75 Questions To Ask Yourself For Massive Personal Growth

Questions To Ask Yourself

questions to ask yourself


It is said that if we ask good questions, we get good answers. If we ask bad questions, we get bad answers! Well I believe this is very true about life. And if we ask good questions, we can begin to know thy self. Which is the thing that all the great philosophers encourage us to do. Because a life that isn’t examined is not a life worth living.

I want to give you a lot of praise for getting to this post. Because it means you are ready or already on the journey of beginng to know who you are. Which will let you create a much better life for yourself. Because when you are alone with your thoughts, you begin to know what you want out of life. And what you don’t want.

But what are the best questions to ask yourself to begin to know yourself through?

What are the tough questions that we need to ask ourselves?

Well below, I have gathered together 75 different questions to ask yourself. And a quick blurb on why I think it is important to ask that particular question.

I hope you enjoy this and get a lot of value out of it!

Enjoy, and share with me your favorites in the comment section below!

75 Questions We Should Ask Ourselves

1.) Who am I?

This is, as the enlightened ones say, the last question we have to answer anyway. So may as well start here! I feel as if this question will evolve, but I feel as if we should always be seeking to find the answer to this question. It will remind you of who you are. Which I believe to be an infinite being.

But because we have been playing it safe and secure for so long, we forget this. Let us refrain from playing small, and go after life with a vengeance. Knowing we are limitless.

Whatever you believe to be true in this life, your beliefs usually manifest itself. Haven’t you seen someone who is a total ass hat. They are so conceited and prideful in the way that they believe in themselves? But they have a better life than us? Well it is because, maybe in a delusional way, they have created the life they live because of an inflated self image.

Allow yourself to be this way. Who cares what people think? Act as if you are God’s damn gift to the universe. Think big, act big, get big results.

And this question has led many of the spiritual teachers to seeing the truth. Our true identity. Our REAL selves. And when we see that, we truly stop playing small because we have seen our real potential. Which is infinite,

2.) Who do I want to be?

This one is more so to help us keep evolving. Looking forward to a future which lives a better and more evolved us. Who do you want to be? Not WHAT but WHO? Do you want to be a leader? Do you want to be impactful? Do you want to get super rich? Do you want to be philanthropic? Do you want to be a visionary?

Then once you answer the question to this, then you can go about mapping out a plan to becoming it. BECOMING is always happening. We are either getting better or we are getting worse. We don’t stay the same. As staying the same is death. We are growing or dying. If we try to stay the same we are dying.

It is like a tree. If it is not fed the nutrients it needs to keep growing, flat out it will die. It is the same with human beings. If we aren’t growing we are dying. So asking ourselves who we want to become allows us to map out a path of becoming who we want to become.

If you are already doing the thing you feel as if you were put on this earth to do, that is friggin awesome! Let us know how you found it. But also, how can you do things to become better at it? To give more value. How can you do it in a way that you can impact the most people possible.

This is where we must believe in ourselves and our abilities enough to show the world what we have. And know in our heart of hearts, it will better their lives more so than before they experienced it.

3.) What do I want to be?

This is more so an evolving question as well to lead us to doing the things we love as far as profession goes. What do you love enough to devote yourself so deeply and completely that mastery comes out of it. Something that you want to become so good at that you dwarf your competition.

I believe that we all have at least one thing that we can dominate in. That we can truly become one of the best to ever do. Someone that people look at and ask “How the hell do they do that so good.” Something we can lose ourselves in and when we come up for air, we feel as sense of deep accomplishment. It gives our lives meaning. And breathes life into us.

What is this for you? If you haven’t found it, keep looking.

Seek and ye shall find. That is one of my favorite Bible versus. It doesn’t say “seek and you might find something.” No. If you seek you will find. Just don’t give up seeking and you will find it.

If you need help finding your passion, I wrote an article just for YOU. Check it out here: How To Find Your Passion

4.) What Do I Want To Be Remembered By

This comes down to legacy. Which the sooner you start thinking about what kind of legacy you want to live, the better. Les Brown talks about how most people never tap into their true potential. And on their grave we can put on it “Not Used U.” This is the sad truth. But darn true.

We need to reflect on the things we want to be remembered by. Things we can do and become in order to leave this world a better place. I was always taught as a kid to leave something better than you found it. Didn’t always adhere to this advice! But it is good life advice.

What do you want people to think of you when they messenger of death comes knocking at your door? When you kick the bucket, do you want to have that sucker full when you kick it? Or only partially filled up?

This is where our core values can help us. Establishing good core values that guide us to living our daily lives in congruence to how we want to be remembered.

