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When it comes down to it, progress equates to happiness. If we are feeling like we are moving to a better future and away from the present we want to leave, then we feel great.

But it helps to have goals in multiple areas of your life. Because in life, we are happiest when we are achieving a sense of balance.

We also feel more purposeful when we are pursuing things we desire in various realms of our life. It gives our existence a sense of variety. Which is one of the biggest 6 humans needs as Tony Robbins talks about a lot.

It makes us feel that we are truly getting the most out of our existence. It makes us feel that we are driving a car with all the wheels on. Instead of just pursuing one or two goals at time. Which can make our lives fell lopsided and awkward.

Below are examples of goals to set in a myriad of areas of your life. You can copy them verbatum. And integrate them into your lives this way. Or they can simply serve to you as examples in which you can create your own goals from.

I hope you enjoy them!

A List of Goals Examples (Goal Setting)

Being that one of the best ways to create goals is to use the SMART goals technique, I am going to form these goals in line with the SMART goal setting philosophy. To help you get an idea for what a goal should look like to all of us.

If you aren’t familiar with SMART goals, well the acronym simply stands for Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Time-based.

This will give our goals layers to them that allow them to be more realistic and create urgency to them that prokes us to act so that we can achieve them in time.

And once a goal is created and a deadline is set, then you are good to go. If you happen to miss the deadline, you simply make another one. Don’t scrap the goal because you didn’t hit it on time, simply restart with a new end date.

As master goal setter, Brian Tracy talks about. There are no unrealistic goals, only unrealistic time frames. But then who knows, you could knock your goals out in half the time you originally thought it would take you.

This is often what happens when we are going after goals in our lives. We gain momentum in one area and that carries over to other areas of our lives.

That is why the rich get richer. They gain momentum through action that creates a ripple effect in every single area of their lives. And I am not just talking about getting richer financially. I am talking also about every other area of their life having a richness to it.

That is the power of setting and pursing goals. The power that YOU have that is reading this article right now.

I believe in you.

Let’s begin

Financial Goals Examples

  1. I want to be financially free by the age of X.

  2. I am to be financially independent by the age of X.

  3. I will get rid of my limiting beliefs around money by reading one book a month on money and creating better money habits.

  4. I will save 100 dollars per month.

  5. I will invest 100 dollars per month.

  6. I will sit down with a financial adviser every quarter and obtain help to see how I can work towards finanical feedom.

  7. I will save 1,200 dollars this year to put towards my child’s college tuition. Putting 100 per month away.

  8. I will save X amount of money each month to put towards buying a investment property.

  9. I will stick to a monthly budget each month without fail.

  10. I will reduce my debt my 300 dollars per month until my debt is completely paid off.

  11. I will write down every transaction I make and dollar I spend to learn really where my money is going.

  12. I will save 300 per month to create an emergency fund for myself. To where I can live off of it for a minimum of 6 months. (To ease future financial worries)

  13. I will do everything in my power to raise my credit card score by 100 points in the next 2 years. And until I reach the great score of 800+.

  14. I will set the goal to have my investments pay for my monthly expenses, in which I can feel the feeling of being financially independent.

  15. I will work on creating 3 different streams of income in the next 2 years. To diversify my income.

  16. I will automate my bill payments so that I never forget to pay bills. So I can avoid late fees.

  17. I commit to living off of less than what I earn. Saving 10 percent of my income. Investing 10 percent of my income. And giving away 10 percent of my income each month.

  18. I will put each one of my debts on at least a very minimum autopilot payment so that I can feel progressive about paying off my debt. I will pay them each month until either they are paid off or I can increase the minimum payments.

  19. I will settle as many of my big debts as possible to give me the chance to slash my big bills and pay them and forget about them.

  20. I will find a way to decrease some of my bills by the next 30 days. Ex. Streaming in order to throw out the cable bill.

