The Top 75 Must Follow Blogs For Better Health, Fitness and Personal Development

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The Top 75 Must Follow Blogs To Better Your Health & Fitness

Strong Lifts

This is a very cool site, founded by a guy named Medhi back in 2007. He was a skinny guy growing up, didn’t have the best genetics for lifting, but didn’t let that stop him from achieving a great physique and packing on muscle mass. He is a huge advocate of doing the big compound lifts and shares how they can help you as well. He believes in consistency mixed with free weights, lifting with people that are stronger than you and of course squatting! He preaches the 5×5 program that was originally used by Arnold to build strength. All readers are given the chance right away to try his free 12 week 5X5 program. The program is awesome along with the fact that you can really see how much he believes in what he teaches. Medhi and Stronglifts is the real deal!

Marks Daily Apple


The owner of the site, Mark Sisson used to be an elite endurance athlete. He created the site with the mission around empowering people to lead healthier lives as well as teaching about how to take responsibility for their health along with questioning our core beliefs about health and wellness. He promotes doing everything out of the search for enjoyment an it’s presenence is felt on his site. Literally any age of readers can learn an immense amount of value information from his site about health, wellness and finding more enjoyment in their daily life. Plus the guy is over 60 and he is more ripped than most 20 years olds I know, best yet doing so with a smile on his face at all times!

Built Lean

This great fitness blog was founded by Marc Perry but has 5 other like minded individuals who have created the site as you see it today.They have a very simplistic approach that at the same time delivers dense content packed useful information backed with scientific evidence. They believe that everyone is an athlete and they are there to unlock each and every readers potential that they already have inside them. This is a very positive place in the fitness community where you can feel really how much the writers care about their readers and truly believe in them.

Catalyst Athletics

If you want information on powerlifting, you literally need only this site! Their weight lifting video library is massive, providing literally 100’s of video tutorials for their readers. Their mission is to provide practical information to their readers to “help them develop maximally” among improving growth of the powerlifting sport as well as those coaching the sport across the entire USA. First thing offered is a great manual on how to correctly snatch, giving new readers an awesome freebie right off the bat!

Cranky Fitness

Cranky Fitness is truly one of a kind. The blog offers hilarious material all based off of the site owners motto of “Healthy Living is a Pain in the Ass!”. This site is not your run of the mill fitness blog, it is pretty real in its approach. Jan Graham is the content creator for the site. She is a Life and Wellness coach, a personal trainer and ebook author. Her partners Jan Bono and Tiffany Reiss create content just as entertaining and down to earth, all of which simply are delivered in a cranky mood! If you are looking for off the wall fitness advice that isn’t all fluff, then Cranky Fitness is your go to!

Science For Fitness

This site makes the top of the list not only for the rich content it provides but the fact that the readers are really getting to learn workouts and the science behind them. Hayden, the site owner currently works as a Assistant Scientist and holds 4 different degrees ranging from a BA to a Postdoctoral Fellowship. He is also certified in many different areas of fitness including powerlifting, gymnastics, strength and conditioning and coaching. The resume alone gives one enough reason to view his work, the content will keep you on the page and most likely more than just one of his pages!

Fitness On Toast

Faya over at Fitness On Toast is a personal and started her site for basic things like sharing nutritional tips and unusual recipes. It has now blossomed into one of the biggest health and wellness sites on the entire web, having been featured in Vogue, Cosmopolitan and both Women and Mens’ Health among others! You can get massive value from this site, which the content is written from a very unbiased approach that ranges from celebrity workouts to organic recipes and everything in between! Faya has built a massive brand in the niche and Fitness on Toast more than deserves a top spot on our best fitness blogs post!

Breaking Muscle


Another giant in the online fitness arena, Break Muscle provides so much dense information in their articles, both newbies and long time fitness buffs can highly benefit from their posts. They love their community and work daily provide posts that are the opposite of dismissive, really including everyone of their readers to follow their passion when it comes to fitness and sports. Their experienced professionals have immense knowledge things ranging from powerlifting and functional strength to yoga and better mental health and LITERALLY everything in between. Look no further when looking for raw helpful content that can help create more fit you.