If you need help creating your core values, I wrote an article just for you, my friend. Check it out here: Core Values Examples 

5.) Are The People In My Life Making Me Better?

This is tough for ALL of us. We all have a sense of innate loyalty. When we stop being so, we feel bad. It is as though we are violating our morals. Our internal compass is spinning and we can’t stop it. In order to get rid of this feeling, we need to be loyal to ourselves. Our own peace of mind. And we can do this by phasing people out of our lives that don’t have a place in it anywhere.

People are either fanning your fire or adding water to it. The ones with the fans are the ones we want to immerse ourselves with. If you are giving more than your getting, get out of the relationship as fast as you would a burning house.

At very least, just do things with these people that are quick. Give them time but not too much time. Go to the movies on your day off. Don’t hang out with them when you need to get things done.

6.) What Are My Intentions For X

Tony Robbins and Oprah Winfrey are big advocates of asking this question. And they just happen to have impacted more people than almost anyone on the planet. And are incredibly rich. Funny how the two go hand in hand right?

Besides the point, the ask this question when they go into any interaction in life. If they have a meeting, they ask themselves what they want to get out of it. And then they ask the people there what the intentions are for the meeting.

This guides the meeting and interaction. So that you don’t waste time BSing. Unless that is the intention of the meeting.

I am not saying don’t have small talk, laugh or enjoy. I am just saying do so with structure. Separate work from play. That way you can become more effective and get more done. And then enjoy play that much more with peace of mind that things got done.

Even if you are hanging out with a friend and your intentions are for it to be light and funny. You know this. You know that there is a time to get serious, and the time is not now. It is a good form of preparation. Which without creating a plan, you are planning to fail.

7.) How Can I Treat The People In My Life Better (That Deserve It)

There are people in our life that have been the beams that have propped us up. Maybe even the meaning of our existence. Kids, spouse, mom and dad, siblings, cousins. We know the people that deserve our love and admiration the most. But often times we can be so busy pursuing other things in life, that we forget about them. We forget to devote time to building a better relationship with them. We forget to simply tell them “thank you”. For their loyalty, unconditional love, support and not leaving you at your darkest time.

Reflect on the people you need to give more time to. And start doing so. Life is too short not to.

8.) How Am I Sabotaging Myself?

There is a great couple questions that author Brian Tracy talks about us asking ourselves at the end of each day. Those are:

  1. What did I do good today?
  2. What would I change if I had today to live over?

This will allow us to identify good things that we can build upon. But even better yet, pluck out the things that are getting in our way. Bu asking these questions, we can learn and grow from every day we live on this earth. As well as get better and better. More effective. More successful. And the best of all, more happy.

9.) What Do I Want To Do In This Life!

Can you say bucket list!? What do you want out of this life? Life is nothing but a sum total of our memories. Mind pictures that add up to us having a meaningful existence. Or lack thereof.

If you need ideas for your bucket list, I created an article just for YOU! Check it out here: 201 Bucket List Ideas 

10.) Where Am I Keeping Myself Stuck?

Do you go to a job every day that you absolutely dread? With a ceiling on your income? Singing the “thank God it’s Friday song each week?”

I tell you what, this is misery my friends. We have too much potential to be doing this. I understand we need to make money. Often times we can be scared to move forward and create a better life. Which a tip on this is to be scared NOT to do so.

Flashforward 40 years into the future. Where you decided to stay at the job you hate. And feel the feeling of misery and resentment for not acting on your goals. Use this mental picture as motivation to move forward with the life you want to create.

At very little try to create a better environment at work. Negotiate with your boss that you get paid a small percentage off performance. This will give you more hope for coming to work. That you don’t have a ceiling on your income or potential.

Then get work that doesn’t limit your potential. It doesn’t even have to be your passion. Just something that allows you to grow and expand more than a dead end job.

11.) Am I Looking For Happiness Externally Too Much?

We have all been in the situation in which we want something SO bad. We sacrifice and put in our blood, sweat and tears for it. But when we get it, then we aren’t as happy as we thought we would be. Or the happiness wears off faster than we thought it would.

The truth of the matter is that we need to seek happiness in BECOMING the person we need to be in order to achieve our goals. See the happiness in that. That way we can still be happy even after the excitement wears off. We can get our goal, hell yes, I am not saying not being goal oriented. But still be fulfilled and happy after the initial excitement.

Also, see the happiness you want to get out of getting that Porsche or climbing the corporate ladder as ALREADY offered to you. You can take a trip and make memories with family than can fill you with similar joy that you would get attaining your big goals.

