.) Do More Than The Minium

Some of the most successful people in the work take on the philosophy of not working to quotas but working to standards. They have higher standards for themselves than simply working to the numbers they have to hit or are requested to hit by their managers. They do so because they don’t want to sell themselves and their potential short.

From now on, at work, do more than what is required from you. This will help you feel more accomplished and proud of yourself. It will, at some point in time, not go unnoticed. If you have a boss, they will reward in you in some way. Or someone will see you at work who works for another company and offer to higher you with more pay or better benefits or a better culture.

How you do anything is how you do everything. You can start with this philosophy in the workplace. And it will bleed into every area of your life.

The best way to start adopting this trait into your work life is to see yourself as self employed. Look at your job from a state of mind that you are the CEO. This will make you take your job much more serious and stand up from people in the crowd. Allowing you to advance faster than anyone in the office.

4.) Learn How To Communicate Better

Communicate is everything. Taking what is in your head and learning how to articulate it in a way that sounds polished as well as sinks into the other persons head, is imperative to our success. Not only in business, but also in life. I wrote an article out on how to be a better communicator! Check it out!

5.) Double the number of cold calls you make per day.

The easiest way to to this is to simply make the cold calls that are the easiest FIRST. This way you get the jitters out of the way and build up confidence and hone your abilities for the more important calls.

Also, it is said that most over 90 percent of the people that make cold calls give up after 4 tries. But most statistics show that most purchasing decisions are made after the 5th cold call. This information came from author Jack Canfield in his book “The Success Principles” which is a must read for anyone who has the ability to read!

So keep pushing on and following up.

6.) Work On Better Time Management

There is no worse feeling than getting home after the end of the day and knowing you could have got so much more done. Of course tomorrow is a new day, but yesterday is a day lost if we don’t use it well. Becoming more productive in the work place is imperative to your success, obviously. But also helps with a successful home life. If you get more done at work, you go home happier and aren’t thinking about work as much when you are home.

A couple of good tips for better time managment at work include:

  1. Update software on your computer or get a better computer. This can save us a ton of time. Faster loading speeds and ability to open more windows at one time.
  2. Prioritizing your most important tasks.
  3. Check your email only twice.
  4. Plan your work day out ahead the day before so you can jump right into it when you get into work.
  5. Set time limits to tasks with actual timers so that it creates urgency to completing them.
  6. Delegate tasks to whoever you can. It helps to find someone you can trust to delegate the task to so you know it will be done right.
  7. Turn off your social media notifications while you are at work.
  8. De-clutter your work space.
  9. Make a priority list and knock out the most important task first. Don’t save it for last where you waste time dreading it all day.

7.) Decide To Be Happier At Work

Whether you are well on your way to getting your dream job or already have it. Or you are at the bottom or working at a job you hate. No matter where you are, decide that you are going to be happy at work. Simply look at the fact that you have the ability to have a job. Look at all the positive aspects of the job and how you are fortunate to have them. As well as have the courage to apply for the job, hold the job, attain the education you needed to be hired for that position, etc. Then just be and act happy while you are there.

We have two attitudes we can take at work. Dreading being there, waiting for the weekend. Or having fun. Why does our attitude have to be dictated on where we are in life? Just because you hare happy at work doesn’t mean you aren’t striving to be and do more with your career and life. It is just enjoying the process along the way.

It will also make you engage better with employees and customers. Along with the fact that it will make you look better for promotion as well as being plucked away to a better job or career by someone who sees your positive attitude.

Conclusion To Examples Of Good Goals

Goal setting is an ongoing and ever evolving process. It adds elements and layers to life that give you hope for a better future as well as the feeling of accomplishment that comes from the attainment of those goals.

Goal setters are more successful and happier people because when we set goals we are making progress. And when we are making progress we are simply happier. Because we are moving forward when we are making progress instead of looking back to the past we can never go back to.

I hope you enjoyed the article and it sparked new ideas for setting personal development goals in multiple areas of your life.

Share with me what you thought about the article! Lets chat in the comment section below about your biggest takeaways along with if you have anything to add!



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