17 Important Things You Should Know (About Life)

17 Things You Should Know

things you should know

There are just good things to know in this life that bring you into acceptance with the way life is. Acceptance is such a powerful force be it allows you to move forward. Regardless of what is going on. You move forward more effectively than being too attached. You know the answers of life, and then you live life because you aren’t too caught up in the questions.

Some of these things to know about life simply may be a tough pill to swallow. But the truth does hurt. But it can also set you free from denial. Which denial is really just rose colored glasses. And I myself, am in a constant pursuit of truth. And when we lift the veil from over our eyes, we can do away with denial. And really start seeing life for what it is. And when we see clearly, we can act more effectively.

Here is a list of 21 things you should know about this life. Most things you probably already know. But it will serve as a reminder. Because repetition is the key to learning effectively. And this will be a nice reminder for all of us.


17 Facts You Should Know About Life

Life Is Tough

When it comes down to it, we all at some time or another, felt as if our goals and dreams were just going to fall in our lap. That because we had these visions of attaining things to take care of the people that we love. Or attaining great heights to become all that we could be. That these things we entitled to us just because we wanted it.

But no matter what, the things we want take hard work, diligence and perseverance to attain. And even then, we are are still competing with a tough crowd. It is harder to compete now for our goals than ever before.

But like Zig Ziglar says, if we are tough on ourselves, life will be much easier on us. We need to just keep pushing and believing in our goals and dreams. And then take massive action each and everyday. Even when the times are tough, just keep going.

People Want Goals Just As Bad

When we want things in life, we need to realize that people want it just as bad. If not more. We may think that we are alone when it comes to be the only one that is doing big things. Only one that is really putting in work. Or the only one that will stick it out until the end.

But your competition is out there. And putting in work. And we need to internalize this fact. That if we want something, we need to battle. We need to know and accept that we have competition. And we need to figure out what the competition is doing. Then do it better. Do more of it. Or simply do the exact opposite in a way that separates our selves and lets us brand ourselves so we can be around for a long time.

This even goes for things like relationships. If you want someone, act upon it fast. Because there is probably at least one person who wants that person too. And if you don’t act, they may. And you will have lost. And if you are reading this, I know you are not a loser. You are a winner.

Nothing Is Guaranteed

This one is always tough. Because we all want to feel as if we put enough work in, we will get our goal. Or the way we live is going to be like this forever. But not a single thing in life is guaranteed. We can put in copious amounts of hours into a business. And then something can happen in the market place and we can become obsolete.

Or we can think we are going to be with someone for the rest of our lives. But then the relationship falls apart. It sucks but it is the truth.

Some People Are Here For A Season, Others A Reason

Often times we may expect someone to be in our lives for good. We intend on being BFF’s forever with some particular people. But as the days, weeks, months and years go by, we can drift apart with some people.

Certain people just grow faster than others. Or simply grow in opposite directions. Allow yourself to grow past people. Or simply grow apart. Accept that they were there for a reason at time time. Love them from afar. But accept that they are no longer apart of your journey.

The faster we accept this, the less time we will spend trying to create the old connection that we once had.

If It Didn’t Work The First Time, It Won’t Work Again

Yes, I am talking about relationships. And we have all been there. We break up and make up. And of course making up is great. But then we go back to our old ways. But we have hope though that we won’t. That things will be different this time. That something will change.

But the harsh fact of the matter is that more often than not, it doesn’t. And it makes the image that both of you have of each other a lot worse. It can go from having your relationship be something that you can move on from and look back with good memories.

Or end terribly and you two avoid and even hate each other for years and years.

It just isn’t worth it. And I am going with the odds here. If it is broke, don’t attempt to fix it. Just start anew with someone new. Again, this is harsh, but unfortunately the truth.

People’s Negative Perceptions Don’t Matter

There are so many judgmental people in this life. We have no doubt been one of those people for sure! But the fact of the matter is that we let these negative people influence a big portion of our lives. We are told we are too loud and obnoxious so so tone it down.