Don’t see it as the end all be all to your happiness. That is not what I am saying. Be happy while striving for more.

12.) What Am I GIVING Back?

There is a deep joy that comes from giving. A feeling of contribution. And when we aren’t giving enough in our lives, we are left feeling unfulfilled? How can you give back to people in this life? How can you help those who are less fortunate? It can be feeding homeless people. Or mentoring someone with less knowledge than you in your company.

The more we give, the more we get. Happiness and usually material and monetary.

By giving, you actually start the receiving process. And you show the universe that you are worthy of receiving. Powerful stuff.

13.) What Is The Most Valuable Use of My Time RIGHT NOW?

This is an excellent question to ask yourself in whatever you are doing. It will allow you to make better choices. Choices that allow you to get the most done. To grow the most. To make better decisions. And to lay down at night and have peace of mind that you made the right choices.

We all sleep alone at night even if someone else is in our bed. We are alone with ourselves. Either we sleep good knowing we did the right thing in life. Or not. This question can lead us to making choices that give us massive levels of peace of mind.

It will make you feel excellent as you will be striving towards and doing things that leave you fufilled.

14.) What Makes Me Happy?

Life is all about finding happiness. And finding it as much as possible. This equates to a life that is worth living. What are the things in your life that bring you the most happiness? Make a list of the top ten. And schedule them into your daily, monthly and yearly life.

15.) Am I Living With Enough Urgency?

Don’t act as if you have a thousand years to live.” – Marcus Aurelius

We often act as if this is the case. That we are never going to die. That we have infinite about of days, weeks months and years to do what we please with. But we have all said to ourselves this at one point in our life “where has life gone?”.

Time flies. Fast. It seems to go faster the older we get. Like Luke Bryan says “60 seconds now feels more like 30”.

We are running out of time. Reminding ourselves that we are going to die one day makes us act on our dreams. Creates urgency to get things done. So we don’t get to the end of our lives without too much regret. Be urgent. ACT NOW. One day, it will be too late. And that day may be closer than we think.

16.) Did I Give Up On Any Dreams?

There are the naysayers out there that can deter us from pursuing our dreams. Or we can just flat out give up on dreams because we feel as if they can’t be attained. Or because of fear.

The fact of the matter is that it is never too late to pursue a dream. If there is oxygen in your lungs, there is still time. Get out of your comfort zone, and go after a dream as if your life depended on it. Why? Because it does.

17.) Am I Managing My Time Well?

This one is a biggie because time management is really life management. You cannot create more time. Once it is gone, it is gone. But you can prioritize the things on your list to where you are creating a productive and fulfilling day.

Focus your efforts like top producers do. Do the things that have the biggest return on investment (ROI). Ask yourself this. If there was one thing I could do today that would make the biggest positive impact on my future, what would that be. Then do that. Rinse and repeat until you have knocked out the most important things on your list.

If you need more help with time management, I created an article just for you! Check it out here: The Best Time Managements Tips

18.) Are My Goals Inspiring Me?

I believe that the one of the biggest reason we don’t accomplish the goals we want in life is that they are not inspiring enough. Maybe you are doing things as a means to an end. Instead dig deep. Ask yourself what you really want from life in all areas of life. Health, family, money, spiritual. Set goals in all of these areas. Ones that truly inspire you.

If you need help with this process, I created a post for you on goal creation. You can check it out here! How To Set And Achieve Goals


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19.) Am I Wishing More Than I am Working?

When it comes down to it, we want things out of life. But often times we are wishing for things more than we are getting into action. We are hoping it falls in our lap. Or we are going to get something big for a small amount of effort. We need to make sure we are willing to put in the work necessary to get our desired result. If not, then we shouldn’t pursue it because we will end up getting discouraged. Starting and stopping.

If you need some motivation, I wrote a couple posts for you! First:

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20.) Am I Finding The Lessons In Life?

It is said that often times we have to hit rock bottom again and again before we change. I am not saying that you are doing so. But often times things will happen to us and we will just try to get past it. Bad situations. But there is something to be learned and a positive thing to find in EVERYTHING. Including the bad.

You may have to search a little longer sometimes. But seek and ye shall find.

Don’t go through your pain grow through your pain. Use it to your benefit. Don’t waste an opportunity to take something from what looked like all it was was negative.

21.) Am I Seeking Enough Balance

Life has it’s way of spreading us too thin. But often times we spread to some areas a little more than others. Are you allowing yourself to get out of balance? I know I certainly have. Are you working too much and neglecting your health? Are you too intense about your social life and neglecting your family life? Take a birds eye view of your existence and see where you could balance it out. Take a little away from one area so you can create more harmony by adding it to an area that is getting neglected.

