151 Positive Thoughts (How To Think Positive)

positive thoughts

Positive Thoughts

It is said that the majority of our thoughts go totally unnoticed. That we have over 40,000 or more thoughts per day. That we create our whole entire existence from our thoughts. As thoughts can literally be weighed. They are REAL things.

Regardless of their power on the outside world, they have tremendous power over our internal world and environment.

Think enough negative and self-defeating thoughts in a row, and you will find yourself being in a negative state. And feeling the effects of that negative state. Either short or long term.

That is why it is so imperative that we are putting effort into creating positive thoughts. That we can use them to snap out of negative states. And feel the state changes that one feels when engaging in positive and uplifting thoughts.

That is why I created this list. As a way for us to interrupt the pattern of thinking negatively. And put ourselves into more peak states for success, happiness and abundance.

So every time you catch yourself thinking negative thoughts, you can instantly start thinking some of the positive thought patterns below. To help you get out of the state you are in. And with repetition, create positive subconscious thought patterns that support you naturally and with little to no effort at all.

At the end of the day, I know that positive thinking and positive thoughts may look like self-delusion. And studies have even shown that people who are more realistic are more accurate about life. But those overly optimistic people use self-delusion to their benefit. They essentially fake themselves to thinking they are doing better than they are actually doing.

Which in turn, makes them take more action. Getting them better results than the practical person would ever get.

So positive thinking can be a learned habit. No matter how negative one is. Or how positive they already are. One can always be come more positive. And like master motivational speaker Zig Ziglar used to say:

“Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will.” – Zig Ziglar

This is just the truth. It makes you take better action. Influence your surroundings better. And simply live a happier life. That is the power of positive thinking.

But we also need to be on the watch for what other people say as well. We need to refrain from holding onto anything negative that people try to put into our minds

Which another quote can give us an excellent reminder of this:

“Everyday, stand guard at the door of your mind.” – Jim Rohn

And the list below will help you train your mind to think and see the positive in all areas of your life! And give you ammo to replace negative thoughts that other people try to inflict on you.

But we also need to know the root of negative thinking. Which negative thinking usually begins from how we were raised. And the people we may be currently hanging out with.

So when it comes down to it, we need to analyze our negative thinking. Are you thinking that way because that is how your parents brought you up? Or you are default thinking things about certain aspects about life because that is how you “group” thinks?

It all starts with examining the origins and ripping out the root where it grows. So when we analyze it, we will see the falsehood in the thinking. We can see that these negative thoughts are not helping us at all.

Ask yourself if they are having any positive impact on you. And if they aren’t, then start replacing them with positive thoughts. Which below, the list will offer you some suggestions you can use to break your negative thinking patterns!

Which, one last tip on giving up negative thoughts for positive thoughts. We need to start giving these thoughts more attention than the negative ones.

The only reason we have re-occurring negative thoughts is because we are giving them so much attention.

Which the world has programmed us to see the negative. We see so much of it, that we start liking it. We read the news and get entertained by the murders and robberies. We see thousands of fake murder scenes throughout our lives. And we have learned to love celebrity gossip.

We are flooded with the negative.

Are we on the same page?

So from here on out, we need to give up our addiction to negative thinking. And indulging in the negative. The most happy and successful people dwell upon the positive.

And so can you. And it can transform every single area of your life!

Literally become addicted to obsessed with positive thoughts. Start thinking about the positive “what if’s” instead of the negative ones.

This is how you reprogram your mind on how to think positive. You have the power within you my friend.

Ok, without further adieu.

Here is the The List!

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How To Think Positive List

Positive Thoughts For Success

  1. I am made for success.
  2. I have all the capabilities needed to attain high levels of success.
  3. I was born to succeed.
  4. I have what it takes to live a life of success and abundance.
  5. Success is my birthright.
  6. I believe in myself and I know I have what it takes.
  7. I will persist until I succeed.
  8. I am the master of my fate.
  9. I am a winner.
  10. I was born to win and engineered for success.
  11. Success is in my bloodwork.
  12. I can, I will, I must.
  13. No matter how bad it gets, I will persevere until I win.
  14. I am enough.
  15. I am extremely capable.
  16. I am extremely gifted.
  17. I am going to do whatever it takes to be a success.
  18. If anyone has succeed before me, this gives me proof that I can succeed as well.
  19. I choose to invest money to make my money work for me.
  20. I am open to new opportunities to create income streams.
  21. I am great with money.
  22. I am successful in every area of my life.
  23. My mind is powerful and I use it to create high levels of success.
  24. I never put limits on my success.
  25. I am infinite and limitless.
  26. I look like a successful person.
  27. Success is the only thing I keep my mind on.
  28. I don’t see obstacles only solutions.
  29. Whatever I have gone through is only preparing me for success.
  30. I am a success and my life is significant.
  31. I love helping people with the millions I earn.
  32. The more people I help, the more my goals are realized.
  33. I love financial freedom.
  34. Money loves me.
  35. Money is not cold and hard, it is warm and soft! (Zig Ziglar)
  36. I let go of all my limiting beliefs around money.
  37. I commit to being a success.
  38. I don’t leave success up to chance, I will do whatever it takes to succeed.
  39. I learn from success and implement what I learn to bring me more success.
  40. Success is a huge priority in my life.
  41. Just because no one else has been successful in my life doesn’t mean I can’t become a success.