Robertson Training Systems

This site is pretty awesome. It provides readers with articles, informative videos as well as podcasts that the owner of the site Mike Roberts provides. Mike himself has been regarded as one the premier performances coaches in the entire world. He has a Masters in Sports Biomechanics and has over 10 years of experience coaching in the fitness industry, offering his services to a myriad of different clients and athletes. He offers information that the every day fitness enthusiast can take away from as well as being to connect to the seasoned vet as well. This is a must use site to obliterate your fitness goals!

Fit Bits

Tess over at Fit Bits is just simply down to earth. She is a self proclaimed reformed binge eater and smoker who decided to turn her life around. She simply shares her passions in life which involve a ton of different fitness activities and they are all geared towards helping inform her readers as well as inspire them to make changes in their own lives.

Nerd Fitness

Nerd Fitness is just a rad site overall. It really taps into our love for superheroes and beating villans! As the owner of the site clearly put it, Steve puts it “I help desk jockey’s, nerds and average joes level up their lives”. Flat out this is a site for those who are looking for some straight shooting information without the testosterone filled giberish that can come with a lot of other sites. It connects with the those who are wanting to grow a better life for themselves when it comes to fitness and health, promoting and inspiring you to become a litter better than you were yesterday, with the belief that one day it will all add up to a better and better you. He shares his story about his struggles and successes and how they can equate to getting you faster results. Ultimately he combines being a nerd with fitness and blending the two, giving the site a distinct style that is felt from the first post you start reading on his site.

Keep It SimpElle

Elle runs this awesome health and wellness blog and the girl is in awesome shape and just simply looks healthy as heck. She provides a ton of motivational content as well as great workouts and food ideas along life experiences all geared towards empowering her readers to “live a life that they love”. You can also get your healthy dose of content about traveling, activwear and events as well.

End of Three Fitness

This blog has the goal of simply “creating better humans” and doing so in the form of ten thousand people in the next 3 years. They want to help their readers becoming more positive, healthier, stronger, eat better and so much more. They want to do away with the word average, helping their readers reach their full potential in everything that they do.


This website lives up to the name 100 percent. They really do provide some of the greatest information on health and wellness on the web. They really represent their beliefs strongly in their work, which they believe in delivering their articles in a no BS, anti conventional way in which they know to be both empowering and dependable. Their work ranges from bettering your eating habitsand working out better to body weight exercises and more lifting more efficient and literally everything in between. They have a massive team of writers and professionals that all write in an enthusiastic and empowering way that will leave you wanting more and more!


Layne Norton is the owner of this site, and man does he know his stuff. He is a pro natural bodybuilder and recording breaking powerlifter who just happens to have his PhD in nutritional sciences. The guy has put on a massive amount of muscle over his career and blogs about how to go about doing so yourself as well as a ton of other topics and myth breaking articles. The articles are fun and informative and most of all well backed by a tone of research and data that just isn’t found in 99.9 percent of all fitness blogs out there.


This is an awesome site with advice written from the perspective of a mom and wife, which originally it was started after the owner of the site, Gina had lost 40 pounds! She provides knowledge based off of both her long list of credentials as well as personal experiences. She is a certified personal and group trainer as well as boasting certifications in zumba, yoga, body pump and raw foods. Needless to say, someone with this many credentials can provide you with information that you have never learned before! Check Gina’s site out ASAP!

Chad Howse Fitness

This site goes against the grain and needs to be read by all dudes looking to create a better body and just be more manly. They believe that life is a gift and it shouldn’t be wasted. They shoot to be great in their approach and they give you all you need to untap your potential and get past what is holding you back. The blogs mission is to “draw out the warrior, and quiet the worrier” and show you how to become a leader of the pack not a follower. This a must read!


This is just a rad site packed with both scientific and hands on knowledge from some very smart writers. They boast a ton of articles that cover how to gain muscle and burn fat to the best supplements self empowering articles and everything in between. They also have a great forum area that allows for you to talk shop with other fitness buffs all around the world, getting answers and insight from T-Nations community. Their video section also introduces you to a video library that shows a ton more workouts and well as guys getting their swole on, giving you a ton of motivation to go and kill it in the gym.

