Bullet Proof Your Self Concept (A How To Guide)

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Altering Your Self Concept Positively

Just like a boat, we also have a compass too. An internal compass that guides us in the direction that we face. Now often times we feel as if we aren’t going in the right direction. We want to get to a certain destination. We want to change our life. But at the end of the day, it feels as if we are just going in circles.

Can you relate?

I know I can.

In order to change our life and embark (and arrive at) new destinations, we need to change our compass.

This may sound strange our down right challenging, but it is actually pretty simple.

That is the law of the universe too. Simplicity breeds answers. Complexity breeds confusion and ultimately denial and failure.

So I share with you some tips on how to change your self concept, I want to encourage you to seek simplicity. Because if we are seeking complexity, thinking that is the path, we will never find simplicity.

Just remember the quote by Albert Einstein:

“Everything should be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.” 

So moving ahead from this point, lets jump into some simple, yet powerful tools to alter your self concept to one that is more supportive of your goals and dreams. One that more naturally manifests the things you want in life. More money, more status, bigger houses, cars. ANYTHING.

Change your self concept and those things will more naturally being attracted into your experience.

3 Powerful Tips For Changing Your Self Concept

Do Something That Creates A New Identity 

The greatest need in the entire human experience is to stay consistent with the way we, and others see us.

If we are a B student, we continue to identify as that, and keep behaving in a way that brings us B grades.

If we only give it 75 percent, people will see us as that type of producer. And we will, of course, act in a way that shows us and the world around us that we only dial it up to 75 percent.

Does that make sense?

Well, you may be agreeing, but now how do we actually becoming an 85 or even a 100 percent producer. Or raise our grades to perfection?

Well, that is a great question.

And one answer to that question is to simply do things in a way that show yourself that you can become a 100 percent producer or an A student.

So say you are in the gym, and you are pretty auto-pilot on the same routine. One day you decide, f*** it, I am going to add more weight to everything I do that day. Then you do that day in and day out for the next couple of weeks.

After a couple weeks of altering your gym patters, you start having different self talk with yourself. New thoughts that are more supportive to your new and improved work ethic in the gym.

And thoughts that fire together, wire together. So the more you keep reinforcing these new thoughts, the more ingrained this new personality becomes in you.

And the better part of it is that people start to notice. Which now they see you as they NEW you. The person who simply goes all out each day.

This outside stimuli and feedback and much stronger than even your internal feedback.

You are now going to be seeking and doing actions in accordance with how the outside world sees you.

This fires and wires even more thoughts in your mind. To where now you have truly altered your self concept on a bio-chemical level.

You have now went from 75% to 100% in a matter of weeks or months.

But this isn’t even the best part of the equation. You also will bring this new self concept into EVERY other area of your life.

Because how we do anything, is how we do EVERYTHING.

You will now be more intense and passionate in intimate relationships.

You will be a better parent, sibling, cousin, uncle, etc.

And you will notice that you will manifests a more profitable existence. Both monetarily and spiritually.

All because you drastically altered one area of your life, hard. For a short amount of time.

Which, lastly, this will bring you to hanging out with people who are now 100 percent producers. Which brings us to our next point.

Get Around Better People

Have you ever been doing your own thing, and then get around someone who really challenges you? To where you have to rise to the occasion? Really turn on the gas JUST to keep up?

So in other words, the compass we have is similar to a thermostat. We all play at a temperature that is comfortable to us.

But in order to get that temperature higher, we need to play at a different level long enough until it stays at a consistently higher temperature.

Which again, can be done by utilizing tip number one. Forcing yourself to play harder and more intensely.

But you can also do it by getting around better people.

You truly become who you hang around with. No cliche.

So in order to hit that next level, you have to surround yoruself with people who are already playing at that next level.

You may be able to do it without putting any skin in the game. Just simply telling someone you admire them and want to be like them.

Or you may have to put skin in the game and hire a mentor. Or read a ton of books. Or listen to a ton of audio.

The more you hang out with these people, whether they be dead or alive. You will start thinking and acting in a way that they act.

But this happens either in the positive or the negative. So you must be careful.

Hang out with people that are better producers than you in the areas that you want to get better in.

Soon enough, your thermostat will rise PERMANENTLY.

Which when it does, chances are that you will truly never go back to that old identity.

You have changed your self concept to one that serves you manifesting a better and more happy life.

Why the hell would you go back?

Visualize, Visualize, Visualize 

Most of us have heard the tale of Roger Bannister. He was the man who pushed the limits of what humans conceptualized around how fast one can run the mile.

He set out to break the one minute mile.

Which during that time, he was bombarded by opinions and literally scientific evidence that it was humanly IMPOSSIBLE.

He tried, and tried and tried some more. Yet every time he came up short of his goal of running a mile under 4 minutes.

Until he went into his mind. He saw himself breaking the record. Doing the impossible. He kept doing this and doing this. Repetition upon repetition. Then one day, his dream became a realty. And the rest is history as they say. He ran a mile in under 4 minutes.

What was previously thought of completely impossible, became possible. And it all started in the mind of a person who believed it was possible.

Which is my first tip. Believe whatever you want is completely possible. How would you visualize what you want if you knew anything was possible? Pull out on all stops. Don’t limit yourself at all, whatsoever.

Moving, on from this tip.

At the end of the day, I truly believe that our power of visualization that we all possess, is literally our ticket to limit transcendence.

I mean at the end of the day, how many times have you heard that something can’t be done. That it is literally impossible. Then it is done.

How man times, really!?

There are limits, I honestly have come to grips with that. But we are more than capable of doing almost anything we set our minds to.

But we first need to see ourselves as the type of person that is capable of doing these things that we want to do. Being the person that is able to transcend limits. Bust through plateaus. And ultimately achieve the life we desire.

This tip, is the last tip, but the ultimate tip. As again, our inner world dictates our outer world. How we see ourselves, is how we will present ourselves to the world.

So today, I want you to pick on area that you want to become better at. Whether that be finances, more confident with the opposite sex, more physically fit.

And then take 20 minutes and start seeing yourself as the type of person you want to be in this category.

This can be your personal mediation time each day. Simply do so for 20 minutes per day. THATS IT.

I guarantee you that in 30 days, your life will be drastically more positive in that area of your life.

The more you see yourself doing the thing you want to do better in a powerful way, the more courageous you will act in the real world.

You will take bigger and more courageous action. This will result in your getting better actual results in this area.

This will build into an even more confident and courageous person. Which, in turn will bleed into every single area of your life. Because how you do anything, is how you do everything.

This will alter your self concept so much, that you will transcend your old self. Emerge anew. And see green pastures in every single direction you look.

As well as enjoy the fruits of your labor because of it.

If you want more tips on how to master visualization, check out this article I wrote just for you here:

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Conclusion to the Self Concept

So there we are my friends. 3 simple yet powerful tips to alter to your self concept. To see yourself completely differently and become completely different. A newer, better and more powerful you.

This new you will be capable of taking on the world. In a way that embodies the heart and spirit of a winner and a champion. And the world will see you as this, and remember you for it when you are gone.

Share with me what you thought about the article and what your favorite tip was for boosting your self concept.

With gratitude my friends,



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