22.) Am I Taking Enough Ownership?

Often times we can default to playing the victim. To not feeling as if we played any part in things. Good or bad. We feel as if good things happened to us, maybe we were just lucky. Instead of owning it and seeing yourself as a creator in this life. And when it comes to the bad, we have all just felt as if maybe we were unlucky. Or that it was the fault of other people. But in order for us to start manifesting the life we want, we need to take ownership for everything. See that you played a part. That if you are creating your life, you can create WHATEVER you want. But if you don’t internalize this, then you may go about life feeling as if you have no control. That the tides can turn at anytime and that is not a good feeling.

23.) Am I Being Patient Enough

Good things come to those who wait. But who also take action while they wait. Often times we want things much faster than they are coming to us. Naturally. But the thing about it is that if it comes easy, it is most likely going to go easy. We need to have the patience to build solid foundations and wait things out. And keep working. When we want to give up.

Where in your life would more patience help you achieve your goals and dreams?

24.) Am I Monitoring My Progress? 

If we aren’t tracking where we are going, how are we going to get there? We can have a destination we want to get to, but if we aren’t tracking and course correcting along the way, we will get lost. Or even start going backwards. You can keep hitting the nail. But if it isn’t sinking into the wood, maybe there is a knot in the wood.

Are you looking to create a better marriage but are still getting the same results? Well maybe the things you are doing aren’t working. What are the things you can change that would give you better progress?

The same goes with any endeavor. We need to see what is working and what isn’t. What we need help with. So that we can accelerate our progress and not keeping doing the same thing and expecting different results.

25.) Am I Making My Health A Priority?

This question needs to be asked by us all. Because if we don’t feel good, we can’t do good. We may feel as if we are making headway. But a healthy body and mind can maximize our results and output. Think prevention with health. Eat good. Take care of your body now. So you don’t pay later.

26.) Am I Standing For The Things I Believe 

In life, we are often swayed by people. We become agreeable. We want to do things with our lives but end up caving in. To get people’s approval. To be liked. To not offend or hurt people. But if you believe in creating the business of your dreams, but are swayed to go out on the weekends by friends, you aren’t standing up for the freedom you believe in.

It is said that if you don’t stand for something, you can fall for anything. We need to ground ourselves in our beliefs so much that no one can sway us from them. That we become a living embodiment of them. That people know us for them as our actions truly reflect our beliefs.

27.) Is My Life Too Predictable 

Comfort is the enemy of growth. We often times play way too small. We set up a routine and go through it day in and day out. Knowing that nothing will change. Humans need unpredictability in life to feel stimulated and happy.

Are you just going through the motions? If you are tired of doing so and want to shake things up a bit, I wrote an article just for you. Check it out here! How To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone (101 Examples)

28.) Who Do I Need To Forgive?

Not for them, but for you. You don’t have to carry around baggage all your life. Often times we don’t want to let go of grudges because we feel that if we do, the person we hold the grudge against will win. It sounds ludicrous but it is true. Don’t do it for them, do it for your own mental and spiritual health and growth. Be the bigger person. Give yourself the gift of emotional and spiritual restoration.

29.) Am I Growing Enough? 

We have so much potential that we are gifted with which most of it won’t be tapped. It is literally endless. But we can tap as much as we can by constantly trying to grow ourselves. When we do so, our lives get better. We become more loving people. We attract better people in our lives. We live a life worth living. Because we are investing in the best investment opportunity possible, ourselves!

Get better in your relationships, your career and your life in general. Read and listen and watch things that make you into a better and more valuable person. You will be more persuasive and more influential to the people in your life because of it.

It will also give you higher levels of self esteem which will get rid of feelings of inferior. This will help you get along with EVERY SINGLE PERSON in life.

30.) Am I Being Consistent or Sporadic?

There is nothing that will guarantee your success more so than being consistent with your actions. If you are looking to create a better relationship with your spouse, it is better to do nice things to them daily. In smaller fashion. Than to wait for it to get too bad and then have to do something massive to try to salvage the relationship. Often times it can be too late by then.

It is the one with the

31.) Am I Dependable?

Our word is the only thing people know us by. Are we being consistently congruent with keeping our word. That when we say we are going to do something, we do so? Or are we being flakey and not dependable? It is hard to win back peoples trust and faith in us. So let’s make it a point to do exactly what we say we are going to do, as much as humanly possible. So we can gain people’s trust. Which is a incredibly valuable thing to have.