Roman Fitness Systems

With a tagline that blatantly states “Where mediocrity goes to die”, you know they better deliver in a huge way, and they do just that. If you are ready to change your fitness life, Roman Fitness Systems can help you do just that on so many levels. They have a very broad scope to things like fitness and other areas of life that people usually see in a more narrow fashion, providing a massive wholistic approach to their writing style. They also belivie in their work 100 percent and are not there to write fluff peices that cater to everyone. They want to provide you with factual content in their own style, which may offend some but at its core it is written to change lives massively! It own unique style and content rich work can be felt right away when reading the first article onto the next and the next if your like me!

Move It Monday

Mondays can be tough for everyone across the world especially on the fitness front, that’s where Move It Monday comes in. They pack your Mondays with tons of motivation, helping you get after your fitness goals at the start of the week so the results will carry into the rest of your week. They also offer a ton of tips on how to incorporate fitness routines into their week that are simple and great for people who are just looking to start slow and get into better shape, one step at a time.

Bliss Tree

This is a great wellness blog that sifts through some of the most well known fads around and provides actual truth to them. They disect what is working and what is not and provide their readers with quality truthful information that is actually going to give them results. They also show you how to live better, feel better, eat better and look better.

Fit Bottomed Girls

This is such a cool site that really allows their readers to feel totally accepted in their empowering and encouraging environment. They talk about anything from training for your first marathon to better body image. It is ran by 3 women who live by their motto of “keep a lid on the junk in the trunk” boasting articles mainly for the female audience and cover a myriad of topics that all have a great sense of humor weaved into them. The articles are also very relatable and are written for the average person just looking to get in shape and get more informed and educated.

I Quit Sugar

Sarah is the writer and creator of this epic blog and she just happens to be a New York Times Best Seller and former magazine and newspaper journalist. Back in 2011 she quit eating sugar entirely and experienced some pretty incredible results. She was told to do so for years to help her autoimmune problems, and when she finally did she experienced better health on many fronts. She now dedicates her work to offering articles, videos and recipes on how to quit or lessen your sugar intake, all of which has matriculated into a eight week program that has helped over a million people quit sugar for good.

The Body Coach

This is a lesser known fitness blog but will be on the map soon. Joe is the owner of the site, UK based and as he states he is “on a mission to rescue people from the awful dieting industry”. He looks at educating his audience in a way that they can reach their fitness goals without going hungry in the process. His 90 Day SSS Plan has proved to work great for more than 50 thousand people and counting. He is also a personal trainer, online nutrition coach and holds a degree in Sports Science.

Rebuilt By Brad Borland

Brad shoots to help you rebuild your body so that you can do the things you love in life without having ailments and injuries that are holding you back. His philosophy is to “practice discipline, take the natural approach and keep things simple”. His approach is felt in each article he writes and improving lives is what this guy does with hist content!


The super fit Casey Ho over at Blogilates provides amazing articles on everything healthy. She has been doing pilates for over ten years and uses all of what she has learned and implements it into some great content for her massive following to read. The site is one of the biggest sites around for learning about pilates, providing instructional videosas well for proper techniqe and how to maximize the benefits, most of which can be done with a few extra spare minutes.

Tone It Up

Karena and Katrina over at Tone It Up a a great duo who constantly bring great fitness content to the web. Right off the bat readers are offered their free nutrition plan that allows you to really take charge of your kitchen. They offer great daily workouts, lifestyle tips, transformations and great recipes to keep you hunger at bay in style! The positive energy is defintely felt when first arriving at the site as well as through every page you read.

Remodel Fitness

Jessi Kneeland at Remodel fitness aims to provide women with a blend of scientifically based information mixed with “body positive inspiration”. She is an awesome writer and very motivational and aims to create a sisterhood out of her following of millions of women who can be proud of their bodies and do away with how they are supposed to look according to societies standards. She also highty advocates and preaches how a better mindset is needed to both get the body you want as well as how it can work in your benefit instead of against you. This a must read by women who are looking to get fit and do it in a healthy manner!