We are scared to be judged because we are dating someone younger or older so we refrain from moving forward with them.

Constantly we are worried about what others are thinking about us. And limiting our lives because of it. But the haters don’t really matter at all. So act upon things you are afraid people are going to judge you for. Because at the end of the day, who really cares!

I mean life shouldn’t be taken all that serious. It’s not like your going to get out alive!

Instead, focus on the opinions of people who have your back. The people that no matter what you do, will always be on your team. And just know that their opinion really matters much more than any hater. And since they have your back, you are safe to do things that will bring about hate. Because you have your team to go home to. And to help ilck your wounds and get you back in the game!

Everyone Dies

OK obviously we know this one. But the fact of the matter is that we don’t really live our lives like we are going to die. I mean very few of us really internalize how short of a run we really have on this earth. How it can literally all be over tomorrow. Including myself.

But lately I have been trying to think about it more and more.

And because of it, I have been taking chances and opportunities that I believe I wouldn’t if I just thought I had forever to live.

It is powerful to face the ultimate truth. Because once we do, we see the truth. And that truth is that we need to do the things we want to do now. With the people we love most. And take all the chances we need to take because we only have so many days to act upon them.

Regret Weighs Heavy

When it comes down to it, regret weighs so much. Knowing there were chances we could have taken. Not saying things we should have said. Wishing we could go back and do things differently.

But we can’t. So we need to look at live and things in this way. Are we going to regret doing or not doing something? If the answer is yes, we need to take the steps needed to not have to live with the regret. Progressive measures that make us break though our comfort zone, act upon our fears and do things that in a way to where we die with little to no regrets.

Forgiveness Is Powerful

Often times we think that if we forgive someone, we are letting them off the hook. But we need to remind ourselves of this quote when we think of forgiveness:

“Forgiveness isn’t about letting the other person off the hook – it’s about releasing ourselves.” – Gabrielle Berstein 

Life is too short to be holding onto crap that doesn’t really matter. And for us to keep relieving toxic feels about things, it isn’t helping. It is not conducive to us living happy and healthy lives. Both physically and emotionally.

Resource: 401 Quotes About Forgiveness

Life Is Suffering

Not to get too religious on you, but the Buddha had this right. Life is suffering. It is always something that is happening to us. Something that we are going through or just got out of.

Of course some people have it worse than others, but there will be problems. And as soon as we accept this fact, we will just be able to handle things more in stride. And not expect everything to go perfect in our lives.

But we can learn and grow from the things that happen to us. Nothing is ever a wasted opportunity.

Love Is Scary But Worth It

I know for myself, I have refrained from loving and being loved because of fear. I was hurt once and equated love to being hurt. So I could be safe if I just settled for connection instead of real love.

Even with parents and siblings. For the longest time I was scared to even say “I love you”. It is the strangest thing.

Can you relate?

But we all want to be loved. And yeah it can be scary opening up and being vulnerable. But again, we don’t want to have regrets.

So throw caution to the wind when it comes to this department. And allow yourself to love. And even potentially get hurt in the process.

Because if you don’t you will instead just be very lonely. And I think that is worse than risking being hurt. When the reward for fulfillment and happiness far outweigh this possibility.

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

We have all tried to cut corners in this life. Do things a little lazy and hope to still get good results. Or put off certain tasks in our lives and just try to do enough to get by. Or enough at work to keep our job.

But this type of behavior shows up in other areas of your life when you permit it. I know it has for me. That is why I really try to do my best wherever I am.

I am definitely not perfect. But I am putting more of an effort to not cut corners. If it is hard, I do it hard.

I know that I am starting to bring this attitude into things that really matter in my life. And helping me in a positive way because of it.

There Is Only One You

Often times, because we want to be liked, accepted or successful, we take on attributes that aren’t really us. In order to get the things we think will come to us if we act or behave in a certain way.