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Positive Thoughts About Life

  1. I love life and life loves me.
  2. I am so glad to be here on this earth.
  3. Life is so beautiful.
  4. I see so many positive things about life wherever I go.
  5. My life is unfolding perfectly.
  6. Everything happens for a reason to benefit me.
  7. I am satisfied with where I am in life but always striving for more.
  8. Life wants the best for me.
  9. All my life lessons have helped me grow into the person I am today.
  10. I have an extreme lust for life.
  11. I am grateful for this life and all the people in my life.
  12. Life is what I make of it, and I choose to make it incredible.
  13. I am living my best life.
  14. I choose to be happy regardless of what is happening in my life.
  15. I am happy.
  16. I choose to only have people in my life that support my happiness and success.
  17. I choose to focus my mind only on the positive.
  18. I have the power to transform my life.
  19. I have a large vision of myself.
  20. I care about myself.
  21. I am a gift to this world.
  22. I approach life with gusto and enthusiasm.
  23. I am thankful for each day of my life.
  24. I seize each moment.
  25. I am highly driven and motivated at all times.
  26. I commit to always being happy.
  27. I am always aligned with more core values.
  28. I am safe to breakthrough my fears.
  29. I am a great leader.

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Positive Thoughts About Love

  1. I deserve unconditional love.
  2. I am loved.
  3. Love flows through my life.
  4. I am worthy of being loved.
  5. I choose a life of passion and love.
  6. My love is extremely powerful.
  7. I open myself up to love and be loved.
  8. It is safe for me to love.
  9. I am capable of giving pure unconditional love.
  10. I give my own meaning to love.
  11. Romance flows through my intimate relationship constantly.
  12. I am handsome/beautiful and attractive to the opposite sex.
  13. There is no reason for me not to be loved.
  14. People love me!
  15. I have all the attributes needed to be loved and give love.
  16. Being deeply loved is my birthright.
  17. I love giving and receiving love.
  18. I choose to let go of all thoughts that keep me from loving fully and being loved fully.
  19. I am eager aout every day of life.
  20. I see so many possibilities in my life that are waiting for me to seize.
  21. I have the ability to find true love.

Positive Thoughts About Career

  1. I am in the perfect career.
  2. I love my job.
  3. I am always open to new opportunity for advancement.
  4. I know that I have the power to change my career if it isn’t bringing me happiness.
  5. It is OK to pursue my passions instead of just a paycheck.
  6. I am capable and bring value to my workplace.
  7. I am the best to ever work in my field.
  8. My boss sees me as a great asset.
  9. I can climb as high as I want on the corporate ladder.
  10. I always see myself as my own boss, it helps me take more action.
  11. I always do more than expect on the job.
  12. I expect to advance quickly in my career.
  13. My career and my vision for life are perfectly aligned.
  14. I am always open to growing myself professionally to bring more to the market place.
  15. My clients and co-workers love me.
  16. I as well as everyone around me sees me a an extremely hard worker.
  17. I am a master at my profession.
  18. I have the ability to be a manager.
  19. I can become the CEO of this company.
  20. I am perfect for the position I fill at work.

Positive Thoughts About Health & Wellbeing

  1. I deserve to be perfectly healthy.
  2. I accept my body as it is right now but am always striving to become more fit and healthy.
  3. I deserve to have my perfect body.
  4. In my minds eye, I see myself at my ideal weight.
  5. It is safe for me to look great and be fit!
  6. I have the power to create the perfect body.
  7. I always put my health as a high priority in my life.
  8. I choose to eat great foods because they make me feel awesome.
  9. Eating healthy comes easy to me.
  10. I love working out and exercising.
  11. I don’t get intimidated or overwhelmed by the journey of health, I take it one day at a time.
  12. I choose balance in my diet and fitness instead of extremes.
  13. I love feeling great and healthy.
  14. I choose to long term gratification of eating good over instant gratification of eating bad.
  15. I see health and fitness as a permanent lifestyle, not just a diet or workout plan.
  16. I can be as fit as I want.
  17. I am extremely dedicated to my health and fitness.
  18. My immune system is functioning optimally at all times.
  19. My body is disease free.
  20. I love my body.
  21. My body functions perfectly.
  22. I have high energy and vitality.
  23. My body feels great at all times.
  24. I can easily sustain great healthy throughout my life.
  25. Just because I may have failed in the past doesn’t meat I am a failure or can’t find success in the future.

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Positive Spiritual Thoughts

  1. God highly favors me.
  2. I am spiritually blessed.
  3. The angels are on my side.
  4. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
  5. My prayers are powerful and are always answered.
  6. God is on my side.
  7. God wants me to live an abundant life in every sense of the word.
  8. I am loved by my God.
  9. God is proud of me.
  10. I am so thankful for this gift called life.
  11. I am safe because I have turned my life over to my Creator.
  12. I trust that everything is happening for a reason because my God has designed it this way.
  13. I know my existence on this earth is guided.
  14. I feel the Lord’s spirit near me all throughout my day.
  15. I am filled with gratitude about my relationship with God.

Conclusion To Positive Thinking Examples

So there we are my friends. A compilation of examples of positive thoughts that you can use in your life. To bring more optimism and positivity into your life.

To fill your mind with the good, the pure and the positive. To create a fertile ground for these very positive thoughts to take root. And grow and blossom into all areas of your life.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

Now I want to hear from you!

What what your favorite example(s). As well as share with us if you have any good thoughts to add to the list!

Lets chat in the comment section below!



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