Scooby’s Workshop

Advice is given by a gentlemen named Scooby Werkstatt. A guy who literally has put on consistent mass throughout years of lifting. He looks great and still lifts and has a ton of knowledge on how to get bigger and stronger. Now he focuses more of his potential on doing endurance events like triathlons and cycling races. He also boasts an awesome visual of how he has progressed over the years, which anyone with this type of long term committment and transformation needs to be listen to! Check Scooby out!

A Shot Of Adrenaline

This site is just great for those looking to find a ton of information on workouts that don’t involve using any weight at all. Todd, the author of the site grew up as the skinny kid whom got involved with martial arts at a young and and found out exactly how powerful mastering your bodyweight can be. Through many of the full body exercises he implemented through martial arts, he was able to transform his frame from scrawny to brawny and learned a lot more along the way. Check out A Shot of Adrenaline now if you are looking to get into shape and simply use only your body! The site has awesome video tutorials that you can use to get started today!

Lean Green Bean

This awesome site is owned and operated by Lindsay. She is based out of Ohio and blogs about a ton of subjects including nutrition, healthy recipe ideas, workouts for brand new moms and more. She is a registered dietician and offers a ton of useful information in each post that can help you attain your fitness goals, all while doing so in a very humble and balanced approach. She also owns a Crossfit gym with her husband so she is a big advocate of the sport and has a ton of great articles about it as well.

Born Fitness

One of my personal favorites, Born fitness is a site created for the sole reason of finding the best of what is working in the fitness arena and provide information to the readers to help them better their lives. The site owner, Adam Bornstein has been featured in some of the top fitness publications in the world, yet is so relatable and gives the feeling that you can duplicate his success. He also offers a free 4 week fat loss program to you right off the bat for simply joining his email list. Be sure to give this site a look to gather a ton of usable information that will translate into a better body this year.

Muscle Hack

This site has disected pretty much every section of fitness you could ever want to know more information on. Mark McManus is the CEO of the site and his work has been featured on mammoth names in the industry, like Iron Man, Live Strong,, Perfect Body Magazine and more. He offers a ton of free workouts for beginners and seasoned vets and everyone in between, and also boasts a ton of before and after pictures of actual clients he has trained to better fitness gains. This site is a must see when looking for the best fitness blogs on the net. Best yet, the first thing you do is go to the “Start Here” section where you can download Mark’s 10 week training cycle that shows you how to pack on mass fast, and do so absolutely free!

Spot Me Bro

The name of this blog is simply catchy as heck and they just happen to reach an audience of over 1 million people each MONTH. This site a massive resource that needs to be considered when looking a for health and fitness blogs as this one can help you considerably. The site has a distinct writing style and taste that is mixed with great humor as well as packed with a load of knowledge. They also partner with some of the biggest fitness sites and people in the world, collaborating with the best has made their site even more solid when it comes to a one stop shop for you fitness questions.

Zen To Fitnes

The mission at Zen to Fitness is to “inform, educate and inspire in all things fitness-related. They want to combine both the mental and diet side of fitness to create even better workouts that enhance our results when done beating on the weights in the gym. The name rings true to the vibe around this great fitness site, being that the content is chill and leaves you pretty zen afterwards, sitting still with the fact that you are digesting fitness information that is both applicable and simple!

Simply Taralynn

This site blends a few awesome worlds together like along with fitness, including awesome restaurants around the world, travel and relatable personal blogging. The writer, Tayalynn refers to herself as a lifestyle blogger, where her authentic approach on everything she writes is heavily felt when reading her content. Her fitness journey started with a large amount of weight loss which is inspiring in itself but also struggles with various body ailments that she works around in such a positive manner that is both inspiring and admirable. She also has a clothing line that ladies all over the world love! Check Simply Taralynn out for relatable fitness, health and life advice!


Eat Blog Eat

Brad is the author of this cool health blog and is a huge promoter of intermittent fasting. He has sifted through old programs about short term fasting that he thought were true as well as false and found out what truly works as well as how intermittent fasting can provide huge benefits to your health and wellbeing. He also provides so many great articles on how to go about gaining muscle and losing fat by utilizing intermittent fasting and other useful techniques along with debunking many myths out there that cater to people looking for fast results. He is also the author of a book called Eat, Stop, Eat which is a guide to intermittent fasting.