It also lets you feel a sense of integrity. Which when we are congruent with that, we feel good about ourselves.

32.) Am I Violating My Peace of Mind?

Our peace of mind, as Brian Tracy says, is the highest good that we have. Our we staying in relationships, at jobs or not doing more than we know we can. These things violate our peace of mind. They violate our integrity. The more we are true to ourselves, the more we are happy. The two go tightly in hand in hand.

33.) Am I Being Smart With My Money

Most people think that they can only get rich if they earn a lot of money. But the truth is that if you manage your money, you can become financially free with a fairly small amount. We need to be investing, learning how to invest, and not spending. Do your best to live off of 70 percent of your income. Invest 10 percent, save 10 percent and have a fund in which you save 10 percent to blow each month. If you want more information on how to be incredibly smart with your money and start changing your money profiles to support financial abundance in your life, I highly suggest you read the book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker.

34.) Am I Letting Fear Get In My Way?

Mark Twain put a quote beautifully in regards to this life question:

Do the thing you fear most and the death of fear is certain.” – Mark Twain

Are we letting our fears stop us from taking action? Are we cowering before our fears, or moving through them? The thing about fear is that the more you allow it to breath, the stronger and more powerful it becomes. But if we cut off the supply of oxygen, we can watch it die right in front of us. We cut off the supply of oxygen by doing the thing we fear. And eventually, if we do it enough times, we will wonder why we were ever scared of doing it.

This also becomes a habit. The more fears we confront, the more we do so with even more fears. This is when we live a life full of massive courage.

35.) Am I Looking Back Too Much?

When we look toward the past, we lose momentum to create a better future. Karate teachers are advocates of always moving forward when you fight. This is because your entire attention is always in a positive and forward direction. But when you move backwards, half of your attention is on the backward movement. You can move forward with efficiency and force.

The same is true with life. If we are looking back too much, we aren’t giving our attention on creating a better future. And when we do this, we don’t create the a future we could if we simply let go of the past.

36.) Am I Letting People Influence My Decisions

We will often play things safe because our decisions. We won’t throw off the anchor on us and sail as far as we can because we are letting people scare us about the uncharted waters. We tell people about our goals, and they ask “Why are you doing that?” or “That take too much work.” or “You can’t do that, you don’t have the talent or skill.” Essentially people tell us what THEY can’t do. It isn’t personal. Don’t take it as that.

See your goal as something bestowed on your heart by a power bigger than you. That if this is the case, you have the angels on your side. And in which case, nothing that anyone can say can influence you as you have faith that you can do so. Then move forward on your dreams with massive action and determination.

37.) Am I Avoiding Discomfort

The more you cave into your discomfort to seek comfort, you de-value yourself. You don’t see yourself as strong enough to break through in life. You will continue to cave into seeking comfort more and more. If you want a cigarette so bad, but choose to go on a run instead, you just racked up a win in the book for that day. And it becomes like a muscle. You work through discomfort and you discover and ability that you can break through anything in life. It becomes a very positive habit in life and a useful too on the journey to success. You are powerful as hell, harness that power by triumphing over yourself by actually seeking discomfort.

38.) Am I Too Attached To My Past?

Often times we limit our current capabilities and belief in ourselves because we are too tied to who we used to be. For example, often times we say that we just aren’t runners. Or we gave up on running. That is the past. You don’t have to be that anymore if you DECIDE not to be. Who the hell cares what people labeled you as in the past. You may have been called lazy or acted lazy, but you AREN’T if today, you get the hell out of bed and start getting after it. Transform. Metamorphasize. Think you can, and that is the first step to doing the things you once believed you couldn’t.

Change is scary, but you know what else is scary? Staying the same.

39.) What Do I Want To Fix About My Life?

If we are completely real and honest with ourselves, which is a gift we can all give more of to ourselves, we have areas in life we need to fix. To better. To get smarter at. To grow in. What are those areas for you? Like Socrates said:

The unexamined life is not worth living.”

It is so true. If we are living in a state of denial, and always looking outside ourselves, we can never be truly happy. Or better ourselves to a level to where we can lead a positive and fulfilling existence.

40.) Am I Sabotaging Myself

When it comes down to it, we have so many limiting beliefs that we keep replaying in our minds. Limiting beliefs that are keeping us from reaching more of our full potential. These beliefs were usually instilled in us in childhood and young adulthood. Where may you be limiting yourself? And believing the lie something told you that you had limits?