  21. I will open an IRA account or 401K. And contribute to it 10 percent of my paycheck every single time I am paid. (Sign up for a company match 401K if you can or something similar)

  22. I will work with an insurance agent in the next 30 days to make sure my insurance is up to date and I am paying the right amounts or have proper coverage. (In order to keep from losing money due to accident or tragedy)

  23. Refrain from using credit cards to pay for anything over the next 90 days.

  24. I commit to saving X amount of money over the next 365 days.

  25. Find something I am passionate in our about and invest 100 dollars per month in it.

  26. Open up a only one credit card in which it gives you the rewards that are useful to YOU in the next 30 days. All other credit cards get paid off within the next year.

  27. Pay off all student loan debt in the next 2 years.

  28. Make a “stay out of debt” plan. In which you think about all the things you want to buy in the future. And how much you will have to save to pay in cash or at least minimize the payments. Ex. houses, cars, higher education.

  29. I commit to doing a “no spend challenge” in which I and my family will not spend money on anything for 30 days except the bare essentials.


Resource: Positive Affirmations About Money

Spiritual Goals Examples (Faith Goals)

  1. I will pray for 15 minutes each morning right when I wake up.

  2. I will meditate twice daily. Once in the morning and once at night for 15 minutes per session.

  3. I will attend a meditation retreat this year by X date or before.

  4. I will devote an extra 30 minutes a day to reading the Bible during my lunch break.

  5. I will memorize one Bible verse per week, dedicating 10 minutes of recital time each day to it before bed.

  6. I will treat people each day as Jesus would by implementing his teachings on how He treated people in my personal and professional interactions.

  7. I will let go of past hurts by praying each night about them. And seeing someone to speak to about them once per week.

  8. I will forgive people completely from my past that have wronged me. Taking one at a time and saying “I forgive you” in my mind. Until I feel that I have completely forgiven this person.

  9. I will attend church every single Sunday for the next 6 months.

  10. I will listen to an online sermon or podcast once per week.

  11. I will read 1 book per 3 months that helps me become better at the faith I practice.

  12. I will work with a mentor once per month who can help me develop better faith.

  13. I will visit one different church per month to meet new people that are aligned with my faith.

  14. I will engage in a past life regression.

  15. I will read the Bible in full this year.

  16. I will attend 3 different major religious services for 3 different religions to gain perspective on other religions, this year.

  17. Read a book every three months on how to pray better and more effectively.

  18. I will do a monthly Lent where I give up one thing per month.

  19. Go on a walkabout in Australia to put my faith to the text, this year.

  20. Simply say I love you to every stranger I meet for the next 30 days.

  21. I will ask God each day how I can serve and love better today.

  22. I will share my faith with one new person per week.

  23. I will help build a new home for a family in need in the next year.

  24. I will pray every single day for the next 365 days.

  25. I will connect with a prayer partner in my church in which we can pray together once a week together.

  26. I will hold a small group in my home twice per month.

  27. I will create a gratitude list in which I put 500 things I am grateful for on. And do so until I reach that number.

  28. Turn every single worry you have over to God. As soon as it comes up.

  29. I will donate 10 percent of my check each month to the church.

  30. I will take good notes during every sermon this month and review them either alone or with my mate.

  31. I commit to studying one book of the Bible per month in depth. Reading it multiple times per month.

Family Goals Examples

  1. My family and I will take a trip to a tropical location this year on or before the end of the year.

  2. I will treat my kids to a dinner wherever they want, every Saturday night.

  3. We, as a family, will do family night once per week on a day that is best for us all.

  4. I will read one book per month on how to be a better father, mother, wife, husband etc.

  5. I will create a personal mission statement with my family. Something that we all believe in and will work on living out every single day.

  6. My family and I will create goals together and then check in weekly and monthly to keep each other on track. And see how we can help each other get our goals.

  7. My family and I will workout together and get physically active for 30 minutes together on the weekend to promote good health in our family.

  8. I will create a family jar in which all of the family members will contribute each weekend as much as they can to save for a vacation to where the whole family wants to go.