Sugar Free Mom

This site is owned my a lady named Brenda who creates sugar free or natural sugar versions of some of the most popular recipes around. Her website is actually the largest sugar free spot on the entire internet. She is Italian and feels like cooking has been in her roots and shown up ever since she was a child and now she puts it into words from experience on her blog. She also deals with gluten and dairy intolerance as well as her kids have a myriad of food allergies as well, which from experience she has had to work around these and loves to show her readers how to do so as well.

Live Strong

Pretty much everyone has heard of one way or another. It has literally paved the way for thousands of other blogs as well as provided great health and fitness advice for millions of readers. They are of course partners with the Live Strong foundation and supply content written from a team of athletes, artists, bakers, gamers and more. You can literally spend hours at a time on this incredible site, learning pretty much anything you want to know about bettering your health and wellness.

Sock Doc

Here we have a blog that is truly well rounded in it’s approach to health and fitness. They are deeply rooted prevention as well as education of how to naturally treat injuries. Amongst these teachings you can find a plethera of information on trends in the fitness industry, diet and nutrition advice, videos and reviews. Regardless of what you are reading on this site, you will feel the creators goal for the site in each article, which is to help their readers become stronger and more efficient athletes as well as developing optimal health while doing so.


This site was create by Belinda Norton-Smith or otherwise referred to as B. She is a motivational speaker, holders her bachelors of Health and Physical education, women’s and children’s fitness expert as well as a certified fit trainer. She is a mother of two and runs the blog with the everyday goal of helping women become healthier and have better wellbeing for the sole sake of the betterment of their children’s lives. You can find a ton of valuable information here that will better your health, eating habits and family life.

Lift Big Eat Big

The name alone will resonate with meatheads all over the world, myself included. This blog really does cater to both men and women though, providing a ton of information on proper food sources and combing them with quality training regimens that will create a better you. It is headed up by a beast of a dude name Brandon Morrison among other world class athletes. The track records of these individuals is enough to give them your undivided attention, but the fact that they provide solid content created for the betterment of their readers lives is really what rocks about this site.

Your Trainer Paige

The owner of this site Paige is based out of Colorado and as she states is all about “helping women get the bodies they want without sacrificing their happiness”. She has a writing style that really connects to her readers right off the bat, and is super optimistic and empathetic in her approach. She has a ton of great articles about recipes and workouts as well as some great transformation of her clients that she has personally trained to success. She also offers a great 7 day meal plan right off the bat that gives readers a great starting point for dieting.

12 Minute Athlete

This site is all about providing the readers with EFFICIENT workouts. They believe that you can get a lot more done in a smaller amount of time catering to our busy lives a lot better than they traditional ways. First thing provided to their readers is a free ebook showing your a bunch of great HIIT workouts that you can implement into your daily routine. They teach self empowerment mixed with workouts that don’t take forever, a great combination.

Power Cakes

The site owner Kasey is just bubbling with enthusiasm, from her pictures to her content, you can feel the optimism and the passion deep to the core. She offers a ton of motivating pieces about how to stay healthy, different workouts, recipes and more that she has learned from being a personal trainer and from her studies in Health & Physical Education. This site is really geared towards any age of reader and boasts the fact that it was featured on Dr. Oz, gaining it massive credibility and an audience that loves the work because of how helpful and powerful the her articles are.

Yoga Dork

This site has a ton of humor engrained in their posts and they are all about providing their readers with quality information on yoga. They have a ton of tutorials that they call “Yogitorials” that are very in depth, allowing you to get a visual of how to do a myriad of different types of yoga correctly. Check out this site stat if you are looking to become a better yogi this year!

Kyle Hunt Fitness

This is a lesser known blog but packs a ton of great information in one spot. Kyle himself is very sought after in the online personal training world from clients around the globe. All of his work is what he states as “evidence based”, providing information that is backed by science and experience or both. He simply teaches everything he knows that gets him the best results and each and every article is to help the reader improve, simple as that. This blog is also a great spot for learning about powerlifting and doing so better than you are doing it now!