Bruce Lee said there are no limits, only plateaus. This can be our reality. I mean, look how well it worked for him? Maybe you can change the way you look at things and the things you look at will start to change. You look at things mentally, with the eye in your mind.

If you need help shifting out of your limiting beliefs and programs, I wrote an article just for you! Check it out here: Limiting Beliefs Examples & How To Get Rid Of Them

41.) Do I Need To Love Myself More?

Self care is not selfish at all. When it comes down to it, we need to love ourselves and put ourselves first, so that we can love others. Many mothers often fall into the trap that they are like sacrificial lambs. That they need to put their childrens needs above theirs.

Which is admirable, and that’s just what momma’s do. But we need to take care of us first so we have the mental and physical strength to be the beam that supports the people up in our life.

42.) Am I Being A Good Example To Those Around Me?

We all need to walk the talk as much as possible. But also be a reflection of what it is to be a good human. We need to create the best possible qualities in ourselves. Loyalty, compassion, patience, love, courage, ambition among others.

And cultivate these qualities to inspire not only ourselves but the world at large. When our consciousness raises, so does the worlds. We are, some how and some way, connected with each others. And the better we get, the better the world becomes. As Gandhi says”

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

43.) Am I Listening To My Intuition Enough

Your intuition is a great guide and always knows the right answer. Have you ever gone against your intuition and had it work out? NO! The more we listen to our intuition, the more it becomes a habit to do so. We build a better and stronger ability to do so. We let a higher power guide us through life. A power that wants and knows what is truly best for us and physical and spiritual growth.

44.) What Would I Do If I Would Fearless?

This is a great question. How would you live your life is fear was not a problem at all? What would you do? Here is a pretty fun exercise, write 10 things down that you would do if you were completely fearless. Then start doing them! Fear is just a simple chemical interaction in the body. It doesn’t feel pleasant, but once you overcome it, you reap the feelings of knowing you have conquered part of yourself. That you are standing up inside yourself.

45.) Am I Laughing Enough or Taking Life To Serious?

Life is serious business. I’ll give you that. We need to approach it like that in order to take our goals and dreams serious. But we need to remember to laugh and smile. And enjoy life as much as we can. Drive forward with purpose, but do so with a lightness. A feeling of being happy to be here. Because it is going to be all over soon and we are fortunate to be part of this time and space.

46.) Am I Reading Enough

Knowledge is potential power. If we can read more we have more potential power that we can put into action to create a powerful existence. Audio books count too!

47.) Am I Saying “I Love You” Enough

It is scary to open up our hearts and self. It poses the opportunity for us to be rejected. But at the end of the day, human beings would do anything to be and feel loved. And if we push past our fear of loving, we can feel the joy that comes from giving love. Joy from within. The true form of joy that is constant and never changing.

48.) Am I Making New Friends?

Having a tight nit group is great. You have to have your ride or dies. But if we close off to the world around us, we lose so much opportunity to grow and get better and get insights from people that can have great value to give. Also, your net worth is directly related to your network.

49.) Who Inspires Me Most In This Life?

There are people that get our fire going. For me it is guys like Will Smith and Tony Robbins and gals like Brene Brown and Susan Jeffers.

Who are the people that get your engine revving? Find out who they are and immerse yourself with their content. Read their life story. Inspiration doesn’t last, but it can last longer if we give it to ourselves on a daily basis.

50.) Am I Letting People Complement Me?

Often times people compliment us and we try to deflect it or immediately give them one. But in order to really feel valuable and like yourself more, we need to take compliments fully. And simply thank the person. And not do anything else! This will makes us feel that we deserve good things and good opinions to come into our lives. Feel as if you deserve the compliment fully, because you do!

51.) What Things Do I Love Most About Myself?

We often times see all the value in others and feel as if we are falling short. Or missing the mark. But recognizing what we love about ourselves can make us feel as if we have value too. That we aren’t inferior. As no one is inferior unless we permit ourselves to feel as if it is so.

52.) What Makes Me Most Happy?

Often times we get so caught up in going through the motions that we forget to do things that bring us happiness. For me, I love fishing, but forgot to do so consistently. When I recognized this, I started doing so more often. And I feel so much better during and after! What is it for you that you need to dig back up out of your happiness jar and start doing more of? Make time to do the things you love!

53.) What Happens When I Die?

Asking the big questions about life do many great things. They allow you to get out of your comfort zone and get some damn good answers. They also make you feel as if you are not just existing, but disecting your life. Looking for the bigger purpose. The reason you are here.