  9. I commit to having a at home family dinner 3 or more nights a week.

  10. My family will have a totally device free eating time so we can all enjoy each other completely.

  11. I will serve at my son/daughters school once per month.

  12. I will create a carpool group to help many families save money on gas.

  13. Our family will have a family game night once per week.

  14. Our family will do a family hike once per month.

  15. I will host a family reunion in the next 365 days.

  16. My family and I will learn a new skill together over the next 6 months.

  17. My family and I will create a strict list of who does what chores so we can save money on a cleaner to put it towards a trip for us at the end of the year.

Contribution Goals/Volunteer Goals Examples

  1. I will feed 500 people in my local community this year through my efforts and the efforts of my friends, family, co-workers and boss.

  2. I will donate $1000 dollars this year to my favorite cause. Donating 100 each month until I reach my goal.

  3. I will serve bi-monthly at the soup kitchen. Doing so each Friday.

  4. I will create a non-profit that supports one of my favorite local or global causes.

  5. I will spend time picking up trash in my community for an hour every Saturday morning.

  6. I will give a homeless person food or money one time per week.

  7. I will donate something from my home each month that I no longer use.

  8. I commit to serving on a community board putting in 2 hours a week.

  9. I will volunteer time at a senior home once per month.

  10. I will put on a community yard sale each 3 months in which all the proceeds go to charity that we all choose.

  11. I will tutor or mentor someone that needs some sort of help I can provide.

  12. I will pick a random home in a poor neighborhood per month and pay their electricity bill.

  13. I will volunteer an hour a week at the local hospital.

  14. I will ask my employer to donate 5 percent of my paycheck each month to a fund or cause I deeply believe in.

Relationship Goals

  1. I commit to taking my significant other out every single Friday night for dinner and a movie.

  2. I will read one book a month on how to create a better marriage/relationship.

  3. I will tell my significant other each morning and each night something I am grateful for about them. And how much I love them.

  4. I will always text my mate if I am going to be late coming home.

  5. I will seek to understand my mate better in each and everyone of our interactions.

  6. I will devote more time listening then speaking when talking to my mate.

  7. I will read the same book as my mate on something we both can sit down and discuss every Saturday night together.

  8. I will display one act of intimate connection each day to my mate.

  9. I will sit down with my mate each month and discuss how I can better make him/her feel loved and how they want to be loved by me. Then take action to fulfill these desires daily.

  10. I commit to talking to my mate each night for 20 minutes to connect and talk about our days and our hopes and dreams for the coming days, months and years.

  11. I commit to maintaining a positive and active sex life with my mate to where we are intimate on a daily basis.

  12. My mate and I will have a couples journal.

  13. I will perform one random act of kindness to my mate each day.

  14. My mate and I will create fund in which we save 10 percent of our income per month for our wedding. Or for a trip for us.

  15. I will propose to my mate in the next 365 days.

  16. My mate and I will renew our vows by the end of this year in a special location.

  17. My mate and I will create a bucket list for our relationship over the next 30 days. Then proceed to do one each month until we have completed our list.

Personal Development Goals Examples

  1. I will attend a self help seminar on or before X date.

  2. I will read one book every two weeks in the self help genre.

  3. I will learn how to speak a new language. Devoting 20 minutes a day to my studies 5 days a week. Until I reach a feeling of mastery in this new language.

  4. I will listen to 1 hour of motivational audio each day while driving to and from work.

  5. I will read a book a month on betting my communication skills.

  6. I will journal each day, at the end of the day, to allow myself to channel my emotions and let go of the day.

  7. I will wake up at the same time each and every day so that my body creates better circadian rhythms.

  8. I will act in spite of my fears. I will do more things to get out of my comfort zone. Each week I will do one thing that scares me and keep a journal of it.

  9. I will adopt a growth mindset to my life by asking how what I can learn from all situations that frustrate or challenge me.

  10. I will call or text someone I love each day and tell them how much I love them/grateful for them.

  11. I will watch one TED talk per day to expand my mind more.

  12. I will take a subject I have a belief about that I am not good at, and will devote one hour a week to create more mastery in it.

  13. I will learn better time management skills by reading time management tips articles along with monitoring my day by writing down everything I am doing for 30 days.