Tony Gentilcore

Tony the owner of the site is a strength and conditioning specialist and a beast of a deadlifter. He has been featured on, Mens Health, Livestrong, Greatist amongst a ton more. He puts out weekly content that is very on point when it comes to bettering your fitness. This Bostonian delivers his work in without fluff and straight to the point. His track record alone should make you a huge advocate of this site right off the bat, aside from the fact that you can easily spend an hour on the website devouring information and learning multiple new things to help you become more fit.

Daily Burn

The Daily Burn is easily one of the best health and wellness sites ever created. They aim to exert their efforts that go above and beyond, providing their massive following of readers to take more control over their physical, emotional and mental lives. They believe that a better you is easily within reach and they want to provide the tools necessary to show you that it is true as well as how to start creating a better you today and everyday that follows.

Girls Gone Strong

This site is more than just a clever name, it is the real deal. They love self empowering women all around the world and truly want to supply the truth about becoming healthier and more fit, exposing injustices in the fitness arena along the way. They live off of their philosophy that women are subject to big companies preying on their own insecurities and aim to provide solutions that will be a lot more sustainable then these fly by night offers that are seen by women around the world. If you are tired of the results you are getting, then visit Girls Gone Strong for some pure advice that is no fluff and all results.

Dreena Burton

Dreena Burton runs this plant powered vegan blog and has been dedicated to living a vegan lifestyle for over 20 years. She has written 5 best selling books that have documented her entire journey as a vegan as well as doing so being a mother of 3. Her work has been featured on Yoga Journal, VegNews and First Magazine among others, proving that she is a force to be reccond with when it comes to knowing here stuff when it comes to leading an awesome vegan lifestyle!

Workout Nirvana

The name in itself was intriguing enough to check out at first, but once you are inside the site you are hit with some pretty awesome fitness content. The site was created by with the tagline of “Own it in the weight room and beyond”, catering to women who want to take their lifting to the next level. Clean eating habits are also preached around this site, with the belief that by doing so you can enhance your lifting and your life. The content is truly wholesome on this site, and can give women a great foundation for lifting as well as teach seasoned vets a lot as well.

Workout Mommy

This is THE site for busy moms who want to stay fit. Lisa, the owner of the site was a personal trainer along with a marathon runner and group class trainer before having her kids. Needless to say she was all about fitness and still is, she now shares her passion for it on her awesome blog. She also shares her motivation, struggles and what inspires her along with how to stay fit after having children. She believes “a fit mom is a happy mom” and she creates content that moms all over the world can relate to and utilize the knowledge from to stay happy and fit.

Fit and Feminist 

Just as the title says, today we are looking at the 75 best friggin health, fitness and wellness blogs that can help you in every area of life pertaining to your health! Whether you want to pack on some gains, find better workouts, eating better, losing fat, proper form, diet ideas and more, these blogs go beyond having your back on these topics! Check out our list and let us know if and how these blogs end up helping you as well as if you would like to add any other blogs in the health/fitness that can help us all in the comment section below!

Hella Wella

This site is way more than a cool and catchy name, it provides a massive audience of readers with great health, wellness and life content. They want to do away with the snobbiness that has came out of the fitness and health world and bring a more down to earth style to their blogging world. They believe in a well rounded approach and look to help you take control of your environment, plate, workout, home and of course your health. This site is awesome for those looking to take control of their entire lives!

Running On Real Food

Deryn Macey is the creator of this awesome health and wellness blog. She is a firm believer in eating healthy and doing so in vegan fashion. She shares a ton of wellness tips and workouts that are packed with a ton of value. But she isn’t just a blogger, she is a friggin athlete and can speak from experience whenever she posts! She has done her share of triathlons, Tough Mudders and Crossfit competitions that keep her in shape and knowledgeble!

