What Is The Point of Life? 4 Steps To Finding Meaning

What Is The Point of Life?

what is the point of life

First off, I want to congratulate you on being one of the very few who really ask this question. Pose this question to themselves.

Most people go through this life simply just existing. Never really questioning their existence. And why and the hell we are walking on this spinning planet.

So although, it can feel incredibly dismal when asking this question, it is also a massive breakthrough.

I truly think part of the meaning of life is actually asking this question. The entry level or minimum ante you can use to play this game. And win it if you make the right moves.

But before I say why this is a breakthrough, I want to empathize with you on the fact that I feel your pain. I have truly been incredibly lost in this life. Not knowing if I want to go on. Asking myself “What is the point”.

I’ve woken up countless days in a row dreading having to make it through the next 16 hours. Just to look forward to the 8 hours where I could just sleep and not think about anything. All to do it all over again the next day.

Can you relate a bit here? Or maybe more than a bit?

It was a stage of incredible discomfort. And a stage that I am still in, in a sense. But that is what happens when you start to wake up in this life. Wake up and start searching for meaning.

(Man’s Search For Meaning by Victor Frankl is a beautiful book that can help us all through times of us questions everything. I highly suggest that you read it)

But at the end of the day, discomfort is the only thing that can make you change. That is why confortability is the biggest enemy we can ever face. Because when we are comfortable, we are not seeking. We are not becoming. We are not evolving.

So that is why, in a sense, we need to essentially start with praising the fact that we are in a state of discomfort. That we are essentially being pushed into a place to where we NEED and HAVE to change.

A place where a lot of the population either never goes. Or knows they need to go, but do all they can to resist the process.

Because ignorance, in a sense, is bliss. Until you find actual and sustainable bliss. Which we will get into later on in this post.

But before we move forward, I want to encourage you to let your discomfort be your rod and your staff. Let it guide you. Don’t run from it, run with it. Run in the direction it is pushing you in. Whatever that direction may be.

Because, this dark night of the soul, as some refer it to, it a transformation period.

You are essentially shedding your old skin. Rising from the ashes in which your old self was incinerated.

But in order to really rise from the ashes and be completely transformed, you need to literally surrender yourself to the process of transformation.

Don’t fight it. Because the things that we resist end up persisting. Just completely let go to this process. As much as you can.

Because when you don’t you will either resist then inevitable for the rest of your life. Or you digress and go back to your old ways. Which when this happens, we simply become a wandering generality. We clock in. We clock out. Then we die. We do the same thing everyday. Finding and meeting with fleeting moments of happiness followed by periods of numb mediocrity.

And then we get to our deathbed and call that a life.

But that is not life. Are you with me?

Life is not meant to be lived this way. Your years are meant to have life in them. And that is why I feel that it is better to live 20 years of full on living. Instead of merely exist for 100 years.

Especially when you really start to wake up and want to find meaning in this life. Which I think it is essentially dying to yourself. You only really die once in a sense. Some at the end of their years. Others do so in a spiritual sense. While in this realm of living. In which they die to a preconceived idea of themselves. And wake up and start to recognize their real essence of their being.

Which the more they go through discomfort and continuing to seek meaning, the more they see their true essence. Which allows us to essentially just be our true selves. And when we are operating from a place of truth, their is a great sense of spontaneity to it. You aren’t trying to front like you are anything but you.

And this brings a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment. And because of this, you will start to truly know what it feels like to be ALIVE.

So that rant is over. But I think the the being of answering the question of what is the point of life, is to ask it first. And you are doing so right now. You have taken the first step to truly waking up and becoming who you were meant to be. Or at least giving you a much better chance of doing so than those who are asleep.

So that is why I give you a lot of credit. Because although it feels awkward. Although you may feel incredibly lost and apathetic. It is OK because any transformation is going to be messy at the beginning but beautiful at the end.

Trust the process. And let’s get into how to really find YOUR answer to what is the purpose of life.

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What Is The Purpose Of Life? (Finding Meaning)

So As far as what the purpose of life is, I feel as if of course, we can only answer that for ourselves. But I think the purpose of life is to reach your full potential in EVERY single area of this life.