When it comes to this question, some great things happen. We are confronting the fear behind all fears. The fear of death. We all have it. Some more than others. But when we bring up these deeply rooted subconscious fears, we can let go of them. Just seem them as they are. Not necessarily true. And when life can no longer threaten us with the fear of death, what else is there?

56.) When Did You Define Yourself?

We often act a certain way or be a certain way so that we fit in. Or to make our friends or family happy. But is usually isn’t WHO WE ARE. Go back to decisions in your life that define you and you defined yourself through. And see if there is any falsehood in them that you want to change.

54.) How Would I Live If Today Was My Last Day On Earth?

Although this is a pretty cliche question, it needs to be on our list of questions to ask yourself. Because by doing this, we separate the things that are meaningless. And find out the things that mean the most to us. That way we can start doing those things more. Or changing up our lives before it is too late.

55.) What Am I Most Thankful For?

Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in all the world. And when we reflect on the things we are grateful for, we feel a sense of happiness. Not matter how bad life gets, we all have things we can be grateful for. This can put things into perspective and show us that many people are happy with a lot less. Making us feel incredibly fortunate.

56.) Am I Staying Down Or Up Too Long?

It is said that we shouldn’t let success go to our head or failure go to our heart. Are we staying down to long? Telling people our stories of what we used to be. Or how life gave us a raw deal or shitty hand? Are we living too much from our victories. Telling people about them when they were weeks, months or years ago? We need to gracefully move on from both. To keep up the good momentum and not to waste too much of our lives mulling over victories and defeats.

57.) What Habits Do I Need To Build To Have A Better Life?

What things can you integrate into your life on a daily basis that would make the most impact on the future you? For me, I want to do more yoga to get more flexible. And meditate more so I can better manage stress and anxiety. What are a few habits you can do, starting to day and do so every day, so that your future self will thank you for it.

I created a list of 333 good habits that you can pick from if you want to some help drilling some good habits into your life!

58.) What Are The Accomplishments I Am Most Proud Of?

At the end of the day, it can feel good to give ourselves a pat on our back. If you are like me and are more Type A, always striving forward. The world can feel pretty heavy on your shoulders. I love the fact that I am tough on myself because I can be my own coach and motivator. But often times I forget all the good and positive things I have done to get myself here.

Reflect on the big things you did in your life. And allow yourself to feel yourself as a winner. As a person who has done some pretty incredible things. Maybe it was that you persevered and made a better life for yourself when you wanted to give up. Or you graduated with a degree. Or you pushed through your comfort zone and went skydiving.

59.) What Advice Would My Future Self Give Me?

Often times we can be our own best coach by looking into the future and seeing what we need to become a better person a couple years from now. What advice would your future self give you to arrive over the next few years in a better place than you are now? Maybe more schooling? Traveling more? Pursuing your dreams? Creating a better diet and work out plan?

Whatever it is, allow yourself the ability to be critiqued by yourself/ And take action on that advice!

60.) What Would Be My Biggest Regret If I Died Today?

At the end of the day, our regrets will be staring at us with dark angry eyes, when it is too late. On our death bed saying that only we could give them life, now we must die with them.

What kind of angry eyes would be looking back at you? How can you make it so that isn’t the case? You can reverse these regrets by taking action to not have them or make them less from the past.

61.) What Are Bad Habits You Want To Break?

I created a list of bad habits that can help you identify if you are engaging in one. I know I have! But what bad habits are you doing that you could do without? Replace it with a good and more uplifting habit and watch your life change and transform right in front of you!

62.) Am I Using Kindness In My Life Enough?

There is power in kindness. And it makes the giver and the receiver feel excellent. If you need help on how you can integrate more kindness into your daily life, I wrote an article on it just for you! Check it out here:

261 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas 


591 Nice Things To Say

63.) How Can I Become Better Than My Previous Generation?

There are so many generational curses that can live on and through us if we aren’t careful. What are things that your parents or grandparents instilled in you that you want to do away with. To create new and empowering generational blessings for the generations that follow you?

For me it is alcoholism. I rarely drink anymore because so much of my family has died from it. Or it has consumed their lives and affected theirs and their children’s existence. What is one of yours that you want to obliterate for good?

64.) What Have I Started But Not Finished?

We all have things that we have had good intentions when going into, but stopped part or half way through. What things in life do we need to go back and revisit and fully accomplish? For me, I am two belts away from my black belt. But stopped a few years ago. I want to go back and accomplish that goal and feel what if feels like to be a master!

Share with me what goal you want to go back to that you started, and are now excited to go back and revisit.

65.) Where And How Can I Be More Authentic?