Mens Health

There is really no intro needed for this site as the name pretty much speaks for itself and NEEDS to be on every top fitness blogs list ever made. It comes in the form of its massive blog that reaches millions of people each month and they same can be said about their magazine publication. You can get anything and everything here, learning how to lift for beginners to advanced workouts that pros do and everything in between. You can also learn how to eat better, prevent diseases, better sex life and how to dress better. This truly is a one stop shop for all your LIFE needs!

Nia Shanks

This site is very original, with the tagline of “Lift Like a Girl”. This site truly believes in not caring about looking great but instead exercising in a way that you enjoy and that makes you get stronger. At the same time enjoying life’s cheat meals and not feeling guilty about them or worried about how many calories you have to burn to make up for it. They believe that moderation is key to having a rocking body and they want to do away with the idea that your life needs to revolve obsessively around fitness in order to look great. This is all practiced and preached by the author Nia who is absolutely ripped and in awesome shape and can be seen sipping martinis and then later on deadlifting over 300 pounds! Awesome site by an awesome writer and fitness enthusiast.

Workout Trends

This is a great health and fitness site that offers their readers science based factual evidence that backs up whatever they are writing. They are also a big believer in setting small goals that will keep adding up towards building a better body, promoting doing something small every day that supports your goals. Their writing team consists of doctors, entrepreneurs, yogis, nutrition experts and more, who pour their book smarts and life experience into each and every article.

Ripped Body

Andy Morgan runs this awesome fitness blog with the intent of providing “no nonsense diet & training guides”. He doesn’t have any fluff in his approach and teaches methods and techniques that work. He also provides new readers with a completely free ebook called “The Complete Guide to Setting Up Your Diet” which shows his readers how set up your macronutrient profile as well as 65 pages on nutrition and how to eat for your goals.

Food Heaven Made Easy

This is an awesome site that can help you eat better for your health and fitness. Wendy and Jess are the creators of this blog and they are both registered dieticians as well as both hold their Masters in Nutrition. They have a lot of knowledge both from their studies as well as from personal experience and provide a ton of what they refer to as “nutrition education and online media”. They do so through all vegan teachings, helping readers out there either make the transition to a vegan lifestyle and/or reaping the benefits from vegan recipes by integrating them into their daily lives.

Run to the Finish

The blog title is catchy and positive and the articles are great for learning a ton about running. The blogs creator Amanda Brookes has had a lifetime passion living an active life and over the years learned has learned a ton about running and eating healthy and shares all of here tips, recipes, ideas for workouts, and motivation. This is truly a great site for runners as well as those who want to start integrating running into their fitness routine. Amanda can absolutely help get you going and keep you motivated!

Every Gyms Nightmare

This site is out to expose pretty much everything in the fitness industry! They have a ton of product reviews that you read up on before buying a product that you are interested in. They do not hold back one bit, offering their two cents on a ton of different things. They also give you a good dose of celebrity secrets, ab workouts, top diets and more. They also let their readers unleash their thoughts here and there in article form, giving the power to the sites community!

Muscle For Life

This site is very cool. Mike, the owner of the site believes in not only creating a body that you are proud of, but doing so in a way that it ensures you with vitality as well as longevity. They are truly concerned about their readers as a whole and want to teach fitness as a lifestyle, not just for the short term benefits. After 6 years of lifting and putting on some gains, he really got fed up and starting delving into psychology of growing muscle and burning fat and how to do them in the most efficient way possible. He wants to expose myths about the fitness industry and supply you with ways that you can use to attain a great physique and do so without wasting time. He teaches simplicity, as he feels that getting into shape comes down to just that, but although the teachings are simple, they are beyond powerful.

Brink Zone

Will Brink is the creator of this blog and it is absolutely packed with scientific knowledge. His work has been published in myriad of different fitness publications like Muscle n Fitness, IronMan, Oxygen, Fitness Rx and many more. He also makes regular appearances on the Atkins show. You name is he has written about it, and has it all at your own disposal on this site. You can learn about everything you may ever need to know about getting healthy and staying healthy, right here.

Authority Nutrition

This site lives up to its name in and then some. It provides some of the best information on the net about bettering your nutrition. It’s no wonder the this site is gets more than 10 million readers per month and its only been 5 years since it’s inception. The site owners and writers pride themselves on being fully independent, entirely sponsor free. Check out this site to veiw the work written by their team of both licensed nutritionists and registered dietitians who serve up an in depth article each day that is worth reading each and every day.

