How To Shape Your Destiny (Not What You Think)

shape your destiny

How To Shape Your Destiny

Have you ever heard the phrase

“Life is happening for you, not to you?” 

If not, it has been coined by the man Tony Robbins himself. But the phase has been reiterated and reworded over decades. Tossed around and passed on to generations.

But here it is today, in front of you as I write to you.

The phrase is much more than just a play on words. It is a lifestyle that when adopted, can re-shape your entire existence.

Now I know that sounds like a big phrase. And it is. But think about it. Adopting this mindset to each and every area of your life, lets you see your life shaping and unfolding for ONLY you.

That the universe is literally conspiring to help you get to where you want to be. Meet the people you want and need to meet. Fall in love with the person that is perfect for you.

All roads lead to your destiny. All happenings are not happening by pure happenstance.

Your life is unfolding for the complete and utter benefit of helping YOU.

This phrase also helps you digest bad things that happen to you. And get out of victim mode.

I am not saying that the bad things that happen to you are just. All I am saying is that you can flip your perspective to the positive.

And instead of getting trapped in your story that disempowers. You can now break free from the trap for good. Letting you really let go and move on. Which letting go is the ultimate power. You let go and let God. Or whatever your belief is. A higher power, the universe, your intuition. Whatever it may be that you believe.

Because we can only do so much by ourselves. But when we let go, we surrender over to something bigger than us. You liberate yourself from your burden. And you open up space for much better things to come into your life.

Just as I write this, I can’t help but think of the Steve Jobs quote, which resonates with the topic of discussion today.

“Again, you can’t connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future. You have to trust in something – your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever. This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life.”

Now you have to consider the source here. This man alone, has played on of the biggest parts in the technological revolution. In providing the unthinkable. And doing so which such fashion, flare and mastery, that almost every single person favors his products to the competition.

Of course there were a ton of genius people who helped him, but this quote simply shows how an extremely powerful person saw this world.

And success leaves clues, am I right?

So seeing this world this way can truly let you see your life unfolding as a destiny. Every step you make, ever decision you make, every thought you vocalize, every breathe you take. IT ALL HAS MEANING.

The world is guiding us to our destiny. To help us attain happiness, love, joy, financial abundance.

This thought process melts away resistance. For you know that every rejection, is simply redirection. Every bad encounter is teaching you something to create great encounters and relationships. Every set back, is preparing your for the ultimate comeback.

The comeback that your family, friends, loved ones and the world will remember you for. Alive or dead.

So I want you today, if you will, to bring up a painful event that happened to you. This will take bravery, but I know you are one BRAVE SOB if you are reading this blog. You are ready for change.

Take that event and look at it. If it can be further back in your life, this is better. As this will give you a chance to connect the dots.

Find something from it to glean from. How did it make you into a different person that let you become more positive? Maybe it was having a parent who was never there for you as a child.

Which because of it, you promised that you would never be that way. And became an amazing parent. Altering not only your child’s upbringing. But ultimately killing off a family curse, to where every generation will be provoked to raise their children right.

This is just one example of connecting the dots in your life.

For me it was reaching such a low point with my health. I lost all my finances. I lost deals in real estate. I lost all the leads I worked for for months. As I signed a non-compete clause when I first joined a team I was on in real estate.

For a year and a half, I was wrecked. But during that time, I listened to and read hours of audio and books in personal development. It reshaped how I saw myself.

I attracted better people into my life. Had more upfront success in my real estate career coming back. Knew to read the fine print in contracts that I signed. I found myself during those dark times. And rose from the ashes a transformed individual. No longer letting fear scare me away from pursuing the things I want in life.

I also started this blog in that dark time too. It was a way to channel my pain through in entrepreneurial endeavor. It also allowed me to have something to look forward to. And the opportunity to help people on a grand scale. I would not have started and continued writing on this blog if my health sustained and I continued working in the real estate field.

I found a passion for writing. A creative outlet to destress. And a platform to perform on that hopefully will change a lot of lives.

And honestly, since we are amongst friends, I want success, happiness, love and joy more now. I took things for granted before the dark times. Now I don’t as much. I also, feel a need to make up the time, in a positive way, that has made me so much more driven to NEVER RELENT.

I will achieve or die in the process. No in between. This is not a way I used to think before all of this. The dark times created an armor around me. Toughened my skin.

So now that I am on the right path, I can take the hits. And keep going. Not let them stop me. I picked up resources that I would need, learned how to be happier.

Conclusion To Shaping Your Destiny

So that is it today my friends. A quick blog about a simple yet incredibly powerful quote.

“Life isn’t happening to you, it is happening for you.” 

Which is another way of how Wayne Dyer said things:

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change.”

It all comes down to perspective my friends. And the beauty of it is, that you ALWAYS have that freedom. All freedoms can be taken from you. But not this one. The power to CHOOSE how you see things.

You can either see something that happens to you as the END or the BEGINNING.

The choice is yours, and again you can always choose.

Today commit to choosing to be in a beautiful state, no matter what. Internalize the fact that everything that ever has, is and will ever happen to you is happening to you for the ultimate benefit of you and your growth as a person. And ultimately the growth of your soul if you believe in that kind of thing. (I DO)

Use gratitude along your journey. That shit is powerful. Be vulnerable enough to pursue your goals. Don’t give a damn what anyone thinks. Because really they aren’t thinking about you at all. They are more concerned with what everyone else is thinking about them.

Think BIG. Do BIG. Change the world my friends.

Let me know what you think in the comment section. Let’s chat. Feedback is welcome!

Until next time. Signing off!



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