But how do we do this?

Great question.

First off, we need to really be honest with ourselves. What do YOU want out of your life? Not what your parents want for you. Not what your teachers want from you. What do you want?

Take the time to really think about this.

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I mean what did you want to be before you let people influence your path? What were the things you would daydream about as a kid or young adult. Or maybe still do. But when you start to daydream, you force yourself to stop. To bring yourself “back to reality”.

Just think about this. What would you do if you knew that you couldn’t fail. You wouldn’t be judged by anyone. You would still be loved by the people you want love from. And that you would enjoy a lifetime of financial freedom if you committed to doing this thing or things.

I think that one of reasons for being here is to find and live out our passion each day. When we do so, we take energy from the universal source.

Instead of feel drained of our energy. Which is usually a feeling we get from doing things that we don’t love. Day in and day out.

You will know that you have found your passion when you feel better when you are done engaging in your passion than you did before you started.

I am sure you have felt this feeling before. It is a wonderful feeling.

Core Values

We feel unhappy when we stray from the things we believe in and/or want to believe in.

We need to go about making a very distinct decision that we are going to make discipline a major force in our life.

That we are going to decide who we want to be. And who we want to become. And go about doing so. Day in and day out.

And you do this by establishing good core values. Which they are called core values because the resonate with your core. Who you feel and believe who you are. Or values that you want to create that will make you BECOME who and what you want to be.

Here is a couple resources for you to show you how to do so. And a massive list of examples of core values for you to choose from.

List of Values (419 Examples)

The Best Core Values Examples

Act In Accordance To Who You Are

This is what makes life meaningful. When you are acting out of a place of true authenticity. We all hate fake people right? They are literally the worst. You dread hanging out with them and simply just are looking forward to the conversation ending when we are talking to them.

Plus fake friends. That is a whole nother story!

So when it comes down to it, when we are acting real, we feel good. Because everything else than our true self is simply a false manifestation.

Personality traits and things we picked up. That we thought would help us become more likable, sexy and simply be approved more.

But when we are really acting like our true selves, we are naturally accepted. And we give people permission to do the same.

And this is where we find meaning.

Because I feel that if we are being our true selves, we fall in line with the FLOW of the universe. And the flow of the universe knows NO lack. It simply knows how to provide all that is needed to thrive.

And the only thing that can get in the way of us falling into the flow of the universe and really thriving in this life, is not being ourselves.

Because if we are acting out of accordance of who we are, we are being led on a path that isn’t for us. We naturally aren’t as happy and aren’t as successful. We draw the wrong people into our lives. And this brings more unhappiness. Because we are trying to create relationships from our false personality.

But when we are being true to who we really are, we bring friendships and romance into our lives that usually lasts a lifetime. That makes such an impact on our existence that we feel so fulfilled and impacted. People that literally give us life.

And that goes back to being connected to the little web within the big web.

When we are connected to our own designed web, we feel a deep sense of connection. Life has so much meaning.

And we feel as if life is worth living.

Create a childlike essence in the way you walk, talk, act and speak. Really live as if you don’t care what people think.

Because the fact of the matter is, that people are going to judge you NO MATTER WHAT.

So why not be judged for simply being yourself?

Are you with me?

Say what you mean and mean what you say, for sure applies here.

Act as if the world would completely accept you as you truly are. And keep doing so and soon the world will. And those that don’t simply aren’t meant to be in your life. And this is a positive thing. Because you are figuring that out sooner rather than later.

Which means you can make room for good and wholesome people who are MEANT to be in your life. Again, people that will put life in your existence. Who will essentially give your life meaning.

Guide: How To Be Yourself

Find Your Truth

Everyone’s truth is different. But what really resonates with you in this life? In a religious and spiritual sense. I truly believe in a higher power. Something that I feel like I can get closely connected to during times of meditation, hiking and strenuous workouts.

And I try to do these things more and more because I want to go down this spiritual path as far as I can go. To learn, or re-learn who I am. And finally answer the question “Who am I?”. Because I believe that if I keep asking, I will get an answer. Ask you and shall receive.