At the end of the day, we often act in a fake and unauthentic manner because we want to be accepted and fit in. But when we think about it, the people we admire the more in our lives are the ones who are real. Who give it to us straight. Straight shooters. What areas of life could you become more authentic in? Could you allow yourself the freedom to just be yourself in those areas? Knowing that it will be OK. That it is safe to do so? Try it out. It will feel great!

Here is a guide to help you along the process that I wrote just for you! How To Be Authentic (A Complete Guide)

66.) Am I Getting To Overwhelmed By The Big Picture?

The best way to tackle things for me has to been taking one day at a time. Building things brick by brick. Not getting overwhelmed by how far I need to go. Simply just taking one step at a time. When we do this, the big task doesn’t seem overwhelming.

We also get great momentum with consistency. I think this can help you if you are feeling overwhelmed with how far you have to go. Whether it be having so much more school to do. Getting through an internship to finally get a paid position. Or fighting an illness and trying to get better. Just take one step at a time. Then take another step. Then take another. It will all add up and get you to your destination!

67.) Have I Been Encouraging of Discouraging Of Others?

Often times we can get caught in the trap of being a hater. We have all been there. We don’t want people to pass us up because it will make us feel insecure. So we either passively or actively tell them that they CAN’T. But the funny thing is that the more you encourage others, the more you feel encouraged to do the things you are scared of.

Next time you go to hate on something, admire it. Give that person your full and complete blessing. It will only draw more of what you want in your life. If you want a good relationship and you see a couple madly in love, bless them. At the end of the day, has the alternative worked for you? No, or you wouldn’t be hating!

68.) Where Am I Thinking With Lack Mindset?

The world’s greatest minds have agreed on one thing and one thing only. That our thoughts create our reality. Where are you thinking with lack in your life? Letting limits affect you, your action and your mindset?

Eliminating these thought patterns put you at a much better opportunity to attract more abundance into your life.

Stop playing small, it isn’t being modest. It is a path to self destruction. Liberate yourself from small thinking and become limitless.

69.) Am I Getting Caught Up In Others Problems?

Often times we have so much love for the people in our lives that their problems start to become ours. We feel as if we need to take on their problems in order to show that we love them. We can support these people much better if we are more detached.

It may seem as if we don’t love them as much. But you can’t solve a problem from the same level of awareness. And also by detaching yourself you empower your friend or family member to solve their problems themselves as you are believing in them enough to do it more so on their own.

70.) Am I Too Preachy?

Life is funny. We find something that resonates with us and we want to tell EVERYONE about it. But the fact of the matter is that even if you have the best intentions, people don’t really want to hear it. They want to walk their own path. Even if it does lead back to the same belief you do. And when we are too preachy, we actually turn people off to what we are talking about. Pushing people away from us rather than drawing them towards us.

71.) How Is My Environment Affecting My Mental State?

At the end of the day, if our environment is a mess, so is our life. That is just facts. The easiest step to creating a better mental state and environment is to keep your areas clean. Your car, your room or house, your desk at work. This will allow your mind to focus on things that matter. And make you feel better about yourself.

72.) Am I Watching My Body Posture And Facial Gestures?

We can put ourselves in a terrible mood my slouched and squinting our faces. Uplift yourself by pulling your shoulders back. Sitting and standing up straight. And smiling more often. This can be like a natural cup of coffee for you!

73.) Am I Living In The Moment?

A lot of life is spent living in the past or being stressed about the future. Both states do not bring much harmony to our mental state. And are a big component that is taking away from our happiness. How can you spend more time in the moment? What allows you to forget about everything else and allow you to be present? For me, it is mediation.

I wrote an article to help you live in the moment more. You can check it out here if you need help in this regard! How To Live In The Moment

74.) What Pushes My Buttons?

We all have pet peeves. Things that set us off. But the fact of the matter is that if we didn’t have the problem inside ourselves, it wouldn’t affect us when it was happening outside ourselves. If there is no enemy within the enemy outside can do us no harm. That pet peeves do you have that you can work on getting rid of? For your own happiness and wellbeing?

75.) What Things Drain My Energy?

Life can either give us energy, or take it away from us. The more we do things to give us energy, the happier we are. The more things we do that take away energy from us, the worse we feel at the end of the day and about life in general. What things in life are depleting you of energy? And what steps can you take to getting them out of your life permanently?

Conclusion To Questions You Should Ask Yourself

So there you are my good friends. Good questions to ask yourself. I hope it brought you value and what was what you needed on your journey to creating the best you possible. Share with me what you thought about it and what question helped you most.

Let’s talk about it in the comment section below!




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