But this really restricts the flow of your life. Because you are most happy and energetic when you are being yourself. When you are spontaneous.

We need to really focus on not caring what people think about us. It can help us achieve a sense of freedom that we are longing for. Freedom that we think we will get by adapting our personalities in different ways.

We can have this freedom in the here and now. But just being ourselves. Because you and only you are fantastic at just being you.

Just know that you are enough. And it is safe to just be yourself.

We Are Usually Our Own Worst Enemy

It all really starts and ends in our minds. We talk to ourselves a lot. And I would say at very least, 80 percent of this self talk is negative.

And because of this, we live life in a way that isn’t conducive to our limitless potential. We really are holding ourselves back in this life.

That is why I want to encourage you to become more aware of your thoughts throughout the day. The more we become aware of them, the more we can see how destructive they are on us.

And we can start to change them. Or simply stop thinking them. When they come up, we will catch them and start thinking something more positive and uplifting about ourselves.

That way we can become our own biggest advocate instead of biggest enemy. And I promise you, it will completely transform both your inner and outer environment.

Pride Goes Before The Fall

Have you ever gone on an ego trip? I know I have. Maybe we are getting a little more attention from the opposite sex while we are in a relationship. So we get a big head and act in a way that isn’t helping the growth of our current relationship.

Or we close a few big deals at work and then we walk around like we are untouchable. And have learned all we need to learn. We now have all the answers and don’t take feedback from anyone!

I know I have definitely let me ego get the most of me in this life. And when I have, I usually end up looking like an ass hat shortly thereafter. Usually incredibly soon thereafter.

And often times the people that helped get you to where you are are nowhere to be found because of your ego trip. You pushed them away.

Hopefully only temporarily. But often times it can really ruin lives, friendships, relationships and more.

The best thing to do for us is to check our egos at the door each day. Don’t stay high for too long. Celebrate of course, but not for too long.

And look at life as a place where there is always more to learn. And that you can never have all the answers. And even if you did, they would be answers that were found by someone else. As people have been here a lot longer than we have. So really, all that we “know” isn’t really even our knowledge.

Life Is Not Fair

I am super into justice. And things being fair. And for a lot of my life, it would literally piss me off when things weren’t fair. When people would treat me unfairly, I would intensely internalize the anger about it. Or when I would see bad things happen to good people, I would just not get it.

But that is life. It is the way it is. We will be treated unfairly. We probably have treated others unfairly if we are being honest with ourselves.

But life goes on. And it is all about learning from the past. And doing better in the future. And knowing that we don’t have to get worked up over injustices. We just move on.

You Can Start Over

Often times we will be hit with a devastating blow. A hit that we take so hard, that we feel as if we will never get back to where we were. Or it will take too long to comeback. But this isn’t the case.

Life is going to get us up against the ropes. And we need to know this and be prepared to fightback. Sure we may get knocked down. But like Les Brown says:

“If you fall down, try and land on your back, because if you can look up, you can get up.” 

I mean some of the best stories are people who have came back from odds that they simply shouldn’t have come back from. And those are the people we admire most. The stories that inspire us the most.

And you can be your own comeback story. A story that is not only inspiring to you when you think about how you came back. But ends up inspiring others to persevere and keep going when there seems to be no hope.

You can be that become of hope for someone. And because of it, change the world in a sense in a positive way.

When there seems to be nowhere out, just keep pushing. And I promise you, you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. And come out so much stronger than you were before you entered the dark.

Final Word To Stuff You Should Know

Honestly I didn’t mean to get this deep with this post. I thought it would be a little more on the light side. But as always I like to pepper in positive perspectives, even when subjects can seem a little negative. But that is life. Life is all balance. We all deal with good and bad. We all have a good side and a dark side. And it is all about feeding that good side a little more than the dark side.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got value from it.

Now I want to hear from you. Share with my your thoughts on this post about life lessons.

And if you have anything to add about things you should have known. Or wish you knew and now you do. And knowing them have helped you in this life!

Until next time,



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