  14. I will use affirmations in my daily life to keep my positive and optimistic. Resource: 1001 Affirmations For Positivity 

  15. I will set goals for myself that involve, one year, 3 year, five year, ten year and lifetime goals. Resource: How To Set And Accomplish ANY Goal

  16. I will pursue one dream that I left behind, this year. Devoting 30 minutes a day to it.

  17. I will follow through with every single goal I set until I accomplish it. EVERY TIME.

  18. I will call an forgive someone that I have been resentful towards in the next 90 days. Or at very least, mail a letter to them.

Wellness and Health Goals Examples

  1. I will workout 3 times per week each week. Doing so right when I wake up in the morning. For 45 minutes per session, minimum.

  2. I will eat all organic foods throughout the week. Allowing myself one day (or one meal) where I eat whatever I want to eat.

  3. I will cook my prepare my meals every 3 days, for 3 days in advance. So that I am eating healthy all week.

  4. I will drink one gallon of water each day. Carrying with me a gallon or half gallon. And drinking sporadically from it until it is gone.

  5. I will get back to my fighting weight, X pounds, one or before X date. (Losing one pound per week is a good goal, so put this goal out as far as you need to at a pace of 1 pound per week)

  6. I will cook one new healthy recipe per week to help add variety to my healthy eating regimen.

  7. I will seek out an accountability partner in the form of a coach or personal trainer for the first 3 months of the process.

  8. I will read one article on health through good blogs on wellness each morning while I eat my healthy breakfast.

  9. I will see healthy eating as a LIFESTYLE, not a DIET. This way it becomes WHO I am. (This is a little more vague, but will get you way better results, and longer lasting results)

  10. I will put 50 pounds on my deadlift and squat in the next 6 months.

  11. I will do a full body stretch each morning, first thing when I wake up.

  12. I will stand up more while working instead of sitting down the entire time.

  13. I commit to eating 3 healthy meals per day.

  14. I will drink a green drink each morning with protein powder to make sure I am getting in my fiber, nutrient and protein.

  15. I will do 50 push ups and 50 situps each morning when I wake up.

  16. I will join a gym this by the end of this week.

  17. I will research one new exercise per day to learn how to implement it at the gym.

  18. I will listen to positive audio every time I work out.

  19. I will meet my daily fiber allotment each day. (See how much YOU need- How Much Fiber Should I Eat?)

  20. I will have a minimum of 2 home cooked meals per day.

  21. I will only eat fast food one time per week, on Sunday!

  22. I will sleep 30 minutes more per night to ensure good and healthy rest and deep sleep.

  23. I will take a vitamin pack and probiotic each morning to ensure proper nutrition.

  24. I will only drink liquor or beer once per week, and only drink 2 drinks at most when I do so.

  25. I will cut my coffee consumption by a 1/4 over the next month and by 1/2 in the next 3 months.

  26. I will drink my coffee black so I avoid the calories of the cream.

  27. I commit to eating more mindfully each meal so that I process my food and don’t overindulge.

  28. I commit to doing one health cleanse/detox every six months.

  29. I will take up yoga and practice it once per week at minimum.

  30. I will do a meat fast for 14 days at a time.

Examples of Career Goals

  1. I will produce x amount of volume this year.

  2. I will touch base with all my current clients bi-monthly through email, phone calls, texts or mailers.

  3. I will attend a seminar or read 4 books on creating better communication skills so that I can better communicate with my clients.

  4. I am the top producer in my company on a a regional or national level.

  5. I will increase my knowledge in my field by reading more each day, going to at least one seminar before the end of the year.

  6. I will get a promotion by the end of the year. I commit to asking my boss what exactly I need to do to make this happen, so I know how to take action.)

  7. I will earn a management position by the end of this or next year. Or some sort of leadership role.

  8. I will ask my boss how I can work more on a commission basis to create extra income for myself.

  9. I will start a side hustle that involves my passion in which I will devote 2 hours a day to to help create extra wealth.