Find your truth and follow that path to you reach the end of the path. Keep going down it. Because I feel as if there is a spiritual yearning in all of us. Something that needs to feel that we are part of bigger picture. Not just an accident.

This is coming from someone who considered themselves agnostic or even atheist for a time in my life.

But the more I follow the spiritual path, the more gratified I am becoming. The more happy I am for the future. For I know that I am on the right path. Seeking truth. And one day I believe that I will find my truth. And that gives my life tremendous meaning.

So in a sense, I am asking you to be entirely open to finding YOUR truth. Not the truth that was imposed on you by family, friends, teachers, co-workers, bosses etc.

What truth resonates with you? Maybe, at a time, you felt as if you really liked what you were seeing and feeling. Maybe you even felt bad for resonating with it. Because you were taught and programmed to think differently for most of all of your life.

Follow that truth, and I feel as if you will find out whats the meaning of life. YOUR meaning. The meaning, that when you discover, can liberate you from the worldly realm. And live in a way that gives your life tremendous purpose.

This is where you will find your treasure. For as the quote by Paulo Coelho goes:

“Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. You’ve got to find the treasure, so that everything you have learned along the way can make sense.” 

And the treasure is really your own truth. Your will be operating from a place that is from your heart, instead of your head. Which when we operate from the heart, we are acting in truth accordance to who we are. It is an intuitive place of acting. In which we naturally move through life with more ease. For our heart and intuition really knows what we TRULY want. And we can guide it by coming from a place where we are living from our heart.

Conclusion To How To Find Meaning

So at the end of the day, I truly believe that if you utilize the tips below, you will find meaning in life. You will be happy. Which I truly think is the meaning of life. The reason why we are here. Is to connect with the pure joy that is at the core of all of us. The endless love that we seek.

Which as the Bible says, seek first the kingdom within.

At some point, we all forgot that we were already all that we ever wanted to be. It is all inside us. And if we use the tips above, we can start feeling the true-ness of who and what we really are.

And at that point, we feel as if we are on the right track. That we are doing what were called here on this earth to do.

And that we may never have to come back here because we learned our lesson. The lesson in which we are essentially the teacher re-teaching ourselves this lesson.

And that we can live life in a such a fulfilling way. And be conscious about the fact that we are doing so.

Which the more conscious we are, the more we can SEE those that are unconscious. And when people are awake, those that aren’t can be heavily influenced by you.

You can start to help others awaken as well.

Which taps into one of the spiritual needs that we feel excellent when we give this to the world. And that is CONTRIBUTION.

We are giving back. Creating a sense of inter-connectedness with the world. And it feels great because you are helping the world become better. And of course you feel great because we are all connected.

And when you positively impact one person, you impact the whole world at large. And you feel this intense feeling of joy and happiness because you are connecting deeply with the entire universe when you do so.

And when we do “die”, it won’t really be that big of deal. For the reason being that we already died to our old self. So we really have nothing to die from now. And that fact that we truly lived this life. So we are prepared to die. Because we lived life on our own terms. Found our own answers.

And learned the lesson that, in a sense we forgot we were supposed to learn when we first got to this earth. But because of our initial discomfort, we started the spiritual rebirth that would set us on a path that would change our life drastically for the better. For the rest of our existence.

And we can meet the messenger of death with a sense of deep gratitude for being able to experience what it is to be human. For this short time that we have here.

In a quick conclusion, I feel that the the real point of life is to learn to be yourself. I am talking your true self. So you can blend back in with the essence of this world. Become one with everything and everyone. And of course this is a spiritual belief found in many religions. But it makes sense for me. And that is why I feel that it is the meaning of life. I don’t know why. But I feel that it is.

As intimidating as that sounds. But to realize that we are part of the whole and are the whole. That we are all part of God and actually God.

I hope you enjoyed the article.

Now I want to hear from you!

Share with me your thoughts about it. If you enjoyed it. Things you did and didn’t like. If you think I have it all wrong! Any feedback.

Let’s chat in the comment section below.

Until next time my friend.




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