Mobility WOD


This blogs main goals are to provide their readers with the ultimate guide to pain resolution, optimal performance and injury prevention. They offer articles along with instructional videos on how to “perform basic maintanence on yourself”, giving the readers the right mechanics for doing exercises correctly to avoid injury. This site is so great for learning the foundation of moving correctly so that you can have a great base for when you taking your movements into the gym and life, doing so correctly so you can avoid injuries that plague the general population.

Slim Sanity

Alysia is the chief recipe developer at Slim Sanity and she aims to create content for her readers that helps making living a healthy lifestyle easier, the entire opposite of complicated in fact. She believes that you can still do all of the things that you really love and enjoy and not have to sacrifice your health. There are a ton of incredible recipes and cooking ideas on this blog to make dishes taste better and nourish your body better. She believes in providing readers with self empowering material that will help them make better informed descisions giving them the power to take control of their diet.

Tabata Times

This is one of the top spots for learning all about Crossfit exercises and functional movements. They also touch upon utilizing other aspects of living a healthy lifestyle that can help create better training sessions and a more functional you. The three writers at Tabata Times are Larry, Taryn and TJ, all of which all are Crossfit athletes and in awesome shape. They also cover news in the fitness world as well as a ton of information for newbies who want to get started on the right foot.

Purely Twins

This is a great fitness blog that offers up short and efficient home workouts as well as their fair share of both grain and gluten free recipes. Purely twins delivers so much useful information for getting in shape without even using the gym to do so. They aim to help women all over the world find balance and in the gym and out of the gym as well as create a strong mindset for both. The twins are both very fit and very in tune with what works for their diets as well as how you can learn to become in tune with your body as well, allowing you to optimize what works well for your body and disregard the rest.

Fit Strong and Sexy

This is a really cool blog started by Amanda Russell who was originally was a track star who was Olympic bound but suffered an injury that ended her career. Instead of being down and out she used all of her knowledge to start this site that would help her readers physically and pyschologically, along with how to avoid injuries so that you can stay doing what you love to do. She is now one of the biggest leaders in the health and fitness world, with work being featured on, Huffington Post, Forbes, Womens Health, Bridal Guide, Beauty bean and a lot more.

101 Cookbooks

This is one of the biggest sites on the web regarding awesome recipes and is ran by a lady named Heidi Swanson. The owner of the site accumulated mass quanities of recipe books over the years but started to realize that they were all the same after a while. Due to this fact she pledged to experiment more with different ingredients, try new recipes and keep track of the, document her experiences and help others learn from these experiences. You can literally use this blog to create any meal out of very little or a lot of ingredients. Now a days the webiste has shifted to catering to utilizing whole foods to created healthy recipes that will keep you healthy and happy.

Lazy Girl Running

Laura Fountain is the mastermind behind this amazing runners blog and she is a marathon runner, personal trainer, running coach and writer. She never really loved running right off the bat, but when she turned 30 she decided she was going to become an awesome runner. At first it didn’t go that well, but after she states that many miles down the road, something clicked and it became easier and more enjoyable and now it makes her feel “alive, relaxed and happy”. Her teachings are based off the belief that you can attain any fitness goal you have with running but enjoying it is the first thing you need to do, and she shows you how to do so exactly in her articles!

Shocking Fit

This is another solid go to for better health and fitness. Mario provides so many resources that comes from evidence based fitness and nutrition as well as ideas for better self devlopment with the goal of helping his readers live happier and healthier lives. He also provides new readers with his free advanced workout routine called “Lean & Strong” that helps readers get more muscular and ripped.

Diesel Crew

Team Diesel is comprised of two dudes named Jedd Johnson and Jim Smith, both are very strong guys who are certified by multiple national accrediting agencies for health and fitness and hold many strongman competition placings. They want to develop individuals into athletes that utilize non-conventional styles of training that all make you better in lifting and in functionality. This site is awesome for learning about how to get bigger and create bigger lifts.

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