  10. I will join a networking group in the next 30 days in which I will be able to mingle with people in my industry and other industries. (Like chamber of commerce)

  11. (For Sales) I will devote 30 minutes per day to role playing to handle different common objections that are seen in my industry.

  12. I will spend 30 extra minutes at work each day. Or arrive 30 minutes early to boost productivity.

  13. I will put together a proposal for my boss on asking for a raise within the next 30 days.

  14. I will develop a better sales pitch, honing my current one within the next 30 days. (Pitch Anything by Oren Klaff is a great book for this)

  15. I will hire a professional photographer in the next 30 days to take up to date professional pictures of me so I can put improve my online and offline image.

  16. I will attend one networking event each month.

  17. I will follow industry leaders online and learn from them each day.

  18. I will have a monthly BBQ as a way to show appreciation to my old, current and future clients.

Personal Goals Examples

  1. I will allocate 15 minutes per day of quiet time that I can simply be alone.

  2. I will spend 30 minutes a day outside and in nature, soaking up sunlight.

  3. I will take one day a week where I do not consume any social media or TV.

  4. I will cancel my TV subscription.

  5. I will only tape my favorite TV shoes on TiVo so that I don’t have to waste time watching commercials.

  6. I will read positive books during commercials.

  7. I will save enough money in order to buy a new car this year.

  8. Create a list of your top core values that you want to live by and that be standards that you live by. RESOURCE: Core Values Examples

  9. I commit to breaking one bad habit I have in the next 3 months and replace it with a good habit.

  10. I will enroll in something to help me with public speaking. Like Toastmasters.

  11. I will read a positive blog post per day that can help me keep my mind positive.

  12. Use some of my vacation days in the next 30 day to recharge completely by getting a massage or simply just meditating and getting more rest.

  13. I will embrace my hobbies more by engaging in doing something I love for an hour each weekend.

  14. I will personal relationships by making 2 calls a week to people I love.

  15. I will create a schedule and stick to it each day so that I am getting done what I need to get done. And also scheduling time in there for myself to relax.

  16. I will keep a dream journal and journal in it each morning when I wake up.

  17. I will say NO more often to people and things in my life so I can say YES to the things that matter.

  18. I will reflect each night on the things I can learn from about the day, and the things I did well on today.

  19. I will get up when my alarm sounds, not matter what! (Call it an opportunity clock, not an alarm clock ;))

  20. I will celebrate my achievements because I deserve this.

  21. I will create a bucket list for myself and check off one per month.

Social Goals Examples

  1. I will have a friend date once per week.

  2. I will go on a double date twice per month with my mate and a different couple each time.

  3. I will make 5 new friends in the next 6 months.

  4. I will reach out to one friend each month and see how I can help them with something going on in their life. (You can’t take a ‘No Thanks’ here from them!)

  5. I will throw a dinner party or bbq once per month to network and spend time with friends.

  6. I will talk to one random stranger a day, simply saying hi and making small talk.

Conclusion For Goals For Life

So there we are my friends. 201 different examples of goals you can set in virtually every single area of your life. I hope this gave you some good ideas on good goals to set for your life. And it inspired you to create exciting and captivating goals for your life. That add both variety to your life and a deep sense of fulfillment.

Never be afraid to set massive goals for yourself. You have the ability to achieve anything and everything you want in this life. And as soon as you achieve a goal, celebrate. Then right when you are done celebrating, set a bigger goal in that area!

This will keep your momentum going. And provide you with a feeling of growth and progress. That will make you feel excellent about your life. As it creates hope in the future, which creates power in the present.

Go after this life with gusto my friend. Creating your own goals will allow you to live life with passion and energy. IT will set you apart from the crowd. Making you a person that people want to work with, be around and spend their life with.

You will exude an energy and lust for life that make you and the people around more happy and at peace.

This is the power of setting goals my friend. And now you have a stack of goal examples that you can use to light your life on fire with.

Share with me what your favorite examples of goals were. As well as what area of your life you are most excited about to set goals in. And even what area you feel as if you need the most help in!

Share with me how I can help you on your journey my friend!

Let’s chat in the comment section below.





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